{November 18, 2018}   Lazy Saturday

So this was Saturday not sure why it did not publish.

Sitting here at the my friends barber shop waiting to get the kids hair cut. Then off to find Little Bitty a jacket of some kind. Hers from last year is to small and got a big tear in it. The stuff it is made of you can’t really fix it. She has been wearing a little fleace pull over shirt thing.

Its nice having a Saturday off. Not having to get up early to be at work or rush to get things together before for I have to go foe the night. Even though I was awake at 7 something this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. I laid their doing things on my phone for a while finally the little kids got up. We made the big kids get up they all got ready. Now we are just out wasting time not a lot to do other than haircuts and get a jacket.

A new store open over by my work at the mall. I think we are going to go over and check it out. Its an outlet store they buy or get things from the stores that close in the area. Just going to check it out see what they have.


{June 15, 2018}   No Medication and Moody

I have not had my medication in a week or more now. I am not sure if I told you but with my insurance being messed up I could not get it.

I went to pick it up and they said it was $68 so I left it. I called latter to see if I could jusg get a weeks worth and they said it was $5 something for 7. I went and got them but I am out and have been for a like I said a week or so. I was thinking about it I had $5 and something to get another weeks worth so figured I would.

I was thinking if a months worth is $67 or $68 how was only a weeks worth $5 something? In that case it would be cheapet for me to just buy it weekly. I called and started asking questions and how this was and ask again how much it was. They said I had this big amount of pills left on one script and another large amount on another they cpuld run it and see how much it wpuld be. I said wait, you are filling it for everything I have left there? They said yes. I said so how much if I just want 30 days worth? He ran it and said $20. I said oh I wish I knew that before I would of gotten them sooner. I thought the price they gave me was for a month. So they silled it for just 30 days amd said I can get it that way if I wanted too. I was supposed to get it yesterday and had to pay the lights so I am going to pick them up tomorrow.

But I was shocked they were going to give me a 6 month supply at one time. I don’t want to pick that many up at one time. My luck something would happen to them and I would be out of luck and have no meds.

But the last few days boy have I been moody. I don’t like feeling this way. I have been really sleepy as well. Just makes me more moody.

{June 7, 2018}   Day & Night

As you all could tell from my post Tuesday night i was not in a good place at all. I was raging and still was this Wednesday when I got up. I hardly slept at all maybe at the most 2 hours. I really do not think it was that much. I got my little one ready and took her to daycare and did not come back home. I went one more place about the water and got no where. I finally asked Mr. To Broken if I could borrow it. Told him I pay him extra if he could do it. The only reason I asked him was because he said he had tried to pay it before. He said he had paid some bills since and didn’t have it.not a big deal. Really did not want to get the money from him.

By this point I was already in the truck driving. I was talking to my bff off and on too. She told me go talk to boss see if he give it to me if I paid back so much a week or what. I told her I wasn’t going to ask him because I figured he was not happy with me. Really I couldn’t go talk to him the shape I was in. I was crying and so angry and just big mixed up mess.

She said she could ask her mom but she was out of town and would not be back until tonight sometime. I had an hour or two to get it paid. I said she could pay over the phone with my account number. She said she was going to call her she would call me back. She was on her way out of town as well.

I was still just driving, I just wanted away. Fight or flight and I have no more fight in me so flight was it. She called me back in awhile and said her mom said I could borrow it she let me borrow all of it Ineeded she knew she would get it back. She told her to tell me to go to her house and get it. My Bff’s aunt is there watching the dogs she knew where it was. Get it from her and go get it paid.

When she called and told me to go get it and what she said, I was already like 30 miles from home. I just started driving north on 1 and kept going. I had no clue where I was going or how far I was going to get with the truck the way it is. I finally turned around and went to get the money. I got it and paid it and messaged her and told her thank you.

I came home took care of some things and went to my Escape the beach job. When I got off there I went to girls night with my bff, her aunt and her friend. For now some stress is off but I still feel like I just can’t anymore. I can’t force myself to get things I need to do done. Its bad because it isn’t things that I can really just wait to get done. I don’t know what I am going to do.

{January 15, 2015}   Light At The End of The Cast

We can see the light at the end of the cast. They have called a few times to set a time up to come in and get it x rayed and hopefully off. I missed the call and when I called back they said the nurse has to set it up she would call back. Some how I missed her again. She said she had him set for 1 on the 4th but we have OT for both boys that day starting at 3. She had others but we don’t get done till 4 they are closed. She looked and said the doctor would be there on Friday as well so we are going at 2:15.

By then it will be closer to 4 weeks he will have had it one. He got it on Sunday so two days from being 4 weeks. I think I feel better waiting a little longer. The ot said that it would take probably another 6 to 8 weeks to fully heal. Once the cast is off and the orthopaedic says he can start using it and gives orders what he can and can’t do then the ot will start working with him. To get full use of it back and strength built up in it. I am so glad she can do it and hope that they orthopaedic is ok with her doing it and not want us to go to a physical therapist. If he is ok with with the OT doing it then she will come to us like she dose for my older one. If not that will ad another appointment to our week and take up more time we could be doing school once we get all set up. I think they should be fine with it they do the same kinds of things it’s just in what they are called for billing and insurance reasons for the most part.

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