{February 4, 2015}   On A Roll

I have been so spaced out and just getting through my dad I forgot to pay the water. Well I haven’t really looked at any of the bills this month. Never even thought about it, that is until today when I was rushing to get dressed and get to the SS office and the dogs started having a fit. I look out the window and guess who? The water guy. He shut me off. I can’t just pay him and he would go away no that would be to easy for me right now. I have to take the paper go about 15 miles the other direction from where I am going to pay it and get it back on. I had my meeting at 12 and had to be home by 2 till 4 for therapy. If I don’t pay the water before 3 we have none until tomorrow. The guy was so nice he kept telling me how sorry he was to have to do this. I told him it was fine it was all my fault I had laid them up and forgot why trying to take care of my dad and things. I would get it taken care of.

I called father of the year to give him the information and see if he could pay it because he is all over the county all day and he wasn’t far from there at the time. Of course all he could do was raise hell and bitch about it. But he didn’t say hey let me look and see if the bills need paid or what ones need to be paid this check what ones can wait until next. But then he feels he has the right to bitch because this happen. He is lives here and uses it all too and I have asked since Friday how much he made and told him the rent needed paid and things. Its due today or we get a late fee of $100 I can’t afford but he hasn’t bothered to get the money and pay it or get me the money to pay it.

As I park the van at the SS office with just enough time to get everyone out, inside and signed in it hit me. I missed my appointment it was TUESDAY not today. I don’t know why when I read it and seen the 3 rd I had it in my head today was the 3rd. I didn’t even go in they were so full of people. There was hardly anywhere to park and people standing around outside. I knew that if I went in I would be there for hours and had to be back here to meet the therapy for the boys. We cancelled last week and she done text me today and asked if we would be here today. I can’t get them tossed out of the program.

I guess I now have to go there first thing when they open tomorrow or right before they close and sit and wait to be seen. I think I will go see my dad early about lunch time and then hit there on the way back. That way he should be up and eating and we won’t be in why he is wanting to rest. The ss office is right on my way home so I will slide in and grab a number before they cut it off and you can’t get one. They will be wanting to go home so then they will be getting people in and out as fast as they can. All I really have to do is give them a copy of our w-2 and sign a paper saying I got the money I made all the sessions on what to use it on and that none of it was saved. Not hard It all went to things he needed, bills food and clothes. I would have never had to go in if the mail man had brought the papers he was supposed to. I am going to the next city over and getting a p.o. box so that everything will go to it and I can by pass this post office and their service. This isn’t the only house I have lived in that my mail went through this main office and this isn’t the first problem I have had with them. I should have my tax money with in the next week and that is one of the first things I am going to do is get a box. It is only like $60 for the year to get a small box for just mail.

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