when I headed to work on Wednesday my truck seem to run a little sluggish. I thought things just needed to even out maybe get air pushed out or what. Then I went to get on 95 it seem to run better. Thursday I had a few issues and chalked it up to a coil pack. But something just didn’t seem right.

Friday rolls around I jump in fire it up start to put my seatbelt on and it spits and dies. I start it and it just sputtered. I backed out it just didn’t want to go. I get going it seem to do a little better. I stop at the light and when it was time to go it did me like it did Monday night. It wouldn’t go. I started to get over all of a sudden it just took off and went.

I got to JW’s house 3 minutes away it sat in the yard ran great. I messaged the one guy and told him something was really wrong this wasn’t right. He called me right away and we talked about it. He said let him call his brother talk to him they come to me figure it out. I told him I thought I could get it to him since it would be easier. He said he would call me back in a few.

He called me and said if I could get it to them that would be great they would meet me there and take care of it. They thought it was the fuel filter. They could get it taken care of pretty fast. Great no problem. I ask JW if he wanted to ride with me it wouldn’t take long. I didn’t want to be alone if I broke down and may need to get it out of the road or something. He said yes of course.

My thought was get it to 95 get it on there and once I got up to speed it would run halfway decent. Then I would have to baby it through town and hopefully get it there. Because it seemed once I got up to 40+ it wasn’t bad like I said.

Boy was my thinking wrong. Very very wrong. I got out there and it just didn’t want to go. Few times it got up to a decent speed and then it would just drop. I ended up pulling over I don’t know how many times. Was driving down the side of the road way to far. But I had to get it there and off 95 before it just wouldn’t go at all like Monday.

I finally get there they get there and they pull the fuel filter out and it was nasty. So me and the one ran up and got a new one. Go back put it in and start it. It still didn’t sound 100% but pretty normal. I figured because one of the coil packs or all need replaced.

They said take it out run it see how it done. The one went up to let us out of the gate. I turned out to go up the street and nothing hardly move sounded horrible. I turned around pulled right back in. The one who let us out was in disbelief. We took it back into the shop. The younger one that has the same truck kept saying he thought the pump was bad. The older one was saying it needed bled some more there was still air in the line. That is what I couldn’t decide was if it just wasn’t getting fuel or if it was sucking air. The younger one said he could hear it all the way back in the shop when I tried to test drive it and it was the pump.

I asked where this one dinner was compared to where we were. If it was close enough to walk to? The older one said he was going to his dad’s to get a tester he would drop us off. So he did he said as soon as we were done call him he would come pick us up.

I had not had a drink yet and hadn’t had my coffee. JW hadn’t either. I was going to pick him up then we go get our coffee. Until the trucked started messing up. I told him we would stop on the way to the shop but when it was so bad I wasn’t stopping no where. As long as it was rolling and going I wasn’t stopping. I was going to get something when we went to get the filter and there cooler was broke. He was getting hungry not feeling good. I was so thirsty and just wanted to sit down for a bit. I felt like I was pushing them to hurry up and figure it out and I wasn’t. I figured give them some time to check it over.

We got lunch and talked for a bit. We left JW wanted to go to the little store. I thought there was one on the corner across from us but it was something else now. I said there is one back the way we came not to far I think. We started walking. It was a lot further than I thought. But I was going to walk back to the shop and we had to pass it to get there. We were about to the store when the older one called.

He said it was the fuel pump they sold us a bad one. He ask if I had the paperwork from where we bought it. I told him where it should be and reminded him we bought it on his dad’s shop account so they should have a record of it. We talked he said everyone was giving him a hard time about taking it back and no one had it in stock. It isn’t something most places have in stock so that was another issue. I couldn’t go to another store because the first one would only trade not refund because of the type of part. He said he found one but it was about 15\20 miles away and the women wasn’t giving him a hard time she was going to just trade it. So they were leaving to get it. Later the younger one said they ask if the gas gage was working and it wasn’t. He told them no it didn’t once they put new one in. They said by that they knew it was a bad pump.

