{August 27, 2020}   Covid Encounters Pt. 5 & 6

I went to work at normal time Wednesday and the other lady in billing was the only one there. I asked her if she knew who the other person was who tested positive and she said it was the other HR type person. He I guess got his test results back that day at work from one of the ones he took last week. She said the HR lady said she couldn’t tell us and that we really needed to stop talking between us and telling each other who it is. We all feel no that isn’t going to fly we want to know so we know if or how much we been around them and things. She is the other one who is waiting on her test to come back from last week and this week. And feels she may have it she woke up not feeling good yesterday or today and now her husband.

Me and the lady in billing were talking we are glad they aren’t going to let anyone back in until next week and then just a few. Then when we were leaving last night  the owner’s wife came up. They talked a few minutes she left. She came knocked on my window and said she told her he is thinking that he isn’t going to let anyone but us come in for two weeks. That is fine with me. I think we can get caught up and organized without everyone there. She don’t have 10 people calling her away every few minutes or 20 coming asking questions when they aren’t calling her away. The normal everyone in and out doing their thing distractions aren’t there.

Today I went in 2.5 hours early at 7. The other lady gets there at 7 and leaves at 330. I don’t really want to sit there alone for 3 hours after she leaves. Plus I had an appointment for my eyes I had to get almost to the other side of the county for. So I needed to leave at 3/330 as well. This way I would get my 8 hours in.

We were talking this morning about how and when they should let people come back even with negative test. She said new girl was pushing to come back Monday. We both said no way she needs to wait and get another test and wait for it to come back. That she needed to wait at least a full 10 days from last Saturday before getting it really 14. The Hr lady called her and they talked. She got off the phone and said she wanted to come back tomorrow Friday and Saturday her test is negative but that New girl she was going to have to talk to owner about. The billing lady there with me told the hr lady she would talk to me and see how I felt about her coming in and let her know. I said her office is in the back and she can use dispatch printer and scanner if she needs to use one. That keeps her over 6 ft away from us. I said it kind of jokingly but kind of feel that is how it should be. She is having sinus issues and it probably is she has had 1 more test than me I think they are all negative. But like I told the other lady, I am not worried about catching it being sick. I am worried about catching it and not being able to work for 3 or 4 weeks or how ever long it takes. Because I don’t have a set up to work from home. Then if my kids get it and it is bad I will miss work to be there for them as it runs through 4 of them. She completely agreed and understands.

But we decided the hr lady and one dispatch lady could come back they are in different ends of the building than us we don’t have contact and all test have been negative. We were comfortable with that if they were the only ones for a bit. She talked to the hr lady and told her. She said she still had to talk to the owner to see what he thought or how he felt.

In a bit she called her back and said owner said no one would be coming back until further notice. Not anytime soon. Not even the hr lady until her issues are gone. He don’t want us catching something else and passing it around on top of this or bringing our system down leaving us open to catch this. We are fine with that as well. And agree.

We feel he should wait a week or two more before bringing anyone back other than the hr lady if her stuff goes away and she is negative. Then slowly bring one or two of the ones who have tested negative all along back staggering them out. A couple a week. Then slowly bring the ones who had positive test back but make them get a test like Wednesday or Thursday before the monday they are to start back and get results first. This making sure they are over it. Until we hopefully have everyone back in the office and no more cases.

No one is going to miss work because they all can work from home. Most are on salary and getting paid. So it shouldn’t be a problem. A lot of them want to work from home anyway.

I feel like we are on one of these tv show’s and instead of voting people off we are voting people in. I told her earlier we are just going to tell them they had their chance at this and failed. We are taking control now. These are the one’s who can come back and when. The rest need to work at home until we decide they are safe and then these over here we would rather not bring back at all. We can do without them or replace them.

I forgot yesterday she told me when she was talking to the accountant he said he told owner he needed to give me and her some extra for coming in doing our job’s and taking care of everything else that can’t just be left until when ever. She said yeah are we getting hazard pay for all this and keeping everything going? He said no really they had already been talking about giving us something and he was going to talk to him about it again and push it. That would be nice. Like right now if we were not there the place would come to a stop basically. No one else at all knows how to do mine or her job or where to even start if they wanted to do it. Then she has to collect all the payroll papers and things that go with it. Bag it up and toss it in his trunk when he pulls up so he can do what he needs to from home. It is just to much to send by computer. I have to go get the checks load the printer and let them print the checks. Then I have to find all the bills and match to each check. Package them all up so that the owners wife can come after we leave and get them. I have to put each envelope through the postage machine so he can mail them once he signs them. We are not talking 5 or 10 checks. We are talking like 35 to 50 checks. That is the new accounting person’s job but she has this too.

If we weren’t there making sure this gets done or that billing gets done no one would be working. Because if we are not getting billing done to get people to pay us there would be no money to pay the drivers or us in the office. Them drivers do not get paid they will leave that truck where it sits jump on a plain and come home. If we didn’t get payroll paperwork together for the one that is at home they still wouldn’t get paid.

