{February 27, 2020}   Re: Court Round 2 Finally

So court with Father of the year was yesterday. Jw told them he was going to be late and went with me so I didn’t have to go alone. After the way I felt the last time I seen him. When They told him he had to pay the $2500.

We got there about 15 minutes early and I was surprised there was no one there yet. When I went the last time the place was packed standing room only. In a few minutes three other couples came in and then one other after that. They took the one back right away then called everyone else in in alphabetical order. I was 7th on the list. Two of the couples were together so there was only 3 others there. They called couple after couple back and most weren’t there. They finally called us and surprise, surprise Father of the Year wasn’t there.

I went in they had me sit where he sat last time asked my name, told me who was there. Then she looked at his address said notice was sent. I said that is still his address. She said then I am considering him serviced. She asked the lawyer for child support how far behind he was and they said $4600 and something. She said she was issuing a warrant for $2000. Asked if I had any questions. I told her no and she said okay and that was that. Jw said you were in there a minute or two if that. I said yes I know because he wasn’t here.

I was so fucking pissed off when we got out of there. He is over $4600 behind and she puts out a $2000 warrant for him!!! That is it $2000!!! He has everything handed to him and thinks that if he just walks off and don’t show up for court nothing is going to happen. What does he think the judge wouldn’t issue the warrant if he didn’t show up? My Good Friend said he bet he left town. I said no you have to have money for that and he don’t have any of that. Last night when I got off work I picked Jw up and we drove by and sure enough he was at home, company truck parked right in the driveway like always. I hope that they pick him up soon, I could really use the money. But now instead of going to court and getting someone to bring the money or give him the money he is going to have to go to jail and then hope someone gives him the money and comes and gets him.

I should call and do a welfare check on Father of the Year. Tell them we had a big meeting yesterday and he never showed up. That he normally showed up for these kind of things and I haven’t heard from him. Give them his name and address. I just hope they get him driving and his boss gets in trouble as well.


{February 21, 2020}   A Conversation With The Yard Guy

Wednesday at my night job one of the yard guys came in to clean up and take the trash out. He comes in most the time so we have gotten to know each other and we talk. He comes in and talks to me and the other guy that works with me at night.

Some how the subject of work came up he was saying that they were two guys short in the yard and was talking about how many days, hours he works and what hours. I asked him how does that work with your hours and things like that? Because I have a lot of guys ask me about jobs out there but the way the days hours were explained to me, I don’t know anyone that is going to go for it. They told me before you might work a 12 hour day but in between trucks and things you have to clock out until the next one or something else comes up that needs done. I don’t know anyone that is going to do that.

He said no you can get your full hours, you work 4 days have 3 days off. He said some guys will just work and then clock out until something else comes and sleep in their cars or what. He said but there are always things to be done always work if you want to work. If you do you can stay clocked in and get your hours.

I asked him what they pay out there? I was thinking $16 or $18 an hour. At least what I make but probably more. He said $12 and hour. I almost fell out of my chair and almost said what that’s less than I make. I caught myself and didn’t say anything. If I had that would of started an all out war around there. They are out there loading, unloading trucks, sorting everything out, packing, washing trucks, washing trailers, cleaning trash in the parking lot, they come take out all the office trash, clean the office and the bathrooms for $12 an hour. I am making $16 to answer the phone and do nothing hardly. I had just told Jw and my friend as I was walking in the door last night I was going in to watch dry paint dry some more because that is what it feels like I am doing. He said he had been there a year and half and just got a $2 raise a while back. one or two of the other guys just got a raise as well. He said but that is because they work, they stay clocked in and work not nap sleep or slack off on the clock.

I am just glad I didn’t ask to transfer to the yard like I was thinking about doing shortly after I started working there. Had I asked and they told me yeah that is $12 and hour, I would of told them they done lost their minds I would keep the job I was hired for.

But I still don’t see how he figures this all out and decides who gets what or what area makes what. But I guess I should not be surprised after all the other “math” he does in that place. None of his math makes since the way he does.

