{August 13, 2019}   If You Are Looking For

Something to watch with the kids, well the girls anyway. Not sure how into it boys would be, you should try the Worst Witch. Me and Little Bitty have been watching it the last week or so. It’s a cute show for the kids, that the adults can enjoy too. It is hard to find things we all like or that we both like and watch together.

It’s about a little girl who meets another little girl that is going off to school. It’s a school for witches. The girl can’t see to get there because she breaks her glasses. The other girl helps her fly there on her broom and ends up staying. She is the first non witch to get to go to school there and learn to be a witch.

It’s a cute little show we watch two or three a night when there isn’t school and she is up when I get home. We lay in bed and watch it on the phone.

{April 10, 2019}   My New Phone Case

One of my cases for my new phone came in this afternoon. It is but isn’t what I was expecting so I am glad I ordered the other one. But I think it will be okay. It is just the rubber sleeve that goes around the back and sides. It is like the one I wanted for my other phone but wasn’t sure about because I didn’t know how well it would protect it. Then I found this one it said it had reinforced corners and looking at it in the picture I thought it was hard plastic not just the rubber sleeve.

I had one like this on my other phone but still broke the screen because it don’t have the lip or frame the keeps the screen from hitting the grown if it falls on it’s face. I also bought the tempered glass screen protectors for it. I bought a 2nd case for it as well because, well I don’t know because I liked it and wanted it so I bought it. It seems to be a little bit better. I figure I will use one for a while then the other. My biggest problem with my phones is breaking the screen. So I am hoping that the glass protectors will be the main thing that saves me. I can’t afford to buy another phone anytime soon.

But I really like the cases I got, this is the one that came today……


{March 27, 2019}   A New Phone

I am not sure if I told you all or not but last week I asked the owners at my first job to order me a new phone. I told them this one will not update, is getting burning hot and I had to take it out of the case. Now it is cracked across the back and the screen is shattered because I dropped it. It is so small and the shape of it makes it hard to hold on to.

I found my phone I had before this on ebay and sent them the link. It is $120 vs. $900 they wanted at at&t when I stopped in there. I like the phone better. Pop’s thinks they should be paying for it and taking care of it. I just told them to take it out of my check each week. They said okay, but who knows what they will really do.

But then the one who would order it asked me a few days later about it and asked if I was just set on that one or what. I told him yes how much the others were that one does everything I need and has a long lasting battery. He said okay. Well I still haven’t gotten a phone yet. I don’t know if he decided to do something else or if he forgot. I hate asking but I would like to know what is going on. I was going to order a case and screen protector for it. But I do not want to waste the money on it if they aren’t ordering it or waiting or getting something else. If they don’t okay the price of something else with me first I’m not paying for it.

I was going to ask today but with all the bad weather no one really came in. The one did for like 5 minutes and left. I am going to ask him tomorrow if he ordered it or if he is still going to? Just tell him I am ordering things for it but didn’t want to if I wasn’t getting it. Or not right now i could use that money for something else.

That way if he forgot maybe he will go ahead and do it. Or i may just ask him if he wants me to order it since its all logged in with all the info and everything needed on my computer. We ship things back and forth through ebay with people who buy services.

I have no sercice here at my new job with this phone. I don’t know if it is location and building or if it is phone not working. I figure it is a little bit of everything. It drives me crazy I can’t do anything on my phone or I have to go outside.

{March 26, 2019}   Know Where He Got It

I was trying to figure out where Sleeping Beauty was coming off with talking to others he don’t know about his “drug problem” that isn’t a “problem”

I kept thinking she had to of said something or he heard something from someone. Why was he coming at me when the other was there and she told him what he wanted to go outside and talk about.

I didn’t think I had messaged her anything like that about him. There are just some things I won’t message back and forth with anyone. I looked back in my messenger and didn’t see anything like that in there or to give him any reason we had been talking about anything like that.

Sitting here at work tonight I was going through some text and all of a sudden she popped up. I forgot we had text some the last few weeks. We use to never text but for some reason we had been.