She has also gotten to look at the work the new girl has and hasn’t done and really see what is going on. She has found out she has stuff from July she has not taken care of like she was told and said she did. We are figuring out new ways to handle things and do things that work better for me and her because new girl has everything a mess. We are going to put some things in place and she is going to have to do them this way. Because what she set up is not working at all. I know she isn’t going to like it but that is to bad. She already got in a huge argument with the boss because he told her to change something because the way she was doing it was not working for how things are done. She blew up. I think the other billing lady i am working with hopes she leaves. A lot of people there want her to and have complained about her. Just like telling them she was coming back Monday.  Not asking when or how they were handling things. Billing lady said today someone needs to tell her she has only been here a few months she needs to step back or this isn’t going to work. But she isn’t going to listen. She won’t put up with it for to much longer she is going to say something.

{October 28, 2019}   A 3rd Job Again

It looks like I am going to have to pick up some kind of 3rd job again for a while. Although I was getting on top of things and had everything but the lights paid up and was making payments on the repair fee’s I was pretty much on top of things. I feel I was as everything I owed was going to be paid up to $0 balance and only have the repair fee’s I would be making payments on and then monthly bills that would be paid on time.

But with this $400 going out unexpected then my car insurance renewing this month and still owing on repair fee’s and needing to do Christmas for the kids. I am starting to sink and fast all in the blink of an eye. Even thought I was caught up for the most part I had not been able to get that savings or cushion to fall back on in times like this built up yet. That was next on the list. To start saving to have a little put away. That is tricky as well seeing as my son gets Ssi. Because I am not supposed to have over $2000 in assists. That includes vehicles, cash on hand and savings. How are you supposed to get ahead or put away for a crisis or emergency, unexpected things in that case? They tell you to have 4 to 6 months of bill money in the bank in case something happens. Even one to two months of money would put me over the limit alone much less having the second vehicle. So then that is going to take money out of the pot each month so then I will have to use out of my savings to make up for it there for not really getting ahead again because I will have to take out every month to make up for what is taken away. I would love to be able to get by without having that money at all and would be happy to just have 2 months of savings in the bank and be able to put so much away to make up if some had to be taken out. But right now that just isn’t the case and to start taking away right away I don’t see how to go about it all.

I am thinking of posting an add on craigslist again looking for a few offices to clean in the evening on Saturday or Sunday. This way I can clean them after the kids go to bed at night on the weekend and gives me leeway between doing them Saturday or Sunday. Whatever night I can get to them. If they are mid size office’s I can get around $75 to $100 and if I could do even one that would help a good deal right now. I don’t want to over load myself and try to do to many. I haven’t crunched numbers but I think if I pick one up at $100 a weekend I would be okay or close enough or get me by. Let me feel some relief and not feel so strapped.

I have thought about doing pizza’s again on Saturday night if she needs me. But that is a lot of wear and tear on my car that I don’t know I want to start putting on this one. I have put a bunch of miles on it already, I don’t need to put more than I have to on it because it is going to start breaking like my truck once I start doing them. The start and go, start and go a 100 miles or more a night is a lot of stress on a car.

If I did an office or two on the weekend I can hopefully find one or two close to home and I just drive there park and drive home. Not running it for hours all night like I would doing pizza’s. Even if I had to go a little further than I would like I hope to go less than 10 miles one way and 20 miles round trip is still better than miles on in all night.

I thought about doing coupons and making holiday baskets and selling them. But I don’t have the money to put out to make them and sell them. I don’t have the $15 or more to put out on newspapers and then buy product to do them and sit on them until they sell. I would need to be buying things now and making them to be able to have a bunch made for the holiday shopping rush right after Thanksgiving up until Christmas. I could put baskets, bags, stockings and things like that together for men, women, and kids. I use to make them for the teachers for the holidays. I would put body spray, lotion, body-wash and things like that in them. Toss in some kind of gloves, socks, towel, washcloth or towel for your hair or other little things for guys. You have a nice gift for a friend, co worker or someone you want to grab something nice for on a budget. Kids you can put one together with coloring books, puzzles, something to read a comic book, markers, crayons all kinds of things just dependent on the age. You can have orders where you put baskets together depending on theme or age.

I seen some nice drawstring bags on line for sale someone had made they were trying to sell that would be perfect that I would love to get but just don’t have the money to put into them. They have a couple 1000 or so and want to sell the lot. I would buy them because I know I would use them and sell them with no problem probably to make things like this. It stinks because there are so many things like this I could make money at but it cost so money to get started. I wish I had not dropped my credit score because I would go to the bank and try to get a lone. For a few grand. Pay the rest of the repair money off and the lights. Then I would buy a bunch of things and make a bunch of baskets and bags up and have them ready and start selling them. I would go ahead and buy Christmas for the kids so that it would be take care of and not have to worry about it.

