{May 8, 2017}   Impatiently Waiting

So far 3 out of 4 teachers have turned final grades in and I am very impatiently awaiting the 4th one to get his in. Have 2 B’s and 1 A so far.

I thought I had a C in one of those classes but she went back and regraded the final and graded it on a curve, that brought my grade to a B. The test was two parts multiple choice and essay questions. She had already told me the other day I got all the essay questions right but missed some of the others. I received an email today she sent to everyone saying she changed the way she graded them. She said she didn’t really like the multiple choice questions and that she felt they were not clear on what some were asking and that the things they were asking for were to close and easily confused basically. She said everyone did really well on the essay part so she knows we know what we are doing and that is why she went in and regraded them. She said she felt it was a better representation of what kind of students we were. It was nice she did’t let one test mess our grades up when we had really good grades through out the hole class. The way finals are tied in it can bring your grade down a letter grade or more. For her to see that it was everyone that was having problems in the same area but knew the ones we had to answer our self and fix it is great.

I had one other teacher that will do the same kind of things. She will look at how many people missed the same question if it is close to half the class or more then she says that either we did not cover it enough or she did not make it clear enough for us to understand. If we had covered it enough or she had made it clear enough then half the class or more should not have gotten it wrong and will give credit for it or grade to make up for it.

I keep going back and checking my grades to see if this last teacher turned in the grades or not. I checked with him the other day to make sure he had all my work and everything was okay. We email or work to him so sometimes things get lost between us emailing him, his office and everyone else. He said he had it all everything looked good. I am a little worried about the project I had to turn in and the final paper that needed to be turned in. The project was a video that Wanda was supposed to help me with and then left that weekend. I had to use my oldest and because of my mom we ended up being up supper late working on it. I don’t think it came out all that good but with what I had to work with her not wanting to do it but doing it to keep me from failing. Then my research paper I used the same paper that I did for one of my other classes and turned in. We had to do a paper on working with a group and what practice or theory we would use and why, they wanted to know what we felt would be rewarding and difficult to work with them. I did mine on single parents, well single mothers for the most part because like I put in my paper there wasn’t really information on single fathers. In the other class we had to pick a group and write about what we needed to be aware of and things like that when working with them. Pretty much the same stuff when it came down to it. I had already picked the topic of single parents for that class then seen it was also a group we could pick for the other class so I ended up picking it there too. The other class I had picked a different topic to start with but got half way through it and just wasn’t feeling it so then went back and did the single parent topic and wrote the paper in an hour or two. I got five or ten points off for little things like formatting the paper and missing a word or something but that was it nothing wrong with the paper its self.

{February 5, 2017}   Science Fair Projects or Are They

I took the kids to get what they needed for their science fair projects today. We found everything but amino. I swear I am not that my oldest isn’t making meth for her project. She had me get drain-o, bleach, coke and we still have to get amino. I ask her if she was sure she was sure she was doing a science project and not something else. She laughed and said yes. I am just teasing I know she is really doing a science project but glad we had to buy food and other things or we may have gotten some odd looks. I forget what all goes into meth but I know it is a lot of toxic stuff. Something we I was studying somewhere or something me and someone were talking about led me to look it up and just see what all really went into it. I couldn’t believe it and that people use it.

She is doing her project on what will clean dirty pennies better? She is going to put some in an empty jar then the others are going to have water, drain-o, coke, amino and something else in them.

My Big Boy is doing his one what kinds of crystals grow better, salt, borax or sugar.

{January 30, 2016}   Three Weeks Later

Three weeks after telling us they were going to tell us next week we finally have answers about what is going on at work. Today was most peoples last day to work because the project closes tomorrow and very few people work tomorrow. They started calling us in around 10 in groups of about 20 to tell us what was going on. We were the first group in, I was surprised by that we are normally the last ones for everything. They told us they had not told us anything because they didn’t know anything and basically they still really don’t. They have a bunch of letters for work signed and people calling but not contracts. They are waiting for the lawyers to go over the contracts and that one contract the company was sold to another company so it was on hold. They said that there was on client there at the time I know they were there yesterday as well looking around and going over things. I think it is for brookdale. They have about 30 computers set up for them on the floor and he said they were asking how many more they could set up for them like that. I was told they already picked up 20 more people to work than they had asked for to start with. My boss says they have not started training for those 20 and don’t know who the 20 are going to be but she was putting my name back on the list or going to tell them again.

They said that one company wants 700 people so it would have to be given to other centers not just ours because we do not have room for 700 computers and people by any means. But it would be work and keep everyone who is there on. They told us to check for work from home stuff with them to hold us over and that if we wanted to transfer to another center in another state we could. They said they are supposed to know something by Wednesday of next week but I will not hold my breath and expect that. I think we are going to have a two week break at least before training and things start for something else. The large project decided they didn’t need as many people so this one is good because even it wasn’t as large as this one. If all the others dropped this would still keep everyone there.

