{August 28, 2019}   The Cleaning Lady Quit

So I don’t know if Pop’s was confused when we were talking and he asked about the other job and said Keep it to Yourself. Or if the guys think this is going to keep me. I have not decided yet. You tell me what you think.

Today I woke up and my back was about to lock up. It was all I could do to walk the little ones to school. I went home and laid back down for a bit but it did not help. I had to run to the store with oldest and get to work. I knew I was going to be late, I wasn’t in any hurry or trying to get in one. I hurt to bad and was scared to move. Worried if I did wrong it would lock and that would be it. I messaged the one owner and just told him I was going to be late not to forget a guy was meeting them there when we opened. He said no problem.

I wad about 15 or 20 minutes late. I was still in pain maybe more. I walked through the doors he looked at me smiling at first then really looked. He said are you alright?

I told him yes my back was trying to lock up that was why I was late. I said I was just trying to get going I wasn’t to quick. We walked into the office I sat down at my desk. We talked a bit and about the pain in the ass guy who had not shown knowing they could not wait around they had places to be. He said he was going to check the bus and leave if he hadn’t come by then to bad.

I said he will just have to drop them and come back. He said he knew who I was talking about. He said when he was leaving don’t let him give you not shit because we left, don’t take no shit from him he was late. He looked at me and said then again I don’t think your going to deal with much the pain your in. I said no I’m not either way he was told. He asked me before that if I wanted Pops to come in and work for me? I could go home or what. I told him no it would get better hopefully soon. He left.

Later not long before I closed the other owner come in and we were talking about a few things. Then he looks funny and asked if the other owner had talk to me lately? I said no, I said we talk I see him every day he is here. What do you mean? Something wrong? (Because they don’t go out together anymore the one goes Mon-Tues and they both go Wednesday and the one I was talking to Thurs-Fri.

So yeah I talk to him ofcourse. But the way he said it seem like something was wrong. We had not talked about anything of substance I guess you could say.

He said oh no nothing is wrong he was just supposed to talk to you because our cleaning lady retired. I said I wondered where she had been its a mess and the vacuum is missing. I was going to do the floors. He said yeah and she did my house too. He said but we talked and was going to see if we give you a $1 more an hour if you wanted to do it? He said you can do it why your here you don’t have to come in no special time or anything. I said yeah I can do that sounds good to me. He said you don’t have to think about it let me know. I said yeah I have no problem doing it. He said make a list of what I needed and he would get it and bring the vacuum off the bus.

Honestly I was cleaning before they hired the lady. Not everything scrubbed down. I was cleaning the bathroom mopping the office and bathroom floors and taking trash in those two rooms out. I wasn’t mopping the rest because we did not have a mop and bucket. I was doing it with rags and the sink the best I could. I was newer still and just didn’t mess with stuff in the shop. Didn’t want to break anything move something I shouldn’t or anything like that.

He went and brought in the vacuum from the bus and put it to charge. He said maybe I should get you a different vacuum one that is better something. I said YES I told him go get this one it is like $20 it has a normal vacuum head it plugs in not charges and it don’t have that ball thing in the head. Much better. He laughed and said okay. This thing is horrible we had one at the escape room it sucked too. It only last like 10 or 15 minutes pans has to be charged again. Our places are to big for that. It be okay maybe for the bus. I wouldn’t want to use it out there either really.

I told him I will do it for a $1 more an hour because honestly they could just say this needs done do it or this is part of your job and you have A LOT of down time do plenty of time to do it in. Why are we going to pay someone else to or pay you more to. They never have and didn’t now. There probably isn’t even an hours worth of work there a week to be done. I think she was coming every other week. I can do a little bit here and there as I have free time and feel like it or it needs done. So an extra $140 a month for maybe 4 hours of work. That’s $10 better than the $25 an hour I was making helping the guy sort papers and I am already there being paid anyway.

As I said I don’t know if Pop’s was confused or they think this will keep me. I am coming up on my year in a few months and I am going to still ask for a raise if I am still there. I am just going to tell them I have been here a year, you said start at $10 make sure it was a good fit we all were happy and then talk about a raise we never did. I was also told the first of the year you would take taxes and things but you haven’t. I am having to. That is fine but it is costing me more that way. I dont mind to keep doing it but need to make a little more in order to make it worth it. If they say we just gave you…..I am going to say no that wasn’t really a raise that was pay to do another job and that is saving you money in the long run as well. You pay my phone so I feel a $2 raise seems fair to cover a raise and taxes if you also pay me for the days we are closed for holidays. See what they say.


{May 13, 2017}   Not Enough Behind

Thursday I thought I had a plan and was going to get all this mess for court taken care of pretty effortlessly. Boy what I was I thinking to believe that anything would be easy. I sat down yesterday morning to figure out what he has paid and what he has not paid. I ended up having to change the way I keep track of it because it was to spread out to really look at it and not adding it up correctly. I tried to fi it but it just wasn’t happening. I switched to a calendar I just marked how much he paid every week on it. I then went through and added up all that he has paid.

The way we set it up was that he would pay X amount every week if he missed that week then he was behind that week, if he paid the following week and paid extra the extra from that week went for what he was behind from the weeks before. Again stupid me for trying to be nice and get all this caught up and not being a bitch about it. We both agreed to it and that was life.

The courts say that he has not set day to pay any set amount on. He has to pay X amount sometime between the first day of the month and the last day of the month. He is not late until the end of the last day of the month or the first of the following month. It also does not matter if he paid so much for what was owed months before and so much for that month. Everything he paid that month is counted for that months support. Since some months have 5 weeks and some months he paid extra but then paid nothing for months all changes things around. The month there was 5 weeks he paid extra so that comes off what he owes. Right now the way we figure it he is a month behind. The way they figure he is just two over two weeks behind. I figured what he is already behind and then the two weeks into this month he hasn’t paid. But they say oh no he isn’t behind anything this month until the end of the month so I can’t file anything.

