{October 14, 2018}   Can’t Sell My Truck

Just as I knew and said they do not want to give me anything for my truck. The lot offered $1500 because there are a few on craigslist going for $3999 and up.

I was hoping to get at least $5000 it because I know he is going to put it out there at $7000 or more like he told me before.

I went and test drove this little Ranger that I have had my eye on the last week or so. Motor wise and body wise it is in great shape. Should not need any work done for a while. The guy drove it counties to work and back so he kept everything up and running amd replaced and fixed because he had to have it. Even the front end is tight and no problems been replaced.

Me and the the girls went to check it out. I we walked to the back and the guy kept looking at me we were talking.

We got to the truck and he said your more than welcome to look at it drive it check it out but I do not think this is the truck for you. I don’t think your going to want this truck.

I said it runs good you did all this to it the front end is sound no problems been replaced and things right? It isn’t going to leave me stuck in a week or anything right?

He said no no it runs great I have replaced this and that. I can pop the hood and show you. I had an accident in it fixed all that. But, it has some gremlins.

I’m like what kind, what do you mean? Is it going to randomly shut off on me or something? He said no but, the driver side door handle is broken, you have to open it from the outside or crawl through. The light knob is missing and it has no airbags.

I said oh so can I test drive it? He like sure if you want. We took and drove it around I loved it. It drove so nice no issues it was nice to drive. I told him I was very interested in it but was on my way to sell mine and had to see what I worked with it that I maybe back Monday. He said okay.

When I found I couldn’t sell my truck I messaged Starfish told him about it sent him a picture. He is like me wants it but don’t have the money. He ask if the guy would take payments from me for him? I told him it was just a random truck I found on line I didn’t know the guy. He said if he had it he buy it. I said I know me too. But it no way I can swing it.

Its an older truck it has it’s “gremlins” as he called them but I don’t know I loved it. It is killing me I can’t get it. It is one of those things where yeah it is old but thats part of the appeal. Just something about old well maintained trucks.

I still have no idea how I am going to pay bills now because of the way she is doing and renigging on the deal we made. I was going to pay for it out of what I got for the truck now can’t sell it either. I would just sell it for the $1500 buy the truck I looked at and pay the bill. But the truck only 3 of the 5 of us can get into so I can’t really do that and leave is stuck not all being able to get places. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

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