I am sitting here at work looking at old post and I really shouldn’t post when I am tired or in a hurry. It comes out all messed up. And if I am using voice to text for get it. I try to go back and check but don’t always have time or forget.

I am sitting here at my night job bored out of my mind. I finished all my work by 6 or a little after and I got here at 530. We only had two trucks rolling out and they didn’t have a lot on them at all. Everyone has finally left it is just me. The other guy that works with me had to go pick some things up local here. I guess we were short a driver or something. Who knows. Maybe one cried and quite. I have never seen so many people cry about having to do their jobs. Imagain that, they are at work and we expect them to work. Of course they want to get paid for not working as well. They will tell you that notnlike they are trying to get by with something or sneak and do something.

I don’t know where I am going with this, I am way off topic but I guess that is okay. I think I will go watch something on netflix for now. I have2.5 hours at the least to go. I may leave when the other guy gets back I’m not sure yet. I should stay get the hours but at the same time its so dead and boring.

{September 10, 2018}   I Figured It Out

I feel kind of stupid it took me this long, but I really never messed with it before. When I tried and it wouldn’t work I just skipped it and went on. But something today made me stop and mess with it and with in minutes or less I had it. I can now link my old post into my new post or some others that I like. I am so happy because a lot of times I want to link to things and can’t.

{January 8, 2018}   Post From The Phone

Here I am again laying here in my bed writing this from my phone. One peck of a letter at a time. Like someone who’s just learning to type.

But I have decided that if I am not willing to post from my phone I will never be as active on here as I want to be. So here I am coming to you kicking and screaming from my phone. Okay maybe not kicking and screaming, but I am pouting a lot.

I am just so tired and sore or both by the time I get to sit down at night the last thing I want to do is drag my laptop out and go threw all that to post. If I do I am passing out before I can get it put back. Then have to get up put it somewhere safe. I do not have a place set up it can just be. It’s always closed and put up away from kids and animals. I do not have room to set a place up for it and leave it. I never sit in the same place with it anyway. I will be on my bed, at the table, on the couch or the floor. I have been know to sit in my truck with it when the kids are stressing me out. No point making a place to keep it.

I am going to see how this works out. But as of right now not to well as I have fallen a sleep and dropped my phone twice.

{April 27, 2017}   A Long Week

I can’t believe it has only been ten days that I have been gone. It feels like a year, so much has happened. I was at therapy with the kids today and just telling her what happen the last week since we were there, that took an hour and she was in shock and couldn’t believe it. She always says what you tell me goes on in a day most people couldn’t do in a week.

Tonight is the first night I have felt like writing in a long time. The last month or more I have not felt like writing or posting at all but I did it because it was stuff I wanted to get out or stuff I wanted to have to look back on later, so I did it. I have wanted to post since Friday but have been dealing with and going through to much to even have time or really want to do it. I will break it up into a few post or it will end up being one huge post that I wouldn’t even want to read. Don’t know if I will get to all of them tonight or not but will get at least one done. Heck I don’t know if there is even more than two to write, I really can’t even remember anything before Friday. I am going to think about it as I write in hopes of remembering something.

{February 14, 2017}   Falling Down The Rabbit Hole

Coming here to just check in, write or even just see what is going on is like falling into the rabbit hole of no return. I say I’m just coming on to check in or I’m just coming on to write them few post I have stashed and need to finish that’s it. Then I find something on my reader catching my eye so I stop to read it and I then tell myself just this one and no more, then I tell myself okay just the few from the ones I read all the time and then I really have to get to what I came for. It never seems to end that way at all. I end up reading that one and then the next one and then I tell myself I may as well just read all that person has written I haven’t read this far so I will be caught up on that one blog and will check the rest later. I finish all the new post from that one writer and when I get to the end I see this post from another blogger that catches my eye, I tell myself that I really can’t read it right now but then something in my head goes it won’t be there when you come back it will be something else and you won’t be able to find it. I end up going to read it and then from there reading more on their page and one leads to another and then another. Until I see something posted at the end of their page by someone and I decide to follow it to the next person’s blog and begin all over again looking up their about me page, checking out there resent post, looking to see how long they have been blogging, looking at their older blog stuff, trying to decide if it has been to long to try and read most post and catch up and if not then skipping around looking at different ones and then backing up more or skipping ahead to see what they are talking about from before or to see what happen since this post. I will read everything not follow another link and come back to my own blog only to be picked up by one of the other blogs I follow I decide to check in with them and the rabbit chase begins again following to another blog. I have done this the last two nights when I came here to check in and see what was going on. I sat here and followed blog from post to post and then back around to another blog and following it around and around. until I am so sleepy I can’t hardly hold my eye open. I have to turn everything off where I am and save them. Tonight I got my other post and this one done but like right now I am so tired I have written the same line three times because I keep writing something completely different than what I mean too. I an going to go and to get the few blogs I have tucked away out soon.

