{February 11, 2017}   A Night at Home Depot

Last nights post that didn’t get posted I just found.

I took the kids to school hung out there until about 12 and then picked my friend up. We took the cage back to Tractor Supply and I got my money back, we then went to two feed stores and the pet store looking for a cage. They didn’t have anything that would really work. The girl at the pet store knew all about the pigs because her sister has some and she takes care of them and works for the pet store. She said first thing make a cage much cheaper. Then she was showing me hutches on line what ones would be good for them and what ones wouldn’t. Hutches on line start at around $75. I thought surely the feed store would have one and maybe a little cheaper since it wasn’t being shipped. It says free shipping but you know they have it figured into the price any how. Nope they didn’t have a one. Tractor Supply had one but it was $120 and after the two cages I got there I was not taking it home getting it out to find that something was missing or broken. We went to two pet stores and two feed stores not one pet store. I told my friend I could take some pallets and make a cage and she laughed at me. She said you see where the one you just unfold and snap together in one minute is that is going to take longer. I don’t see you doing that. And the girl at the one store made a good point they are going to be heavy. I told her that I knew it would take longer but I could plan.

I dropped her off picked up the rest of the kids and came home. We sat here for a little bit and I decided to go over to Home Depot and see what it would cost to buy stuff to make my own hutch. I knew I could do it wit the pallets but I don’t have saws to cut it and I don’t want to take them all apart and things. It is just to much work trying to gather them take them apart and all that. We walked around there for a while looking at different wood, things to use for a bottom, sides, legs and all that. We were checking prices to see if it would be cheaper to build one or to buy one as well. We finally decided what we wanted and I looked for the guys I had seen walking around there and who had answered a few questions for us, I couldn’t find them. This guy came up and asked if we needed help. I told him we needed wood and needed it cut. He said could do all that.

We ended up with 3-2×4’s one longer skinnier piece it’s nothing big just to hold things up really I think is what they are used for. I have some at home but I do not have a way to cut them so since they were only 87 cent I got one. I had him cut two of the 2×4’s into 3 two foot pieces so that I had 6 of them. I had him cut the other in half at 4 foot so I have two of them also. The other strip i had him cut me 4 2 foot strips out of it as well. We ran into a few problems because they were supposed to be 8 ft long 2×4’s and they weren’t. He ended up cutting two different ones to get me the two 4 ft pieces I needed and putting what was left in the messed up wood pile. Then with the other we had to cut one of the 2 ft pieces off of one of the ones that went in the messed up wood pile from the 4 ft ones. Like I told him if they are 96 inches that is 8 ft then they are coming out at 6 ft or somewhere in between 6 and 8. It clearly said they were 8 and one we got was but they didn’t have anymore 8’s on the rack but that spot was full of wood with that size and tag. He said don’t worry about it we will use what we have to do get you the pieces we need because this isn’t right they put it up like this. That is when he got the extra pieces and cut the other out of it. The boards were even said on all their stickers that they are 2x4x8 so not just the sign was wrong but each ticket for the register was tagged that way. He said they come in that way they just stock the shelf. I said so how many people buy this stuff get it home and then short and have to spend money to get more when they already paid for what they needed and was told that is what they got? He said I know I said then they want me to buy more than what I need to get what I need when the tag says I already have it with these three I picked. He said that’s why I am just cutting what you need out of whatever it takes and charging you for what it says. Neither of us were rude about it or anything like that just talking how messed up it was people are being told it was one thing and it isn’t.