When we were talking he said we needed to find a ride home or somewhere to go because it was going to take them awhile to go get it and get it in and everything done. He said he would bring it to me when they got it done. I had no idea how we were going to get home. He called the guy he works with ask him if I gave him gas money if he could pick us up. Surprisingly he was down where we were at families house. He said he would call us when they were done and pick us up. We were not near any stores of any kind and had past the turn off for the shop so we just kept walking. We could not get in at the shop because the guys were not there it is a gated area. It would be a while before they got back. So we just walked. I kept telling JW at intersections we needed to go east or west to get back to an area where there would be stores and maybe a fast food place or somewhere to get a drink sit and wait. He say we may as well keep going the way we are. It didn’t matter to me much, but I was a little tired of just seeing woods and houses. We finally came up on this one area I said I think the big park is up here. By then he needed to use the bathroom and we still were just around houses. I mapped it in my phone it said it was a mile to the west. He wasn’t sure. I said if we keep going a mile the direction we are or we go a mile this way we are still going the same distance if he don’t call and pick us up first. If we get there you can use the bathroom and we can just sit in one spot and wait. Because at this point we didn’t know if we were walking toward the ones picking us up or away. I just felt we needed to just sit and wait. He said yeah true so we headed to the park.

We finally got there I went to the pavilion and sat down he went to the bathroom. He came out we were talking. And his friend called him said he was on his way asked where we were. He told him he said meet him out front. So we did it is a huge park a bunch of pavilions, camp site’s, rv sites and other stuff. But we were by the front so we walked up to the road. He was there in just a few minutes.

We had walked 3 miles by the time we got to the park. It had only taken us an hour with the stop at the store. We could of gotten further but JW is a extremely slow walker. I would be walking along and relies he was way back behind me. I stop and wait on him to catch up. But in a bit he would be behind again. I try to slow down not leave him. I wasn’t like in a hurry walking fast. I just naturally walk fast. I would wait for him to catch up then hold his hand for a bit to so I didn’t leave him everything else.

They dropped us off at his house. I hung out with him it was about 5 something I think when we got dropped off. I they should be there in an hour or two. I couldn’t find a ride now it is 7 or after. JW said he would give me money for a cab to go home they could bring my truck to my house. I said as soon as I get a ride or call a cab they will call. They should of been done. Something was wrong.

I finally called a cab to go home because it was 7 something. And then he calls and said it was ready his brother (younger) one was bringing it if I could give him a ride home. I told him yes. I was talking to him asked JW to cancel the cab. But he pulled up about that time. I ran out told him so sorry my truck was done I was just calling to cancel. He was nice about it didn’t get mad. I gave him $5 for coming. The ride its self would of probably only been about $8 if that most likely less. Then he would of only got a small amount of that so I thought $5 was fair for him coming out there. No one knew he got it he got to keep it all.

In a little bit he called about my truck again. He said you been through so much with this truck I am just going to follow him to you and take him home. We talked about pay and things. He said $150 should cover what he had into parts and time.

They got there he said everything is brand new. Everything to do with the fuel system should last you as long as you have the truck and then some. You shouldn’t have to ever replace anything to do with it. They replaced lines, clamps, anything you can think of. I gave them another $200 they spent their whole day taking care of it getting it going for me. If it had been a shop they probably wouldn’t of even been open til Monday and then who knows when they would of gotten to it. Days later. They would of charged labor again and they would not of replaced anything. If I had them to it would of been more labor and more for parts. They wanted $600 4 years ago and $200 was the part. I am sure price has went up for labor. They put a mark up on the parts as well. These guess gave them to me for their discounted price they get through their dads shop and charged me very little for doing the job over and the extra work replacing everything else. So for just about $300 maybe a little more they did the first job twice and replaced everything else. That saved me so much money even giving them the extra $50 last night.

They said they would let me know as soon as they can replace the motor mounts to look for them and get them. They are going to try and do it on a Saturday while I work. I may just rent a car for that so they don’t have to rush. My motor is sitting on my oil pan and cracked it.

Sleeping Beauty is going to try to find decent ones at the junk yard. They are dealer parts and $500. I don’t have that and labor to pay right now and it needs done asap.

I could not believe they sold me a bad pump. The younger one told me same happen to him he had to do his twice too. We went to two different stores and it has been awhile since he did his. But a few people with shops have told me they are getting a lot of bad parts lately. I wonder if it is because of covid and so many places closing having less employees or maybe even employees out sick over this. They get bad stuff but not like they did this last year.

I am just so glad they got it done and thankful they did what they did.

