{October 25, 2019}   Figuring Out How To Pay

I think I have figured out how to pay. I was going to ask at my night job if they could give me a lone and let me pay it back $50 a week. But the owner is out of town until Tuesday.

I had the thought of my friend The one that Father of the Years new wife was living with before she came to stay with me and ran off with him. He has some money now he got that was owed to him. I was going to ask him if I could borrow it but had to figure out when I could pay him back so I could give him a date. If I could pay it weekly or one lump on x date. I didn’t want to short myself and put myself in a whole.

I also had to figure out how to do Christmas for the kids because $400 out of my budget plus and extra $200 from it this month coming up for car insurance to renew that is $600 that I don’t normally put out then needing to take out for Christmas as well.

I sat at work last night and redone my budget ( I may not have told you but I set up a budget on paper) because I had to adjust somethings. It runs from Wednesday to Tuesday because I get paid from my night job on Wednesday and my day Job on Friday or Saturday just depends if the guys are here to pay me at the end of the day or pay me before they head out. It just seem like I should set my budget up that way. But I was figuring somethings wrong because even though I knew it was Wednesday to Tuesday somethings I was still trying to budget Friday to Friday a few things I forgot to add on there and had them filed under misalliance it wasn’t working. Others I had listed to pay monthly when I needed to pay them weekly because I don’t always use them and pay different depending if I do or not. But last night I finally got it where it needs to be.

I had already figured if I came up short and needed extra money I could pawn my guns but I needed to know when and be sure I was able to get them out with in a month or two. I can’t pay on them a year like I did before. I was thinking I could pawn them and get enough money to pay the rent up but then I didn’t know how I would pay Christmas if I was going to have enough. I wanted to have them put up in order to use for Christmas just in case because even though I am on track and getting everything taken care of starting to get ahead I am still in that spot where I am not coming out with much money left at the end of the week/month. I had already thought I may have to pawn them to help with Christmas.

I figured out if I borrowed the money I could pay it all back in November but would probably have to pawn them to get Christmas. I figured my budget into the middle of February and if I did I may have to pay January and get them out in February. Still make the bills.

The guy I work with said something about being board and I said yeah I have done my budget up through February. He said oh yeah your really bored. I told him what was going on.

He said ask the boss, they are really good about things like that. I said that is why I asked yesterday when the owner would be back. He said call him he is available by phone for things like that. Or boss can approve it as well give him a call. I told him I would talk to him today when I got in. He said I could pay it back like $50 a week or so. I may ask them if they could take out $30 a week. it take about 14 weeks to pay back. So about the 2nd week of January. I am going to try to pay it back sooner but if I can get them to $30 a week it would give me a cushion and I could pay the extra the other weeks once I get past the first two weeks.

I think I am going to go that route if he says no tonight I am going to have to go see my friend and talk to him after work tonight hope he has it and will do it. I may be able to ask him if I can pay it back after Christmas or give him $100 a month instead of all of it in a month or $200 a month. I may ask them at work if they can do $100 a month as well and then do the extra but only have myself on the line for the $100 a month in case.

I asked the guy at work if they approve it if I had to wait until Wednesday when I get paid to get it or if they can get it to me sooner. He said he will just give me a money code like we give the drivers when they call in and you just go to the truck stop and cash it. So I can stop there after work tonight get the money and stop at the other store and pay the rent with it.

I better get off here and get something done at my day job. I need to clean and make my phone calls. It is slow today and I am the only one here. I just want to sleep my coffee don’t seem to be helping. Been stressing over all this crap I hope he can do this for me tonight.

{October 31, 2018}   Love My New Job

I love my new job so far, I don’t think it could get any better. One of the owners was there when I got there he had opened up and everything.

He showed me how to use square our pos system. Where the safe was to drop the money at the end of the night, where finished work was and where to put in coming work. He gave me sheets they made up for me to write down where I call and what they say. He said the desk, file cabinet all this it is all yours do what you have to in order to make your job easy for you. He said make a list of things you need as you think of it or come across things we will get them. He said if you have a different way or better way to do things or figure a way out that is better let us know set it up there no problem. He ask if I like it warmer or cooler told me to ajust the air however. He called me in there later he showing me the radio, he said it hooks with bluetooth to the phone put whatever on.

He would pop in and tell me different things here and there or call me and show me things. He said be needed to go to the store was I alright there to handle things. I was on a good roll working I said it be fine. Why he was gone I set an appointment for today in our county just north of us. I called and ask him first since I knew they didn’t want to go far leave me alone to long. He said yeah it was fine.

In a little while he said well you seem to be fine I am going to go to lunch. Ask if I needee or wanted anything.

While he was out the other owner came in he was telling me different things and asking if he told me about this or that?

I had laid my purse and jacket on the table behind my desk. He said there are hooks in here for your jacket purse and anything like that you need to hang up. I said oh okay. He said you know what I’m just going to put you some hooks in there somewhere to hang your stuff on. I don’t if you want your purse and things like that, that far away from you. I said no, don’t worry about that in there is fine. I said it’s not that far away and there isn’t anything I am really worried about in it anyway. There isn’t anyone here going to mess with it. He said are you sure? I told him yes.

