{October 8, 2018}   Lazy Sunday

I worked about 2.5 hours so I was home by 2 or before. I came home sat on the bed with little bitty and played D.C. Super Hero with her for awhile. Took a short nap while she watched video’s on my phone.

Then little bit I read to little guy. By then it was time to go to the store and get dinner. I just grabbed a couple of pizza’s from the little store. They have whole pizza’s they cook when you order so they are hot and ready. Surprisingly they are pretty good. I like them better than the local pizza places cheap pizza’s that are the same price.

Then we just had a lazy night, me and the little ones finally came to bed and watched 20/20 and went to sleep. I was tired even with my nap. I slept good and over slept this morning. Now I need to get up make phone calls, message this guy about my truck and maybe a job and take care of some stuff around here. I just want to sleep still.

This is to anyone out there that has children. I do not care if you have one or ten. If you were or were not married, abused, lived together or apart. It does not matter if they all have the same dad or different dads or the same mom or different moms.

Your children did not ask for you all to be their parents, they did not do anything to cause whatever happen between the two of you as partners to no longer be. They are just helpless inecent by standard’s sent her and told to love these two people and count on them for everything.

If something happens and you split up don’t let them ever feel it was because of them, or that there is/was something they could of done. I do not care how much you may hate eachother, what one did to caused this, or anything else. Never talk poorly about the other parent infront of or to your children, do not try to point out their flaws and imperfections. Because it just magnifies yours more than it shines light onto theirs.

If you have children that are from a broken relationship do everything you can to cultivate that relationship betwen your child/children and that other parent. Do not ever tell a child they can not see, talk to or spend time with their other parent. Do not put stipulations on their relationship, such as they can only talk to other parent x times a week on x days for z minutes at z time of day. If that child wants to talk to that other parent 5 or 10 times a day that is fine. Do not say they didn’t pay, they aren’t paying. It don’t matter it is still their parent. Handle that between the adults and keep the kids out of it. If the other parent can’t pay for some reason then they need to step up a little and help how they can in other ways. Until they can pay again.

Parents do not walk away from your children because you found a new boyfriend or girlfriend or because your mad at the other parent and do not want to have anything to do with them. You are the adults here suck it up and deal so you can see your children. Don’t walk buy them in public or ignore their phone calls or messages. Do not make empty promises be open and honest with them. They are more understanding and forgiving than you think, if you are open and honest from start. You can only make so many empty promises, lie, before they see right through you and will start to not believe anything you say.

Your children need their parents in their lives not just one but both. When one pushes the other our or one just walks out it damages them more than you will ever know. Keep the adult stuff between the adults and just be there for your child.

I know you feel it isn’t fair because no one knows what he/she did to you. What you have been through, or why you really split. The other one is lying this is what really happen, this is what they are doing, the kids need to know so……

No the kids do not need to know. You do not need to tell them mommy this or daddy that. They may do things you don’t like or things they shouldn’t. But kids are not stupid they maybe to little to see it right now but they will as they get older. Give that other parent the rope they will hang themselves. It may take a while but your kids will get their number and see it all. Even then it is not for you to interfere with. Let them handle it how they feel they want to handle it. That is still their other parent and that is still their relationship to form and let grow how they want with what they know.

Trust me I know how hard it is to sit back and say nothing when the other parent is playinf parent of the year and they have only been around 1/10 of the year but the kids are falling all over them. Just because wow they want to see them for a change. Its okay they need that let them have it. Don’t rain on their happiness. Its okay to be mad and vent. Vent away.. To a friend, your blog, your family but not your children.

{February 17, 2017}   Poor Little Guinea Pigs

Our younger dog found Bubbles and Dory tonight in the bathroom. I was in my room laying on the bed and didn’t know they were out of the cage. I heard something in the bathroom like the little house thing moving around and it kept happening. I thought what are they doing they sure are playing tonight, I heard it again and something said look. This has been going on for a few minutes now so I look and see the dog in the shower pawing at things and then I hear the pigs start whistling and making noises. I jumped up and ran in there and tried to grab her but before I could she had one in her mouth. I grabbed her and she put it down she was trying to get away and get to them more. I had to force her out of the tub and the kids had to make her go to the other room so they could close the door.

