{January 1, 2021}   Hello 2021

I hope everyone had a safe and fun new years eve. I hope this year is a much better year for everyone.

{January 3, 2016}   My New Years So Far 2016

Me and three of the kids had a nice New Years eve at home. We went shopping and got our normal New Years dinner/snack, some little noise makers and came home got in our pj’s. We watched Seventh Heaven until a few minutes before midnight then went outside to watch the fireworks that were going off all around us.

We haven’t done anything really since but hangout here at home. I have a horrible head cold that just seems to be getting worse not better. I have spent the day in bed. I been here since I went to bed last night. I got up and wondered to the kitchen for the first time around 6 got a drink and came back to my bed. Laying here with my three blankets because I am freezing and debating going to the hospital because the right side of my face and neck are swollen. The lymph-node is huge in my neck and I guess all up threw there. My throat don’t hurt but my mouth itches like crazy, my nose won’t stop running and I have had to sleep with a piece of peppermint in my mouth to keep from coughing all night the last two nights. I wasn’t all swollen like this when I went to bed last night either. I have to go to work in the morning I missed that day last week because I was hurting so bad I couldn’t move. I wasn’t feeling the best then either but didn’t think anything of it. Now I feel like I am the walking dead.

Father of the year lost his job yesterday. They called them all in the day before New years eve and told them that the company had been sold they were in the other room signing titles and the last of the paperwork. They told them to report to the other company yard the next day and to reapply over there. He was off Thursday and Friday but went to turn the truck in Thursday morning. He talked to the lady there and she said they were just doing license check on everyone and things for the insurance. When he went back Saturday morning to go to work they told him because of the accident he had last year they had to let him go. She told him that his old boss had nothing good to say about him either. Now he is all mad and of course that isn’t his fault either. Now he telling everyone they didn’t have a position for him. I said that’s a lie they have positions they just don’t want you because you have had three accidents in two years. Less than two years really and it isn’t anyone’s fault you were the only one in the truck and driving. He says well the one place said the car wasn’t supposed to be there someone there messed up. Well even so it was his job to know if he could get by it or get someone to move it. He decided to go around it and hit it. And if they felt it was someone else fault then why didn’t they have to pay for it not you. It’s kind of a big deal with you hit a pole at a gas pump and tear the tool box up. Then the time he hit the car with the two old people in it. One maybe an accident but three isn’t an accident. It’s not paying attention or just being careless. Plus the phones he lost and broke. The fact he broke the mirror out of the truck just a couple weeks ago because he threw his phone and it hit it. Then lied said he didn’t know what happen to it.  The old company didn’t care because they were a shit company to work for and couldn’t keep anyone to work so if he stayed they kept him. Plus they make him pay for everything so it wasn’t coming out of his pocket.

This new company is a decent company to work for they take care of their drivers and pay decent. So he has really screwed up and screwed his self out of a decent job. They keep the trucks in top notch shape and fix everything right away, they run much larger trucks and things and will train them and let them move up. They don’t work 6 days around the clock like this company and only work on commission. They work in shifts they make a flat amount for their 8 hour days and then get a % for after hours and weekends. Their rates are more as well so they make more per a call off the top than the other place and bring home no less than about $1500 every two weeks. He was lucky if he was making $1000 every two weeks. He got mad when I said it was no ones fault he had the accidents but his. He said well I didn’t take out a BMW. I said nope but that is one accident I have had ever not 3 in two years or less. The accident I was in years ago was not my fault and I could not have done anything different. I was sitting still and the guy slammed me. I knew nothing until it was over. This is three he has had that he was at fault in.

I feel so sick right now and so sore but all I want to do is eat. I just ate a few hours ago but I want to eat again. I probably really should go get checked but I don’t even feel like getting dressed and driving over there and waiting or being poked for blood and all that. I think I will go eat and see how I feel. I will most likely eat and go back to bed and go to work in the morning. I don’t understand why I have this I just had it and got over it a few months ago. Pretty much the same thing. My big boy had it not long ago and his nose was running like crazy like mine and the cough everything went away but the cough it keeps lingering I hear him in there now coughing. I hope it goes away soon he don’t get it bad like I have it again. It is horrible.

{January 1, 2014}   Happy New Year

1newyear  Hope everyone had a fun and safe night. Spent it at home with the kids and family. Having a big family dinner with the kids my mom grandma sister and her family later. Going to spent the next week doing stuff with the kids for the rest of their winter break. Tuesday is back to school and the start of never ending paper work for me. And research lots of research so that I can do all the paper work. Got to find RC so that I can send him papers. And figure out what I have to do to finish my divorce and get them filled out and turned in. You can do this all yourself but it takes a lot of work I can see why lawyers get paid so much. Hope to have both done and taken care of by the time the kids get out of school. Then I would like to take some trips travel around see some places and maybe find a new home and move before school starts back.

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