It is in the back of the shop customers can’t get to it they are not allowed back that way because of all the knives, blades, tools and things to sharpen them. I don’t think I have to worry about either of them or his dad messing with it. They are federal police for goodness sakes.

He came in and sat down for a bit and I was making phone calls trying to get appointments lined up for Thursday.

I googled salons in that area then went to trip planner used our first stop as my starting point then was able to load 25 other salons in. From there I let it plan the trip so that it would put them from closes to furthest away. Just went down the list it made and called them.

I had a lady say yes she wanted them to stop by why they were in the area that she had 3 people needing services. I look to see what time they should be leaving their stop and the travel time. I told her we could be to her around X time on that day.

I hung up the owner said did you just tell her what time we would be there? I said yes was I not supposed to? I explained to him I went down the travel list or what. He said no that is great, so and so never done that. She would ask them what time they wanted. I said but if I do that it messes everything up. He said no your right if they don’t have a problem with the time you offer that is great and works perfect.

Later the other owner came in and they were talking. I called them over to the computer to show them how the day lined up and that I only had 2 more added for that day the times I allowed for each stop and travel time and ask if they wanted me to set anymore. They said no that worked good. The one told the other she just tells them we have you for this time or that and puts it in they take it. He was like really thats great. I had shown him how I was mapping everything out and things. He like I am loving this I don’t have to worry about anything everything is working out really good so far.

I am glad they are happy, I messed up a few things but I went back and fixed it right away customers where okay and didn’t get mad. I had told her the first time we were talking I was new it was my first day I had just started. She was really nice about it and it taking a little longer.

The other mess ups were my personal with things I was doing and trying to figure out the best way to do things. I don’t even think they knew or would of cared. I have to work on Friday and Monday tomorrow.

I have been making list of things I need to talk to them about tomorrow.

The one that open with me this morning said what did you think when a sharpening shop contacted you?

I said I really did not think anything of it. I said I have done a little bit of everything. I said I did bailbonds for 3.5 yrs, worked in a transmission shop for a year filing and cleaning. I said so yeah working in different not your everyday kind of places. He said oh yeah and that’s good.

I do like working places like that. The bailbonds was great it was all family I was the only one that wasn’t they ever had. My two bosses the owners there were guys. At the shop I know them they are like my family. This has been a family ran place and now the mom is sick and can’t anymore. I met the dad today really nice probably in their 60’s maybe 70’s. So now they are needing the help. It is nice working for places like that because they treat you like a person and they appreciate you and what you do.

I like that I pretty much work on my own not dealing with a bunch of other employees. Honesty having guys for bosses to me is easier than a women. Its probably horrible to say but it is true. Most everywhere I have worked I had guy bosses. I think maybe too because I just get along with guys easier.

I think after I get settled in, things arranged, running smooth and we all get to know eachother better about asking them if I can learn the rest of what they do as well. Its the two owners and the dad. But the mom is really sick lots of doctor’s visits and things. The dad is going to have to go with her and things, plus he is pretty elderly himself. It could be of benefit to them to teach me that part as well in the long run. I am sure it takes a while to learn it but it would be good I am already there if someone drops something I could just do it and they wouldn’t have a ton to do or the dad wouldn’t have to worry about coming in if he didn’t want to or couldn’t. Something to think about.

{October 30, 2018}   My New Job

I start my new job today.  Yesterday the guy messaged me about an hour beforehand to make sure I was still coming. I told him yes I was heading that way in a little bit. He said great.

I got there and went in a guy came from the back. I ask if he was David he said no Charlie. I said oh sorry, and told him I was there for the interview. He told me to come to the back. As we were walking through I said Charlie I should of remebered that, it was my dad and grandpa’s name. Then he says well David is back here too we own the place together. So it was the other who messaged me and I was talking to.

We went back there was a guy sitting at a desk the guy that came up pulled one of the chairs infront of it to the side and the other out for me to sit.

We talked they ask if I knew how to use google to look thing up and if I knew how to put routes together basically. I call set up appointments for them or set them when they call in. So if I set something two towns over for Friday, they want me to get others in that town and around and then line them up so they just go from one to the next. Not jumping all over randomly or backtracking. He said if things come in why they are out to just call the one guys dad he comes and sharpens it.

They ask how soon I could start? I ask how soon they were looking for someone to? They said um tomorrow does that work? I said yes because I want the job and did not want them to find someone that would if I said no.

It is Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm. No nights weekends or holidays. I am the only real employee they have or have had. The guys mom and dad were helping he says his mom can no longer do what I am going to be doing. So its pretty much been a family thing. They didn’t care I had another job as long as I can be there when they need.

We were talking the Charlie guy said we have other jobs at night as well so this is why we do this like this. He was talking about how and where they go when. I said oh you do when he said they both had night jobs. He said they are federal police out here. Interesting kind of cool. Glad they told me later than upfront. I don’t care for most of the police around here. They are very rude and don’t really want to do their job. Most act like its a bother you called them. Mostthe time it seems as if they are just looking for any little thing to start about that has nothing to do with what your calling about.