He laid it all out and finally got it all cut up he talked and joked with the kids the whole time he was doing it and things. They talked about what animals they have and all that stuff. He got done cutting it all and asked if that was all we needed? I told him I needed screws to put it together where would I find them and what ones would be best. He said he could help me find screws and we went over to get them him and the kids just talking away a mile a minute. He said I feel like I have met you all before I know yall from from where. In a minute he said did you ever shop at Wal Mart in X? I said it’s right by my house so all the time. He said you were the little girl that was all upset and crying and I was asking you why you was crying and why you weren’t happy? Talking to Little Bitty, he said I use to work there for a little bit and now I’m here. He asked what kind of screws I wanted? I told him I had no idea just whatever was cheapest that would get the job done and not fall apart? He laughed. I told him it was for the kids that I was trying to build them one to save them money and we aren’t trying to do anything over the top of fancy just simple and done. He found some and made sure they would go through both boards good and have a good fit. We went to go up to the front and the kids said bye and thank you and things. He said oh I’m going with you. He had said he got off at 8 so I figured he was just walking up to the front so he could clock out and go home. We were walking along the kids were still chatting up a storm with him. When he said he was going with us my Big Boy 11 year old said you can come to visit but you can’t stay!! I guess he thought he meant that he was going home with us not just upfront with us. I don’t know what made him say that he never said something like that before. As we are walking to the front and they are talking he ask what time it was I said little after 8 he said oh I’m off see you later and kind of ran off then turned around and came back said just joking. The kids were laughing. Then he starts talking and says maybe we could all meet at a park or something and play some Pokemon Go or hang out have lunch. My older kids said we don’t play that. He said you don’t play Pokemon? Why? They said we don’t have phones mom says we can’t have them until we have jobs and pay for them our self. He said good, good job mom and gave me a high five. They started talking he said maybe we could go to the movies or something like that. I went to get in line and he said no come up here with me. I wondered why because the guy was leaving and the line was clear. He took us to the service desk and ask the lady there if she would take care of us and to something for him. She said okay and came around ringing our stuff up for us. Then she told me it would be $26 and some change. I had slid my card and already and she pushed for it to go through then stopped it fast and said no that isn’t right hold on. She pulled the order back up and started doing something it came down to $24 and change she said no wait why isn’t this working and started doing something else. She said okay there you go it is good now. I looked as I slid my card trying to figure out what she had done, it said my total was just over $21. He had said he had to go get clocked out because he was on overtime and would get in trouble. He came back up there when he was done and we were still there. He asked her if she had taken care of us for him. She said yes, I didn’t look at it but I guess he had her give us his employee discount.

When we first went back to cut the wood I had ask him how much it was to get it cut because I knew the first two cuts were free but the charge after that. But I have never had them charge me before, I wanted to know so I could figure out how many cuts, how much a cut and all so I could add it into the over all price of the cage. He said it’s free, and we got the wood and went back. My oldest said oh mom it says it is 25 cent a cut after the first cut. He stopped and looked at her and said do you think I am going to charge your mom to cut this for her really? He said besides that what time is it? She said 715. He said and I get off in 45 minutes I am cutting all this for you all ready do you really think I want to stand around and fill out all that paperwork it takes to charge for them? He said not me we do more than two cuts all the time and don’t charge most them I’m not charging you all your already spending money and all.

So now I have everything I need to put it together and it is all cut out but the bottom I have to cut. Other than that I just have to drill the holes and screw it together. Hopefully I will get that done tomorrow.

{February 7, 2017}   Not A Lot Going On

It’s been a pretty uneventful day, I picked up my friend R that I haven’t gotten to see much lately and we went to pick up my guns I had pawned. After that we picked up my friend J. We went and got lunch and stopped at the pet store for Little Bitty to see the animals. She has her eye on this one little guinea pig. It’s the only girl they have left and she is still there all alone. He said he has more coming in on Thursday but no one has bought her yet. I don’t know how long she has been there either. I know most the time they are sold out but they had her and two boys.

After I dropped my friend off that lives up by the pet store we dropped J back off, I had to pick all the other kids up at school and take them to the doctor. Three are sick the one that has been complaining the most and not going to school or leaving early she said has nothing wrong with her. I don’t know what is up with her lately. She said her ears are hurting and have bee’s in them. The doctor said they look great nothing at all wrong but my Little Guy has an ear infection starting in one ear. He hasn’t even been complaining about his ears or anything just coughing a lot.

Big Boy she said needs to get his eyes checked, but we already knew that. I took him because school said something about the cough. Plus the other night he told us sometimes I feel like my brain explodes and there is stuff running or dripping in my head!! WHAT??? But he never felt it was something to tell us about, why I don’t know. She thinks it is headaches, said it could be his eyes, could be his allergies, could be his sugar dropping to low. She said they like to start with eyes and work from there if it don’t go away. I already know he needs his eyes checked because of our talk at school about skipping things, holding his paper close and things like that. But the way he described how his head felt is crazy. He will tell me when he has a headache or something but he has never said that is how it feels.

We thought we had a chicken meeting tonight but then released it was next week. We ran got something for dinner tonight and tomorrow and came home. We had dinner and now are going to bed. I don’t know what it is lately we I have been wanting to go to bed before it’s even dark out. I have been sleeping. I am sick too so that may be it as well. I have this cough and tonight I started sneezing and my nose won’t stop running. I have to go to class tomorrow I can’t miss class. I don’t know what I am going to do if I still feel like this. I guess take something and hope that it don’t knock me out.  My tonsil is swollen huge on the left side the other day my right one was and had a blister on it. It has went down and this side is bothering me. I feel like I have something laying in my throat back there it bothers it more. My mouth is so dry and red all irritated looking on that side all around. I have to call and change my doctor tomorrow and hope I can get into the clinic so that I can get my medications refilled. I am trying to decide what to do about my gallbladder. Not sure if I want to get it out or just leave it there and hope it don’t happen again. Right now I wish my tonsil was out. It is just really bothering me. My mouth is itching all over on that side, I think from the swelling I am not sure.

