{December 18, 2019}   Inches not Pounds

I think I am losing inches but not pounds right now. As a matter of fact I know I have gained some weight back. I am over 130 and was under. I think I may have gained around 6 to 10 pounds back. not at all worried about it really. I really am okay with where I am as long as I don’t gain anymore. I wouldn’t like to be no more than 130 my goal was 120. So I could stand to lose a little to stay at the 130. But not a big deal to me right now.

My pants still fit I’m not having to go up a size. Really they are lose still and feeling bigger. This and just looking at myself the other day when I was getting dressed out of the shower I look like my waste is smaller maybe not my waste for say but my torso over all looks smaller. I thought how do I look so much smaller but gained weight but then I thought about muscle weighing more than fat and how you can lose inches but not pounds. I know how it all works but it has been a while but that is what has to come into play here. some how some way. or maybe I just seeing things through rose colored glasses. But I feel better and have noticed my pants feel bigger and I can slide my jeans off and on without unzipping or buttoning them pretty easily.

As long as I don’t gain I will be alright with whatever is happening.

{August 6, 2019}   7 Pound Gain

So I weighed myself the other day and I have gained 7 pounds. Thats horrible but really if I am honest not surprising. I have been eating a lot more lately. I always feel hungry, and that is new for me because hardly ever did I in the past.

I have been eating more junk between jobs because I’m not eating at home. I don’t eat in the mornings to often and at night it’s what I grab on the go between jobs. Most the time I grab something small or light. Lately it has been a lot of fast food. It stuck.

I felt like I probably had gained a few but then one of my new pair of pants didn’t fit. I figured maybe 5 or close. Was not expecting to see 7 almost 8.

I have to start watching what I eat start shopping for food and bringing it with me. Stop spending money out. I now have 17lbs to lose to get to my goal.

I think part of it is my depression trying to take my mind off things when I am bored can’t stop thinking all the time.

All last week all I wanted to do was eat and I did. I ate anything and everything. I gained 5 lbs. This week has been the same so far and I am not even going to step on the scale again anytime soon. I have been in a funk up and down mood swings lately. I think it is just the time of the year. We are coming up on 4 years my dad has been gone. The first two months of the year are when everything happened. I know I have never fully dealt with it and subconsiully its there even when he isn’t on my mind. Lately he is on my mind all the time.

I have decided I am just going to get through the rest of this month and next month. Then I will worry about where I am and how much I need to lose from there. I have been doing really good this far with little effort it it takes a little to get back on track it’s okay.

{July 4, 2018}   6 Sizes

Last year when I lost a bunch of weight at one time I bought this nice pair of jeans I found on sale. Well they were way to small. So I just stuffed them in the dresser as incentive to keep losing.

Fast forward a year I forgot about them. I am making dinner and ran to my room to put something on to take the kids to see fireworks. I seen them tossed under a bunch of stuff. I pulled them out to see what they were. For the hell of it I decided to try them on. Imagine my shock when they FIT!!! I didn’t just get them on and buttom them. I was able to put them on and wear them out to see the fireworks. I was in a size 14 when I bought them and what I have been wearing since I bought them. So I have went from a 16 down to an 8. All that I have lost the last few weeks they are falling off. I can pull them up and down without unzipping or buttoning them. When I walk I have to keep pulling them up. I just said yesterday I have to buy a pair or two because I can’t wear them anymore. They look horrible for work or anywhere. But I figured I needed a 12 maybe a 10. Not an 8. I am still in disbelief and so excited.

I called my bff in middle of fireworks and was like guess what? I said you know the pants I bought when we first started talking last year. She said no way before I could even finish. I said I am wearing them. Sje said send me a pictutere!

I hope to lose the rest of what I have to lose by the end of the month. Before I would lose some and then gain it all back amd then some. This time I have only gained back 5lbs out of all I have lost and have lost it and then some now.

I really have not changed what I am eating mostly just how much I eat in a day and when I am eating. Working up and moving more has helped too. I have only been eating once a day. No I am not starving myself. I am not a breakfasts eater so I don’t eat that. I will eat something for lunch or dinner and that is it. If I feel hungry I will grab a snack or something but most the time I don’t get hungry. I also stopped drinking my bottles of coffee I like so much. I had not had o e in I don’t know how long until yesterday and today. I really don’t even want another. I have started drinking coke again a while back but even so I am still losing.

{July 24, 2017}   24 Lbs and Counting

Since I started my job I have lost 24 lbs, 15 of that was with in the first few weeks and the rest the last 3 or so. I have a thing to count my steps and I do 2000 or more in one 5 to 6 hour shift or less. I also sweat a lot, I drink and drink but standing over the grill cooking and being back in the hot kitchen area where the a/c was/is broken or it’s just to hot I sweat so bad that I never have to go to the restroom why I am at work even though I probably drink more while I am there than I do the rest of the day.

After I noticed I lost the first 15 lbs I started watching how much I eat as well. I have never been a breakfast eater so I don’t have to worry about that. Lunch is hit or miss if I eat it or not, I still don’t eat lunch all the time but more now than I did. I will eat a small chicken sandwich or a snack wrap if I eat lunch. At dinner time I will eat whatever we are having. But I get less than I normally would and I don’t go back for more. Last week I cut all soda out and tried to cut coffee but it didn’t work. I want to cut soda tea and coffee but I don’t know if I can cut the tea or not. This week I am going to try cutting the coffee because I drink way to much of it and I know it will or is making me gain.

I hope I keep losing it fast, I only have 44 lbs to go to hit my goal of where I want to be. I hope that I can cut this other stuff out of my diet and can drop it fast. That is one reason I have been trying to have a little something for lunch, cut the soda’s out trying to cut the coffee out and all that. I figure that if I start eating lunch more than not that will help me from hitting a Plato, then if cut out all soda, then a week or two later coffee and then tea it will help shake things up a little.

If I can lose these last 44 lbs I will be back to where I was when I finished high school and had kids. I will also be a healthy weight again.

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