{December 6, 2016}   Fighting Already

As if everything that I already have going on I had nothing better to do than listen to the two of them tell me about their big fight. I had an exam to take on Friday and my mom calls me at like 9:30 Thursday night and started telling me all about a big fight her and Father of the Year had. She said he was yelling and screaming at her and calling her names. Then she starts telling me how that is abuse and she isn’t going to take it. Over and over for an hour or more while I am telling her I need to get off the phone and go to bed. I am just thinking yeah so what I really don’t care he is Mr. Wonderful and I should stay with him remember. Still thinks if something happens I should let him come here and stay or I should move in with them both there and put up with abuse from both of them.

She said he dirtied this up and that up and they got in a fight about it. He called her a bitch and all kinds of stuff. Then took his stuff and left. She is boohooing how sick she was how dirty it was and she had to go clean it up and he wasn’t coming back there and things. She started about how it was abuse and how he was an lies he has told and how he don’t pay the bills, she has to beg him for the money to pay the rent, he tells her he has it then she finds out he don’t. I said well I told you all this before nothing you say surprises me at all you already knew all this. She just kept going on and one said she figured he come here and want to stay or to stay for the night. I told her he wasn’t here and he wasn’t coming here. I am not getting that started again.

The middle of talking to her he tried to call me about three times. When I got off the phone with her I called to see what he wanted. He wanted to drop this wooden trunk off that his grandpa had made, in it is a bunch of wooden trucks and things that he had made as well. He said he wanted the boys to have them and he didn’t have no where to keep it. He said he screwed up and said shit he shouldn’t have he burnt bridges and that he didn’t have anywhere to stay and didn’t want to carry it around in his truck. I asked him where he was he said sitting towns away in front of his parents house. He said he called them his dad was gone and his mom told him he could only stay there a day or two that was it. I told him he needed to go take care of the mess he left and to try and patch things up with her so he had a place to stay and stick it out until he got caught up on everything and knew what kind of job he was going to have and be making so he could get a place of his own later.

He just kept saying he couldn’t he had done burnt that bridge and everything. I told him if he waited until the next day he probably had but if he went tonight and tried to make it right he may have a chance. He said he was going to go inside and talk to his mom and decide what to do.

Damned if she didn’t call me back talking about it all again and how he was probably going to come back wanting to stay there and how she didn’t want him there but she should let him come back. Then when she gets her money rent the room out and tell him he had to get out. I know she isn’t going to do it as much as she says she will or is. Just like before that in the first call she wasn’t ever letting him come back there or helping him again on and on.

I knew when she was saying it all that she would let him come back and stay. If he come back a week later she would because she don’t want to lose her place and don’t want to have to move over here. If he came back she would let him stay as long as he would and as long as he wanted to because she don’t want to let anyone else move in there and rent the room out because she can not control them like she can him. There isn’t anyone going to move in there and live with her and let her do the things that she does they will move out with in days or weeks unless she finds someone as OCD as her.

We were on there for a while then and he hadn’t called or text her or shown up. I text him why I was talking to her and ask him where he was what he was doing and things. He said he was just going to stay there that night and maybe talk to her the next day. We talked a few times and he text her and ask her if she was up said he wanted to talk about what happen and clean up the mess he made. She told him to do whatever he wanted to do and she wasn’t talking about it in a text or on the phone. I finally hung up and I honestly don’t know if he went back over there that night or the next day. I never did ask either one what happen but he is back over there.

I don’t plan to ask either because I really don’t care and if I ask her she will just go on and on about it and if I ask him who knows if it is true or not. He may not have went back for three weeks and would say he went back that night. I have bigger things to worry about than their spats.

Oh and she told me this wasn’t the first time that he has started and been screaming and yelling at her. But again not my problem.

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