I could take two grand pay things up spend less than $500 make a bunch of baskets and make back at least a grand or more probably depending on how many I make how big and nice they are and things. I thought about doing pizza’s for a few weeks and no mater what take it and buy supplies and do it. But I know I can’t do it that way I need to be able to get a bunch at one time and it would cost me money in gas and I’m not able to know I am going to make a good enough chunk to make it.

{August 28, 2019}   The Cleaning Lady Quit

So I don’t know if Pop’s was confused when we were talking and he asked about the other job and said Keep it to Yourself. Or if the guys think this is going to keep me. I have not decided yet. You tell me what you think.

Today I woke up and my back was about to lock up. It was all I could do to walk the little ones to school. I went home and laid back down for a bit but it did not help. I had to run to the store with oldest and get to work. I knew I was going to be late, I wasn’t in any hurry or trying to get in one. I hurt to bad and was scared to move. Worried if I did wrong it would lock and that would be it. I messaged the one owner and just told him I was going to be late not to forget a guy was meeting them there when we opened. He said no problem.

I wad about 15 or 20 minutes late. I was still in pain maybe more. I walked through the doors he looked at me smiling at first then really looked. He said are you alright?

I told him yes my back was trying to lock up that was why I was late. I said I was just trying to get going I wasn’t to quick. We walked into the office I sat down at my desk. We talked a bit and about the pain in the ass guy who had not shown knowing they could not wait around they had places to be. He said he was going to check the bus and leave if he hadn’t come by then to bad.

I said he will just have to drop them and come back. He said he knew who I was talking about. He said when he was leaving don’t let him give you not shit because we left, don’t take no shit from him he was late. He looked at me and said then again I don’t think your going to deal with much the pain your in. I said no I’m not either way he was told. He asked me before that if I wanted Pops to come in and work for me? I could go home or what. I told him no it would get better hopefully soon. He left.

Later not long before I closed the other owner come in and we were talking about a few things. Then he looks funny and asked if the other owner had talk to me lately? I said no, I said we talk I see him every day he is here. What do you mean? Something wrong? (Because they don’t go out together anymore the one goes Mon-Tues and they both go Wednesday and the one I was talking to Thurs-Fri.

So yeah I talk to him ofcourse. But the way he said it seem like something was wrong. We had not talked about anything of substance I guess you could say.

He said oh no nothing is wrong he was just supposed to talk to you because our cleaning lady retired. I said I wondered where she had been its a mess and the vacuum is missing. I was going to do the floors. He said yeah and she did my house too. He said but we talked and was going to see if we give you a $1 more an hour if you wanted to do it? He said you can do it why your here you don’t have to come in no special time or anything. I said yeah I can do that sounds good to me. He said you don’t have to think about it let me know. I said yeah I have no problem doing it. He said make a list of what I needed and he would get it and bring the vacuum off the bus.

Honestly I was cleaning before they hired the lady. Not everything scrubbed down. I was cleaning the bathroom mopping the office and bathroom floors and taking trash in those two rooms out. I wasn’t mopping the rest because we did not have a mop and bucket. I was doing it with rags and the sink the best I could. I was newer still and just didn’t mess with stuff in the shop. Didn’t want to break anything move something I shouldn’t or anything like that.

He went and brought in the vacuum from the bus and put it to charge. He said maybe I should get you a different vacuum one that is better something. I said YES I told him go get this one it is like $20 it has a normal vacuum head it plugs in not charges and it don’t have that ball thing in the head. Much better. He laughed and said okay. This thing is horrible we had one at the escape room it sucked too. It only last like 10 or 15 minutes pans has to be charged again. Our places are to big for that. It be okay maybe for the bus. I wouldn’t want to use it out there either really.

I told him I will do it for a $1 more an hour because honestly they could just say this needs done do it or this is part of your job and you have A LOT of down time do plenty of time to do it in. Why are we going to pay someone else to or pay you more to. They never have and didn’t now. There probably isn’t even an hours worth of work there a week to be done. I think she was coming every other week. I can do a little bit here and there as I have free time and feel like it or it needs done. So an extra $140 a month for maybe 4 hours of work. That’s $10 better than the $25 an hour I was making helping the guy sort papers and I am already there being paid anyway.

As I said I don’t know if Pop’s was confused or they think this will keep me. I am coming up on my year in a few months and I am going to still ask for a raise if I am still there. I am just going to tell them I have been here a year, you said start at $10 make sure it was a good fit we all were happy and then talk about a raise we never did. I was also told the first of the year you would take taxes and things but you haven’t. I am having to. That is fine but it is costing me more that way. I dont mind to keep doing it but need to make a little more in order to make it worth it. If they say we just gave you…..I am going to say no that wasn’t really a raise that was pay to do another job and that is saving you money in the long run as well. You pay my phone so I feel a $2 raise seems fair to cover a raise and taxes if you also pay me for the days we are closed for holidays. See what they say.


Today Pop’s came in an worked, he was there most of the day with me. I was surprised, but I think he just needed time away from home really. We needed him too because there was a lot of work to get back to people from last week.