Poor little Bubbles even after she put her down she ran and hid behind something and nothing was close to her she kept whistling and was so upset. Dory just ran in the little house and was watching what was going on. I don’t think she ever made a sound. I picked up bubbles and made sure she was okay and calmed her down, then Dory came out and started looking to see what was going on I noticed she was a little wet too so I guess she had gotten her one point too or licked her good at least.

I don’t think she wants to hurt them at all like I as worried she would want to do or try to do. I think she truly wants to play with them. When she picked it up she didn’t bit it or anything like that it didn’t have any marks or anything. It was like she was just trying to keep it from getting away and trying to get it to play with her and not run. She wasn’t really trying to hit it like she was trying to hurt it again more like she was trying to move the house to get them to come out or run and play rather than hiding in or behind something.

I feel bad for the poor little things because they were just starting to come out and come over to where you were when you came in the room. Dory would run up to the side and sit and look at you and run around and play or eat why you were there. Bubbles is a little more scared still but Dory was even going in the house and pushing her to go out and things like that, she was starting to come out and get a little closer than normal too but not as trusting as Dory. I hope this don’t scare them and make them start hiding in their little house again.

I finally got them out of my shower tonight after that happen. I thought of the top we made for the sandbox when they got crabs, we took it and sat it on the frame I built. It isn’t big enough it sits down in there and don’t go to all the edges but it gives them plenty of room for now and will work for the time being. I wanted the out of the shower so the dogs couldn’t get to them again because now they will be trying to every time they are out of the cage now that she knows they are here. She is in my room now crying at me wanting me to let her out of my room because she knows where they are now and she wants in there to them. I need to have better sides on the cage as well before I can let her go in there too. I was going to finish it today and can’t find the wire that is supposed to be here.

I am just happy that they are ok and the dog didn’t try to kill them. We already have a problem with one of theirs eye I don’t need the dog hurting it too. I am going to have to call the pet store tomorrow and see what they say about it. I hope it is fine it hasn’t been around anything to hurt it unless it poked it on the hay or something but I wouldn’t think so.

{January 16, 2017}   Random Thought of The Day

Days like today I look at my three-year-old and am thankful she runs around in nothing but her underwear. She just brought me a bottle of nail polish she got and painted her own nail. As she walks away I see blue paint from where she got into the paint a while back. I know this probably sounds like I do not watch my kid but trust me I do. She is very sneaky and into everything. I went to the bathroom and came out to her handing me the nail polish. She will do whatever she must do to get what she wants. She is very independent and just does what she wants to do when she gets ready to do it. This isn’t a bad thing but she doesn’t understand why she needs to ask or must have help doing things. She knows how to do it so she just does it.

I can’t get mad at her because I am the same way I will not ask someone else or wait for someone else to do something I can do. I just want to get it done and over with not wait for someone else. It’s just with her she gets into messy things and it ends up on her most the time. So for this reason I am glad she runs around in her underwear all the time. It has saved a lot of clothes from being ruined and un able to be wore or sent to be play clothes. At least underwear no one see’s and I can buy a big pack for a few dollars compared to having to buy new outfits.

{December 17, 2016}   My Little Guy the Cow

The little kids school did Wednesday night service for the church last week. My Little Bitty wasn’t in it but the other kids K through 6th were. They sang and acted out the story of Christmas. My sons class got the part of the animals in the manager and he got to be a cow. They said he needed a brown or white outfit likes sweats. I went to 4 stores looking for something that would work for this kid even into the girls departments and could only find brown top or bottoms in his size but not both and same for white. I ended up getting him all black, there are black cows so what will it hurt. They made mask out of paper plates for what animal they were.

They all come out on stage and my son is the only one holding his mask on, all the other kids have theirs on and they are staying without holding them on. It looked as if my son may have gotten the wrong one it was a little big so he was holding it on. Fine things happen would have been nice if he didn’t have to hold it up but no big deal they are cute and having fun.

In a few minutes I look back at him since I hadn’t looked at him in a little bit while watching the other kids. He was just sitting along the wall on stage since they were just animals. I look over and my child is standing up holding his mask on. I look closer and he now has all but one of his little fingers under the mask for some reason and holding it that way.

I leaned over to my oldest and said he is standing there flipping off the whole church!!!!