I looked back and sure enough there were three messages together.

Omg i almost text him!!!!!!!😯😯😯

Someone else told me the other week he was on stuff to when they found out i knew him we were friends. Telling me i better be careful what he was into. I had not said anything to them about anything like that.

Long term negative side effects include anxiety paranoia anger.

Why he don’t want no one talk about him his “business” no matter how stupid or small it is. Why all of a sudden they say he is on it he tells me he don’t know what is wrong he having anxiety attacks.

They were from last Thursday and there weren’t that many after it so he must of either looked at her phone when he said what he did the other day or sometime before that. I am thinking he looked through it seen it all at the same time because of when he said something about it. She said that they were in Sam’s sitting down going to eat. She was up at the counter getting one of the kids something and came back and he had it.

{January 4, 2019}   And Just Like That

They are taking taxes and my phone bill. I went to work this morning and the one owner was there, he told me they were putting me on the books now. He would print the papers and have me fill them out next week. He said he was going to put my start date as the 2nd of this month. He said I would still get paid weekly and it could be put right into my bank.

I had set a bunch of appointments for them today, 9 all together. About 3 more than normal. Half way through the day the other text me and told me our knife guy was coming and ask me to give him $100 out of my check and that he was leaving us three more knives. They paid me before they left incase they didn’t get back in time to. They said they would be back in enough time to give it back to me.

I messaged him back from my text app I use when I have internet. He ask if I had a new number. I told him no my phone was just off for a bit, I could get calls and text just not call or text out.

I never heard anything back and went on about my day trying to get work for them for Monday. I asked them this morning before they left where they wanted to go Monday since our one place cancelled? The one was like I don’t know and was asking the other. Then he looked at me and said why are you asking us your the boss your supposed to figure it out and tell us what we are doing or where we are going. We don’t know where we want to go or need to go. The other said this area and that is always fun we haven’t been in a while.

I said okay I think I can make that happen we haven’t been there much. I will get on it. Well then I had to make a list because I made it for that area before and the computer did something and it was all gone. I forgot about it. So I started my calls late and was just finishing when they came in at like 4. Most the time I am done way before 4 because you can’t get people or an answer after about 3. They ask you to call back or say no one is here so no.

They came in I said 99 calls later and no one wants to see you all Monday but some do Wednesday. He said okay no big deal thats good we still have work backed up here we need to get done.

Then in a minute the other owner walkes in and they were talking in the shop and one of them said do you need a phone?

I said I have the phone it is just off I haven’t been able to pay it. I will next week.

He said we have one that is just sitting there no one is useing. He said I am sure they would rather us hook it up and keep it than turn it off. It is on the business account. He said we will hook it up and pay that take care of the monthly bill for you. He said since we are putting you on the books and they are going to take taxes and things out on you. I said okay if you want that would be great. He asked what kind of phone I was using? I said just an Android. He said because it is an iphone s7plus or something like that. I said that’s fine. He said okay we will get it all switched and taken care of. He went to leave and came back, said if you need a phone now you can message us one of us will meet you over at the AT&T store this weekend and set it up. I told him I work 9 to 7 tomorrow we could just do it Monday or Tuesday. They are at the shop Monday and local Tuesday anyway. I haven’t had one all this time two days aren’t going to make a difference. Not when one day I will be at work all day anyway.

I wasn’t sure if I could trade my number over or not because my phone is off. I had ask them if I could put my number on that phone he said he thought so they didn’t care. Later I thought about it being off most places won’t let you. I called two AT&T stores and one said yes one said no. I called boost to see how long before I would lose my number and see if I could get them to turn it back on for a few day. Sometimes they will if you normally make your payment and things. I asked her if they had a cheaper plan than the one I am on. She said they have a daily plan for $3 a day for full service. I figure I will call Sunday night or Monday morning before we go. Then it will be on they should have no problem porting it over. I really don’t want to lose my number and start over I have has this number for 9 years everyone has it. There are so many places I would have to change it with and so many that would get missed. It just be much easier.