About 3  the owner his son and a guy he took to help him today came in. Pop’s was still there. He came sat in his chair in my office and the other guy came in and was hanging out talking to him.

I had a call from my sons teacher come in and right after that I had a call from a number I did not know. I almost did not answer it but I did. It was a guy and he said he seen my add on craigslist and was looking for some help.

I told him I had found something during the day but was still looking for evenings. It was loud the guys talking, the one grinding and the radio going everything. He said are you at work right now? Are you able to talk or would later be better. I said yes I am at work and later would be much better. He said I am going to text you my name and number call when you get off work it isn’t a problem.

I ask the old man and the guy what this company done? The old man said he didn’t know, ask what they wanted sharpened. I said no it was a guy about a job for me. He said oh okay. Then he said wait what, you can’t leave us, we need you. You aren’t allowed to leave, we are going to need you even more probably here soon. The look he had when he was saying it, this oh no kind of look. I said I told him I have a job it would have to be nights. He said oh okay then good. You tell him we need you, you can’t leave us.

I called they guy back when I got off work and we talked for a bit. He has been here and in business he told me for over 30 or 40 years. He needs someone to come in put his office together, put together hardfiles and wants someone to do some computer stuff. I don’t know If I can do the computer stuff but the rest I can. He said it is like pulling teeth to get anyone to work an evening or weekend and he needs stuff done. It could be done evenings and weekends. What he is asking to be done I would rather do when no one is there in the way. I can go in do my job and get out. He say’s it is a small office too so I don’t want to be working over and around people. He said if I wanted to brush up on the computer stuff in my off time then do it and teach him he would pay me for that as well. I am supposed to go meet him tomorrow after work he said I could probably start tomorrow if we agree on things. It isn’t a all the time thing just part time a week or so. He said a few weeks so I don’t know. He did say he needs work done at his home office as well so maybe a few weeks.

I told him I thought I had taken the add down from Craigslist. He said no he was glade I hadn’t and he found it. Something about it saying I could run errand he said I guess that’s out since you have your other job. I said yes because of my hours. But like I told oldest later, I could in the morning as long as I can do it and be done by 10:30. I will talk to him about that too. I could go to the bank, shopping, courthouse or any number of thinngs in the 2 or 3 hours before I go to work. Then do the office stuff in the evening. Its is just over 3 miles from my house and 4 from my day job. Its on this side of the bridge past my house in the other direction. If i go to the main road I use to go to work now i just take a right instead of a left. And my store I get my coffee at is right on the corner of the main road and the road i use to get to it. So i can stop and get my coffe still either job I have to go to.

The guy’s voice sounds very femillear to me but I do not know the name. I can’t figure out if it is someone I know of or not. Guess I will see tomorrow.

{September 27, 2018}   Re: My Friend Hates Me

Yesterday I told you all about Little Bitty telling me Her friend hates her well today I walked her to class as always. But today I had a little talk with the teacher. I had Little Bitty tell her who it was and what he was saying.

The teacher was horrified. She said she had noticed the change in her and was trying to figure out why. She said they do not sit by each other so she needed to figure out when it was happening. She said she would be looking into it and put a stop to it.

The way things are set up you can’t go to the class rooms at the end of the day without checking in at the office. So I wated on her to come out and asked her how things went today.

Little Bitty said the teacher took her and the little boy to the office. She wanted her to tell them all that was said and what happen. She said they told her that if him or anyone did this again to stop and go right to the teacher or someone and tell them. They told the little boy he could not say these things to other people and do what he did. She don’t know if he got in any trouble or just talked to. Its all new for her and she is so little. She said he didn’t say anything and left her alone today. She was okay with how it was all handled. I am going to talk to the teacher tomorrow and see what she found our and how it was handled. She did make the comment that she could not change her learning center because those were the kids that were on the same level. This is when this is taking place come to find out. I got news for this teacher, if this kid starts back in on my kid someone is being moved and she will have to figure out how to do things from there.

I am glad they are doing something and not brushing it under the rug. I was shocked when she said he was taken to the office. I figured the teacher would handle it in class and if it happen anymore then maybe office. But I am glad they feel it was important enough to handle this way. May this will show the kid how not okay this is and that he could get in lots of trouble.

{May 16, 2018}   Insurence Mess

I received a text today saying my medication was ready. My new one I started last month for depression. I was already on my way there to get Little Bitty’s filled. I got there and ask them for it and how much it was going to be. I figured $30 maybe. It was $68. I had to tell them I couldn’t get it right now.

Not that I had the $30 to spend either but I was willing to figure it out because I need it and can see such a big difference when I take it. Plus I don’t want stop it cold turkey because my therapist said that the side effects I felt when I first started taking it I will most likely feel when coming off of it and maybe worse than when I started it. I also know that starting and stopping then can cause them not to work as good as they should either I don’t want that to happen either.