It was all I could do to hold in the laugh. It was that or cry I was so tired and wore out from trying to do everything that needed to be done for all the kids at both schools and everything else in life that keeps happening. This is a super conservative Baptist church that I am sure would not find it funny. To make it better the principle  of the school was sitting right beside me. The next time I looked over he was reaching under his mask picking his nose. Got to love 6 year old little boys. When it was all over and he came over to me I was looking at his mask it wasn’t to big it fit fine I don’t know why he felt he had to sit there and hold it all that time.

When I picked him up from the back after the play his teacher let me know he told her that the rental place came and took all my furniture. I said yeah they did but we will figure out and get more later. If I was a teacher and a student said that to me I wouldn’t go tell the parents they said it. You know they are probably couldn’t keep paying it. I wouldn’t want to embarrass them more. What are you expecting them to say or want them to say? There is nothing much to say. Some people would get mad at their kids for saying something to the teacher and be in trouble if the teacher said something. Mad at the kid not the teacher. I wasn’t mad at him for saying anything it is what it is, it’s life things happen. But did feel the teacher was out of place saying something about it.

{February 8, 2014}   Re: My Disapointed Rock

The other day I posted about the kids being in the Stars Of Tomorrow program at our local playhouse and how my son wanted nothing more than to be a monkey in the Jungle Book. He ended up with the part of a rock of all things  My Disappointed Rock.

Well I think it was Wednesday evening I got a call from the Drama Mamma as they call her wanting a private meeting to talk about my son. I had plans for yesterday so I told them to make it today. Me and the little ones went to meet with her.

She said that when she got to the rocks and called his name he stood up and said he wanted to be a Monkey not no rock and started to cry. I felt so bad for him listening to her talk about it. Then she said everyone got quite and was just looking and didn’t say anything. Then she told me how she had the other person take him out and talk to him and things. She said he came over later told her he was sorry but he just really wanted to be a monkey and he started to get upset again. She said she had never had that happen all her life doing this with kids and that the kids are happy to have a part and be in the play. But she probably hasn’t dealt with special needs kids either doing this. She did say and I didn’t agree with that he didn’t seem to really get into his part in the christmas program and he didn’t seem to be singing and doing the movements and things. I remember watching and thinking he did really good considering he hadn’t done it before with that many people and on a stage with that many people watching and things. He of course messed up a little here or there but all the kids did and I didn’t think he did horrible or worse than any of the kids. I thought they all did good and were on about the same level.

She said she didn’t know about keeping him in because he still didn’t do his lines or sing with them when they started rehursing their parts. He just wasn’t into it. She said she didn’t want to push him and keep him in she was afraid it would be bad for his self-esteem and things and do more harm than good for him. She said she was willing to give him a couple of weeks and see if he came around and how he did. She also didn’t want him being so upset and in such a bad mood about being a rock to effect the other kids and I understand that. I told her I wanted to talk to him and see where he was on it all and see about sending him the next couple weeks and see how it worked.

I don’t want him to quit just because he didn’t get what he wanted but at the same time I don’t want him to stay and make everyone else feel awkward or unhappy because he is. If he really don’t want to do it then I will take him out. She said he could come back in a year or so when he gets a little bigger and understands it better if he wanted.

I talk to him tonight and he was still upset about being a rock. But then when I told him they were going to ask him to leave or I was going to take him out if he didn’t straighten up and do right he looked scared. He said he didn’t want to get kicked out and not be able to go. He would be a rock and do his part. He said besides rocks get to stay on stage for all the play. So we shall see how it goes. She also explained to me why he didn’t get the part of the money. I explained to him why he didn’t get it. He said it was stupid and all this. They have to dace and things. I told him he could leave stars and do dance so that if he wanted to get back in it later he would have dance and could maybe get other parts that must dance. He said no at first then he said yes. Then later when we talked about it he said he wants to stay in stars.

{October 5, 2013}   Stars Of Tomorrow Program

Monday I took the kids to try out at our local playhouse for their Stars Of Tomorrow Program. My friend who lives by me sent her husband with one of her kids to try out and my other friend brought her daughter. The kids all did pretty good but there were a lot of girls trying out and we had 3 girls and 1 boy trying out. I figured my son would get in because he did as good as the other kids and there weren’t a lot of boys trying out. I think almost 100 girls did. It was fun watching them all get up there and sing. They did happy birthday since we all forgot until last weekend they were even supposed to go.