Knowing I have done nothing wrong I still can’t relaxe with them around. I always feel like I am on egg shells just waiting for them to start about something. Even off duty ones when they come into work. But I didn’t think twice about it when he said it. I notice they were watching my response and reaction when he said it as well. Anyway they are very friendly laid back guys.

They said they were looking to start someone at $10 an hour and go from there. They said with weekly bonuses depending how many appointments I set and things like that. It being the days and hours it is I am happy. I was expecting them to say $8.25.

I am going to work both jobs for a while. I went and talk to my boss at the beach job as soon as I left there. We worked it so I will work same days just different hours some of them. Thursday and Friday I will work 6 to close. I leave my day job at 5 and go straight there. It is about 5 miles on up the road. I still open Sat and Sun so I am off have my evenings and nights with the kids. I will probably do this for at least a month maybe two. Then I will probably give up my two night shifts and just do the days. I have flexibility there if I really need a break someone will cover my hours once we have the new people trained.

I better get dinner in the crockpot and run to the store. I have to be at work in an hour and a half.

{July 15, 2018}   Listed My Truck

I listed my truck on craiglist last night or early this morning. Sometime in the middle of the night. By 10 I have had 3 or 4 people asking about it. I replied to one so far.

My add listed all the new stuff and tires and that it needs some work. If you can do the work yourself it be great truck consider trades and/or cash. The one I replied back to offered a 04 explorer and some cash. I didn’t ask how much cash. I told them I was looking for an Expedition. They said the explorer has the 3.0 motor so that is a plus for it. But it is small and I don’t know about putting me and 4 kids in it. I said I would have to think about it and see what other offers I got.

I can’t bring myself to answer the rest because I don’t want to have to sit here and go back and forth with people over why I will not give my truck away. And that yes it needs work but over all its still worth more than $1000 or two. I don’t know what to even start at I want to be fair but I don’t want to lowball myself or put myself in a spot of getting nothing after going back and forth.

The more I think about it I think I am going to meet with the ownere tomorrow explain what is going on and ask to borrow the $230 for parts that I need. Explain that I can start paying it back in a few weeks. See if he can help me. I think if I have someone to put them in he will. My “friend” said he could do it in a couple hours probably if we didn’t run into any problems but that he is trying to get his truck going so he might be able to do it. I am going to have to see if I can line someone else up incase he can’t and see what happens. I think owner will because he offered to help me buy a car. But I can not lock myself into paying off a car. But $230 i am okay with.

I went to check on a job today thinking it was right by my house but it wasn’t. It is at another store they have. So I figure that if I get it fixed i would try and get that job work the two and then I could pay it off a lot faster. Just to find someone that says they could put them in when I get them. As I cant be with no ride for days and weeks once i have the parts if my boss is paying so I can get to and from work.

{June 29, 2018}   Lunch With The Owner

I do not know how this is going to go, I am waiting on the girl from work to pick me up so we can meet the owner and his wife for lunch.

This is not something I was supposed to be apart of. This was a business kind of thing between the two of them and a clear the air for some things she wanted to talk to him about.

Since my truck broke down and I am going in on my day off she is picking me up for work. She just called about an hour ago and said your going too get ready I will be there in a bit. She told him she is picking me up and that boss wanted us in early today because we have close to 40 people coming all at once today. He told her to bring me too.

I’m like great just what I wanted to do with my day off. I really do not mind I just do not want a lot of shit coming up and going down that could cause problems with my job. It isn’t much but it is better than nothing. And I can get a job to work around it. I can not afford to lose it right now.

But if I am asked about things I am not going to lie or cover it up either. The manager likes to get rid of people he feels is getting to close with the owner. Because he don’t want anyone to know what is going on. He puts hisself on for x hours taking hours we could be getting and need and then goes home. Why we are there working our butts off doing his job and ours and he won’t answer the phone. He sitting at home getting paid. Then we are doing two people’s job’s. There are other things too.

Okay, so this didn’t post earlier like it was supposed to. So I will tell you what happen here.

We were the first ones there, we got inside they had not shown up yet. We were seated given drinks. They showed up a little later.

He sat down and ask what our wants, needs, and things were. The other girl showed him her stickers she made and they talked about that. It came back around to work. And a lot of stuff came up and out. He told us never to feel that we can not come to him or talk to him or his wife about anything that we have a problem with or question about. He said there was miss understanding where that came into play. And taken to far. He said the girl just got fired had it as did everyone and she was calling him for everything and nothing other than just to chit chat. He told the manager she needed to stop and not be coming to him because they ran out of towels in the bathroom what should she do? When we have 100 packs in the closet and she knows because she been there a year. It was nothing more than just to talk to him. She liked him. She 20 he probably 40 something and married. He told him that stuff needed to go to manager if she really needed to know what to do that is what he was there for. Boss took it upon himself to say no one could have owners number.