The week or two off is kind of a welcome but at the same time it really sucks right now, I would have had every bill paid in full and not owed anything at all and had money in my pocket if I had been able to work all month like I was supposed to. Now I am juggling stuff around and just trying to stay a float right now. I did get all but two hours this week and I have about $355 in bounce money. Only thing that sucks about that is they tax it at 33% so they will keep $100 of it. But it is better than nothing.

They also told everyone that if they clocked out and went home early or did not go by their hours or didn’t come in tomorrow if they were supposed to that they would not get their $300 bounce. We were wondering how they were going to get people to stay if they called them in and tell them all this. But then they also came around and started asking if anyone wanted to take VTO, volunteer time off. They said it wouldn’t effect our bounce. I put my name on the list I was feeling sick and hurting. I think the pills and things I am having to take are really messing with my stomach. I was just so tired of sitting there we been sitting there doing nothing for months now it is really starting to get to everyone. I thought they were going to let us go earlier than they did but they never let us go until around 2. I had just about decided to stay there but decided I needed to go and call doctors and things. Then my friend got off too so we went to lunch. I had a call earlier in the day but didn’t know the number. I was on the floor so I couldn’t check it. We are not allowed to have our phones out or anything like that. I keep mine in my jacket pocket, the way it is made I can glance in and see who called or if someone text to make sure it isn’t about the kids.

I called on the way to lunch and it was the surgeons office that I found yesterday. They said they were able to get the paperwork they needed from my doctor and the rest of my test and things. They said it was being reviewed and it cut her off. I am going to call them Monday if I don’t hear from them and see if they can see my sometime Tuesday or Wednesday. If they do I am going to see if they can do the surgery Friday. If not then by Tuesday at least. I want to get it done and healed so that if they call me back to work and so that I can apply at a few places I know of and get back to work a fast as I can.

I wish it was done but the doctor they gave me at the er who said she would do it wouldn’t take the insurance when I called the next day. Then I tried to go to another one I found and got into it with the office lady for being so rude and nasty. This is a group of three doctors they work out of the hospital I don’t want to go to but they are the only ones I can find. I figure if I feel the doctor knows what he is doing then I am not going to stress about the hospital I will be in and out in the same day so not to bad to deal with if the doctor is good.

I told them today too that I was working on getting it done and they said it wasn’t a problem they would work with me.

{July 24, 2012}   Our Day/ Project 1

Today was a pretty good day we all slept in well me and the kids did after the dog woke the baby up at like 6am. I had to make her hush and lay down and get the baby back to bed. It kind of worked out better for me that she woke him up then. He has started getting up around 8am. Since it was dark still I was able to give him a bottle and lay him back down. He slept in too. I really needed it today. I fell down in the bathtub and hurt myself today I am really hurting. I smacked the back of my head on the wall I don’t know how many times. I started blacking out the first time. I kept falling back instead of just down it was so weird. Then I went down and hit pretty hard too. So I was not wanting to get up bright and early. At least she didn’t wake all the kids. We sat there and talked for a little bit until RC had to go to work then I want back to sleep until they started getting up and woke me up.

We got up and they had breakfast and ran around and played until RC got home for lunch and brought me the stroller. I don’t have my truck right now it is sitting at RC’s job since we have it for sale. It is on a really busy road and they sell cars there already sometimes so people look for stuff to be out there. I had told the kids we would do a project today to give them something to do but we had to go a couple places to get some stuff. That’s why I had RC bring me the stroller so we could walk. After we all had lunch and he went back to work we got ready and headed out.

We walked up to the produce stand and I let them all pick out a sweet potato. After we left there we stopped at the thrift store on the way home. I let them all go in there and pick out a jar or vase that their sweet potato would fit into. When we got home I showed them how to put tooth picks in them and stick them in their containers and put water in the bottom to grow them.

I remember doing this in school with regular potatoes and looked it up online. It said that you could do it with a sweet potato also and that it would grow a nice vine plant. So I decided to use them instead. I figured they could take care of them and when we move put them in their rooms or in the kitchen. It was a simple project but they had fun just going to the places to get the things they needed and getting to pick out what they were going to use. They didn’t know what we were doing. I just told them to each pick out a sweet potato. They were asking if we were going to eat them and if they were going to get to help cook them and everything. Then when we got to the thrift store I found some jars and things that would work and then showed them all the vases they could pick from and they each got to pick the one they wanted to use.

All their potatoes in the window. They keep going over every time they think of them and looking at them. I ask them what they are doing. They said seeing how much they have grown. They just done them 6 hours ago.  Cheap and easy fun for the day only spent $4.30 for potatoes and jars.

They really want to make robots but I am still working on collecting stuff to make them. My oldest wants to put a egg in a jar. We shall see what all we end up doing now that they are all home pretty much until school starts back.


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