Then they took hers and told me that they dont take her insurance. As far as I knew they had canceled our insurance that is why my medication wasn’t covered. I took it to the other store and her insurance is good just mine and some of the other kids aren’t.

So I have spent 5 hours trying to get her 4 test and two medications since hers is good. We got the two medications and one test so far 😢.

I waited between the two stores almost an hour just to see if the insurance was good. While I waited on the 2nd one to do what they had to do, I went home and took a fast shower. I woke up to being puked on. By the time I cleaned the bed got Little Bitty showered and cleaned up all I could do was wipe up and change clothes so I could get kids to school. I went through the drive through at the stores so I didn’t have to go in. By time I was out of the shower they said her insurance was good.

We went over to get the x ray and bloodwork done they said it could be done as a walk in. We get there I ask if they could do the two heart test as well and they said yes. I gave them the paperwork they jad us sit down. In a little bit they call us up and tell me they don’t take her insurance.

We leave I call the hospital the paper the hear test were written for and ask them. They say they can do them all but the blood work and one of the heart test. The other heart test we have to go about 50 miles away to get done. I hung up and called the other hospital and tell them what 4 test we need and they say we can walk in for 3 of them but the other we have to set up. I ask if they can do the bloodwork for sure? They said yes we take her insurance we can do it. We grab a fast bite for lunch and fly over there to get them done.

We get there we only have time for the bloodwork and x ray before I have to leave to get the kids. I give them the paperwork tell them the two I want today and the other two I want to get Friday if I can set that up why I am there. They give me the bloodwork papers back and tell me I have to go to X to get it done not there. I ask why because I was told there since they take her insurance. I am just told they can’t do the bloodwork the insurence will only pay for us to go to X to get it. I say fine give her the x ray and set up the other two. We can’t set up the other two we will have to fax it over you will have to call in!! What? Why? I am standing in the building where it is going to be done. I will have to talk to you before we go to get it done like now, but I have to call to get it set up? Why? We did the x ray and left.

I went by the place to do the bloodwork but they were packed. I knew we would not be out in time. I called to set up her other two test. The lady says okay I have the paperwork but I can’t set it up for Friday. Because of the insurence we have to set it up 14 days out. Of course that fell on a Tuesday work day. So we set it up for That Thursday. I am going to call Friday and see of they have the okay back yet and move it up if they do. Tomorrow we go for bloodwork and the ekg of my mom don’t have anywhere to go. I give her Thursdays to get what she needs done taken care of since I am the one who has to take her to do it. If she has stuff to do then we will go Friday.

I figure if the EKG shows anything the doctor is worried about she can give a new order for stat test and they will have to do it same day or with in 24 hours I think it is. If Ibhad known she still had her insurance I wouldnof done this already, I have been waiting on it to be fixed.

I have to call them tomorrow find out why it isn’t because I need my medication. I don’t know what I will do. I had 5 left when I took mine today. I know I missed one maybe two but that is all. I guess they just get it to you a few days ahead of time, gives you time to get there and get it. I may have to see how much it will be for just a weeks worth until it gets fixed and try to but that.

{April 19, 2018}   A Decent Job

I have to call a guy about a job tomorrow. My bestfriend, the bosses wife told me about it yesterday. It is for a company that does repo’ s. My boss just got his license and is working with the guy at night. They asked my bff if she wanted to do it but of course she didn’t. Her husband told the guy her or me would be good for the job. He told him I did bailbonds and things before so I knew how to do paperwork and that he could trust me and all. That wasn’t an issue.

He wants an office manager, tag car driver and someone to do repos as well. My bff said they were talking about putting her in the tag car but she didn’t think she was going to do it. I told her I do it at night sometimes if they needed someone to make extra money. I am going to talk to him about that too. I am just going to tell him look I am very interested in doing whatever you have open and am willing to train in. I want to work and am very interested in doing this. I was going to go get my repo license when I lost my job at the bail bonds place then never did. I liked doing it when Starfish was here and we were doing it.

I think he will work with me around dropping off and picking up the kids. It’s close to my house and they are a family place. They don’t like to hire outside people like the bail bonds place. He likes it because my boss knows me so well and we are like family. And when you get on somewhere like that they like you they want to keep you and they treat you good most the time.

I have a doctors appointment then I am going to go by the shop get my resume and talk to my boss about it. Then go see the guy. If this works out I can get rid of the job at the escape room and the pizza’s. I will still do the shop if I can work it in. If not i will probably let my daughter take it over. But think i still do it even if its just one day a week. Its extra money a month. Heck that would pay my car insurance a month just going once a week. If i still go twice it pay my lights and water too. Can’t give it up.

{July 20, 2017}   Settling in My Job

I have been at my new job for about 6 weeks or a little longer. I just got my third pay check and we get them every two weeks. I worked a week I think and didn’t get one. When I first started I hated it, it is probably a understatement really. It was a fight every day not to walk out or explode on this one “manager” I have never seen a place that had so many managers for one room of people at one time. They are tripping over each other and no two know what any one of the others are doing. There was these two that are just on a power trip and the one looks for shit to come tell you about, like your stupid or don’t know. I haven’t had to work with her since about the first week to much and things have gone good, the last few days she has been back and it’s all I can do to not say something to her.