{August 5, 2019}   Traded My Truck

I finally traded my truck today. I stopped and talked to good friend and ask him if I just gave him my truck how much more would I need to give him to fix my other truck? He said it be a lot to do that job. I would be better off to do the motor if he was going to do it.

He said with the set up of not paying labor and half of parts then I am better off doing the heads because I would have basically a new motor not just a used motor in who knows what kind of shape.

But if I was going to have to pay for it all out of pocket I am better off letting him replace the motor. He said he could find me a good motor with right about the same miles that are on it now. It would save me a lot of money.

It makes since because the motor would be 16 hours of labor the head job is 28.

After I left he called and said if I wanted to give him my truck he would put me on the books for $800 worth of labor credit. I can use that on anything that I want. My new truck or getting the black car fixed or if I get another one and need something. Or need something later for one of these if this guy comes through.

I told him okay because if not I am only going to get $350 to $500. It has $500 worth of tires on it. That is my biggest problem when something happens is paying labor. So now all I have to do is get the parts and get it fixed. It’s 20 hours of labor at his charge but that’s alright. Most things only take an hour or two. He mostly only charges me the hours he works. So if book says 5 hours and it takes 2 he only charges 2 unlike other shops. Or he does for other people.

I really don’t care I just wanted to be done dealing with it and looking at it and it sitting there at my job. I better do something before something else happens at work and it is involved.

If I had to put a motor in the other truck it would cover that. I have to come up with $800 to $1000 for a motor.

I think they are about to take father of the year back to court and he is $1472 behind. If it ends up coming to me having to pay for it get it done I will take that and get a motor with it.

{August 5, 2019}   One Month Tomorrow

Still no truck or work started on fixing it. At this point I do not even want them to fix it but it will cost me $1000’s to get it done.

He messaged me back and told me it was the water pump finally. I told him I knew it was not. He kept on, I said it was not leaking it still is not, if it was the pump there would be water under the truck. He stop responding.

My good friend called him up told him all that was wrong with it and that he done test on it and everything. So he said he would have to have his guy look at it again. Then he says yeah its the head gasket. Then he tells me a motor would be the better way to go. I told him I like the price of the head job and the new motor itimized parts price everything.

He tells me $1500 or $1599 I think for the motor. I’m supposed to pay half. I tell him I need the information for the other job on the heads and a list of parts. He says he didn’t get that since the motor was the best way to go.

I told him I wanted a itemized list of parts and price. So Friday he says that the machine shop is telling him $1200 to $1500 just to do what needs done to the heads. Way off. Over by $1300 he is tryung to over charge me. I said I need that in writing showing what parts and prices. He says they won’t know until they get in there what else may need done. Wrong they have a list of parts, seals, gaskets, all that you will need to do a head job just like any other job.

Today I stopped and talk to good friend he called about parts and all that. Parts and machine shop should be about $900.

The lot guy messaged me and asked what I wanted to do? I said well I am being told the head job should be no more than $900 in parts. He says that isn’t what I am being quoted. Its up to you how you want to proceed from here.

I said I still need a list of all the parts and cost before I agree to anything. Again I have not heard from him. I am going to go to two shops I know the people and have them give me quotes in writing and going to text him and say ok this is what they are quoting for parts so where are you coming up with these prices? That I need a list of parts just like these two places gave me and prices now that he has a list of all the parts that will be needed. Go from there.

{July 18, 2019}   Ripped Off

I don’t know what I am going to do, how I feel, how I should feel or what I am going to do. I have been in one of those don’t feel anything, something happen oh well moods. Then Saturday after the 4th of July I went and bought a car.

As you all know, well I think you do, I have been looking for a vehicle for months. I finally found one. Not what I wanted but something I would be okay with and like. It is a 2009 Explorer, with only 115,000 miles on it. It was about 50 or so miles from home. I went over to look at it thinking that I would be able to buy it and bring it home. I wasn’t. It needed an oil change and something else done to it and the guy that owns the lot, sells the cars was over an hour away. I had other things to get done and couldn’t do anything with it I left and told them I would come back the next day and look at it and decide from there. I had a few questions I wanted answered as well before i bought it. But it wan’t leaking anything, it looks good inside and out and it ran good. I did test drive it why I was there. You can’t even hear it run hardly.