Owner got mad about something walked outside or something. Not at us stuff going on. His wife was talking to us she said we just need to know and want to know from yall what is going on if things are wrong or there are problems. We aren’t going to throw you under the bus or anything like that. I said I have no problem telling you at all. But I can’t have my job on the line I have 4 kids on my own and I have lost two of my three jobs right now this is all i have left. She said no you do not have to worry about that at all.

Her husband came back and we talked some more. I said you know he says i don’t blow up his phone he never hears from me unless something is wrong but then when it is I have to call 3 or 4 times and he don’t answer. I said fier alarm went off had pull people out of rooms make them go outside. I call 3x he answers the 3 time says figured it must really be important I should probably answer.

I said the day we we booked out and sold every room but 2 and everything was a mess I was by myself for hours. I said owner you been there called 7 or 8 times no answer. Other girl called 2 or 3 none. You left we were starting to get busy. You called got put on hold wanted to know why with two there. I told you it was only me. I said my paper said I had no back up until after 3 as far as I knew I had no one. I said any other job I had all that has happen it was on you sucked it up buttercup and got the job done. Hoped back up at least came after 3.

I thought of something, i said and he told me he told you he yelled at me and got onto me for it, because I should of known to call or what. I said I had people waiting for their rooms, i was reseting, briefing, running to give clues while trying to reset, check people in answer the phones everything i was it doing a 100% everything. He had not answered any of your two phone calls he was not going to magically answer mine. And where did i have time in the middle of all that to sit and call him over and over hoping he would answer for me? His wife said your right, your right yes its just up to you get the job done other places all that already happen its what you were doing. I said but it made me mad he tells me he told you he “yelled” at me for it and took care of the “problemb”. I said he has made that comment a few times and it isn’t right. I said so it makes it look like we just don’t know what we are doing, don’t listen, or just messing up/don’t care it is our fault. When he is the boss he is who i should of been calling but he was not answering. I said so I am over here thinking how many times is he going to say this to cover for his mess up before you go if they are messing up that much get rid of them. I said i know i would its only normal. But you don’t really know what is going on.

He said no don’t worry about that. That won’t happen. I said we don’t know you, you don’t know us we are new you have no reason to think any different than what he says. He said no you two are hard workers your doing good your making me money and keeping my place going. He said with the wedding and other project we have not been around like we need to be. We are going to start being there more. But your work and everything you two do day to day and things are known and greatly appreciated and not forgotten. In other words he is noting who is doing what. He thank me for working fathers day with my grandpa in the hospital. Soon as he sat down today he ask how he was if he was okay everything before we got started. I think he does really care wants to know and will fix problems.

The other girl told them how he talks about him and his girlfriend having sex all the time and stuff. His wife was not happy about that and said a stop needs put to that right away. The other girl ask them too if I was gone come the end of July? And told them how I keep being told i am going to be fired. That once they become more involved there won’t be hours for us I am going to be fired and things. They were shocked said no. I don’t know.

I said I have a question. When booking rooms do we double or tripple book rooms? He ask what I meant. I said so the rooms hold 10 a private experince i was told is 8 or more. But then we are told if the room is already booked not to put anyone else in there. Or we have to talk to both parties and okay it. So if there are 2 people everyone else is told that room is not open at that time. He was livid. He said no we do not do that if it holds 10 sell 10 tickets if you can. It don’t matter if they all know each other.

We told him the other day we had to give away 5 free tickets because one girl messed the bookings all up. Then we had give away 5 t shirts because boss said they got double booked so since they wanted to be alone and had to come back give shirts. He was so mad.

Something was said about discounts he said we have first responders and active military only. Nothing else no retired nothing. He started with all this discount this that. He said this is all we have. I said what about free t shirt for the birthday person when there is a birthday? He said what? Other girl said yeah we give them away all the time. He is really not happy. He said we are going to be there more offten a lot more. Snoop around see what is going on. We can’t say anything right now or he will know we talk to yall.

So I don’t know, what is going to happen or how all this is going to go down. I guess we will see.



{May 29, 2018}   Fully Booked Day

This is what my day looked like yesterday. I was called at 9 something am before I had even gotten out of bed and told I could come in anytime between then and 1 when I was supposed to be there. They had some back to back rooms the other girl would need help. I had already looked seen we had 6 rooms for the day 3 together then 3 together later in the day. The first of then would start right about the time I would be getting there. So I got up got things together for the kids and got to work about 11:30 am.

I walked in the door to a group of people the phone ringing and more people coming in. I was on the phone before I even got clocked in. I had to chit chat to get myself time to clock in so I could help them. I asked them the normal questions while I was clocking in they never knew nothing.

We started the one group booked one or two over the phone and one who walked in. Before. All while taking care of and starting our next two rooms. Before I knew it between the two of us we went from 6 rooms for the day to 16 and people still calling. We had rooms double booked and before the night was over we were using the empty morning slots to book rooms for night slots because we had no more slots for those rooms for the day. When it was all said and done we ran 25 rooms with about 30 different groups of people.

I was there again by myselfe for a few hours with no back up. We got behind because I was brefing rooms, resetting, answering phones, taking care of customers and everything else on my own. The one girl leaves right at 1 no matter what. The owner was there for a long time but left right before her and wasn’t helping anyway. He was dealing with his own stuff.

