{July 19, 2019}   Awake and Feeling Normal

I did not do any work at my day job today other than deal with the few customer’s who came in. Other than that I goofed off on the computer. I felt do tired and bored while fighting not to cry or just being really mad.

I stopped and grabbed food on my way to work tonight and ate when I got here. Now I’m sitting here waiting for all my emails to roll in so I can go through all the routes and take care of what I need to with them. By then it should be time to go home. I just hope I am not sitting here until time to go home waiting on everything to roll in. Then it will be a late night.

But right now I’m not tired and my moods aren’t swinging from one extreme to the other every little bit. That how they have been for about the last 24 hours or more.

I have a ton of crap to do this weekend and really don’t feel like it. I still need a weekend away with nothing to worry or think about. Heck even a night for awhile like when I would go stay at my friends once the kids went to bed.

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