{February 6, 2020}   A Beach Night


Here is this weeks round of The Really You

What is the silliest thing you have heard people say about you?

That I look mean and unapproachable, I have heard this from a few different people. Some who I probably would of never got to know if I hadn’t approached them first.

I met bff at my kids school her daughter was in my son’s class. I use to see her in the car line all the time. Then I seen something she had at her house as she lived very close by. I stopped her one day and asked her about it. We just started talking and have become friends from there. Years later she told me when she seen me at the school and in the car line I looked really mean or tough.

I asked her what that meant she said you just looked like someone that didn’t put up with no shit and didn’t want to be bothered by no one. It’s kind of true but your fun as hell and cool once you get to know you and don’t piss you off lol.

I had others say the same kind of things. I just tell them sorry this is my face or it keeps the weak away.

Which of your personality traits has been the most useful?

Responsibility I would have to say probably has helped me the most. Because people can depend on me and know that they can. This gives me advantages at jobs and things.


Are you a early bird or a night owl?

100% night owl all the way. When I am home and don’t have unwanted people staying with me I will be up cleaning, cooking, watching tv, going to the store or anything else that needs to be done or I want to do all hours of the night. I have said for years I would love to live in Alaska where it stays dark for 6 months and everyone goes on with life as normal. I would love if we lived life backwards and slept during the day and was up at night.

No matter how many months days or years I have to get up and be at work, have kids at school or what I have to do in the mornings it is a struggle and I hate getting up no matter how much sleep I have had or haven’t had.

{July 13, 2018}   I Made My Sleep Issues

As you all know I have a hard time sleeping at night. It takes me forever to fall a sleep and then I am up and down most of them. But then come day light I can sleep like a rock. I know I have said on here before if I had someone just to sleep with I would sleep better and at night. How odd it is.

I was laying here in bed thinking about it, why can I sleep a lone in the day just fine but not at night? Way back when me and father of the year first started having problems when I was pregnant with my 2nd is how this came about. There would be nights I just could not get comfortable in the bed with him there. I ask him sleep on the couch just for the night once in a while. He get mad and not do it we had a small bed at the time. So not a lot of room. I got to where I would stay up at night watch tv or do stuff on the computer until he got up to go to work. Then go lay down and sleep for a while.

When things started getting bad between us I didn’t want to be around him, him touching me or trying anything. So again when it was bad I would stay up until he went to work kids went to school and go home and sleep. It was that way for years.

The times I did sleep good at night over the years were when I was with someone who I had a good realtionship with and we would go to bed together happy and I would sleep good. When I would sleep in the day I was ok with being alone.

I guess subconsciously I have just associated sleeping alone is ok in the day but at night I need someone there. I have tried to change this thought but it hasn’t happened. I think part of it is because that is when everything is calm, kids are in bed and I have time to spend time with someone and there is no one so I feel alone.

When I was with R.C we would sit and talk at night really take time and spend with eachother and catch up or just to connect. Then we would go to bed together.

When me and father of the year got together it was like that too. We always went to bed together and I slept good. Until we started having problems.

It’s not even 1030 pm and I think everyone in my house is sleeping, I haven’t heard anything about of any of them in about 30 minutes. I a glad they all need the sleep, they all have school tomorrow. I am done for the day, I started with kids puking in the bathroom sink at like 4 am while the other rolled around and cried with her ear hurting, to be followed by hours long trip to the ER, a broken glass in the floor at one point, going to three stores to get medications filled and one kid without any until tomorrow, the toilet overflowing all over my bathroom when we got home and then milk being spilled in my floor tonight as I was trying to go to bed. I was just ready for them all to be in bed so that nothing else will happen hopefully. I have 5 minutes of peace before I decide to go to bed, but wouldn’t you know I am wide awake so who knows it may be more but that is okay too. I just had to share because it isn’t often that this happens. I know my girls are not feeling good so they of course went to bed early, I just told the boys it was bedtime but most the time they will stay up and talk until I get onto them a dozen times.

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