He wasn’t happy when he left because he needed to get a hold of the boss and tried calling like 8 times and never was answered. He told me I was doing a great job ask how many times I tried to call boss and gave me his number and told me anything I needed or problems to call him it was no problem. Thanked me over and over for being there doing such a good job. This was in our slower time. But he seen and his friend did that I was going going doing whatever had to be done i was good with the customers not loud rude or over the top like some are and i was working not on my phone.

He pulled out about 5 rolls of toilet paper and sat on the front counter to take with him. Everyone kept playing with it stacking it and moving it around when they come in. I kept thinking I needed to move it but was just busy and thinking he leave in a few and take it. After everyone left and rooms were going I walked upfront and sat down to watch the camera’s and there it sat on the counter still. I snapped a picture and sent it to the owner the one who forgot it.

Forgot something😬

I sent it just like that. In a minute my phone was ringing it said it was him calling. I was thinking shit I’m get my ass chewed I should not of sent that. He wasn’t in a good mood as it was I don’t really know him. This is only the 3rd time we had been there the same time and only time we had ever really talked it wasn’t a lot. I answered ready to take it appalagise and hope for the best.

I answered he was like omg that is so great I loved it, it was just what I needed, it was a breath of fresh air. The last 14 days have been nothing but stress and hell and I lost my credit card im sick wife is sick i cant get in the safe and cant get boss to get me in it to get money so we can go to the walk in clinic. I just looked at my buddy and said shit I forgot the toilet paper then I look down and seen your text that was the best. I just love you your great. Im like I just wanted to make sure you knew before you got home. He think you so much toss it behind the counter i be back to get it. I really needed that. I had to finally tell him i had to go i had people calling and things.

Then the storm hit everyone is showing up early games are starting late because i am doing everything on my own. I have 3 groups of people in front of me, 3 rooms going, trying to clue them take care of people infront of me and the phone is ringing. I answer and ask them to hold and lay the phone down. I clue the rooms and start with the people in front of me. Then think of the person on hold. I grab the phone say sorry ask how I can help them?

The voice on the other end of the line is mad and say’s it’s x the owner and why with 2 of you there am I…

I stopped him right there and said I am the only one here doing it all. I have this, this, this going on I am trying to do this, this and this and every other job that has to be done here on my own and right now every job that there is has to be done i am doing what I can. I wasn’t loud or rude or nasty. I was just to the point and manner of fact and stern. I wasn’t complaining about it but just letting him know this is how it is this is why you are on hold. He stopped and stopped me started saying how sorry he was and what a great job I was doing and it wasn’t me it was a management issue, he take care of it he was going to go. How much he loved me and thanking me over and over and what a great job i was doing. By this point I have all but 3 room booked and turning people away because the only room i have i will not put kids in and if they have never done a room it is not a good one to start with. I told him that too all rooms but 3 were booked.

After 3 boss comes in starts on me about why I did not call for back up? Why we were behind and I had not stopped to make phone calls to others asking them to came in later. I didn’t have time to call 20 people to ask them to come later trying to do everything else. And as far as calling anyone in what I was given said my back up was not able to come in until after 3. I knew boss would be in at 3 to help because he told me he would when he called me to come early. I did not bother to call boss because owner did like 8 times and didn’t get him the other girl tried 3 or 4. I couldn’t of gotten him either. The other girl who was there til one should of said if we could call someone else. She must not of known either. But then the fact not only was the owner there and seen how busy we were but then called got put on hold and i told him. He did not bother to say get on the phone call you some help to come in or i will call you help or come back. So what was i supposed to of thought. I said a little bit to boss but when it came to it being his mess up he had things to do wouldn’t listen to what more i had to say. Then told the other girls how mad he was at me because of everything being a mess and we were going to be having a meating.

I don’t care if he is mad he say what he wants. This is not the first time I was done this way and left a lone with no help. He was my back up and did not answer until an hour after we closed I never got help. He did not say then I should of called someone else. Basically just oh well sorry and that was that. He starts to much with me I will call the owner and have a chat with him. He done gave me his number said if there was any problems he seen me work and knows how I am and is happy with me. He is already unhappy with boss right now so. I am in no way looking to get anyone in trouble but I am not taking the fall for someone else’s screw up and risk losing my job. Boss is tired of being there and on call all the time he has a new girlfriend and is tied up with her and not wanting to deal with this. Thats fine but its his job and to leave people like he is and then say well you should of when that isn’t what was said.

Other places I worked if it said you have help you can call after 3 thats when you had help and until then you sucked it up did the job and kissed ass to keep the customers happy. You didn’t stop to call around find help. Because you knew when your help would be there. If you had hope you may get help before that you called the boss they called help why you did your job. That’s how it was last time I was busy and needed help there was none i had to suck it up and take care of business why would I figure it to be different.

thats how my Sunday went. From 6 to fully booked in a matter of an hour or two. Each one of those we have to have them come in 15 minutes early so it leaves not even a couple minutes of down time. Then you get started late and it all goes down hill in a matter of minutes. I worked 10.2 hours.


