{February 13, 2017}   Lot Of Nothing Done

I feel like I have gotten a lot of nothing done the last 6 days or so. Everyone has been sick, Little Bitty was like an oven last night with fever. I got her up this morning and it was over 100 so she couldn’t go to school. It’s been up to 101. I called my friend right away and ask her if she would please come sit with her I had school and therapy today. She said she would, when I picked her up then she told me she just got to sleep an hour or two before I called she hadn’t been able to sleep all night. Little Bitty asked for ice cream this morning so I got us all milkshakes. I figured it would lover her temperature or help with it maybe. I dropped them off and went to class. I got home she was up playing she had a pillow and blanket laying on the couch. She said she played some and laid around some while I was gone and that over all she was good.

I hung out with them for a little bit then had to go to my appointment. Before I left the helicopter was flying over it looked like the store in the front of my area. I told them lets ride up there and see what was going on before I left, she don’t have a phone right now so no way to call if she needed too. I figured it be best to see what was going on before just leaving them. We got up there and there was nothing there. We sat there a minute and was talking because there were no cops nothing like nothing had happen even. Then I seen it flying across the main road over the school. I drove down that way and the school was on lock down all the gates were closed. We still didn’t see cops just them flying over. I said I don’t know but it isn’t even in my area or close to my house for the most part so you all should be fine. I went up the road and turned down this street I know over there to cut across and come back home. Soon as I made the turn the road was blocked there were cops with guns, dogs and people everywhere. I said well we found it and it is pretty far from my house. We couldn’t turn around really so we had to go around the block and out. We seen a few cops then with streets all blocked off on that side on the way home but we have not heard what happen or what they were looking for. It was probably about 3 or 4 miles away. Not super far but not in my backyard or front yard. There is like a simie main road that runs between my area and the school and the other area and their school they are blocks and blocks behind me before you get to that road, then you cross it and go a ton more blocks down before you get to where it is.

I went to therapy and picked the kids up and we came home picked them up and took my friend home. I had to go to the store for somethings and get Little Guy from school. I took them to get cards for tomorrow from the Dollar Tree and we came home for the night. Little bitty wanted Chicken Soup for dinner so I got the stuff and made homemade soup for her and everyone. I figured it would be more filling than the little cans of stuff. It was pretty good but didn’t turn out as good as it does most the time. It was missing something flavor wise and I forgot to throw the bag of mixed veggies in. I also picked up lunch-able because I figured if they still wanted something to eat they could eat them but they all ate the soup really good.

I wanted to work on the hutch more but it was cool out and I had homework to do so I just skipped it tonight. I am still trying to figure out how to cut this one part of the board off it isn’t but a few inches that need to be cut but we are having a hard time finding something to cut it. I asked my oldest to try it today and she broke the corner off. I hope that it will still work once we get it cut right and put in. I do not know what is wrong with her lately, she did that I had told her what needed to be done, she filled out cards for Little Guy, she taped them all so that the to and from was on the inside, just simple things that I know she knows how to do or knows what I am talking about she screws all around. I am starting to get really mad about it. I just don’t know what her problem is lately.

I have to redo my assay for self awareness for my one class because I guess I didn’t add enough information to it. I have to get my work done for the other class because she changed the assignment up on me this term so I don’t have it done and the other is the one I couldn’t find because of the book last time. I hope that I have the right book this time. I haven’t had to use it this far but do now. I already have an exam at the school in this class next week. I hope it is as easy as it was last time. My other class I have a 200 point project coming up due in March and it aggravates me because I can only get into part of the information for that week until closer to time. It should be interesting I think it will be anyway. We have to make a genogram of our family and write our family story.

I done a lot but I feel like my house is falling apart and I can’t get anything done. I hate it, I feel like I am getting part of this and pieces of that and not every finishing anything. The kids are not wanting to help and do their parts we have been going around with that. I just want to rip through my house and clean every room out and put back together again. I have purged and purged and feel like I do every few months but  feel like I am never done, there is just so much crap. But I really can’t do it with them here getting into everything and in the way. I would like to get some paint and paint the place too while I have the rooms cleaned out. I want to take everything from one room at a time purge and replace what is left to the room but I want to paint it first. I feel like it has gotten to out of control and when I try to fix it it gets half done and then messed up again why I go take care of other stuff and have to come back to a mess or not able to come back because of something coming up. I am ready to tell him he has to find someone that will watch them at their house for the weekend so that I can do what I want to do and get some cleaning done. He can like or not I don’t really care. I am going to tell him he has to come get them drop them off there and pick them up so he will have to pay and not leave me stuck paying for it. I am telling him that I used my money to pay my rent up as well so he won’t think I have all that much. I am going to pay it but just not all in one lump sum. I think I am going to pay March and Aprils when it comes due the first. Then the first of March pay two months again. Then do that the following month, if I do that the next 4 months I will have through September paid. I will have to see how it goes. He is supposed to start paying me again. I don’t know if he will or not. If he does I should have no problem paying it up for a while. I oh crud I have to pay the lights I forgot it came in the mail the other day. I don’t think it is all that much though just need to do it.

I got to get off here and try to get some sleep. I need to save my internet until I pay my bill this week and I have to be at school with the kids tomorrow all day then therapy and then chicken meeting. It is going to be such a long day. I can’t wait until these chickens are sold and we don’t have to be messing with them. I do not feel the middle two are really learning anything and I do not like how they only have meetings once a month and then they aren’t really learning much of anything but the same thing every month. April can’t get here fast enough. On the bright side they have started laying eggs. We found an egg a day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They all should be laying here really soon. When they do we will have about 30 eggs give or take every day. They are pretty small right now but they will get bigger I guess as they get older. I wish I had a place to keep ours I would it would be much easier than running out there and we wouldn’t’ have to buy eggs we would have them and they could sell them.

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