{January 10, 2020}   Court Round 2 Finally

I have been looking at the clerk’s site and child support enforcement to see when my court date is since they posted last week that they were sending a date in the mail. They have not updated them. That isn’t normal because the clerks site is updated daily and a few times a day most the time. Anytime something is done someone is updating it.

I contacted child support yesterday evening before I left to go to my other job when I could finally get through. They said that my court date is Feb the 26th at 8:30 am. I am dreading going, I have been since I seen it said they had set one and sent the letter. I hate the way I felt when I seen father of the Year last year. I don’t want to feel that way again. Bff says she will go with me but she said that last time too and didn’t. I am thinking about asking my friend I have been hanging out with if he would go with me. He knows it is coming up and that I am dreading going. I told him how it was last time.

I also asked them to check on the case with R.C because that was done back in October and they have done nothing with it since then. They said they are not sure why something wasn’t done they are waiting on a court date. She said she is going to send a paper over to the lawyer or courts and have the look into it. So hopefully they will get that going and we will go with in the next month or so as well.

Father of the year is over $3900 behind I don’t know who will give him that much money to get him out of it this time. As much as it would be nice to have the money I kind of would like to see him do some time for it this time. Maybe he will see that if he don’t pay it this will really happen. The threat wasn’t enough to make him keep paying. He figures oh well I will just borrow the money or what once it gets to that point. But maybe if he had to do time because he couldn’t get it then he would think hay maybe I should just pay it before it gets so out of hand and I can’t get the money. Probably not but wishful thinking. If he is borrowing this from his boss and his boss is taking it back weekly out of his pay check then it is taking weeks, well months to pay back. What is the difference if he just pays it to me every week and it not get so far behind and his kids have what they need. Would be much easier than not paying it, having to go to court, scramble for the money and risk going to jail or going and having to spend who knows how much time there and now risk losing your job and house and everything you have had given to you. Because we all know he didn’t get it on his own or work to get it. His boss gave him everything and now hopes he works enough to at least pay him every week.

I am going to bring that up to the judge as well why we are in court. I’m going to say to her, can I say something?When she says yes I am going to say I want to ask him some questions. He says he is working he just isn’t paying weekly like he is supposed to. He says he don’t have it to pay and don’t have the $3900 to give today. I would like to know where he is going to get the money from? Assuming he is going to have to borrow it or try to borrow it he is going to then have that to pay back weekly. How does he pay it back weekly once he gets to this point but then says that when he isn’t paying on it he can’t afford to pay me? What is the difference if it comes out and goes to someone else to borrow what he pays me when he gets to this point vs him just paying me weekly and not getting to this point and having to not only now need to pay me but also have to pay that back weekly or monthly?

I am going to also ask if we can’t get this back in court like after him missing two weeks or a months of payments not a year just about. I am going to point out the fact that he is working he admits to working and just not paying it, but that he pays it once they pull him in there and make him so he has the means, can and will just won’t. I hope it all goes well.

{June 12, 2019}   Time For A Change

Who the hell do I call, write or visit to get some fucking changes with the way they handle these fucking deadbeat dads who don’t feel the need to pay child support? May 15 we went to court and he made the payment to catch up SOME of his back pay not even all of it. Then makes one full payment and not even half of another and has paid nothing since then. He is over $700 behind just since we went to court. Not counting the back pay he still has to take care of.

I messaged them the other day after getting part of a payment and they said we JUST went to court and we had to give him and/or his boss the time to get the payment in. This was three weeks after court one and a half payments down or behind. How much time does he need to make the payment and keep them going? The $2500 back pay did not come from his pocket at all. He got it from mommy probably I don’t know don’t care. Then that very Friday he misses a payment then makes one payment and the following week makes less than half a payment and again nothing last week. But he is walking around scott free nothing being done.