I am in the kitchen and on the grill 98% of the time. It was horrible at first I stood there with sweat pouring off me it was so hot and dealing with the witch on top of it and not knowing what I was doing and trying to keep up and make sure all the food was cooked right and put in the right places. Plus a bunch of us started at the same time and so there was no one really to ask if you had questions and everyone you worked with wanted things done different even though there is supposed to be one way to do them. If you said anything or question anything they tell you no so and so was wrong or this is how you do it, it isn’t the “right” way but this or that is why.

Now I work with mostly guys other than the GM and a few other mangers and they just tell you were to work for the day and let you be unless you have a question or you just really screw something up or do something wrong and even then they talk to you not just bark orders or talk at you. The guys are all pretty nice they all talk and joke around and they are willing to help if you need something or have a question if you you question what they say they explain why they don’t get nasty or act like you shouldn’t ask why. They all help do the harder stuff like lifting the big things or they will come by take my trash if it is getting full and I am to busy to get to it. They don’t question me or watch me like a hawk because they know I know what I am doing if I am not where I am supposed to be there is a reason, I am getting more product, cleaning or helping one of the others if I am not busy and that I don’t push my job off on others or not do it and that I don’t just stand around and try to slide out without doing things. I am always doing something or looking for something to do. The other week I mopped and went to dump the water and one of them guys was doing something where we dump it I stood there and waited until he was done so that I could dump it and put the stuff up. He said wow your waiting to dump it. I said yes I have to put it up and things. He said well thanks most the others go oh your doing that and in there anyway just take care of this when your done and walk off. The trash and other things are the same. They see that I don’t and hardly ever ask for help unless I just can’t do it so they are more willing to help me or take the trash or say they are busy I dump it or go get this or that if I need it. They don’t do it for the others there if it isn’t a manager and even a lot of them they don’t unless they tell or ask them too. They don’t offer to or just do it.

I applied at the bank but didn’t get called for the second interview so I didn’t get that. I was told I may be going full time at my second job come September. Since I found that out and things have kind of calmed down at work, oh and they fixed the air in the kitchen so we are not dying back there, I am kind of thinking about just sticking it out here until then instead of starting somewhere else for just a few months or less and then leaving to go over there.

My friend told me they are trying to open a hop in Georgia and that if they do they want me to work there full time because he will be going back and forth between here and there and wants someone he can trust here to handle things because he don’t and can’t trust the guys on their own. It isn’t a good idea to leave the guys to work and run the office. I am still going there two days a week, was going on Monday when I had off and then after work a day for a few hours. But they have me on every day now but I am off by 2 once in a while I am there until 3. I just go from there over to the shop and do what needs to be done a couple days a week.

He ask me to come in and work a full day the Friday before the 4th of July and then I was off the Monday before the 4th so I told him I could work half a day because I had somewhere I had to go in the afternoon. He was glad I was able to go in they had went a way to the mountains for the week. He had people coming to pick up cars and they had to pay with cash or check and he wanted me to collect the cash and things.

The next week I was there and a guy came in to make a payment and was telling him he been in the week before and made one. I seen the guy come in and the one guy had come in with him and just wrote something on a paper and gave him. Not in the book or anything. They went back outside. I thought I am pretty sure he made a payment but he didn’t give me any money to put in the drew and I was the only one with a key to it. I thought maybe I was wrong and he was writing something else down for him.

Well the guy was telling the boss he made it and he was telling him he didn’t get it told him he needed to see his receipt and the guy told him he just wrote something out on paper, he told him he would find it and bring it back in and left. I told him the guy was there when he said and what he said happen. I also told him I thought it was odd that K had not given me money to put up when he left. He told me that the bank deposit for the day was $100 short as well and then this guys money. He told me that he been somewhere over the weekend and K had his wallet and he was missing money out of it. He went out and ask him and he swears he called and ask him to borrow it and he told him he could. Boss said he never told him the guy came and never called and ask him to borrow any money. He said I know he didn’t call me because he will never come to me face to face and ask for it or call me he will send me a text and ask me and I do not have any messages from him either. We went over what came in and everything, because I had went to the store too, he told him I must of spent more at the store or something when he ask him about the money he knew was missing. Said I must have forgot to put it back in there. I needed to print some things and there was no paper at the office so I was talking to my friend and I told her after the guys has went to lunch I was going to run pick mine up and some printer paper up and come back. She said that would be fine and then sent me a message and said he told her to tell me to use money I had collected to get the paper. The smallest bill was $20 so I took it and went to the store. I bought the paper and took the change and the receipt for it and put it back in the with the rest of the money. I knew he didn’t care and wasn’t worried about it but I didn’t want anything said like what was being said. I figured he put it with the ones for expenses for the shop as well. But if I didn’t think or bring it wasn’t a big deal. I said I spent x and the one guy came in paid cash and was $10 short said he would get back with you and bring it in so that was about $15 but he already accounted for all that. He said no he got it I know he did and he is going to pay it all back. I am thinking he isn’t going to be there that much longer.