But that is great that is one bill I will not have to worry about. Even though they are taking taxes out it will even out pretty much and I will kind of come ahead. I will have a much better not broken phone and much better unlimited service. I will be buying a case asap for it for sure.

I still want to ask for a raise because I do a lot there and minumu wage just went up too. But now I can’t ask for as much so I have to reevaluate and decide what seems fair.

{August 23, 2018}   Hey

I just pulled out of work and was headed to the place I was supposed to meet bff at and I get a text, hey. I ask who it was and he said Sleeping Beauty. He said his phone was off. I was starting to wonder.

Earlier I was on my way to work. I stopped at the light and when it turned I took off. All of a sudden I heard all this honking. At first I didn’t really look for it, I was on the phone it sounded further away. Some reason I looked up it was him sitting at the light going the other way. Waving and honking. I messaged and ask where he was going he didn’t reply or read it.

I was waiting on bff to let me know what we were doing. I pulled over at the little store we talked a bit. He said he had good news. He said his aunt was moving out. Said she be gone Saturday. She seems like my mom just a shit starter. So its good she is going. Now he will have a room as well.

I told him about going to get child support finally and that I hope by first of October to have my mother out of the house.

I told him if he pays, and I rent that room I could probably get by working part time and be able to finish school. That I hope things will even out in the next few months and settle down for us for a while.

He said it be nice if I could go back to school and he hope things settled for us for a while.

I was going to tell him something else and talk to him but he said he was getting ready to go to bed. Guess I will next time we talk. I was glad to hear he was okay and that she was moving out.

{May 6, 2018}   Can’t Sleep

I went to bed a few hours ago and I am still awake. I shouldn’t be, I have fallen a sleep twice and was woke up in no time. The first time one of the kids came to tell me his movie was over and ask to do something. I do not know why he must do this all the time. I let them stay up late on no school nights. But they know they are not supposed to wake me up unless it is an emergency. Other than that they know what they are allowed or not allowed to do. But every time he wakes me up.

Then I finlly got to sleep again and someone text me. It was the girls at work goofing around.

Normally I have my phone down and it don’t wake me up. If it does not all the way and I go back to sleep. But I had it up because I had talked to Starfish earlier and he said he was going to try to call me back in a while. I like to talk to him about a few things. I wanted to be sure I heard it if he did.

He did call me back about 9 tonight. He said he just got home he went to do a tile job today. He said I just walked in and my mom said you got a message earlier. I told him why I had messaged he said he thought we stuck it the same place I thought on the top shelve in the pantry. He was trying to think if we put it some where else too. He said I seen you today. Standing on the corner holding car wash sign and knid of laughed.

We talked a little more he says boss asked him to come back to work was offering to put him on a different phone plan. But he wanted him to pay him back the money from the other week. He said he knows if something happens it just does I can’t help that. It isn’t right trying to act like I just took his money. I said yeah I just forget that leave that alone find some thing else. Get away from the mess stay out of it like you said the other day. He said I know, I just don’t want to work awhile then 3 or 4 months down the road him hire someone new and I am without a job again. I said I was told they don’t need anyone else for now and that the other guy from before will be back in October and that was all they would need. He said yeah see I don’t know thats not right because we been there longer and all this time then he walks back in someone’s out.

He said something about seeing me again, then he said let me call you back in a little while if your going to be up. I told him yes, I was going to scrub the bathroom down and go to my room for the night but I would be up. He said okay, like I said I just got in she said I had a message so I called. But I have this tile mess all over me I just want to get a shower get cleaned up. I try call you in a little while. I said okay. He’s worked all day he probably showered and passed out. I figure he will probably get a hold of me tomorrow or in a few days. He will probably be at the shop before long again.

{May 1, 2018}   It’s Starfish Call Me

I had to run around take care of somethings this morning. Now I am sitting by the pound in the truck just thinking and destressing.