I called them today and asked them what was going on. She said they sent a paper telling his boss they need him to take money out every week or to know if he isn’t working there on the 11th and they are waiting to hear back. I said the 11th was before we went to court so nothing is being done since we have been and he is still basically not making payments? Well they have to be 90 days behind she tells me. I said he is already over $700 behind I thought it was a week or month? Well at the end of JUNE if he has not made a payment then they will take action and try to collect. I said so we will go back to court or what? Oh no you have already been to court. I said and he isn’t paying still so we need to go back or something. Well no it will depend there are other actions they can take. I asked what?

Suspend his license, I said already did that in February

suspend pursonal or state licenses I said he don’t have them

Go after his tax return, I said already doing that and he don’t file he works under the table

She like well we can only do so much. I said why can’t we just take him back to court and put him in jail or threaten him or what? Because that is the only way he is going to ever pay. Well at the end of the month we will send a letter to his employer to have them take it out again and to him to see why he isn’t paying and he will have so many days to comply and then those are the steps we go through. They may send it back to court in 90 days if he don’t comply.

Why don’t they take him the first payment he misses and send a letter telling him to pay it or show up in court? If he keeps missing payments and haven to have letters sent to him they should make him come in and he should have to pay so much in advance ahead that way if he misses then the kids are not going without why it takes them so long to get him in court.

I don’t know what the right answer is or the answer is at all but I know that something has to change and they have to do something and get these guys on the line and make them see that they are going to be in and out of court and or jail if they do not pay. I am sure they will say they don’t have the money to put them in there all the time or more than every 90 days or what. But you know what if they didn’t have 15 people sitting around doing nothing waiting on people to come in their office maybe they could. Or maybe if they had 12 of them people each take so many cases and make sure that the parties are paying or sending them letters and going to court they could. Because they have no less than 15 people sitting around in the office just waiting for people to walk in and I have been there an hour or so before closing and I have been there in the middle of the day and right at closing. All hours of the day and there has never been more than me and 3 other people in there at any given time.

I have to go this Friday for the DNA test and I am going to talk to them in office and see if I can get anywhere or any more help than what I am going. If not I am going to call the judge and if I get no where from there I am going to go to the court and file papers myself and get it in front of the judge or go to the court house and wait and tell them I need to talk to the judge.

I want to message him or call him and say look I am going to their office Friday morning if you don’t want me to sign the papers to have you picked up then you need to make sure you have a payment in tomorrow so they can get it to me by Monday. If it isn’t the full $719 I will sign anyway. Just see if that scares him into paying. I also feel like going and seeing his grandma and calling his parents and saying look I know that you all paid this for him why he told you all this time he has been paying it but that you are wasting your time because he is still not paying and this much behind here is the site here is the information if you don’t believe me. I am going down to do what I have to do to get him back in court and get it paid or him in jail. Even if he goes to jail and does anytime it is going to just be a circle because the money don’t go away and I will not sign for it to he is still going to have to pay and it is just going to keep adding up why he is in there. maybe they will get on his ass and make him pay. because the last thing they want is for one of their kids to be in jail. That looks bad on them. If he goes I am going to make sure everyone knows too.

But most of all I just want some things changed and them to do something about this before 90 days and for all these parents men and women to get the help they should be. Not stuglling to get by and doing without and their kids doing without because they are not doing anything. Because I can tell you if it comes down to going to jail or paying many, many, many of these guys would pay. And if they knew that after just one or two weeks of missing a payment they were going to be jerked back in there and have to pay anyway or go to jail they would. It would only take a few times of making them get there and paying a lump sum to get caught up or spending some time in the jail that they would make sure if they had to sell their ass on the corner they got their child support paid. But they know now they rack up all this they have to pay a little chunk then make no more payments for months or years and nothing is done until next time they pay a little chunk and walk off again. I think if we done this half or more would get their money in and their kids would be getting the money they need and not doing without.