My sister took me back over to get it and we test drove it and checked it out again. It seemed fine. I noticed it sounded like water leaking when you open the hood and I figured out it was coming from the radiator cap. He went and got a new one and it was fine after that. I figured a bad cap or wrong cap. Everything still seemed fine. The questions I had I got answers to before I went back and the guys all told me how much to try and get it for and everything. I talked to the guy got him down to what the guys all said to try and get it for and bought it.

I drove it home and left it, so I could go and pick my car up from my sisters. When I got home me and the girls went out and drove around for a while. We were trying to figure out what we were going to do for dinner because it was getting so late and just riding around in the new car. we decided to get pizza. We called ordered it drove around and then stopped to get it. I left it running why oldest ran in to get the pizza and then we left. I went to go the back way home. As soon as I turned the corner the truck didn’t want to go. I looked down and it was hot. I pulled into a parking lot and shut it off. Bff came with Sleeping Beauty and he took the cap off the radiator and we put 3 two liter bottles of water in it. The over flow was full. I tried and tried to call the guy I bought it from while I was stuck on the side of the road. He didn’t answer. I just cried sat there and cried before Bff and Sleeping beauty got there. Little bitty was rubbing my back and telling me it was okay I didn’t do anything wrong, I was trying to do the best I could for them and the guy was bad and he sold us a broken car.

I finally got the truck home and parked it in the driveway. He messaged me at like 5 in the morning and said he went to bed early blah blah whatever. I tried to call him again he didn’t answer, tried to message him nothing. Then he called or messaged me again another day and then again I couldn’t get him. I never finally got to talk to him until this past Saturday. Then he swears he had no idea blah blah he wouldn’t of sold it to me he wanted to get it over there and help me get it fixed. Did I have road side he had a friend he see what he would charge to pick it up and let me know how much he wanted me to pay. Yep that is right how much he wants me to pay to get it back to him. Help me get it fixed.

I had already had my friend pick it up and take it to his shop and check it out. He said it had the wrong coolant in it, the wrong cap and the head gasket had been glass sealed and it had let lose that is why it over heated. I thought it needed a thermostat and cap. It needed it alright, it wasn’t messing up and causing the problem well not all of it I guess. It didn’t have one because it was glass sealed  and you can’t do that and put one in it. So they had taken it out. I said it was taking a while before it got to a normal riding temp. One reason we thought it wasn’t working or only working sometimes.

I tell him all this when I talk to him he tells me he wants his guy to look at it. He isn’t open again until Monday he been out of town the week and just got back. He said he would call me by 1 Monday. This Monday that just passed. He didn’t call I didn’t get a hold of him. I messaged him didn’t hear from him. I called Tuesday he messaged said he was on the phone. Then messaged me again in a few and said his guys tow truck was in the shop he would get it back Wednesday and was going out of town he would pick the truck up probably today Thursday. Well here we are Thursday 12:30 and I haven’t heard from him. I got triple A and can send it back to him tomorrow.

I called a lawyer she said she would send him a letter to try to get him to fix it but it would cost me $300. She said there wasn’t much else I could do other than take him to court if he don’t. I have a 100% labor 50% parts he gave me but now I don’t have money to pay for 50% of a motor that it most likely needs or of a head job even and how do I know if he fixed it right and don’t just doctor it up like he did before he sold it to me? It isn’t like I drove it weeks and something happen, it isn’t like it just happen. They screwed with it, patched it up and sold it this way. I got like 80 miles on it and it did this. I had it a few hours that is it.

The last week being in that I know I should be pissed off and mad and saying more mood has made it really hard to deal with all this. Last night I have kind of started coming out of it. But I don’t know what to do or how to handle it really. I still feel like I have no fight in me, but that is nothing new. I have felt like this for a while now as you all know.

I wish there was someone that could argue with this guy and get him to fix this truck right and get it back to me. Its been a week since I bought this truck and haven’t gotten to drive it. I said something the other day to Pops here at work that even shocked me when I said it. I told him I wished Little Bitty’s dad was around or still here. This guy would of had my truck back last week and it would be back fixed or I would have my money back. I wouldn’t be sitting here like this. He don’t play he dealt with things like this before and knows what to do.