On my way here from taking care of things I received a call but didn’t know the number so I didn’t answer it. I pulled in here and parked looked at my phine I just received a message. It said hey its Starfish call me.

I called him back he said so he turned my phone off. I said yeah I know I foundout yesterday afternoon. He said I wanted to let you know what happen in case you hadn’t heard and let you know I’m alright. I told him what happen and how I found out. He said how is he getting my messages? I told him he did say the phone was stolen and not only got a new phone but had his number put on the new phone so he is getting everything. He was not happy at all. I told him how he hadn’t even told me it was him when I messaged him and then text me back like it was him. He said great now how many people is he going to act like it’s me and what is he going to say or do or try to pull? I said I don’t know but that is how it is. He said he did get my message Saturday morning. That he used his phone all day Saturday. I said well he turned it off Friday night and got the new phone so they had something crossed because he got the text as well and probably got any that you sent that day. He said you told me back when I was going to get this phone not to do it. I said I know, I know he is shady I told you.

I know he is two faced and does shit over the last year I am finding it is more than I even knew he was in. I don’t have much to do with him. I go in do my job thats it and his wife is my best friend she is seeing what he is doing now too. I am not going to stop talking to her because of him.

He asked what I was doing I said hiding in my spot for a little bit just came back from X. He said your in X? I said no I just came back from there. He said oh okay. X is not far from where he is. Think he was going to say come get him. He said some thing already about being bored and things. I had said I was killing time I didn’t have to be to work until 1.

We talked about what happen with the guy at work he heard. He said you know he is gone right? I said yeah I know this morning early he passed. He said yeah he called his wife already this morning talked to her. I told him what the doctor said about Little Bitty and sending her for heart test. He got really quiet didn’t really say anything. Few things were said after that he still didn’t say much and said I got to go, I have to get ready run to the store with them to get sheetrock and things. I’ll call you later. I said okay we hung up.

I said something a few times when talking about her heart test and what the doctor said. He never said anything just quiet. Don’t know what that was all about or why he didn’t respond.

Don’t know what he is going to do about a phone. Guess he is going to have to wait until he is working gets some money. I figure his mom might help him get one why they are out today, I don’t know. She is funny about things, things you think she wouldn’t do she does and things you would think she do she won’t.

We were also talking I said I bet know he will be calling you wanting you to go back to work when we were talking about the boss. He said yeah I know I was thinking the same thing or had the same thought. I said but then he turns your phone off he can’t get you. I said he be trying to get a hold of you I bet once the shop moves. With closing the shop today and who knows about tomorrow and the next few day and I am sure they will for the service he is going to be behind. He maybe calling before that to try and get him to come back. Starfish is pissed about everything but he didn’t say he wouldn’t go back. He just said yeah I know.

I hate it around here its sucks, there are no decent jobs, places to live or anything else. I want to get my shit and get out. I am just waiting for my mother to get out of my house so I can get things straight. I do not want to get stuck taking her with me. She has to be out on her own somewhere else.

{May 1, 2018}   Phones Turned Off

I have not heard from Starfish since 12am Friday night/Saturday morning. I got a text that said you up? I been a sleep for hours and did not hear or feel my phone go off. I text back when I woke up, good morning. Never heard from him all day. Figured he was spending time with his family and at the wedding since he was out of town and things. He message me when he got alone and laid down or what. That night about midnight I finally got to go to bed. I was tired, I didn’t want to fall a sleep and miss him there was some thing I wanted to talk to him about. I messaged and ask what he was doing and how the wedding was. Messaged good morning Sunday then this morning. Wondering what was up. Then my friend called told me what happen with the guy at the shop. I messaged him and said call me when you get up. Did you hear what happen? Figured he maybe up maybe one of the guys from the shop had told him. No answer still. I forgot about it. About lunch time my phone is blowing up. Pops up says him at same time pops up says my bestfriend.