I am going to spend the next few days figuring out who i need to call write and go see to get something done because this is not working. If someone don’t raise enough hell and let them get away with doing things the way they are then they are not going to change the way they go after these guys either.

Until then I am going to make his life hell as well because I now as of Monday have a lot of free time in the mornings I will be watching him and reporting him when he gets in the company truck and is driving, I will be letting his boss and family know like I said that he isn’t bothering to pay. I am so done and so over it all I don’t even care anymore, what anyone thinks or feels or says about it all.

So today I was messaging with BFF and sje asked if I had my truck fixed. I told her no. She said……. Sleeping Beauty said he can fix it but when u get money he wants paid for it and how much u going to pay him?

I never even replied. I should tell her I will pay him $200 then when it is brought up later tell him I will give it to him as soon as he gives me the $200 he owes me.

Or message her back amd tell her tell him $200 and we will call it even for what he owes me.

The nerve he has he makes the same as me at one job and a $1 less than me when he does the other. Pays no one nothing and has nothing to show for it, lives for free and knows he owes me money and the jam I am in right now and say that. I am sure he will say something about it to me I am going to tell him just that, what about the money you owe me? I don’t live for free or off people and take advantage of people.

If I had all the money that Father of the year owes me, Sleeping Beauty and others owe me I be fine not have to worry about anything for a while. Then they all walk around like they do why I struggle. Want talk about what you going to pay me? I like to pay them something alright the two of them for sure.

My boss at the knife place said he was trying to get a friend to come take care of my truck this weekend. I sure hope they do. I have not heard from them at all today and now it is storming. He said today then this weekend. I am so stressed because if I don’t get it done by tomorrow I am sunk. I don’t know who to ask. I could just cry right now.

{April 11, 2019}   Wow Post 3

I think this is the biggest wow post yet. I was surprised it was even said to me.

Bff called me earlier and was talking to me and we were talking about last night and everything going on. She said they went outside because she was telling him that he was talking about his background and drugs and all that. I told her I was questioned last night why they were outside. About what and what her oldest said to me.

I said to her what are you doing? she said I don’t know. Living on the edge I guess. I said why are you doing this? She said I don’t know I don’t know why. I said because you don’t want to be alone, you don’t want to be there by yourself. Didn’t really say anything just I don’t know or something. I said but your going about this all wrong. She said I don’t know what to do or how this happen.

I said why is here there anyway? She said what I said why is he staying at your house anyway? How did that happen. She said I was just trying to help him out. I said how? She said he needed a place to stay he is just a friend. I said no he didn’t. She said what? I said he did not need a place to stay. He had a places to stay. She said no he didn’t. I said he was at his moms and he was supposed to stay down the street in the camper at his friends house. I said that was were he was supposed to go when he came up there. So he had a place to stay. She sounded like she didn’t know what to say, she said I don’t know, I don’t know how this happen or why he is here.

I was surprised, shocked that she said he didn’t have a place to stay she was helping him. She knows I know better than that. Yeah he got thrown out of his moms but he already was lined up to move down the street. He had been planing on moving down there before he ever got thrown out at his moms so he had a place to stay. He made that plan when we all went out the 27th of February.

Then she tells me how he isn’t there, she says she gave him $10 this morning because she thought he was going to work but that he got called out the rest of the week. He hasn’t worked all week so far. She don’t know where he went or with who. She said she asked him if he was going to be there with the kids this afternoon/evening because she had to go back to work. He told her he didn’t know when he would be home.

I said interesting, all of a sudden he has a few dollars and he disappears, can’t say where he is, when he is going to be back or what he is doing or with who? Hum, he left over the weekend he told you where he was going and with who and all that then called you to come get him. Funny he don’t want anyone to know anything now. I said I was thinking it been a little while since he had gotten anything how was he doing without it. She didn’t say anything.