I can’t believe I am in this spot, I was there two days checking it out, talked to a bunch of the guys about things I had questions about everything. Looked for leaks, checked the oil to see if it looked like it had water in it, if it was burnt or been kept up, the oil looked clean. the water looked good. nothing leaking it was in really good shape. I looked and looked pasted up stuff I didn’t think was very good, stayed away from lots that I knew or worried would be rip off places, wait to find the best for the money I had, so that it would last me and the kids a while because I don’t have money to throw at repairs and things. I told the guy this when I bought it was worried about it and everything. That i use to sell cars and stopped because I didn’t want to rip people off and the last one I got stuck with I did nothing but drop money into and walk. He assured me this truck was great and would be good for us. There was nothing to worry about. I was worried, I would have been about any car because it was all the money I had. This is probably the biggest screw up I have made ever. Well besides getting married. That is a different ballgame. I have no idea what to do or how to fix this. Today coming out of that I just don’t feel anything mood I have been in the last week or two I now just want to cry. I want to just walk away from everything and give up. I feel like I am failing on such a level that I don’t even know how to fix it. I have had thoughts the last few days that I can’t believe I have had, I never thought I would think such a thing. I am sitting at work and don’t want to be here. I want to quit just walk away and from both and say fuck it all fuck life start just being like everyone else.

I posted the other day, may as well become lying, manipulating, two faced and shady like the rest. What do they say if what you’er doing isn’t working……….

That is just how I feel.

It sucks because again wonderful Florida don’t have lemon laws and about the only thing I have to stand on is my warranty that I don’t have the money to even help fix the truck. When I agreed to it I didn’t know it had been patched up to sell. I thought maybe a starter, aulanator, water pump or something like that. To be expected not a motor or head job and not something that was covered up and patched up. I need a lawyer that knows Florida law and that could help me out and make him pay for it.

{July 22, 2018}   Up and Going Already

I am so pissed off with my mother right now. But that really is nothing new. I didn’t get home umtil after 12 am and didn’t get to sleep until after 230. 2 hours earlier than normal I was so tired I could not hold my eyes open. She wakes me up at 430. Then I ask oldest to set her alarm for 8 make sure I woke up because I will sleep through mine when I get like this and can’t sleep then work and wore out on top of it. She comes in there at 730 and says granny said its 730!!! I been awake since. I finally got up about 810 got ready and am now at the store.

I need to leave my house as soon as I get home and let the girls out. So that I can head to my friends house to drop the truck off, pick up the part and tools and get myself to work by 12.

I am so tired, I am sitting here in the truck with Little Bitty trying to keep myself busy and awake. Waiting for oldest to come out of the store. I wanted to leave in 20 minutes but not sure that is going to happen now or not.

I am worried because it calls for a couple special tools to take the water pump on and off. I asked ymy friend if he had them he said if it was same motor as his there should be no problems. This wasn’t his first go around. I know there are other ways to do things I just worry because I need my truck back today and nothing can get broke or not done right and it go down again. I know he isn’t going to do anything to screw me or cut corners and will make sure the job is done right. Unlike boss at the shop where you never know what he is really doing or what. And who don’t care but plays like he does. But I am that way I just worry if there is something there to worry about. If Sleeping Baeuty had never told me there were special tools and to look the list up I wouldn’t of thought twice about it. Now I am over thinking it. I am tired and crabby and stressed and that don’t help because it just makes me think about it more.

Guess I better go oldest just called she is checking out. She will be out in a minute. I may get to leave the house on time.

I am also worried about my friend and what he is thinking in doing this work for me for free. Is he doing it just to be nice and because I have helped him out over the years? Is he doing it because he wants to get together and thinks this will make me want to more? How’s he going to take it if I don’t want to? Is he going to feel I just lead him on to get the truck done? But I don’t think he could think that. We haven’t talked about that since the other week. I guess we will see. Oldest just go in got to get a move on.

{May 21, 2018}   Love My Good Friend

My Good Friend messaged me at work last night and said there maybe a small shred of hope for my truck after all. He had me go out and get under it and take some pictures for him, but I wasn’t able to find what he was looking for. I was supposed to meet up with him today so he could look at it but it has been raining here for days and today was no different and he been busy. He checked it in the rain for me the other day because we couldn’t get a break from it.

When he looked at it he said he was going to do some research and see if there was anything else that maybe goes on these trucks that would cause the problem I am having. Because some cars and trucks are known to have problems that cause crazy things to happen that normally shouldn’t or a design flaw of some kind.

