Me and JW were talking the other day and valentines day came up. I said I didn’t celebrate or hadn’t in a really long time and never really did then. He said this year you are. I said no we didn’t need to it was fine. He said something about what day it was on and we looked it is on a Friday. I work his later night and one of my when I get done I get off nights. He will be off by 8 he only works a hour later than normal Friday and Saturday. He said something about you’ll see or we will see. Nothing more was really said about it.

Me and Bff were talking and she said something about it and I told her what was said. She said no your celebrating this year now stop it. I said I don’t know. She said he wants to you need to or should. We could do something when I get off, if I get off by 9 but I never know. It isn’t like we are going to be getting all dressed up and all that, it is going to be late I am coming straight from work. We go to dinner or what all the time no different than any other time. Gifts what are we going to buy? We haven’t been together all that long to really get into buying anything personal or what.

I am sure I will see him after work and don’t know what to get or do. I don’t know what he will do, but I am sure he will do something. It is just how he is.

So what do you get someone you haven’t been with very long at all? I don’t even know what kind of things he really likes or what. I do but don’t since we haven’t been in touch for so long.


{December 18, 2019}   Re: An Almost New Game

Last night I messaged my boss and asked him if he would could ask his son to pull the game out and see what it was and everything. He said he was doing it then. In a little bit he messaged me back and said he had the slim with 500 gigs. He said he had 8 games on it as well. I asked if it was all saved or disk. He said saved. I asked him how much he wanted for it? He said tell me what you think is fair and it will be that. I had no clue what to tell him. I know new ones with no games are going for about $260.

My kids are still a little young for the games that he has I was going to tell him if he wanted to take them off that would be okay. But I had no clue what to give him as a price for it. I was at my night job horrible service and trying to decide. I didn’t respond I was going to talk to him when he came in today about it.

Today he had to be here at 10 when we opened to do some work for someone. He said he may not be here until 10:30 he had something to take care of he forgot about so I asked the people to come at 10:30 they did. He did end up going here right around 10. He had a bag with him. He sat it on my desk in front of me said this is for you. It’s the game. I said oh okay thanks and asked him how much he decided he wanted for it because I didn’t really know. I was thinking I would give him the $260 for it if he was willing to wait and let me pay him at the end of January for it and since it had all the games with it. Even though they wouldn’t play them I didn’t get to ask him to take them off and it is still way cheaper than what I would of paid for the one I have in there now.

He said no it’s for you, you can have it. We don’t use it I talked to the kids today and we agreed we just want to give it to you. I didn’t know what to say. I almost cried but stopped myself. I just told him thank you and it meant a lot to me. The kids would love it.

That just saved me $400 but now I feel bad I have to take this one back and tell them um yeah guess what I can’t use this after all someone gave me one. I know the people down there and things good so then I feel bad for taking it back. now I have to wait until the first of the year because of the way I have things set up it is going to cost me money I don’t have if I go ahead and take it back now. But hey they wouldn’t buy it either if they had basically a brand new one given to them. Why do I feel bad for returning something that is meant to be returned if you change your mind?

{December 17, 2019}   An Almost New Game

At work today me and the one owner were her and talking about a little bit of everything really. I asked him if him or his son knew about the Ps4 game systems? He said a little bit and asked why? I told him I went and got the boys one for Christmas but I knew nothing about them and was just told I may need to update it or something before wrapping. He said some of them do need to be. He said I wish I knew you were getting one I have one sitting at my house that is brand new just taking up space.

He said he bought it to play with the guys at work and things and then none of them ever bought one and don’t play. He said it has been played by me 3x ever and the kids about 5. I told him that I rented it and had to pay for it still. I told him if he was interested in selling it to let me know what kind he had and what he wanted for it. If he was willing to take a few payments on it. He said he was going to have his son pull it out hook it up go through it and see what one it is for sure how much memory it has and things and let me know tomorrow. If he has that and wants to work a deal then I will take the one I have back. I haven’t paid on it and it is twice as much as a new one. He said his don’t have the 2nd controller but I already have that I bought to go with the other.

I hope we can work out a good price and things. At least I know where this one came from and that it is basically brand new. It won’t be twice as much as a new one at the store like I am paying now. I am going to message him tonight remind him to ask his son to pull it out and check it out for me. if he can run the updates and things. He said he wouldn’t wipe it clean so the kids could keep the games and things he has bought and play them if they want to.