When I clicked it open hers instead of his because they came in same time his then hers. It said boss (her husband) is getting all text you are sending Starfish!! I said what? Why? How? How long has this been going on? I have nothing to hide, I don’t care who likes it or doesn’t like we are talking. We are grown adults taking care of ourselves. But its the point that you should be able to have a private conversation. She said she wasn’t sure he had Starfishes phone cut off and got a new phone but did not change the number, so all his calls and text are going to the new phone boss has.

I said thats funny because “he” is texting me now and said what happen? I didn’t answer right away I was talking to her. Then I just put you have to call me I’m driving. He never responded. I just did it to see what he say.

She said when he got back in the truck she told him someone had called because they did. Then she said why is X texting you? Talking about me, then he told her he kept his number had it put on the new phone. I was texting Starfish not him. So I am sure he figures she told me. But she said he said their still talking or something about us still talking. She said what’s wrong with that he is a good guy? Said he saidvyeah he is he just don’t trust anyone anymore.

I said if he says anymore about it just say, honestly I had no idea they were talking or anything about it. She must not of told me because of all that happen before. I said I don’t think you really do know how long we have or that we have been do you? She said I just said that is her chioce. She said no she really didn’t know. But she knew he depended on me as a friend and she was glad I was and that he needs me in his life.

Later we went to lunch just me her and Little Bitty. I told her about boss not giving him money he said he owed him, how he did about the check the gave him $100. I told her about boss then asking him to get him stuff, how he went to do it got jumped robbed, boss didn’t get his stuff or money back or phone bill money. He was mad told him he was going to report it stolen and get a new one. That Starfish said he has all of it in text. That it’s funny now all of a sudden he went turned it off. She didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t happy about it. I told her she could not say anything at all to either one or it be huge fight like before. She said nope I know shit is going on everyone is telling me but until I catch him myself he is going start shit with everyone its going to be everyone but him.

So now I have no way of getting a hold of my friend, who knows when he will be able to get a phone and get it on. I don’t have his moms address, never been there. It sucks can’t talk to him and I am sure he is pissed and more he really did this. Plus he was going to go with me toblook at that place I can’t get a hold of him.

I thought of some thing today. Starfish had went to stay with the guy from the shop a while back. Before Easter, I think he was there a few weeks maybe a month. He went to his sisters Friday or Saturday Easter weekend to spend it with his family. He lost his job and didn’t go back and boss told them he had no sisters he lied to them for whatever reason. I guess they were mad or the guys wife was. But had he not loss his job he been in that truck with him today on his way to work with him. I don’t even know if he knows anything has happened yet even.

I am just over boss and all the shit he says and does and tries to hide or be sneaky about. Just like the phone, why did he not tell me the first time I text him what was going on? Then why did he text me back and ask what happen, still not tell me it was him? Think he was either A. Waiting to see what else I was going to say the last few days or B. Not say anything, think I never know what he did so I would think Starfish was ignoring me. I would get pissed off and stop talking to him. Not believe him that his phone got shut off or what. But one I do not say anything until he responds to me then we talk about things or call eachother. He hates that we talk still. I don’t get it he has a wife I am not interested in him. Even if he didn’t I still wouldn’t be. He just not my type.

I am over the drama with him. He is always looking to start some thing with someone. I still find it funny he still don’t say anything to me. If he wanted to know or had something to say about us still talking, why didn’t he text and say something my number showed up texting him? Or why didn’t he call me? He knows I will not take shit from him. I will tell him like it is and not back down. He is also worried not knowing what I know or don’t know from me and him talking. He don’t want me to tell it.

{April 15, 2018}   Nice New Phone

I finally got a new phone just before work on Thursday. I spent more than I should of but it is nicer and has a bigger screen. It’s a few up from what mine was. It was either that or down grade, they didn’t even have the one I had so I could just replace it. I really have to buy a case and thinngs for this one. I may cry if I break it or lose it, it’s so easy to see and use compaired to any I have had in the past.

Between Thursday night and Saturday night i made all but about $12 of what I spent on it back. I hardly ever do anything for me or buy me anything so I decided this time I was.

et cetera
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