{August 12, 2019}   Kind Of Good News

So today at work one of the owners came in and was talking to me and Pops. He said his son is going to start working here with us. Pops is wanting more time off he is having a hard time standing for long periods of time anymore. Plus he just don’t feel like coming in sometimes. He is 75 after all and just took this on as part time to have a little extra money to go out and help the guys out. But we have days that we are slammed and he is here all day instead of an hour or two or half the day. Then some of the work he has to stand the whole time and he just can’t anymore and it takes him longer to do he work because he has to take breaks.

But we are not to a point that we needs someone all day everyday or even to say we can hire someone a few hours everyday. We stay steady most the time but then have days where we have no one or a couple things. Right now I think the shop side breaks even or just under breaking even.

Me and Pops were talking about it the other day and we really can’t hire someone and tell them you might get 5 to 10 hours a week and we don’t have set hours to give you we just want to call you when we need you. No one needing a job can really live on that and it really isn’t worth it to drive over here for. I said I would not mind learning some of it to help give him a break.

The boss said today his son was going to start coming in after school and working a few hours to help take the stress off Pops. He is also trained to go out on the bus with the guys to help there if there isn’t school or a weekend and they have something.

So he will come after school if we have things to be done and get it all ready for the people to pick up the next day. Pops can come in during the day if I have things that needs done for the day or he can’t get it all done or something. But this should give him a much needed break. It works out great for what we were talking about since he isn’t needing the money to live on and all that it is just gas money or what for him and he still lives at home. He just a kid.

It really don’t change much for our customers other than maybe instead of being able to get it back the same day they will have to wait until the next business day. Now I have a rule if they get it in before 1 or 2pm they can have it back after 3 that day. This way I will just start telling people unless they set it up ahead of time with me it is next day. Because we have some people that come 20+ miles to get their things done and would like to wait for it or get it back as soon as we can get it done. We can still do that if they let me know before hand they are coming I can set it up that Pops will be here to do their stuff.

We are always changing but not changing at the same time with that part of things. But people don’t mind because most are shocked they can get it back after three the next day much less the same. They expect to wait a few days to get it back anyway. So I just go by what is going on that day. Like if Pops is busy even if it is only 11 or 12 I will start telling them the next day because we are busy and have work to get out by three already we had to start bumping things until tomorrow. I have only had one or two people complain and they were just that type of person they have something to say about everything you can tell. But being the only place in the county that does the work we do people have to understand that sometimes we get busy. We do everything we can to get it back as quick as we can but that is not always possible and we are getting back quicker still than what we are told we have to get it back. When I started I was told I could tell them anywhere from 2 to 3 days up to a week to get things back depending what it was but at the least tell them 2 days for everything. Once I got in here and seen how busy we are and how long it takes to do things I was able to get it to after 3 if in by x time that day or after 3 the next day if after that time. Most the time really the after 3 the next day could be picked up in the morning after we open a lot of times. He will get them done in the evening before we close. But this way he can have time to get to them if we are busy and he isn’t having to stand there until he can hardly move to finish them after the days work is done. He comes in around 11:30 but then if he has doctors or something not until after lunch. Plus if I am running late or have to come in late for something there isn’t people sitting here waiting to get their things back first thing in the morning. We have some flexibility if we need it or something unforeseen happens and we have to take off to take care of it. We can get someone to come in and cover or time to get here. We don’t have a lot of people coming in to drop off in the morning if we miss someone they understand things happen. But I hate to give someone a set time to come back and not have something ready or not be here and I don’t want a rush of people when I am trying to open. because I find I tell them after 3 and they will come at 12 or 1 or 2 and say I need to get my stuff or I know you said but I just wanted to see if it was ready. So if I tell them 12 they will be here waiting on me or trying to get in why I am trying to open or return calls and things in the morning and a lot of our drop offs are in the morning. This way I don’t have a lobby full of people.

The owners don’t care they told me do things however you feel works best for you or the shop or however they need to be done. We just own it your the boss take care of things. It works nicely.

