{August 25, 2020}   Who Has Had A Boudoir shoot?

I really want to do this. I was going to about 8 years ago but never did. I would love to do one for JW’s birthday in mid October. I just don’t know how to find the right person to do it. I have been following some people on line who do them but don’t know if I can pay their prices right now. If I hadn’t lost my other job I would of been able to. I know a few people who do photography for fun or hobby. But I don’t know If I would feel comfortable with them. I am not sure I would with a stranger either.

I have thought about doing it myself but not sure how that would turn out or how I am even supposed to do that. But I have been researching it since I seen something about it on line.

I have been looking for a few outfits to wear already. I want to to a few shots in his favorite team’s shirt. He just got a new shirt and hat over the weekend. I am going to use them. I want to find a few other things to wear as well. I have even been showing him some to see how he likes them. I just send him a picture out of the blue say i like that or i kind of like this or what do you think of that.

I have even been looking up different poses that I like or shots that I want to do or try. I have also been looking at different backdrop and props. So I can find them or see if the person I end up going with has them. Some have a living room set up or a bath set up most have a bedroom set up.

So far I like the bed, chair and a large mirror set up. Maybe a window and shower but not a tub really.

So have any of you done a boudoir shoot? What was your favorite pose? Outfit? Props? What was your husband’s/boyfriend’s? What advice do you have for someone who has never done one?

{December 2, 2017}   Day 7 Black and White Challenge

Day 7 black and white photo challenge. Post a black and white photo for the next 7 days. No people no comment or explanation just a photo. Then challenge someone new every day.

{December 1, 2017}   Day 6 Black and White Challenge

Day 6 black and white photo challenge. Post a black and white photo for the next 7 days. No people no comment or explanation just a photo. Then challenge someone new every day.

{November 30, 2017}   Day 5 Black and White Challenge

Day 5 black and white photo challenge. Post a black and white photo for the next 7 days. No people no comment or explanation just a photo. Then challenge someone new every day.

{November 28, 2017}   Day 4 Black and White Challenge

Day 4 black and white photo challenge. Post a black and white photo for the next 7 days. No people no comment or explanation just a photo. Then challenge someone new every day. If you want to do the challenge join in and let me know you did so I can stop by and see what you have posted. I am not going to call out people it’s just easier this way.

{January 23, 2017}   Keep Us Safe

We had a pretty windy day today from these storms that have been hitting everyone. They said we would be getting the worse around 4 so me and the kids ran to the chicken coop to drop the bag of feed and take care of them before it got to bad to go out in. We got home and I parked the truck so it would not get hit by branches or falling trees if that was to happen. I have to park off to the side and kind of behind my house up in the yard to get where there are not trees. I have 4 or 5 big Pine trees that have never been cut or taken care of in the last 4 years or more. The branches are way over grown. Then we have a few Palm trees of different sizes around as well. I am not worried about them as much as the Pines. I have seen many of the Pine tree’s with in about 3 miles of us just fall over and pull the roots out of the grown not even break off or lose limbs but the whole tree just fall over. The little kids school had a bunch on it’s property and a lot of them fell and the ones that didn’t broke they had to get them all removed. If they fall anyone of them could hit our house. I pray that they don’t because most the tree would go on my house if it fell toward the house. My truck sits right under a cluster with branches covering it all around. When we have bad storms with winds and possible tornadoes I park it in the back.

4 pm came and went with nothing more than the wind whipping up and blowing around, but it has been doing that all day. The kids weren’t really to worried about it. Then about 630 or 7 they started the alarms on the tv and the warrnings at the top of the screen and they were reading them and starting to get worried. I told them to go get their baths and things before the storm hit so that they would be done while I cooked dinner. They kept say what if the storm comes why we are in the bath? How will we know if it is coming? What if the house gets blown away and we are naked? I couldn’t help but laugh at that. I told them that I had never really been in or seen a torando but that everyone says they sound like a train, so if they hear something that sounds like a train then to get in the hallway with all the doors closed because it is the safest place in the house. On one said is the bathroom and two closets and the other are two bedrooms at the end is a bedroom and you have to go through the living room and dining room to get to it. They wanted to know what about the fish and the frogs. I told them they had to stay in their tanks they would be fine. Even if they broke the odds are there would be water around and they would get washed away in the water. What else do you tell them? They wanted to know about the dogs. I told them the dogs could come in the hall they probably would if they seen them in there.

When I said if you hear a train, my oldest said oh great now in the night Little Guy and me are going to be running to the hall in the middle of the night when we hear the train coming. We live about 3 to 5 miles from the train during the day you don’t hear it most the time but in the still of the night you can faintly hear it in the distance. I said look if you hear it like it is outside the front door or your window not off in the distance then go to the hall but you will know if it is a real train or not.

My son went and found this picture

20170122_205709 and hung it on the door. He told me he was taking it outside to put up I told him it may blow away or get messed up out there in the storm. He said your right then I will hang it on the door inside then. He was going to hang it on the poll outside. He said I think it will protect us from the storm since we found it in our yard when we came home from the hurricanes and our house was safe. It protected it then it can protect it and us now.

The storm hit pretty hard around 830 and lasted on and off until about 10. Our power went off a few times but came right back on that was it. I don’t think we lost limbs out of the trees and things as I didn’t hear or feel any but I won’t know until morning when we go out it is to dark out there right now.

{July 5, 2016}   That’s Daddy

My friend said RC changed his information online and listed where he was at. I went on to see what it said and if any of the others listed where they were or any of them them were working. His picture came up and my little bitty was sitting there beside me, she looked over smiled really big and said That’s Daddy! I said no that’s not Father of the year. She said no not father of the year, that’s Daddy. I was speechless. He has seen her one time when she was 4 1/2 weeks old and he didn’t even hold her because he was so messed up. He wouldn’t hold her because of it. He done told me when we were together he didn’t care if someone had just had one drink they would not be holding her even if it was me or him. He had more than one and then all the pills on top of it. I would have let him hold her because we were just sitting there in the truck not like he was standing around and could drop her. But he wouldn’t.

I think he really didn’t hold her because he didn’t want to bond with her. He knows she is his. Just like he said we did good then said well you did good. That night when we were sitting there talking about her. Then sat there and cried and cried his eyes out and kept saying to me please don’t tell her I’m a loser I don’t want her to grow up thinking I’m a loser. Then crying over what he done with the boys and how bad things were where he was and how he figured out she really didn’t care about him and things after all.

I just think it’s so odd that she looked at it just smiled so big and all excited and said it’s DADDY. When I said it’s not Father of The Year how she said no. How? Dumbfounded

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