{January 28, 2017}   1000 Post

Two post ago I hit my 1000 post mark. Seems like it has taken forever to get to that point for as long as I have had my blog, but really not long considering I have taken some really long breaks where I have not posted at all or hardly any depending what I have had going on and if I had away to post. I just like to hit 1000 followers but that will probably take a while considering I am not close. I will have to work on getting my blog out there and seen more now that I am at it and able to post and know I should not be taking anymore long breaks. I will have to do some research later when I get done with my school work on ways to bust my followers and get my blog seen by others. For now I have to go get my school work done. I have two classes do by tomorrow night and one Monday morning and Monday night. So that is all I am going to be researching and studying for now.

{January 12, 2017}   A Post A Day

I am going to still keep up with posting once a day. It may not be posted that day it maybe the next day or even a couple days later. But I am going to make myself sit down and write it and save it so it can be posted when I get back on line. Because if I don’t I will lose so many post and will not have a posyt every day. May not count as a post a day if it don’t get posted that day but I am going with it anyway as long as I write every day it will get posted at some point. It is spotty with the internet the way it is but you do what you got to do to save money and make sure the kids have what they need and get to school.

I have to sit down and write it everyday because I will have this great idea for a post and then before I know it I have thought the post all the way through from start to finish then I just forget it. When I write I write it all as I am writing and think it through right then if that makes since. If I do it before hand and then come here to post I have no clue what I was going to say or thought about saying. It’s like once I have put time and effort into writing it once my mind lets it go and moves on even if I haven’t really written it yet. There have been a few post I swear I wrote went back looked for them and they were not here I remember the basic what it was about or why I was going to write it and look but I didn’t. To try to write it at that point it don’t come out like it would have had I written it when I thought I did. So now I have to write them and save them to post later. That will keep me in the habit of writing everyday and taking time for myself. I can’t be the only one like that am I?

I am going to go see what needs turned into day and get it done then copy everything else and work on it at home. I am starting to freeze in here they keep it like a meat locker then being shut up in this little room don’t help. I should be back tomorrow or Sunday.

{January 12, 2017}   At The Library

I am sitting at the library now I should be doing my homework but I am messing around on here posting the post I wrote last night at home and now this one. I figure I will come here for now until I figure out internet at home. I want to get the one service but something keeps telling me to wait and not get it. I don’t know. I have never been crazy about the service before and switched from them. But I need to do something because I don’t want to have to come here or sit at the school all the time. That is the point in doing on line classes so I don’t have to leave my house right, and so that I can do them whenever not just when the kids are in school and i have time to run somewhere to use wifi. I have to have money for it when the bill comes I just don’t think I am going to have money to pay it when the bill comes even though it is cheaper. That is part of why I haven’t hooked up yet.

I got us this morning and looked at my phone just laying there charging over night it is now messed up even more. It has all these gray lines going through the screen behind the cracks and big black spots now. I have to see if I can get that label printed and the other mailed back today. I hope that I can print from where I am and figure out where to pick it up in this place once I get it printed. I am so tired I want to go home nap and then to my work but then I don’t have internet to do it. I can come to the library and it won’t take any extra gas. It is just up the street from the kids school so I can come as soon as I drop them off or come a few hours early to pick them up and go before. I can go to the college right by my house and use it at their library but I am not crazy about doing stuff at the school and not sure where I can use it other than the library and there is tons of walking to get from one place to the other and you have to park 5 miles in the middle of BFE and walk just to get to the buildings then try to find somewhere. I hate just sitting in the library there. It’s different than here the public library one, here I have a little room I can go in sit down close the door and not be bothered or out in the open around everyone else. The only thing is I can’t put my feet and legs up and it bothers me sitting with them hanging down like this all the time. It pulls on my back and gets it to hurting and it don’t take long for it to do that. I think I am going to log onto my classes do what I have to do that is due Sunday and then just come back or do the rest when I get my inter net back at home Sunday to be turned in on Monday. Or maybe drop the little kids at daycare and come back here when I drop the big kids at school tomorrow to get the rest done. I know I can’t sit her for the day working on all this and I am hungry. I didn’t eat dinner last night. I didn’t eat this morning. I am not a eater in the morning when I first get up.

Oh I can also copy and past the work into a document on my computer save it work on it at home and when I am finished I can just go somewhere hook up to wifi long enough to copy, past it and turn it in. I forgot I could do that that would save me a lot of time. Just like my post I wrote at home last night and pasted here today. Boy that saves me time and things. I think that is what I will do. I think I have one assignment done already from last class I can just hand it in.

{January 5, 2017}   Want to Write

I got yesterday’s posted in late but I got it in. I have been busy at appointments with the kids today. We had lunch and left, we got home at about 5 and I started dinner as soon as I changed my clothes. The kids are all most done with dinner and it’s not even 6 yet. I didn’t cook anything big tonight, I fried nuggets and french fries.