I have been looking for a cage for the kids new pets we are supposed to get but can’t find one the size they need or even close to a good size for them. I am going to look around and see if I can find something and make our own. I have some ideas floating around I just have to see if I can find the things I want to make it and see if what i am thinking will work.

I guess I am going to go to bed if I can get this kid to her bed without waking her up. She is back to wanting to sleep in my bed again all the time. It was only once every 8 to 10 days, the last few nights it has been every night. I take her out she comes back in the middle of the night. I am hurting and sick I don’t want to be laid on and kicked hit all night from her rolling all over. She is upside down in the bed right now and has all my blanket rolled up together sleeping on top of it. I am thinking about getting up and taking the kids to breakfast in the morning but I don’t know if I will get up in time or not or how I will feel. If I am still feeling like this I will probably take the extra hour or so of sleep instead of getting up early to get ready and go there. Maybe take them another morning. The therapist text and said her kid and husband has had this for over a week and now she has it so she is cancelling the next two days. I don’t think she works on Friday so she will have the weekend as well. I hope she gets over it. She told me last Thursday her son had not been to school all week at that point and was going to the doctor the next day. Then today said they were still sick and she was. The older kids school said that they have three kids out really sick with all this stuff too. I know one of them have been out for a week or more now. I just pray we don’t get whatever that is they all have. This sinus thing is more than enough for me. I don’t know if I can handle them all sick with anything worse. I feel like now I want to sleep but at the sometime don’t want to lay down and go to sleep I am thinking of a million and one things I could do or want to do.


{January 27, 2017}   What Have I Done

I am sure I have talked about the rule in my house of no pets in cages until your old enough to take care of them clean the cage on your own along with feed water them and whatever else they need on your own. Well my little’s 3.5 and 6 yo want guinea pigs and I told them the same no pets in cages unless you can take care of it on your own. Then my oldest saved her money and bought herself birds. They had the wonderful idea of if we save our money can we get guinea pigs? Sure if you can save enough to get them, their cage, water, food, bedding and everything else they need then you can get them. I figure no way will they be able to save that much for a while. At least until Mr.6 is a little older and that would make her a little older as well. Maybe not as old as I would like but old enough if they do it then they should between the two be able to handle them. Wishful thinking there, between the two of them they have saved $189 it will be $214 by the time she has her birthday in April if not more depending on who all gives her money. My 3.5 yo old has right now $100 and Mr.6 has $89 he spent some of his before he decided this idea.

Father of The Years parents send them $25 gift cards for their birthday and Christmas. Little Bitty has hers from the last two years just sitting her saved because she really didn’t need anything and has more than enough toys. She heard me telling the other kids how much they had and she wanted to know if how much money she had. I told her and she asked if that was a lot? Then her brother said we have a lot and we have even more together we can get our guinea pigs. Since they are very social animals and should be in pairs or more they decided to each get one and split the cost of everything. I asked Little Bitty who was going to clean the cage she said she would get toilet paper and clean the poop out of it and feed him lots of yummy food.

I am now left to research more about them and figure out the easiest and best way to care for them. They need a really good sturdy cage so the dogs can’t get to them. I found one that would probably work perfect for that on craigslist for about $100. I figured if they still had it when I got my money I would ask them if they still had it and try to get it for a little less for them. It has two stores and on wheels should be plenty of room for them to roam around in and play. I am going to try to put a little box in and see if they can litter train them. I have read where you can. That should keep the cleaning process a lot easier if we can do that. With them being so little I will probably just take a cardboard flat and put in there so all they have to do is take it and throw it away instead of messing with keeping a little pan clean and not spelling. I think I am going to make room in our very back room for them and the birds so they are not taking up my living room and maybe the fish too. I want to put the frogs in my big tank but I am not sue as big as my sucker fish has gotten . I am thinking about making it into a area for the kids to go play but not a play room for say. I still have all my books cases out there and have no where for them so they have to stay out there. But we have taken a desk out of there and some other things could come out. If they do then I can put the animals back there and make a area for them to sit and read or do school work or play. I will need a rug for back there and I don’t know what else.

Big boy is still saving for a Tortoise and has about $80 but he still has a little ways to go for all that he is going to need between a heat light, house and cage for the yard and other things. He wants to have it inside at first and that is fine but he needs to know how long he is going to be able to keep it inside before it has to go outside because it gets to big. They told us they double in size every few months for so many years. Even if he can keep it inside for a while he needs to figure out how big it is going to get the first year to two years and have a cage big enough for it to grow into so he has time to save for what it needs next. He wants this thing so that he can have a pet for years to come. It could out live him. He said he was going to leave it to his older sister if it does so she could take care of it since she wants to be a vet. Then he said he would will it to his grand kids if they promise to take care of it and keep it. I just hope that when he gets it that it really does live to be pretty old and nothing happens to it right away he will be devastated he has wanted it for so long.