When he looked it up he found somewhere that told him that sometimes on these trucks they put the oil cooler by the filter under the truck instead of where we thought it was to start with. That is what he was wanting me to get pictures of, the filter and where it all mounts up under there so he could see of he seen one or not. But I was at work and trying to watch the store being the only one there and under the truck and everything else. I didn’t get the right thing. I was going to meet him today or try but again with the rain we were stuck.

Hopefully he will have time to meet me at his new shop where he can get it in out of the rain and check it over. I pray it has the cooler down there and that is all the problem is. If not it is pretty much back to needing a motor.

I am just so thankful he is taking time out of his busy life with three jobs t kids and normal life stuff to help me. Because I can’t even ask boss right now really because of all the stuff going on there. I haven’t even told you all about that yet with everything that has been going on and being sick. Maybe tonight or sometime soon.

{May 19, 2018}   Not Worth Fixing

My Good Friend made it over to look at the truck this evening. He checked it for the oil cooler and it does not have one like my other truck had. Since I already put the intake manifold on it new when I bought it the results are not good.

He said it is either the head gasket or the block. Either way pretty much means that I need a new truck. Because either one of them means I need a new motor. But I also need all the tierods and balljoints and new tires. Along with the fact the frame has been pulled and other little things like fenders and a hood. Shocks for the hood and the back gate and the handle replaced on the back door.

But if you add up all the big things that need fixed right now. Because I have had to put it off for so long it can not wait much longer. I will have $2500 in a motor, $500 or more in tierods and balljoints, $500 in new tires. Thats $3500 I could buy something eles with. I only paid around $4000 for this one. I do not have money to fix it or buy anything so at this point I am just stuck. He said he don’t know how long it will last for me to keep driving it as is. He is going to research and see if there is anything we can do to try to save it until I have money for a new one or if there is something he could be missing that happens to these that he don’t know about. But he don’t think there is and I don’t either. Only thing that may save me is the fact that the the oil is going into the water I maybe able to stave it off and drive it a little bit. But wouldn’t if water was going in the oil.

I don’t really feel upset, mad, worried or anything over the news. I should feel something but I just don’t. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I just feel like it will work out. Whatever is supposed to happen will happen and that will be that. I don’t know. I don’t feel happy or depressed. I just feel calm and okay I guess you would say.

{February 18, 2017}   My Week In A Nutshell

It has been a crazy week super busy and it has been all I can do to hold my eyes open to even get through the evenings and fall into bed. I posted a few times this week I think and I had to go back and fix them and post them the next day because I they would be such a mess from me passing out before I finished them. I just saved them and waited until I got up to post them.

Monday we got up and Little Bitty was sick, I called my friend and asked her if she could watch her. I had class and I had therapy that day. I figured out if I can get a 130 appointment at therapy then I can do it on Monday after class. I go to class from 1050 to 1205. with school being less than a half mile away from my house that gives me time to come home grab something to eat or whatever before I need to leave to go to therapy. Plus we get out early most days so I have extra time. Once I leave and go to therapy then when I get done there it leaves me like 30 minutes to pick up the big kids from school. I just go there and hang out for a little bit until they get out.

Tuesday I spent the day at the older kids school doing their party for the day. We did a scavenger hunt, cake pops and different things for them. After that we ran to the store and got the little kids and came home. The night seemed to drag on forever. Everyone is sick with this horrible cough and things. I talked to my friend a little bit, I seen he was online and sent him a message. He said it was to bad I had the kids I could come over. I asked him when he would be kid free again and he said probably the next night. I told him I could probably come over I would have to see if I could get a sitter. He said that sounded good.

Wednesday I went to class then went to get the kids. I was there a little early and sat talking to them and things. We came home for a while then got the little kids and went to therapy. I then picked my friend up and went to get the kids something to eat. Her boyfriend came with her that was a little odd and she wasn’t happy. He said because I was supposed to take them somewhere the next day and I wouldn’t have to go back to get him. But I had to go past his house to go somewhere else then pick him up on the way home. I dropped them all off here and went over to see my friend for a while.

