{April 9, 2020}   Drug and Rehab Centers

I forget to check my spam comments sometimes so it can be pretty full when I do. I get like the rest of you sale’s this, porn that, scams and so on. Your run of the mill colorful mix.

I am not sure how these comments come about how they decide what to post where. But today was interesting I went in and had 10 comments, rather lite considering I have hardly been on in a while. But then again maybe that is why. Again I don’t know what makes them comment or why or when. But for some reason today everyone I had was for some drug treatment center and rehab. I guess the spam bots feel I have some drug problem that it is time to go to rehab for. Like if I did an advertisement for one would convince me to go.

{March 26, 2019}   Know Where He Got It

I was trying to figure out where Sleeping Beauty was coming off with talking to others he don’t know about his “drug problem” that isn’t a “problem”

I kept thinking she had to of said something or he heard something from someone. Why was he coming at me when the other was there and she told him what he wanted to go outside and talk about.

I didn’t think I had messaged her anything like that about him. There are just some things I won’t message back and forth with anyone. I looked back in my messenger and didn’t see anything like that in there or to give him any reason we had been talking about anything like that.

Sitting here at work tonight I was going through some text and all of a sudden she popped up. I forgot we had text some the last few weeks. We use to never text but for some reason we had been.

I looked back and sure enough there were three messages together.

Omg i almost text him!!!!!!!😯😯😯

Someone else told me the other week he was on stuff to when they found out i knew him we were friends. Telling me i better be careful what he was into. I had not said anything to them about anything like that.

Long term negative side effects include anxiety paranoia anger.

Why he don’t want no one talk about him his “business” no matter how stupid or small it is. Why all of a sudden they say he is on it he tells me he don’t know what is wrong he having anxiety attacks.

They were from last Thursday and there weren’t that many after it so he must of either looked at her phone when he said what he did the other day or sometime before that. I am thinking he looked through it seen it all at the same time because of when he said something about it. She said that they were in Sam’s sitting down going to eat. She was up at the counter getting one of the kids something and came back and he had it.

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