I am just having a little anxiety attack that my little ones maybe getting pets so soon. I even asked Mr.6 if he would rather take his money and go to Down Town Disney and spend the day instead of getting a pet and he said no. He said that would be fun for a little bit but then his money would be gone and he wouldn’t have anymore fun. But if he got his pet he would have them for a long time and could play with them and love them and have fun with them all the time.

{May 11, 2015}   Dare I Say It

I have had my frogs for 1 year this month. I got them for mothers day last year.I started out with 2 Roxy and Trevor then added a third last year sometime. I also redone their tank. I put in different rocks and some little figures decorations along with the pots. IMG_20150511_204610 This was feeding time tonight. That’s what is floating at the top of the tank.





I haven’t gotten to spend to much time watching them lately with the holidays and then all that has been going on this year. But my little bitty has taken a interest in them more. She pulls her little chair up and makes sure it is pushed in good. Then she stands up on it and watches them. We feed them together and she just chatters away to them. They have gotten to where they are starting to come to the front of the tank and swimming around when they see her even when it isn’t feeding time.

I am sure I will be spending more time watching them once I get everything going with school and things. I will probably be studying in the living where they are. I am going to be moving things around as well. They will be in a better spot to watch them.

IMG_20150511_204645Just chilling about to catch some food.








This one I think was taken a few weeks a go. 20150306_020929Yeah because the pot in the middle back is standing up. I don’t know how they got it knocked over. Crazy things move or knock everything over. The poor turtle was sitting up as well they knocked him over right away. When the pot in the back was sitting up and the turtle in there, my kids said it looked like a scene from the first Mario Brothers game. Where you could go down in the cans and fight off the turtles. The frogs would get down in the pot then pop up out of it.

They really are such low matnice pets I can’t believe how easy it has been to take care of them and keep them alive. Easier than beta fish even. I think I have cleaned the tank 4 times. We have went through so many beta fish it isn’t even funny. We had I think 6 in just a few months. The kids just won two the other week and with in a day one got killed. My little bitty tried to give it a bubble bath and poured body wash in the vase. My sons is still alive but he put it up on a shelf on the wall where she couldn’t reach it. But even the others we didn’t do anything to them. We put them in a 2 gallon tank feed them. They died. Best Christmas present ever, NOT. But my frogs really are a pretty awesome gift. And great for someone who don’t have a lot of time to keep up with a pet but wants one.

{July 24, 2013}   R.I.P. Freddie

Freddie seemed ok yesterday but by the time evening came he seemed worse than when we first found him hurt. He didn’t seem like he could move his back legs for some reason. This morning after I dropped Ex at worked and picked up the girl I watch I got my dad to go with me to see what we could get done for him. I took him to the local shelter they were rude and no help. I stopped at the vets office they said by talking to them they couldn’t do anything. I tried to take him to a rescue they were shut down and gone. They told me I could take him to the north shelter but they wouldn’t be open til 12pm tomorrow. I had to go about half way to the shelter to take my dad home we were talking about it. I said they have to have someone there to take care of the animals and they have cages they have to have someone who checks them even when they are closed. I figured if I put him in one they would find him take care of him. When we got there a girl was by the door inside doing some stuff. she seen me and unlocked the door. She said since he was a pet I had to come back tomorrow and do a owner surrender and sign for him. I told her I needed to do it now and what was wrong and that they couldn’t just let him suffer til then to please do something for him they were my last resort. She asked the other lady they let me in and did the paper work. I felt so bad for him. The lady their said them and the winner dogs are two of the worse pets for kids because they are so long and their backs they hurt them easy even if they aren’t being ruff with them. I feel so bad he hurt himself mote. If I had known that could happen I wouldn’t have tried to see if he could get better first. I had him in a big 10 gallon rubber maid bin with a towel. They had already said they were going to do it they wouldn’t leave him sit to suffer they would do it right a way. after i signed the paper she asked if I wanted to keep the bin. I said yes then thought about it and told them no. I knew they would take him in the bin do what they were going to do and bring me the bin back and it would be empty it would be done. I almost started to cry i said no yall just keep it pet him some and left.

I don’t know how they do their job. God knows I couldn’t do it. They just talk about it like its nothing. The lady ask the one girl if she ever did a rabbit. she said no but ive done ferrets and things. its probably like that I would think. So the women tells the guy to go help her. Then the girl says I’ll go get so and so I’m sure she has probably done it before. I had to have a dog put to sleep because of back problems 15 years ago and I stayed with him why they done it and it was one of the hardest things I ever done. If I had to do that all the time like that I would be a crying blubbering mess every day.

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