But over all everything is going good with both jobs and I think I am going to stay at McD’s for at least the next month or two until they see if they are going to get this off the ground this time and make a go of it. He was going to do it a while back I guess and the guy that was supposed to do it with him and work in the one why he went back and forth backed out. Now he is looking at doing it now since he has me there that he can bring on full time and know he don’t have to worry about here when he is up there for a week or two. I can do pay everything, place orders, keep everything updated and handle things that come up. His wife said she could do it but she don’t really want to and has to go out three times a day to pick up and drop kids off plus do things at school and things for and with them. I could still do things for the kids and with them at the school because she would be there to fill in if she needed too and if not the guys could handle it a few hours or a day here and there. We just have to get one we both agree to handle collecting money and not give anyone else access to it other than the three of us and it would be okay. It’s just to much for them to do all the time and all the other stuff he needs done and that goes into being there all the time. If I had to I could even take one of the kids with me if they couldn’t go to school or something and I had to be there or they were off and wanted to come hang out for a while. He is so very easy going and laid back and really don’t care as long as the job is done like he said.

Only thing that sucks right now is the pay at my main job and there really is no hope of a raise until next year I think. But it wouldn’t really matter at this point if I did go somewhere else that paid more because I would’t have a check coming in for a few weeks or more and by the time full checks started rolling in I would be leaving to go over there full time if he does this. I am starting school in a few weeks as well and am going to have to work things around that and then work things around it somewhere else it’s just easier to stay here for now and see what happens. If this falls through he don’t do it then I will start looking for something else anyway. I still look at listings just to see if anything really good comes up that I just can’t pass up but most listings are weeks old and nothing new. If I really great office job came up I couldn’t pass up trying to get it and then if it was really good once I started working and it worked with everything else I have going on I would have then see what he was willing to pay and decide between the two what one to go with. I just hate going from job to job in such a short time even if I am trying to do better for myself.

{October 14, 2016}   I Did It…..Almost

Yesterday I thought of this places that does counselling other than our local community place that handles that kind of things. Not sure what you call it. It is more like a hospital than an office they have a pharmacy in and out patient care. It seems like they are more about medicating you and sending you on your way than really trying to help you. I understand that some may need medication and that is fine. I have taken them in the past and may need them again, I am not anti medication but I prefer to try other things and use them as a last resort. I know that for me just having someone to talk to really helps me. But I don’t know that is going to help me alone or not this time around because of feeling so tired and having no energy even when I do get sleep and not stressed. If not and I need to take something I am ok with trying that as long as I don’t feel like a zombie or numb to everything. I don’t want to just not care or walk through life feeling drugged all the time. I feel like the place I was going to go to that is what they are going to do just hand me medication and that is going to be that. I know at times your supposed to have an hour time slot they get you in and out in a few minutes or half hour because they are behind or in a hurry and want to get out of there. I don’t want that.

Yesterday I was talking to someone and counselling came up and we were talking about it was really the only place you could go to get help they do a sliding scale for your fee and things if you don’t have insurance. I thought of another place in my area a little closer to me that has a sliding scale but also takes insurance and they are more like a private practice office than the other place I was going to go to. I know they have some good people there that really work with their clients and really care. I had a friend that went there for a while when he was going through a really hard time and a crisis. He was able to get a hold of of his counselor after hours or on the weekend if he needed to.

The other place you can call for days and not get a call back from anyone much-less your worker. I have a family memeber that see’s them and they were called all weekend and days during the week because we were having problems with them and wasn’t sure if we should call someone, take them to the hospital if they could call ahead and let them know that we were bring them in to make sure they got the proper help or anything they never called us back. Knowing this person had two suicide attempts in the past. Lucky there was someone who could stay with them and things until things were worked through and to do something it things got worse. But what if that had been a client on their own calling for help and no one answered or returned a call? What may have happen or if it had been someone calling for a client and they were not able to stay with them to make sure everything turned out ok and thought that the worker was going to call back and they never did?

I was really happy I had thought of this place and really wanted to go there and talk to them about seeing someone. I am hoping they take my insurance and if they don’t the fee isn’t to high and I can pay it so that I can see someone there. I got the kids up and ready for school, I got dressed and ready with them and was going to go there right after I dropped them off since it isn’t to far from my older kids school. I left the school and headed back home. I realized and turned around and while doing that talked myself out of going. I decided it was probably better to call and see if they would see me and set everything up. Even though I hate calling anywhere and doing that kind of thing. I like to go in in person talk to them do all the paperwork and everything I need to do and go from there. But I told myself I probably didn’t have all they were going to ask for and that the time I was going to take there talking to them and waiting was time I was taking away from my work that I really needed to be doing. I just pulled out the other direction again and went home. Then I was really aggravated with myself for doing it and not going there and finding out if and how they could help me and getting a time to be seen set up or at least getting everything done and finding out what I needed to bring back in so I could get set up.