{February 27, 2017}   Anxious

I guess is the only way to describe how I am feeling the last few days and today just pushed it higher. I do not check my email all the time like some people do. There are times I will check it every day and then others I won’t check it for weeks or only once a week. I do not use my email for anything other than junk stuff most the time. I try to check it at least once a week since the kids are doing 4-h because that is the only way they get in touch with you. I rather text but they email. But I miss some from them because I get busy and forget to check it. The real estate office will also send emails out so often. Must the time to say the office is closed or open these days because of holiday, your rent is late even though it isn’t past the due date or what. Nothing I really read or do anything with, so I don’t even check it to see if I got stuff from them unless I have emailed them about something and waiting a reply.

The other day I checked my mail and I seen I missed a few from the office so I looked and it is asking if I want to renew my lease, telling me they want to raise the rent $50 and there is a lease fee of $150. I want to renew my lease but not at the $50 extra, I can pull it off and will have to if that is what they want to keep it at, but I feel good with it at $800 and don’t have to stress over it every month. I feel if they raise it that $50 I am going to stress over trying to stretch another $50 out of the budget every month. Plus they told me before if your rent goes up you don’t pay the $150 lease fee but if it don’t go up that year you pay the fee. The first lease I signed I don’t remember but I think I had to pay it, the second one I signed I paid it because my rent did not go up, then last year it went up $50 so I didn’t have to pay it.

I didn’t respond to the email right away because I was just avoiding it, I wanted to think about my response before I did and how I wanted to word it. Finally after getting another email Friday I responded Saturday. I told them I would like to renew my lease but at what I am paying now not the $50 extra. I also ask them if they wanted to raise my rent why I was also being asked to pay the $150 lease fee? I told them this was going to be my 4th lease here (make sure they knew how long I been here, looks good) that I paid it the 2nd lease because rent didn’t go up the 3rd just last year I did not pay it because the rent had went up (remind them rent went up last year) I sent it expecting not to get anything back until today. I kept thinking about it but hadn’t had time to check I thought of it going through the store and stopped to check it. I had gotten a reply back yesterday it said….

The lease fee had nothing to do with the rent and that it paid for inspection of the property that has never been done since I moved in, it paid for having the lease written up by the lawyer (if your an agent you can do your own why a lawyer) and a few other things that it was charged to everyone regardless if the rent went up or not. I don’t know if this is something new or what it is but this is what it said. It didn’t say anything about the rent and if it was going to go up or if they would go ahead and do it at the rate I am paying now. I started to email them back and then noticed I had gotten another notice today saying that I need to let them know with in 30 days if I want to renew my lease or not. I already told them yes but at what I am paying they have not given me an answer but keep sending this spam email they send to everyone. Instead of emailing I called and got the girl in the office. In the past I have just always dealt with them that is it other than the time my roof fell in and I had to get nasty with them to fix it and I had to deal with the office manager.

I called and got the girl there and told her what I was calling about she said I would have to talk to him. I ask her about the lease fee she said I would have to talk to him. She said she could give me his number or transfer me to him. She said he maybe waiting to hear back on the rent since it has to go through the owner first. I just ask her if he would be in tomorrow and told her I would wait and see if I got a response back about the rent tomorrow. I just was not sure since it was never addressed in the email I got back from him about the fee.

I probably should have just talk to him today and ask what was going on or what but I HATE to talk to him and deal with him and that is putting it nicely. I have never seen him in person but he was very rude and arrogant when my roof fell in and I had to deal with him and acted as if it was no big deal. I told him I had stuff all over my house from that room so that it wouldn’t get wet I had waited months for them to fix the leak put a new roof on and now it had fallen in and was molded he was just like so what. I finally started telling him all the laws and what they had to do and what I was entitled to and what could be done if they did not hold up their end of the lease and make the repairs in a timely manner. He was trying to tell me I couldn’t use the room for a bedroom it wasn’t up to code to be a bedroom it was only a porch. So then I started telling what code said was a bedroom vs a porch and that when I hung up I was going to call code enforcement and have them come out to take a look at it and make sure I wasn’t “breaking” any codes while living in their house I wouldn’t want to do that and get them in trouble. I told him in the meantime I was looking for somewhere to rent and they could pay all my money I paid to get in here back all it would cost to get me into a new place and all my moving fees to get into a new place because patching something two roofers already said couldn’t be patched and needed to be replaced was not acceptable to me. So to let the owner know that I would be moving soon and he needed to have the money to cover everything so that I could. I went to hang up and he said wait don’t call code enforcement give me until in the morning to get a hold of the owner and run all this you have told me by him and see what we can do. I said okay but tomorrow I am calling them and starting to look for a new place to live. With in hours I got a call saying they were putting a new roof on that room. When the rest of the house started leaking I just called and said okay now the hall and living room are both leaking, with in a couple days I had roofers out here putting on a new roof on all the house. I have not dealt with him since then but once and that was right after Father of the Year moved out and they signed my first lease with just me on it he tried to throw me out because my money didn’t come and I told him I be late a week on the rent, always just the girls at the front desk, but they have left and they have new people and now it all gets bounced back to him I guess. The other girl had been there years and could run the place with her eyes closed and could decide what to do or would tell him and if he didn’t do it then she just would and tell him this what i done we got to pay it or whatever. She was very nice very fair and like everyone else felt if your are living here paying your rent then they should take care of your stuff and treat you like a person not a paycheck.