I said why are you paying everything for him everywhere and everything and giving him money? She said he hadn’t gotten his second check yet or something. I said oh he has another check coming? For working on the houses. She said I don’t know what he has or what. I think he had another check there somewhere. I said then why hasn’t he went and gotten it? She said I don’t know I think he has one I don’t know what he has. I said so no ones home he has an excuse to get someone to pick him up he is going to go get that check. She said what? I said yeah that is why he dont’ want no one to know who he is with what he is doing. He going to go get that check and get his fix. You have been home yall have been to the bank out to eat and all over the place and oldest has been home and could take him to get it he hasn’t asked you too but lets you spend and pay for everything for him. But as soon as there is no one there to take him anywhere he disappears.

Earlier when she was saying she didn’t know how or why it happen. I said I did and she didn’t want to be there alone and I said he just looking for a free place to stay and someone to pay for whatever he can get them to pay for. I said your doing it. She bought him two or three drinks or more last night they been out to dinner earlier that night she bought 3 or 4 there. He is drinking a lot lately. Maybe because he isn’t getting the other I don’t know. She again just kept saying I don’t know I just don’t know.

{April 5, 2019}   No Motivation To Write

I don’t know what is wrong with me. The other day I sat down and wrote I don’t know how many post in just a few days. Then we get to the last few days and It has taken me two days to write my last post. I started it Wednesday night, worked on it yesterday a few minutes here and there and finally sat down and finished it today. Not that I didn’t have anything I wanted to write about, I just haven’t been able to keep focused and do it. I am sitting here at work doing nothing and figure I will write like I have the last few days but can’t. I sit here and find everything else to do or just sit here blankly looking at the computer unable to force myself to write.

I just have no motivation, I just want to sleep and can’t stay on track of what I am trying to do. I am also so bored out of my mind I am tired of doing the same old same for days. This is the end of week three of my new job and working all day and all evening. It has been so unbelievably slow at both jobs for the most part that I am just sitting for about 13 hours a day behind a desk in front of a computer. With nothing to do but sit. It is really starting to get to me.

I really need to get on a better sleep and eating track. I am hardly eating and I am starting to feel it. I am not sleeping because I don’t get home until so late then have to wind down and things before I fall a sleep so I’m not sleeping until 3 or 4 in the morning and then up by 7. The weekend we are going and doing stuff, I am getting a little extra sleep but not much. I am so sore from head to toe it isn’t even funny. I just want to cry. I don’t know anymore.

Don’t get me wrong I love my jobs and very glad to have them. I just need to figure out how to balance it all still. It don’t normally take this long but I haven’t been working like this sine I was in my 20’s. I didn’t have kids and all that to take care of and worry about. I feel so old right now it’s not eve funny.

{March 27, 2019}   A New Phone

I am not sure if I told you all or not but last week I asked the owners at my first job to order me a new phone. I told them this one will not update, is getting burning hot and I had to take it out of the case. Now it is cracked across the back and the screen is shattered because I dropped it. It is so small and the shape of it makes it hard to hold on to.

I found my phone I had before this on ebay and sent them the link. It is $120 vs. $900 they wanted at at&t when I stopped in there. I like the phone better. Pop’s thinks they should be paying for it and taking care of it. I just told them to take it out of my check each week. They said okay, but who knows what they will really do.

But then the one who would order it asked me a few days later about it and asked if I was just set on that one or what. I told him yes how much the others were that one does everything I need and has a long lasting battery. He said okay. Well I still haven’t gotten a phone yet. I don’t know if he decided to do something else or if he forgot. I hate asking but I would like to know what is going on. I was going to order a case and screen protector for it. But I do not want to waste the money on it if they aren’t ordering it or waiting or getting something else. If they don’t okay the price of something else with me first I’m not paying for it.

I was going to ask today but with all the bad weather no one really came in. The one did for like 5 minutes and left. I am going to ask him tomorrow if he ordered it or if he is still going to? Just tell him I am ordering things for it but didn’t want to if I wasn’t getting it. Or not right now i could use that money for something else.