{July 11, 2019}   Other SUV’s vs. Mine

It has been hell trying to find another vehical, I have looked in 4 states trying to find something I want or would be happy with. The smaller and newer suv’s I just don’t like. I couldn’t figure out why.

The next one down from mine are nice I have had 2 in the past. But the new motors are horrible. They have problems, expensive to fix if they can be. Bff has had 2 and my friend with the car lot has one he put a ton of money into and still can’t get it fixed.

I figured out with the new suv’s most are smaller, hatchbacks and have one back seat. If it has a 3rd it is right against the back hatch. Even if you do not have the 3rd seat there is next to no cargo room if you don’t put the back seat down. You can’t with kids in the car.

In my truck I have enough room behind my 3rd row I could put a 4th seat back there, so lots of cargo room. I have it without folding seats or taking them out or losing seating. If I need more I can take one or two seats out or fold them and have a ton of cargo room. I have had a washer and drier in my truck and still had room I could put other stuff.

In the new ones I lose 2 to 3 seating space and still don’t have cargo room without folding the seat down again how do you do that if you have kids. I would be happy if I just had room for me all 4 kids and one extra person if they wanted to go.

I decided I would rather have a 4 door F150 or F250 with bench seat in the front and back. Then I would have seating for one extra person and cargo room. Best of all I wouldn’t have to always be putting seats up and down.

But finding a truck with 4 full doors that is in good shape inside and out and decent miles is impossible with the money I am working with. Even another truck like mine with a different motor is hard to find at a decent price and they are 2005 or older since they stop making them.

Everything is trashed or has 200,000 miles or more. Or they are both.

{April 16, 2019}   Maybe It Is The Adventure

I am sitting here at work listening to music on Youtube and this song came on….

I hadn’t heard it util the other day and just really watched the video a few minutes ago. While watching it I thought of how it is getting to know someone new and starting a relationship. It’s like and adventure getting to know each other and doing things together, figuring out each others likes and dislikes and all about them. Is that another reason I have been resisting Special K so much as well? Because the adventure isn’t there? The new isn’t there? We have known each other for so long it feels that there isn’t anything new to figure out?

But then again is that really true? Because yes we know each other and have for a long time, but this would be taking our relationship to a new level and all new grounds and adventures to have and figure out right? I don’t know these are the things my mind wonders to when I have way to much time on my hands to think or find things to keep myself entertained. But it makes since too.

A guy at the store stopped and was talking to me while we were getting gas and all the thoughts you have when you talk to someone for the first time be it a co worker, new friend or just a random whoever at the pump next to you. It is exciting or intriguing to get to know someone. So if you already know them pretty well it seems that there really isn’t anything new there to get to know or discover. I know that isn’t all that there is to a relationship of any kind and it isn’t what is important it was just a thought I had and maybe it was just an extra excuse I gave myself to keep him at arms length so that I didn’t get to close and get hurt. But maybe in doing that I have now hurt myself anyway because I let him get away.

Thinking about it I guess he would be one that was lumped into that category of What Could Of Been

I have been to blind to see that hey maybe here is my chance to have that. Or like I said before to scared to go there because I was to scared of messing it up subconsciously. Maybe now maybe I have messed it up and lost it again.

{October 30, 2018}   My New Job

I start my new job today.  Yesterday the guy messaged me about an hour beforehand to make sure I was still coming. I told him yes I was heading that way in a little bit. He said great.

I got there and went in a guy came from the back. I ask if he was David he said no Charlie. I said oh sorry, and told him I was there for the interview. He told me to come to the back. As we were walking through I said Charlie I should of remebered that, it was my dad and grandpa’s name. Then he says well David is back here too we own the place together. So it was the other who messaged me and I was talking to.

We went back there was a guy sitting at a desk the guy that came up pulled one of the chairs infront of it to the side and the other out for me to sit.

We talked they ask if I knew how to use google to look thing up and if I knew how to put routes together basically. I call set up appointments for them or set them when they call in. So if I set something two towns over for Friday, they want me to get others in that town and around and then line them up so they just go from one to the next. Not jumping all over randomly or backtracking. He said if things come in why they are out to just call the one guys dad he comes and sharpens it.

They ask how soon I could start? I ask how soon they were looking for someone to? They said um tomorrow does that work? I said yes because I want the job and did not want them to find someone that would if I said no.

It is Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm. No nights weekends or holidays. I am the only real employee they have or have had. The guys mom and dad were helping he says his mom can no longer do what I am going to be doing. So its pretty much been a family thing. They didn’t care I had another job as long as I can be there when they need.

