{May 14, 2017}   Happy Mothers Day 2017

The cake the kids baked and decorated for me today. My oldest baked it and the others told her what to put on it. My Big Guy wanted the letters to spell happy mothers day and of course Little Bitty wanted sprinkles. I bought the big thing with 4 different ones in it and let them have their fun.

They also gave me the gifts they made me at school and the one they bought me. 

The two little cups on the flowers are what the older kids made at school, face scrubs and the little cup to mix it in. The plant is what they all bought with their money.






















My Big Guy made me this poem with his hand print on it 

Little Bitty did an all about mommy page and a hand print flowers in a pot.


















































The big kids also made me cards

et cetera
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