That way if he forgot maybe he will go ahead and do it. Or i may just ask him if he wants me to order it since its all logged in with all the info and everything needed on my computer. We ship things back and forth through ebay with people who buy services.

I have no sercice here at my new job with this phone. I don’t know if it is location and building or if it is phone not working. I figure it is a little bit of everything. It drives me crazy I can’t do anything on my phone or I have to go outside.

Last night when I got to  work there were a handful of the days guys there and the owner was still there as well. They left and in a little bit the owner came in and he sat down and was talking to me and the guy training me. He asked how I liked it so far and what I thought. I told him I liked it so far and it didn’t seem like something I couldn’t handle and do or mind doing.

He sat and talked for a while and about everything. He was talking about how even though they are going “over the road” they still get their home time and the pay is still good and doing extra little things for them to help them out and things to keep them and make it worth it to them. Even if it wasn’t the ideal freight to haul and deal with it was worth it.

He said something about how some of them had all these other jobs and jump from one to the other and get ripped off and screwed by so many of these companies and things. I said yeah people say oh I have had so many jobs and things. I said but I am always looking to move up and or better myself and so if I can’t do it here I move on to over there if the chance comes. I said and then I have had some that it comes down to the bullshit outweighs the pay and it is time to move on. I said like when I did fast food I decided to just not go back in one day because I decided that it was better to leave on my own than to be escorted out.

He looked and said something and the guy training me looked like he didn’t know what to say at first. In a second he laughed and said yeah your right the bullshit starts outweighing the pay it is time to walk. The owner said and that is what we are trying to keep from happening here. He said because it is nasty at times there is bullshit at times but we don’t want it to be not worth it to the drivers. We want to take care of them and help them and if they do a little extra or something then I will through them a little extra on their check. He said it is just taking care of your employee’s.

He said I have one guy has been here for 18 years, he came in at 30 something didn’t have any teeth. He said he would always turn away when he laughed or smiled or cover his mouth and things. He said I have a friend he makes the teeth for the dentist around here. He said we were talking one day he said hey I can do the impressions and all that and make them for like $900 if he don’t have any. He said so I sent him over there and had it done. You wouldn’t believe how much that changed him.

He said actually right now I am working on getting two more sets made for a couple of the guys out there right now. He said they are talking about how much it is going to change their lives and things. He said I wouldn’t have thought something like that would be so life changing but it is. He said I could of just gave them $900 to do whatever with or for doing the extra or going that extra mile but it isn’t the same when you take the time and do something for them instead. He said they have to feel that we care and that they matter. I said yeah I know what you are talking about.

He said something about them calling in and being their concealer and things like that. He said but it makes a huge difference if you just talk to them for a bit help them see things from a different view or give them some ideas of how to handle whatever is going on. He said it might be a crisis in their life at the time they are in a truck not home and this or that is going on, your their life line. I said I have had crisis intervention. He said oh your a huge asset to this company you just moved to upper management.

He was talking about how they have dysfunctions and things and we all do but theirs are a little more extreme or they don’t know how to deal with them or want to deal with them and things. I said it is how they deal with them is a lot of it. He said yes. How they are loners and don’t want to deal with people be with people or part of a family or tribe. He said even the worse of the worse really do. I said well I have had psychology and abnormal psychology as well. I said I have taken all those kinds of classes. He said you should have no problem getting along with the guys and dealing with them your are rounded and can see where they are coming from and things. He said I think your voice will be better than hearing one of ours over all whatever it is going on anyway.

He was talking about growing and moving the building across the street I guess having one built over there. It is like a dirt driveway really he owns that as well. He said we have the work we are turning work down everyday because we don’t have the trucks and drivers to haul it. He said I could add 20 or 30 trucks tomorrow and have them all on the road with no problems. But I don’t have the drivers to put in them. He said I am trying to up the pay and get more drivers so that I can get more trucks up and going. He said because work isn’t the problem we have it and can get it easy.