We were talking the Charlie guy said we have other jobs at night as well so this is why we do this like this. He was talking about how and where they go when. I said oh you do when he said they both had night jobs. He said they are federal police out here. Interesting kind of cool. Glad they told me later than upfront. I don’t care for most of the police around here. They are very rude and don’t really want to do their job. Most act like its a bother you called them. Mostthe time it seems as if they are just looking for any little thing to start about that has nothing to do with what your calling about.

Knowing I have done nothing wrong I still can’t relaxe with them around. I always feel like I am on egg shells just waiting for them to start about something. Even off duty ones when they come into work. But I didn’t think twice about it when he said it. I notice they were watching my response and reaction when he said it as well. Anyway they are very friendly laid back guys.

They said they were looking to start someone at $10 an hour and go from there. They said with weekly bonuses depending how many appointments I set and things like that. It being the days and hours it is I am happy. I was expecting them to say $8.25.

I am going to work both jobs for a while. I went and talk to my boss at the beach job as soon as I left there. We worked it so I will work same days just different hours some of them. Thursday and Friday I will work 6 to close. I leave my day job at 5 and go straight there. It is about 5 miles on up the road. I still open Sat and Sun so I am off have my evenings and nights with the kids. I will probably do this for at least a month maybe two. Then I will probably give up my two night shifts and just do the days. I have flexibility there if I really need a break someone will cover my hours once we have the new people trained.

I better get dinner in the crockpot and run to the store. I have to be at work in an hour and a half.

{October 18, 2018}   Keeping It

I have decided for now I am just going to keep my truck. Running wise I need the speed things other than that I need the front end fixed. So probably a little over $300 in parts then someone to put them in.

Once I have some money coming in I want to get it painted. I don’t care for the color and it could use a paint job. It isn’t bad but has some chipped spots. I am going to paint it the color of my old truck I think. I like that color. Or maybe the blue on the one I have been seeing around town that I like so much. We will see. I will have to check that one out and see what color blue that is. I think they had it painted because I have not seen that color on one before.

I will just drive it until it won’t go anymore or I have money and find one I want. In the meantime I will work on getting a little Ranger.

I love my truck but it is a lot to drive all the time when I am alone or just me and a few kids. Its a lot of truck but I need the room when we all want to go or have to go. If I get something smaller I will save on gas when I am by myself.

Once I fix it paint it, it will be like a new truck really. I am not worried about the motor because they go forever. I would not be worried about driving it to anywhere I wanted to move at that point no matter how far we decided to go.

{September 21, 2018}  

Last Saturday me and the girl who works with me were talking. I told her I was looking for a new job. She said if I left she was leaving too. I was mad but did not say anything. Her reason was because they would want her to pick up my hours and she can’t. But I can do mine and pick up hers. But she wasn’t leaving unless I did. I have been thinking about it all week and wanted to say something to the owner but hadn’t. Because I don’t want to be that person but at the sametime I like my job for the most part. I just decided not to say anything becauze I plan to stay unless I just find something that pays a lot more, has better hours and days off and closer to home. Plus I was planing to work both until I banked some money and got caught up if I was able to work them around eachother.

Tonight she called and said she was giving her two week notice she got a new job. So I will be able to pick up a few more hours. I am still trying to find something with better hours, more pay, closer to home and things. I still work both if they are willing to work with me for a while once I find something. I am going to tell them I want to pick my days and hours before anyone new is hired. They can have what is left.

{September 10, 2018}   Not Heard anything From The Job

I am debating if I should try to get a hold of them and work something out or just forget it and keep looking. I am not going to do it for that kind of money.

Do you ever wish you could go back do things over? I do because I would of said something right there. I was just off because it was a unexpected thing and I been told something else. I am going to talk to bff in a little bit see if boss has said anything to her. I just need money coming in like right now because I am starting to fall behind.

This is also right across the street from where my “friend” works so if something hapoen I could get a ride most likely. But it isn’t to horribly far to walk or try to get a bus.

{September 10, 2018}   I Figured It Out

I feel kind of stupid it took me this long, but I really never messed with it before. When I tried and it wouldn’t work I just skipped it and went on. But something today made me stop and mess with it and with in minutes or less I had it. I can now link my old post into my new post or some others that I like. I am so happy because a lot of times I want to link to things and can’t.

et cetera
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