{June 6, 2017}   Morning At The Shop

I spent the morning at the shop today since I have to train this week I figured I go today and then again Friday or Thursday depending on how the days go. I got there and there was a few things on my desk to file so I did that an d handed me some work orders to put in one of the files he had pulled. All in all it took maybe 5 minutes to do.  I was there until about 12 or 1. I didn’t ask him what to do the other day he acted like it bothered him when I asked what I should be doing, when I finished stuff. He is sitting two feet away he can see when I am done and knows what he gave me takes no time at all, he went in and out a few times.

I ask him for the password on the computer and was doing something on it for school. Figured he send me home in a little bit if he didn’t have anything for me to do but he didn’t. A few hours went by and he said he had to go outback and pull a truck out that was stuck if I could hang out until he got back. I told him that was fine that I was trying to get some things done that I couldn’t do at home because of the inter net. He knew I was doing personal stuff he don’t care. He told me before use the computer do what you want it isn’t a big deal. He came when he got back and told me I could go I told him I was printing some papers off and things he said that was fine. I finished up and left. I am thinking I tell him once I start working this job I come once a week unless he just wants me to come twice a week or more. Because really he could use someone maybe once a month to come in unless he decides to show me how to do more.

Hopefully he will show me more and I can get two or three after noon’s of work out of it. Because the other job is only part time, even if it was full time I would still keep it to do on the side for the extra money.

{June 6, 2017}   Start Training

Tomorrow I start my 3 days of training. I hope that I can pick everything they want me to know up in three days, the others all have 4 days. I don’t work weekends so I will not be there Saturday. She gave others different days if they didn’t work a day but she didn’t me. I guess it depends what I have to do, if I don’t get it all I will just tell them I need that extra day next week when I come back in. They should give it to me seeing that everyone else gets it.

I am glad she put me at the other store and not the one I applied at to start with. I think it is going to be a better store than the other. I just put that one because it was where I seen they needed help. I think the people are going to be better to work with at that one as well. There is another lady that is a little older than me that was in the orientation Monday that is going to be there and one or two other people. Not real sure about a couple but not sure what store they are at. I don’t think they are going to be at the one I am. She had people from all over the county there, I guess she holds all interviews at that one store.

I have to get up at 5 am to be there by 7 am. I have to drop the kids off at daycare then go there but it is only 5 minutes or less from the daycare. I figure if I leave my house by 6:15 I should get to work about 15 minutes early. By the time I get to the daycare walk the kids to their classes sign them in then get to work. I want to make sure I am on time and everything. She done made it very clear if you mess up the first few days she would just be getting rid of you and find someone else. Being late, not in uniform, missing, not doing what is asked things like that.

I hope that I can get this to work into full time. I just don’t know how I am going to do this when school starts. Between having to get the kids to school and pick the kids up from school, going to class myself. I have one class in person and 4 online. I have to take 6 next term after this and I should be done.

I hate the visor and the apron we have to wear, at the stores they are wearing black ones. I thought that is what we would get but they are a blue almost like blue jeans but old looking and the visor has a red or yellow strip around it or something. It’s hard to explain they are just really ugly and horrible looking. The apron so long and I am so short it is a mess. I am not a hat person and we have to have our hair all pulled up and back. Not a good look for me at all. But it’s a job and it could be worse is what I keep telling myself.

{May 24, 2017}   Better Than I Expected

I finally made it to work this morning after hardly sleeping and then oversleeping the little bit I did. I went in and he was sitting there at the desk, he handed me a box and said that was what needed filed. He said he had someone doing up until about February they got sick and he just been tossing it in the box. Wasn’t even that big of a box but there was a ton of stuff in it. I was thinking file so I took and went through the box pulled out all the big sheets of paper and like stuff first and had piles all around all over the desk and floor. I went to file it then I realized what he was talking about he files everything by month not where it is from or what it is. Just everything that has been paid out or what from that month gets put in a folder. So then I went through each pile and sorted it by month. Still having it in piles made it easier to file it by month because I could put everything a like together and paper clip it then stick it in that folder for the month. Then I had other stuff that I had to get together that didn’t have matches then recipes where they bought stuff at stores, went to eat or whatever that had to be gone through and filed. There was some stuff that just seemed like trash and didn’t really have a place at all. I finally just took the box got another smaller box and tossed all the stuff that didn’t need filed in it to let him go through and pulled everything else and sorted it all by month then went back and sorted it by what it was and filed it. I got it all done. I didn’t think it would take three hours to get it done but it did. I was shocked. But I think just because I had to get it all sorted from the other stuff and sorted all the trash out and tossed it as I was going through it. They just put the bill with all the extra trash that was with it in there and the invoice with the add’s the parts store stapled to it in there. That was 3 months ago that add is no good we don’t need it now, all they need it the paper showing what they bought and how much was spent.