I let him know I like the job and that why I hadn’t done much but listen and things I did not think it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t handle and that I planed to stay. He made a comment about seeing if I liked it there and if they felt it was a good fit before they spent a bunch of time and things to train me. One of the other guys said something along the same lines. I wanted them to know I had no plans of leaving and that I wanted to get trained and start doing more as soon as I could.

I think because it is a bunch of guys they are worried. They aren’t use to having a women in there working with them so closely I guess. There are the others in the office but they I don’t really deal with them on a one or one taking care of their problems kind of thing like I am. There are 7 or 8 of us doing my job and the are all guys. But like I told them I am not bothered by that at all. I am use to working with guys and really like I have said here before would rather to. They are just easier to get a long with and deal with most the time. They either like you or they don’t. If they don’t they aren’t giving you no mind, they will deal with you when they have to and forget about you when they don’t. With women it is different they don’t like you or you piss them off they get all catty and things. I don’t deal with that. I will say something and just hurt feelings and piss people off more. The guys they get pissed about something in a few minutes they have forgotten or gotten over it if not they will have by tomorrow or they will give you shit and you go on from there. Most time. You will have a few here and there that will get butt hurt and oh well your not the only one that has a problem with them anyway and everyone knows how they are.

I told him things I need to make it easier for me and to know what is going on. He said they don’t have a lot written down because he don’t want things getting out to other companies and things like that. I am just going to tell the guy who is training me tonight, look I really need to have this, this, and this in order to really understand what is going on and be able to do my job and help these guys when they call in. So I need you to help me get this put together so that I can do what I need to do. I can put it in a folder or leave it on the computer. Right now I don’t have a desk or anything. I am using someone’s desk that leaves before I get there and we are sharing the computer. I guess I will have a desk when the guy who is training me leaves. Because they have no extra ones right now. I hope I get his I like where it is and how it is set up. It is over in the corner by it’s self. the rest are lined up your elbow to elbow with everyone. The one I am working at now is like that. Even though there isn’t anyone there next to me at night I don’t like the set up. I just want mine over in the corner I can be left alone.

{March 13, 2019}   I Got The Job

Tuesday morning at 8:30. I go up and got ready and headed down there a little after 7:30. I wasn’t sure how the drive was going to be going down there seeing as it would be work traffic and school traffic. I was a little worried I was going to be late because of it. I ended up getting on 95 at my exit instead of the one I planed to use. I thought on the way there that that the way I was going to go I would run into 3 school zones.

I ended up getting there at 8:10 and going in shortly after that. I was in before 8:15. I went in and told them I was there for an interview they asked with who? I told them and she said oh, he isn’t even here. I said well it isn’t until 8:30, I am early. She said let me text him and remind him. He showed up about 8:40 a.m. He took me in and we talked for a while.

They transport mostly seafood in and out of the state. They travel to 30 states doing this. He said they have a big mix of guys mostly family guys. He said some have some impairments and things. He said we are a group of misfits really. Then he says tell me about you. I picked you because you have such an assortment of jobs and training. Bail bonds, dv services, sales and repo. You seem like you are or would be good fit here with our array of different people. I never really got to tell him anything about myself because he went on talking from there. (Interviews with guys are so easy. Because they do talk so much. You don’t have to say much they ask something and keep talking or answer their own questions.) Anyway when we first went in he said your a busy women, working two jobs. How long have you been doing that? I said um forever. I laughed and said well about three years.

He said aomething. I didn’t want to say it but I finally did. I had a pretty good feel for him. I said the thing is I am a single mom of 4 kids and I do it all on my own I get no child support or help. So I have to in order to get by. So I am use to it, it is not something I am just starting or trying or doing for the time being. I have to have two to get by.

He said you seem to be determined and a go getter, well organized. He said I can place an add looking for help and get tons of responses but not a lot with substance. He said why sometimes I like to just go look at resumes people have posted putting their self out there. He ask how that was posting like that. I told him not bad you get a lot of do you want to make $100 for an hour or other perverts and things. But that I found the job I am at now that way and one other I did part time for a bit. He said yeah when I call adds like that I make sure to leave my full name and company name things like that. So people know it is a real opportunity.

