{January 11, 2013}   2nd Doctors Appointment

Tuesday I made it to my 2nd doctors appointment for the baby. I was supposed to go the Thursday before but had to cancelled because ex didn’t get off to watch the kids like he was supposed to. I had them all home still for Christmas break. They had called and left a message saying they had results from my ultrasound they did right after Thanksgiving at the hospital when I got sick and had to go. They said I didn’t need to go for the one they gave me paper work to get. I never called back to get the results they told me at the ER everything looked great. I had to much going on and just didn’t bother with it.

Well when I got in there Tuesday I was in trouble some other women said she had been trying to get a hold of me. Then she says that they were calling to tell me I needed to be on bed rest all this time and that I needed to get that other test right a way. I told her the one call I got said not to get it so I hadn’t been worried about it. She just looked at me and walked out. She also said that the blood work I was supposed to get I needed new orders for because I now was farther along and needed more test. She just wasn’t very nice at all. I didn’t feel good and had baby boy with me getting into everything. I had been up and driving around since 4am. I was already upset and tired. This visit was with the doctor and she finally came in after what seemed like forever. They said she would be in in just a minute. She came in and started talking to me. She knows the spot we are in right now and that we are staying here and there. I guess she looked over my file and the NP had talked to her. I think the other lady must have talked to her about the test too. She was so nice about everything. She told me that she wanted to know if it was ok if she talked to some of the churches in the area to see if they had anything they could do or help us find a place and things. I told her that was fine. She asked if I had car seat and things. I told her I had the one for my son but nothing for the baby yet. She said she was going to see what she could do about that too. I told her I had money to get a place and to get seats and things. We just couldn’t find a place in our price range that they are either gone or we get turned down for them. She said she was going to work on it and get back with me. I was so tired and upset I was crying before we even got started with the exam. She said she was writing more orders for more test and asked if I would get them done with in the next day or two. I told her I would do my best. I am staying 50 miles a way from her office or more and have the baby to take everywhere with me. But that I would figure out something.

She said that my placenta was way to low and close to the cervix and that they needed to look at it and see if it had moved or how bad it really was. Until I go back I she wanted me on bed rest so that nothing happen. I told her I didn’t know how that was going to work but that I would rest as much as I could. She was worried because I lost weight instead of gaining anything in the last month. I told her I have been sick my tooth has been bothering me and I am just stressed and wore out. I am eating but I hardly ever feel hungry. I had a half a sub two days here and then a little bit at dinner. But I eat a little bit and then I feel full in just a few bites or feel sick. I know it is stress and being here at my moms. All I hear is complain all day and how I should be doing everything and how it should be done and on and on. We don’t get along at all. The baby is into everything here he has no one to play with. He has his toys but he is bored the other kids are too. I had gained a lot when we spent the 3 weeks with my friend but things were much more relaxed and everyone was happier . even though we had 4 adults and 9 kids in the house. Plus me and her would cook and things get stuff done together the kids could play why we did what we had to do we were having to watch them 24/7 and make sure they weren’t getting into stuff. They could go outside and play too. we would make or go get something for lunch and things too.

Here I am so stressed and then this week the kids went back to school. I have to get up at 4 have him to work by 5 then sit for two hours before one gets on the bus and the other goes to school. Then me and the baby have nothing to do or no where to go until they get off and we can head home. We ride around all day or find place to park and sit why he sleeps and things. It is crazy, by the time I get home I am so tired from not getting sleep the night before and things. Then have to make dinner and feed the kids get them ready for the next day. By the time I go to bed it is a few hours before I have to get up and do it again. Then I hear how I do nothing and everyone else is doing everything and how he has to help when he worked all day and all this stuff. I am just over it. Half the time we can’t even come home when he gets off we have to go meet the lady and look at houses. Then come home. I just pray we find something this weekend and get moved so that we don’t have to worry about it all next week. I keep them home today and didn’t take them I am going to get in trouble if I keep them home to much. Big boy really needs to be there so he can get caught up and where he needs to be. the last month has throw everything off for him.

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