We talked a little not a lot really, he told me he wasn’t worried about what time I came or went, what days I came or anything like that as long as the job got done is all he cared about. He said if I had anything with the kids to do it and take care of them and not worry about it. I have a desk with a computer and everything, he told me use it for whatever I wanted/needed, he said he had the password to get on it but the rest would probably have to be reset. He said he had quick books but had just got rid of it not long ago but if I wanted it instead he could get it back and to just let him know whatever I needed or wanted that would make the job easier or to get the job done he would get it, it wasn’t a problem. I was thinking if you could make this a full time job and not just a few hours a week this would be great or even close to full time would be great. Right now it is only about 10 hours a week probably if that.

I am going to study spreadsheets tonight, I learned them in my office class but it was a fast moving class and I need to touch up on them. My friend asked me if I could do them when she was telling me he needed someone a few hours a week to come up there. I told her I have to study up on them. I guess he wants me to because he was talking about getting quick books if I wanted it. I told him I hadn’t used it and knew some about spread sheets probably just as easy to just study the spread sheets and brush up. He said yeah he thought it was better than the program and things so I am going to do that. I hope that they have other stuff that they need someone to do other than just the filing and spread sheet. Because if that really is all he hasn’t it won’t even be 5 hours a week probably. If I could go through a box of jumbled mess with three months worth of stuff in 3 hours weekly there won’t be hardly anything to file. Not sure what he needs done on the spread sheets but probably not a lot there either once you know what you are doing. I am one just go in get the job done not piss around. Like today I didn’t stop at all why I was there until there was nothing left to do and it was time to go home by then.

I heard him say that he was going out of town for a few days I am wondering if he will need someone in the office then or not. I guess we will see. After tomorrow I am good the kids will all be out of school and I can pick up and drop the kids off at daycare anytime they are open so I can go early if need be. I am supposed to go in Friday I ask him what time he said he didn’t care so I said about 9 he said yes. I have awards with the kid at school tomorrow and supposed to help out there and they get out at 1 so I figure I just go Friday when I can work however long he needs and give me time to study up on the spread sheets.

He was talking about Wanda and Father of the year and how what they did to the kids was wrong and how they are hurting the kids and things. He said what until they find out you are working here I can hear it now. Because him and his wife are the ones that Wanda started a bunch of crap between us back a few years ago. We are just seeing what happen and what was going on. I am sure they are not inacent in it and that they have said somethings. But I am not either and did say some things because of what I was told just like they only know what they were told.

{November 14, 2016}   Need to Make Some Money

I need to find a way to get $2000 until February. Even if I had half now and half the first of the year I would be fine and could get by until I got my money in February. I have no clue how I am going to do that. I have to do it so that I do not mess up my childcare because I have to have it in January when I start school again because I will be working for one of my class. But it is unpaid. I have started applying places looking for part time seasonal help but not hearing back. I can only work like 930 to 2 Monday though Friday. I wish I could find a kid to watch at night or in the evenings when the kids get home from school. I could make $100 a week doing that. I don’t care for watching kids but if it was just for the next couple months then I could do that. But then most people want someone who is able to do it all the time not just a few months. I am putting it out there everywhere that I am looking to make extra however I can.

Right now I am really to tired to even think about it I have been up since Sunday at 10:30 am and it is now Monday and 10:30 pm. I am going to go take my pill lay down and hope I fall a sleep. I have to get kids to school and go to my appointment at 11 and then a chicken meeting and chickens after school.

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