Normally I wouldn’t worry about it just like when the roof wasn’t getting fixed and I told him what I did, but I knew I was right I knew my rights and that everything I said including him having to pay for me to move and things were true. So if they got nasty and said move okay fine the money was there. Plus who is going to pay $5000 or so to move someone out over a roof that needs fixed then still have to fix it before they can rent it to anyone else? That was at least a $$5000 job between the new roof outside the new roof inside and all the new drywall for the walls that got ruined plus the labor for all of it. It made more since to just fix it and keep someone in here that they know is taking care of the place and who pays their rent on time all the time. I guess the owner figured that out and the fact that if they did that code enforcement would be alerted to how things were here and other places as well.

But unlike before I don’t have money to just up and move, I don’t have a job to get into somewhere else and everything around is going for a lot more than what I am paying now for smaller than what I have. What I have is going for a couple hundred more most places and even some in here. But the way I look at it is I have been here all this time I am paying about what the others houses around me are paying, they know they get their rent on time every month and they don’t have to come looking for it or asking for it. The one time I was late he wanted to make me move because they signed me a lease with no job and Father of the Year had left. I was late that one time because I didn’t understand how my money was going to come in. That is when they guy got nasty right away well you don’t have a lease don’t care why it is late just get out. I said no I do have one I signed last month he got mad because they didn’t have a copy and i had mine so he could’t put me out. Then last year when I went to sign a new one I asked the girl if it was going to be a problem if they were going to make me do job check and things because he said they should have last time. She said nope the owner his self said he don’t care if you have a job or not if you want a lease give it to you he always gets his rent and your his best renter out of his 4 places. Again if I am a good renter does he want to risk me moving over $50 a month and risk getting people in here that may or may not pay and who may or may not take care of the place? Or would he rather just give it to me for what I am paying know he will get his rent the fist of the month and not have to worry about anything? Plus this place is paid off or very close to being paid off and the taxes are not that high or it at all so most everything he gets is money in his pocket other than if a repair or something comes up. So he isn’t losing money because the rent I have paid the years I have been here has pretty much paid for the place I have looked it up and found out already.

I just hate to ask things like that or do anything to rock the boat knowing that I am not in a spot where I can move or do anything other than stay here. But I feel I should ask because like I said even if I can scrape the extra $50 into the budget some how it’s not easy and I don’t want to have to stress and I know he is happy with me as a renter he has not problems out of me so it was worth a shot. I guess if I do not hear back from them by tomorrow I will just email him again and tell him I do want to renew my lease has he talked to the owner about doing it at the rate I am now and see what he says. The owner is out of state and half the time I do not think he even talks to the owner when things like this comes up. I think he just decides no or what he wants to do or feels should be done and does it. It isn’t right it should be up to the owner and the girl in the office would talk to the owner about things or let him know what was going on and if something needed fixed or if it needed replaces and funny anytime she talk to the owner about something whatever it was always got fixed right away or replaced if it was going to take to long to fix. I have had heat and air people at my house on a Sunday because I called and let them know it wasn’t working. I told her I knew it was Sunday that if they could please get someone Monday to come out that would be fine she told the owner the owner said send them that day. This is why I think this other guy office owner don’t go to the owner of the house when things come through he tries to do as little as possible. Because the owner of the house has already not been happy with them and gotten on to them for not renting this place out for almost a year it sat empty and the guy who showed it to me then after I called him about 5 times to try to look at it said he didn’t bother with showing it or trying to rent it because no one ever has what they need or can’t get it for this reason or that the only reason he came to show me was because he got in trouble for it not being rented sooner and I called so many times trying to come look at it. Even then he pretty much said oh Father of the Year works here ok go to the office sign the papers you can have it. I said we haven’t talked rent dogs or anything like that. He said how many dogs I said we have one and will be getting anther because we always have had two together one just passed. He said okay I don’t care that is fine. I said what about rent they want this much right he said yeah I will give it to you for this much instead. I will have the office get the papers from the lawyer go sign it and pick your keys up tomorrow. He he could do all that when the place even said no dogs not do background check and just give it to us because of where Father of the Year worked again to me just looks like the owner of the office is being difficult not the owner of the house. The bad thing is the owner of the house is out of state so he only knows as much as the owner of the office tells him. I think he charged him for repairs that didn’t get done and now some of them are having to be done and he is having to tell him they need done again or they broke again and the owner is probably questioning it.

I am just rambling now I got to get off here but I feel a little better. I think I will take the kids outside to play with their guinea pigs for a while. Then to get my school work done and dinner. I just want to nap really.