He gave me the application at the end of the interview told me to fill it out scan and email it back to him he would get the ball rolling on the background check and all that. He said the only thing that will keep you from getting the job would be a felony charge. I said I have none. I have no charges for anything. He said good I just like to be straight and upfront with people. I said no I understand. I asked when he wanted someone to start? He ask how soon I could start? I said how is Monday? He said that would be great.

He said I will have a month to month and a half of training with the person I am replacing. He said he is buying his own truck and going over the road. He said we want to make sure we train you good and figure that in that time just about any situation that could happen or come up probably will. He said if your on your own and something comes up you don’t know or not sure about then you call one of the day shift people or me. I’m always around and don’t mind helping.

He took me and introduced me to the guys that do the job in the day time and the ladies in the front office. Not sure what they do. There are three of them and then his wife does accounts. There were 4 or 5 guys in the back and then there is the one I will be working with he comes in at 2 I think. So, I didn’t meet him yet. The one guy was older 50’s I am guessing. One I am guessing early to mid 30’s and then 3 that are I am guessing mid to late 20s. They look like the Sand Lot or um gosh I can’t think of the other movie, its right there too. Misfits fits them for sure. But it is cool that he gives everyone a chance or considers everyone not just dismiss them because of a impairment or the way they dress, look or what.

When we were talking before he took me out to meet everyone he said it was 25 hours a week $16 an hour. I was figuring what I was making at the car lot maybe $9 for what I am going to be doing. I was trying to decide if it would be worth it to drive 20 miles there and back and in the night. When he said that I was like it will be more than worth it really. I will make more in 25 hours than I make in 35 at my day job. But between the two I should do pretty well. I think they will take away about $170 of the check that I get for my oldest son, but that is okay. I will still be able to keep the bills paid on time and not run a month or two behind, once I get caught up. I will have money I can put away and save as well in case the truck breaks down the kids need things or anything like that.

I went to pick my check  up at the lot and tell them that I was going to be leaving. I didn’t know if I would be finishing out the week or not because I didn’t know how it was going to go when I told them. I picked my check up from Sim and asked if T was in. He said yeah he was upstairs. I went up there knocked on the door and told him I needed to talk to him. I went in and sat down. I just told him I got another job I was going to be starting Monday. He asked if I was or could finish out the week there. I told him yes if he wanted me to I would. I still don’t know if I am going to do Saturday or not. But I have not told them that. He asked if I told Sim I told him no he said he would talk to him and have them put up a listing. I went down and told Sim I just figured I should tell the other first.

The one guy came up when I was talking to Sim we were joking and talking. I said I am going to be night support to the truck drivers who are out and run into problems. The sales guy said yeah the things you are going to be dealing with or they are going to be calling you for was making jokes about having lot lizards in the truck and things. I walked out to the show room and was talking to the girl that does collections and things. We were laughing and joking she said wait your leaving and then the sales guy said wait your leaving it isn’t on your days off or what? I said no it’s Monday through Friday 5-10. I get away from the Saturdays and I get to have two days a week off with my kids and have a life.  They understood. I am sure I am the talk of the lot right now and will be the next few days. No one asked why or anything like that. I have no problem telling them. But if I am going to work the next few days I don’t want to say anything really. If or when they ask I am going to tell them. They don’t like it to bad they need to change things.

I need to find a small truck to drive back and forth. I want to get started and start saving and getting things caught up. I figured out even if I made payments I could pay a few months at a time and get it paid off really quick. But I would rather save and buy something cash outright. I don’t want to make payments. But I need to get something before my truck breaks down and I have to get all that way to and from work. I am thinking about trying to sell mine for whatever I can get and just making payments for a month or two. I don’t know. I have to figure something out.

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