The only thing I can file right now is the paperwork to up the support and the contempt of court for not telling me and them his address and phone number, and not taking the kids on his days and times and not paying a sitter for them when he don’t. So now I am having to go about this in reverse from what I was going to. That means it will take longer to get anything as well because he will have 20 days to answer then I have to wait for our court date to come and everything get put in place. then in the middle of all that I have to file and take him for being behind and get a date for that. I am scared now that I am going to lose my house and everything before I get anything from him. If I can’t find a job and get to working. That’s another problem in its self.

I am going Monday to the court house to file all these papers that I need to file and have him served, god help me if they come off with I need a bunch of money to do it I am going to lose it on them right there in the court house I do not care. If they need that money they better go after him and get it, if he was doing what he is supposed to then I would’t need to be there opening this case, having him served and all that. If they serve him by Friday then the 20 days will be up by the 8th of next month. The first of next month I should be able to file the papers for him being behind, mail them out to him and by the 8 get a court date to handle both. I was just hoping that by the 1 I would be going to court not just getting a court date on the 8th that will probably be for a month away. I am going to have to figure out how to handle things here for the next few months and start looking everywhere for whatever I can do for side jobs or anything. I haven’t even been able to find any side stuff to do. I have been asking everyone and telling everyone to ask around give people my name and number. I will do just about anything at this point. I don’t know if there is anything I wouldn’t do at this point.

{April 13, 2017}   Spring Break

I have been around but not posting all that much right now. I really haven’t felt like writing or had a lot to say. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Not a lot going on good or bad right now just life happening. Kids are out on Spring Break and sick. We were at the doctor again two days ago, one has croup again, one has double ear infection, one is wheezing and the other has sines stuff going on.

Father of the year has been here three times this week. He came Saturday and dropped money off about 7 and left, said he had things to do. Then calls at almost 10 to see if he can come over. I told him fine the kids were supposed to be cleaning their room getting rid of stuff, so not headed to bed being a holiday. I told him to help the boys go threw their toys and get rid of some. He was here for hours I was in my room doing stuff on line. The kids are getting ready for bed I come out and the only thing that got done was the bedroom floor sweep. He said he been doing that all that time. It’s a bedroom full of shit there isn’t that much floor to sweep.

Monday he calls and wanted to know if he could come over at almost 630 pm. I told him yes go ahead, my friend Wanda was here she come to stay the night with me. We were going to do her hair and go threw some things when the kids went to bed. I was surprised he showed up in no time. I said I am leaving dinner is in there make it and feed the kids. Me and Wanda took his truck since mine isn’t fixed yet and went to see our other friend J. Then we stopped grabbed something to eat and came home. By then it was midnight he still sat there for two hours or more before he went home. I picked something to drink up on the way home and me and Wanda say outside and had a drink waiting on him to leave. He came out there and hung out for a bit before he finally did.

Then tonight he calls at dinner time again and wants to come over. I picked us up a couple pizza’s and told him stop and grab one we were about to eat if he hadn’t eaten already. Of course he showed up without it. Said he didn’t have $5 to get one. I said well they just sat down to eat if there is any left when they are done I guess you can have some of it. But I wasn’t telling him to eat until they were done and I wasn’t going to buy more pizza if I was going to spend that much on pizza I would have gotten them somewhere else and gotten others we wanted instead of what we got. Besides it isn’t my place to feed him.
He is working normal day time hours since all the kids are on Spring Break and they are working on schools. Normally they work 3 pm, to 1 or 2 in the morning. I like when he works that better, he isn’t calling wanting to come over all hours of the night. It still gives him time to see the kids because he has three day weekends as well. Not that he see’s them then anyway but he has the time if he really wanted to he can’t say he works all the time. I will be happy when school starts back Monday.

Tonight when he was here he said the guy at work told him he is going to talk t the boss about getting him a raise. He said he was going to try and get him another $2 an hour if not at least another $1. Not that the kids will see anything more when he was making more at the other place he still had to be forced to help. I have to hound him to get him to pay what he is supposed to and it is less than he should be paying by at least half or more.

I am just trying to buy my time and get things lined up for me and the kids to move and just track everything and have record of it all for when I have to go to court and ask the judge if we can leave the state. This way I have a good case built as to why being here vs. somewhere else isn’t going to matter when it comes to seeing, and doing for his kids. Because he don’t take them when he is supposed to and hardly see’s them at all. How he pays when and what he wants.


{February 17, 2015}   Relay For Life

I have seen they do these around my area every year I knew it was to raise money for cancer research. I always thought it would be neat to do one but most the time when I find out about it its to late to really raise money or get involved. I don’t know what made me think of it the other day but I did and I looked it up. There is going to be one the end of April in my area. That give me time to get a team together and start raising money.


I don’t know a lot about it just what I have been reading on line. Me and my sister want to do it in memory of my dad and grandpa, our grandpa and two aunts who have all passed a way of some kind of cancer. But since neither of us have ever done it we are figuring it out together as we go. So far I think besides me and her we have 3 other people who say they will be there. I just hope they really show up. So far I have no one that is staying over night with me. I may end up being the only one out there over night. I did ask my good friend if he wanted to come spend the night with me I think he may come for a little while don’t know if he will make it the whole night or not.

Right now I am trying to come up with a team name and theme so I can get us signed up. I think this might help me along this new journey and in healing. relay1

et cetera
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