I went to his new place it was a nice time. We sat there at the table and just talked for a while. That was different but nice because normally we just hang out watch movies or whatever. We talk but not a lot or like we did the other night. We talked about the trucks and different things we had to do to them, he was telling me about how he got it from his brother where he got it and how he knew the guy that owned it before so he knew it been taken care of. Talking about different things those motors are known for, I have had three trucks with that same motor most of the stuff is just normal wear and tear but they are known for the in take going out and have to be tore down and done and it really isn’t a hard job to do if you have the a day to tear it down and put it back together. It is about a $250 part. Other than that there are one or two coil packs that are known to go out more than the others. It’s because of where they are on the motor they get wet from water splashing up off the road and things.

We talked about different places to live and how the weather was in different areas. He was talking about Global warming and how people think it is a big joke or don’t think it is happening because we are so hot. But they do not think about how close we are to the equator and how much hotter we have been or how we have almost no winter at all anymore. He was saying how the last few years they have hardly used the heaters and not even had them out at work this winter at all. He was saying like ten years ago and things. I said I can remember when I was little it being so cold outside and everyone talking about how there was going to be snow flurries. The big thing I really remember is the fuss over the citrus trees and everyone worrying that they were going to freeze and ruin all the fruit. They would be talking about wrapping them in blankets and putting heaters on them. I use to think that was so odd when I was a kid that they were wrapping tress in blankets and heating the outside. We were talking that I can’t think of a time since I was little they have talked about having to do that. They sure haven’t in the last 13 years or so that I can think of. I don’t know why but it is the one thing that always standout to me that they don’t do that anymore or never even talk about the fruit freezing. I ended up coming home earlier than I expected to so I ran my friend and her boyfriend home and then me and the kids came home and went to bed. It was probably about 11 by the time we went to bed and again I was so tired I hardly made it to my pillow.

Thursday I got up and took the three younger kids to school and then me and my oldest went to get her guinea pig. I stopped on the way to check abut getting internet back and took care of stuff there. I ended up telling them to forget it because they want more than they did before why everyone around me was paying almost half what I was. I am going to check into somewhere else. They already made me mad by telling me I had to turn everything in just to get them to turn around come back out and give me it and hook it up. When I took it in the lady said why would you bring it back instead of just calling and having it hooked back up. I told her what they said she said no they should have just turned it on. They never tell you the right thing why I didn’t have internet for almost two days before.

We got to the pet store just as they opened and they had no guinea pigs. Wait sorry wrong they had two males that is it. None came in and the guy said there was a shortage of them until April probably. He told us to try the guy up the street at the little mom and pop store. We stopped in there and they only had one and she was already 4 years old and they said probably wouldn’t do well in the cage with the others. We called the others and they said no females just males. The other mom and pop one that my sons old teacher owns said he would have baby ones in about 5 hours. I picked my friends up again took her to school and told her we would go check them out after therapy so we did. The guy was just getting there with the animals and he had the mans order all messed up and didn’t have half of what he asked for. He didn’t bring any pigs with him. He said he was going to place another order and may have some next week hopefully. We called other places they didn’t have them or only sold males not females. I just didn’t feel good after that and was so tired from all the running I had done with her and while helping my friends. I guess my oldest could tell because we went in the store to get something from dinner quick and she asked if she could make tacos. I said you are going to make tacos? She said yes so I told her she could. She made them and made plates when she was done. I was surprised because most time I have to help her make stuff and then I have to make plates. I came in and changed my clothes and laid down on my bed a minute. I guess I fell a sleep, next thing I knew she was asking me if I wanted her to bring me a plate of food or if I wanted to get my own we ate and went straight to bed again.

Today was pretty laid back, I took my friends boyfriend to check on something and then we dropped him off at the ER to get his foot looked at, they decided to keep him. We went up seen him a minute got the key to the house. We were going to go out tonight but then our other friend couldn’t watch the kids because her hubby was going to take her out. My friend that was going to go out with me ended up having to go get checked out because she had this big place come up on the back of her head and a really bad headache and things. It just came up last night but then got bigger. They told her it was from whiplash where she was in the car accident and that she needs a mri Monday. I picked her up took her home and came home, the kids played a little but they are still not feeling good and went to bed early. Big Boy is still up watching tv and going back and forth talking to me. Our friend is supposed to come watch the kids tomorrow but I will believe it when I see it because most the only thing you can count on with her is her not doing what she says she will.

That was our week in a nut shell. I think Wednesday was the best day this week so far, it was nice to get out of my house have an adult conversation other than the crazy stuff me and my friends talk about and things.

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