I am so tired right now I can hardly hold my eyes open to even cook. As soon as the kids are done they are having their ice cream they asked for, by then it should be dark and I am putting them to bed. I need to wash some clothes and then I am going to bed. I am thinking about laying down and for a little while then getting up to wash them because I don’t even know if I can stay awake long enough to wash them. .I have not went to bed before 6 am for the last week so far. I am slipping back into bad habits. I have to start taking that pill again. I think I will lay down then get up do a few things and then take it about 10. I will just take a late nap and once I take the pill it will make me sleepy anyway so I wouldn’t ave to worry about sleeping tonight I will. I should have taken it this week but by the time I got to where I could take it, it was way to late.

I maybe back later not sure. I have been working on a few other post in between other stuff. If I am not back tonight I will be sometime tomorrow. I have to get this house ready for everyone including myself to go back to school Monday. I am not looking forward to that but that is another post for sure. I want to write but I am so tired I keep writing this and that and none of it makes since. I am sitting here now trying not to fall asleep as I type this.

{November 24, 2012}   Trying Something Different

The last couple of weeks I haven’t posted a lot. There was just a lot going on the first week and I just didn’t have much to write about. This past week I was still in a little bit of a funk and just didn’t feel like writing a lot and with it being Thanksgiving and shopping week I know a lot of people are not going to be on and reading and a lot of post are not going to be seen or seen by to many. The last few days I have felt like writing some but have kept it pretty light and about the holiday or whatever.

But in the mean time I have thought of somethings I wanted to write about. Somethings I want to get others input or advice on and somethings to just maybe get a discussions going or what. I normally post 2 to 3 times a day. But just about whatever is bothering me at the time what has happen that day something I found out or just random whatever I am feeling when the mood to write hits. I know a lot of my post probably sound like just that random whatever that are scattered and end up off topic. Like I said a while back most the time I don’t have a lot of time to sit down and write it is just a fast few minutes here and there with the kids fighting in the background and wanting something. I am happy with my lay our and things as for my page and my theme and that kind of thing for now. But I would like my post to be a lot better. So that is what I have worked on doing this last few days. I have put together so far about 5 or 6 good post about different things. I wrote them and then left them sit for a while and have went back and read over them again and took things out that seemed to get off topic and things like that. Fixed spelling and rearranged things to make it make more since. I may or may not go back and look over them again before I post them. It will just depend if the urge hits me that I should or need to. I am going to start trying to do this all the time. Start writing things ahead of time and then have them to post. I will still have 1 or two post in a day that are just the happenings of the day or that thing that just pops up that has to be posted right now. But I am slowly working on it all to make it all come together and have more put together and to the point post. Not ramblings from a crazy person. Although no I’m not crazy I’m just depressed, over whelmed really. But I am sure it seems crazy at times.

I am so grateful for all the followers I have now and who read my ramblings. I hope to gain more and have more input and feedback from you all as things get better. I am sure it is no secret I was never good with grammar in school. When it comes to punctuation and coma’s and all that for some odd reason I just never seemed to get. I did at one point but then it just seems like it all went a way. I don’t know I did really good in school until about middle school. Then it all fell a part and not because I stopped trying or things got a lot harder. I just had a really hard time understanding. But that is also the time in life that I went threw severe depression, panic and anxiety for the first time. I did a lot of my work at home on my own with out any adults to help. Even though I was at home and didn’t have to go to school for a while it was still hard for me to really get into it and understand it. I fumbled threw to pass. If I was able to make it to school and go to any classes I sat there working so hard on not breaking down and crying in class and not having an attack that I wasn’t able to listen to the teacher or ask questions. Most the time I would end up in the office before the 2nd or 3rd class of the day.

I try to use spell check and things on here as much as I can and look things up if it still just don’t seem right. But when I am in a hurry I have to rely on spell check here and myself. I don’t always have the time to stop and look stuff up every few minutes. Punctuation outside of your basic stuff I am going to have to go back look up and start over from the be-gaining there. Because you just can’t check that online. It really sucks because I went from all A’s and B’s to just getting by after that the rest of the way threw school. I missed so much and things from then that I had a hard time when I got into high school also. That also makes it hard to get a job in a office and things like that. I mostly do cashiering, stock and things like that. The few times I have been able to get a office job I was lucky that I didn’t have to do a lot of spelling and things. Most the time I answered questions and if the people wanted to go farther they had to fill out a sheet with all their info on it for our files so I didn’t have to worry about it. If I had to fill it out I got their ID with their info on it and things like that. I found ways to get by with out people knowing what I was doing.

Here I go rambling again but hey at least now you know why my post aren’t as nicely put together as they could or should be. I am going to def work on it and improve it I hope. I know when people read what I write and things they probably think I am stupid or uneducated and that isn’t it at all. I would probably think the same things if I wasn’t the way I am. I’m really not I have trained to do some many different things and done so many different things. Now if I have to take a class or classes for something I can ace them. It is hard because of my writing and things but I just have to set aside extra time to do my work than what most people would. It isn’t that I don’t know the stuff or pick it up. It’s just that one area that I have problems in.

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