{June 23, 2015}   Trying Not To Stress

Surprisingly with everything going on and having to pawn the truck I really haven’t been stressed since I done it and got everything paid. I know the money is coming sometime so That I can pay on the truck and get it out. No the money did not go in after midnight and it still isn’t there. Chances of getting my truck back before they close today are looking slim. But I am ok with that so far because I was warren it may not come until Friday. I’m not happy about it because they gave me a date I feel they know people need this money for bills and things they should say it is going to be here between x and x not on x if it isn’t going to show up until days later. But anyway.

But I do have this lady that wants to come do a walk through of my house and it is stressing me to no end every time I think about it. There really isn’t anything wrong just little things that I have been working on getting taken care of. To be honest a lot of it is because of the work the people done before we moved in. But I know they are just looking for a reason to get me out of here it seems and I’m worried they are going to say it’s our fault and try to make us move. I really can’t afford to move. I don’t have almost $3000 to put deposits on another place and I don’t show the 3X the monthly rent coming in they want you to show to move in some place. I keep telling myself that it is going to be fine and that they aren’t going to find anything wrong enough to say we have to leave but then I can’t help but stress about it still. I do everything I can to keep this place even pawn my truck so that my kids have a place to live and it comes down to something like this and we may still not have a place. If it wasn’t for the fact it is our place to live I wouldn’t be so stressed. But I know how rude the guy was on the phone the other day and how mad he was that I have a lease and that for whatever reason he wants us out. I know it is nothing that we have done because if it was he had other times he could of told us to move and been able to do it. Like when the roof was leaking all over and fell in. They could have said they weren’t going to fix it couldn’t fix it right now that we needed to move. I truly believe that it all comes down to the houses all around me are renting for $950 a month and they rented me this one for $750. The fact that we have paid about $12,000 in rent in the time we have been here and that he has had to put two new roofs on and a new air unit outside. He probably has spent all that we gave him or more on repairs, taxes and insurance for the house. But you know what it isn’t my fault the roof was bad long ago he knew it if he didn’t the people he had do the work did because there were trees laying on the roof for a year or more. I don’t know what was wrong with the air but he would have to replace it whoever he had in here. At least he is starting to make money on it now and this years rent should start being mostly profit. Plus I know he has gotten money as well because the lady in the office told me he did and he was going to put it into the properties. I don’t know if he is wanting to do more repairs hoping to rent it for the higher amount or if he is wanting to sell it. It is harder to sell when you have it rented out for a year or so.

I just want to get it over with and I want to avoid dealing with it as long as I can at the same time. In hopes that they will just forget it and not come and leave us a lone as long as I make sure my rent is there on time from now on. I put them off last week by telling them I was sick which I was. They said give them a call back in a week or so to make arrangements. So I have been trying to make sure everything is ok before they come. But I can’t really scrub the walls and get any little scuff marks off or anything because of the paint they used, it wipes right off. The paint in other rooms is peeling off the walls I don’t know why. I know they are going to say something about that. I have a spot in the hall that is messed up from where the roof was leaking. The only real thing that they can say something about that is from us is where father of the year put a hole in two of my doors in the house. That is the only thing that is from us and should’t have happen. I covered one up with something the other is on a door in spot I don’t think they will notice.

I just really hate having people I don’t know in my house and going all through it. I have a really problem with taking someone all through my house into my bedrooms and things. Not that I have anything to hide I just feel it is a huge invasion of my space. I don’t know I think that is stressing me as much or more than them finding anything wrong to be honest. Am I going to have to open all my closets and all that or just walk them through let them glance in each room and they will be on their way.

Just the over all stress of dealing with them makes me sick thinking about it. I just wish I had the money to get us out of here and into something else. I would gladly move if they wanted to do away with my lease. But they would have to pay my moving cost and give me all the money I put down to get in this place and help me find something in the same price range in a comparable area and help me get in since i don’t show 3 or 4x the rent like they want. I know they are not going to want to do that and that is fine I would rather not move until the first of the year when my lease is up and I really haven’t done anything that they can make me move before then so I am just going to try not to stress about all to much. But if they were to do that I would move I would like to move north of here around where my dad was staying and closer to church.

{June 28, 2014}   Just a Recap

It has now been 14 days and 13 hours  like I said it was about to be 3 weeks) since I told them my roof was leaking really badly and needed to be fixed. It has been 12 days and about 11 hours since their maintenance person came out and said it needed a new roof. 7 days and   hours since the roofer was finally called and came out and told them it needed a new roof and 3 days and 3 hours since I got the email saying they were going to replace the roof. I bet you can guess what I am going to say next. Yep haven’t heard anything since from them about when they are going to start work on it. But they are taking care of it in a very timely manner don’t you know. I have even told them I have things with the kids I am in and out of the house for that I need to know when to expect someone so that I can be here if need be or make arrangements with them to have someone here, that we had things for the summer planed that I had to cancelled or post pone because of it and all. I will be calling them back in the morning. I won’t talk to him I know because he probably won’t be in the office but the lady I have been talking to should be. If I get no where with her I will be calling the other guy back on his cell phone because he sent it in the email that he sent. But I will be nice and go through proper channels before I start blowing his phone up.

et cetera
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