I told myself I had so much other stuff to do that I need to get it done and then worry about doing that when I have more time for me and to do that kind of things. Because I have the field trip next week, my two test, the doctors for my breast and to get the truck fixed. I need to take the two little ones to the doctor and set up a bunch of appointments for all the kids. The older two need to go to the doctor about their thyroid, the one needs to go about her skin, one needs to go about testing for his learning and things. When do I really have time to go see these people and talk to them every week with all the other things we already have to do and all I need to add to it? I know it is just an excuse so I was even more angry at myself for not going and making excuses.

Wednesday is a new day to try again to get there and get this started. I will be gone out of town all day on a field trip Monday, have my test and running my mom around on Tuesday. Wednesday after my test on I have rest of the week to get there and the other doctor and get everything set up. I just need a kick in the butt to do it I guess I don’t know.

I get all the kids up and take them to school today, since my Little Guy was fine by Wednesday evening and had no complaints, fever or puking Thursday. My little ones have to be there at 8:20 and 8:30 while the big ones don’t have to be there until 9. I get my Little guy there by 8:20 and then hang out until my Little Bitty’s teacher gets there at 8:30. I could put her in before care but she always wants me to wait with her until her teacher comes. She says she don’t like it in there in the mornings. Today she said it was to much in the mornings. So dramatic at 3. But there is a lot going on kids going in and out parents going in and out and I am not thrilled the way the daycare is ran. My friend is the head teacher over after care and she just came back after being a way for a while. She even said it is way different and she wasn’t crazy about it either. I am hoping she changes somethings since she is the head teacher. I like that she is there in the after noon when they go she keeps an eye on them better. But she isn’t there in the mornings. I don’t mind staying with her in the mornings it lets us have a few minutes together. If I wasn’t standing there with her I would just be sitting outside the older kids school waiting for them to be able to get dropped off. I still have some time with them waiting after I drop her off and get them there so they get a little time as well. I don’t think her teacher likes it that I stand out there and wait for her to get there since she don’t come in until the last minute and then has to go get her class from before care and bring them around. She always seems a little bothered that I am standing there waiting on her. I’m really not rushing her I wouldn’t be there that early if it wasn’t for having to have my other one dropped off by 8:20. I a few of the staff have told me I could drop her off in before care. I just told them she likes me to wait with her. I told her teacher this morning when we went in that I try to get her to go play with the other kids but she says it’s to much over there and she rather me wait with her by the door.

Anyway I took the other two to school after I got her settled in class this morning and came home. I laid back down for a little bit it was only 9 when I got here. I figured I would lay down an hour and get up. About 10:15 my phone rang and I didn’t answer it. I thought it was someone else. I fell back to sleep and woke up about 20 minutes later. Something said check the message so I did and it was the school. They said they had Little Guy in the office he said his throat hurt and that he had two white places in his mouth if I could come and get him. I sat down to print something out I needed to take with me since we were going to go to the doctors when I picked him up and the computer was taking forever. The school called again, I answered told them I didn’t have my phone but just got their message and was on my way out the door to get him. I got up there they had him in the office. I took him straight to the doctor to get a note because I knew at this point they weren’t going to let him back in school without one. She checked him out said nothing wrong in the mouth throat looked red but no thrush like the school though. She checked his ears and said he had a double ear infection and they were going to do the strep test. So he was home the rest of the day. He was so funny he kept asking me whats this and whats that how to say your abc’s and different things. He was board I could tell. Hopefully we will make through the weekend and next week with no sick kids. We better anyway. I do not want anymore puking kids that is for sure.  I also had her give me a note for all the days he missed this week and for today and the school said all those would be excused since he was able to get a doctors note. I told her he was sick Wednesday with the puking kept him home make sure it was all gone yesterday and then he got sent home today. She said not a problem. She is really a great doctor. Most the time I say I think they have this or that or they have been doing this and this so we figure it’s this and she will look at them and go yep your right do this or that for it. If I ask for any kind of testing she will do it and add others she things would be good to go along with them or other things we should look at while we are doing them as well. She don’t like to give tons of medications for no reason or just because to make mom and dad happy.

Just like when I called last Friday evening about Little Bitty, I said she is saying her head hurts really bad, she has a fever of 101.7. She stopped said fever I’m not worried about. I said well I’m not worried about the fever and that isn’t why I called. I told her how she would be fine one minute then almost passing out the next and crying in pain. Not able to do anything. She that I am worried about take her to the hospital and get her checked. I said ok I said I wasn’t worried about fever but was worried about that and that is why I called. I said just fever it will go down it isn’t that high, she said yes but the other needs to be checked. So we sent most the night in the er to get checked out.

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