We got there early they said come 30 minutes early we were about 45 or more. I was happy we were 2nd 3rd and 4th in line. I thought great we will get in get signed up and get their tryouts over with right of the bat. so we get in there singh all their stuff and get a number they number the boys and the girls. Instead of doing them all together. So it was like F1 F2 M1 M2 and so down the line. Still not bad because we were the first few F’s and he was the 2n’t M. Still in and out in a hour or so. Nope when they started calling them up they had mixed them up. They had the 80’s going with the 1’s and 3’s and everything else. So we were in the first second and 3rd round to go on stage.

My big boy was the 2nd one out of every one to have to sing. He got up there and he looked at the lady and said what do you all do if you get nervous it was so cute. I couldn’t tell what she said to him but then he went on and song he did really good. All the kids done pretty good. There were some who never even got on stage when they called them only one who cried and left and some that when they got up there you could not hear a word they were saying and then they just stopped and stood there looking around. then there were some who were really good and you could tell probably done this before. Then there was the rest like our kids who just got up there and gave it all they had and they weren’t horrible they weren’t over the top but they were good. It would have been really hard to decide who got in and who didn’t after you take out the first two groups. the ones who cried stopped didn’t show or couldn’t hear. Then the group that was over the top and just really good. Other than that I couldn’t have picked who to keep and who not to.

They told us that we would get a call by 5 pm Friday saying if they got in or not and not to call before that but if we didn’t hear from them to call. That way if they couldn’t read a number or something they didn’t get left out. I got a call about 330 but I was in line cashing a check or getting kids in the car at that time I didn’t answer. then I got one about 415. I was paying a bill so I let it go to voicemail and about the time I sent it I noticed it was the same number who called earlier. I went to get ex from dropping the work truck off and forgot about the calls. Then I thought of it sitting there waiting for him and listen to the message to see where it was from and it was the playhouse. Both kids got in. We  go for our first meeting this coming Wednesday. I called my friend around the corner from me and they hadn’t gotten the call i called my other friend and she said she got it about 20 minutes before that. The others tried calling after 5 like they said they told them they were behind and they may not find out until the weekend. But then later they called and said she got in too.

The kids are so excited I asked them if they wanted to call their grandparents or anything and tell them and they said no. They want to wait until tomorrow and tell everyone at the party. I am so excited for them and happy for them. This is nice because they both should go same night and time and I won’t have to run two or three days a week like I use too.

{August 9, 2013}   Kool-Aid Play Dough




Today I made play dough for the kids to play with. It is very simple to make and comes out soft and really feels like play dough. The bags are what you get if you cut the recipe in half and make it. the cans in the back have twice as much as the bags.

1 cup of flour

1 cup boiling water

1/2 cup salt

3 TBS oil ( vegetable, cooking I would say you could even use baby oil probably and it would smell better)

1 package kool aid

I used a glass bowl a fork and serving spoon

if you are going to make a bunch of different colors like I did I suggest putting a big pan of water on to boil you need more than what you plan to use in the pan. I just sat my bowl on the stove with the water on the back burner and mixed it all right there. just dipped what I needed out as I needed it. You want it to be boiling so it works best you don’t want to boil it and then let it sit as you mix each one.

First in the bowl mix flour, salt, kool aid, oil.

( don’t forget to put your oil in before you start mixing. as it is very hard to get it to mix in once you have started.)

Then ad one cup boiling water mix with fork until water is gone and you have dough forming. Once I had all the water mixed in I took it out of the bowl and knee-ed it with my hands. I used the spoon to get what was stuck in the the corner of the bowl out and what was stuck to the bottom and sides. then knee all together and put in zip lock baggie or some kind of sealed container.

Once I was done with one color I just rinsed the bowl out made sure nothing was left in so colors didn’t mix and repeated to make the next color.

To make half just cut everything in half but still use one package of kool aid. if you wanted to make more I am sure you should be able to double this with no problems it seems to be very versatile i would use two packs of cool aid if I doubled it.


et cetera
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