{February 19, 2020}   Finally Had To Tell Him

As you know the other week I was going to go talk to Jw after work and tell him how damaged I am. All the shit I have been through and things that have happened to me. Because surely if he found out that one thing he wouldn’t stay and then I would know. I would know I was wasting my time like I did on all the rest. I would know he was lying and just saying what he felt I wanted to hear. I wouldn’t be wasting my time anymore or stressing over all the extra stuff since he came in the picture. But as you can read in my post damaged he was pretty sick and I wasn’t going to talk to him about all that at the time. I felt bad for him because he was miserable and I knew he wouldn’t be listening anyway. I couldn’t blame him.

Well early last week things ended up going a little further than expected one night and we have been together a few times since. The first night he was really nervous, in turn made me nervous. Mostly just again wondering if we were doing the right thing us being together over all. How it just seems odd or not real. He was in his last relationship for 8 years he said it been a while since he been with someone new or another women. It made it hard for me to get into at first but after a little bit we both relaxed.

The next time was alright but I had a hard time. It wasn’t really anything to do with him. More me and I couldn’t figure out why or what was bothering me so much.

Last night was horrible, I was into it and wanted to and then everything started happening. I just started shutting down and fighting disconnecting. We ended up just stopping. He could tell something was really bothering me and that something was wrong. He kept asking and saying he was sorry asking if he done something. I told him no that it wasn’t him it was me. We just laid there with him holding me, finally I just told him. I did not know what to say

I just told him it has been about 8 years or more since I was in a relationship but that I had a friend in that time. That being with someone in that way isn’t the same as being with someone in a relationship for me anyway.

That when I was with my ex husband before we got divorced things happened. That because of that I tend to disconnect and shut down. That I haven’t been in a relationship to know how things were going to go or work through it. I don’t know what is really wrong even but figured some things out.

He just pulled me close and didn’t really say anything. He was just quiet for a bit. He started to say something and stopped. I said I know you probably don’t know what to say, I don’t want you to say anything or looking for you to. He said I don’t know what to say. He said it’s alright you didn’t tell me sooner. He said it don’t change how I feel about you, or how I look at you. He said we will work through it. I still love you and I’m not going anywhere. I’m glad you told me and want to help you. We will figure out things together and I told you anytime you need or want to talk I am here.

{September 24, 2019}   Unbelievable–Netflix

I just finished watching this true show this morning. It was very interesting and kept you glued to the computer wanting to know what happen next. I finished all 8 episodes in two, two and a half days.

It is a real an eye opener in the way things are handled so differently from department to department. How being properly trained or caring and not being rushed to get to the next case or get one closed can make such a difference.

I truly think that the first cop in the beginning with the young girl was not caring, understanding or properly trained in dealing with these kinds of victims. I also feel that maybe when these kinds of crimes are reported they should send women cops out to talk to them, take the report and deal with the women directly to help them feel more comfortable talking and having to go through what happen.

It is about a girl who someone broke in her home and raped her, the push her into saying she made it up. Later to have the same guy rape a bunch of other women in different areas. Two detectives from different departments come together and figures out it is the same guy and go after him.

I am glad the girl in the end thought to get a lawyer and go after the city. I just wish she had held out and made it more known what she was doing and why and went after more than just the city. Maybe the detective himself.

It has been being talked about lately since they have decided to take this song off the radio in the last week or so. I just seen this post and read this and wonder what everyone’s thoughts are about what is said.

Aside from the drink part (never noticed that part) I always felt she wanted to stay but was just talking about what others would say or think. Like this poster says in her reply.


{February 3, 2018}   All The Bad Shit

Have you ever had one of those days where all the bad shit that has ever happen to you in life just won’t stop playing over and over in your head like a movie? I am going on day two of that, I don’t know why or what triggered it but it won’t stop. I have been able to block it out to a point, if I keep myself busy and around others. But when I am alone or get aggravated it is worse and it is always there no matter what.

I just keep playing the rape, fights, the abuse, the hurt, the deaths everything over and over in my mind. I think that yesterday was the first day I really let the word rape be used and called it what it is and how it was. All I can think in my head is how did you let that happen? How did you let it keep happening? You finally stood up and put a stop to it, why didn’t you the first time? You let it happen, you just let it happen and did and said nothing. I think I was just so tired, so broken, so wore out and beat down…………….. I said no, I made it clear I didn’t want to do anything, I went so far as to tell him to go find someone else I didn’t care. He didn’t care, he told me so, he told me he couldn’t I was his wife I was supposed to give it to him, who thinks someone wants something when they are crying why your doing it? He knew he can say what he wants. What do you say and do to that???????????? I should of put a stop to it sooner, I really should of there is no one to blame for that but me for not putting a stop to it after the first time the third or the forth or whatever time it was up to……..

{January 22, 2017}   Reactions

I just had this post all done and ready to post just had to hit the button and my computer froze and I lost it all not one word to be found. I should have written it in a word document and then pasted here. I could scream. I guess I will try rewriting it and hope it works this time.

Trigger Warnings Sex, abuse, help

I don’t know what else to call this because the reactions of others is why I am writing. Me and a friend tonight were talking and joking around about sex. We were talking about her hysterectomies and getting your tubes tied and guys having vasectomies. She had a full hysterectomy. She was saying how it hurts horribly now when she has sex and it has for years since she had it. We had talked about it before and I researched it and found that a lot of women have a lot of problems that they do not tell you about before you have it. They don’t tell you that they could be problems after having one or that it could be related when you go in complaining of them. But it’s funny how many women have them after. They do not tell women they shorten the vaginal canal or that it cuts a major supply of the blood flow and things to the clit. They don’t explain to women that when you orgasm that a major part of what you are feeling is your uterus contracting. Many women have trouble having orgasms after the operation. If they are able to they are not the same as before. These are all things she is complaining of. She said she didn’t know if she had ever really had one, that when she has sex it feels like he is right on top of the cervix ramming it or hitting it and it puts her in pain. She is with the same person she was with before she had it done so nothing has changed there. I told her about the things I found and what it all said after I was researching it she was shocked she kept saying I didn’t know that, I didn’t realize that, no one ever told me that.

After researching it I was very glad that my doctor refused to do mine after Little Bitty. Because I was dead set on having one after I had her. I didn’t want birth control or them to tie my tubes. I wanted it all out so that I did’t have to ever worry about it happening again. She said there was no medical reason to take it out and it was better to have it than to not have it unless there was a reason it needed to come out. I told her there was a reason for it to come out I was done with it. I know I know but I been through so much at the time and that was and is truly how I feel even today. I love kids I would not have minded having more after Little Bitty if things had not worked out the way they did but between that and father of the year I am done.

I told her as much as I hate the idea and don’t want to I am really thinking about having my tubes tied. I have always been against it and for other forms of birth-control. They almost killed my sister when they did hers and she still has medical problems over it to this day 20 some years later. I met a few other people who had lasting medical problems from it as well and who almost died. It is a risk people think they just make these tiny cuts and go in there. But they don’t think about how close they are to your other organs. Your liver and intestines are right there. My sister they did something to her intestines and had to take I forget how many feet out and she almost died from blood loss and infection. The other lady I met they nicked her liver, well they didn’t tell her that would cause her medical problems for life. It wasn’t until months down the road when she almost died from blood clots and they couldn’t figure out why she was getting them. Then they found her liver had been damaged and that was what was causing them. The only thing she had ever had happen to her liver was when they told her they nicked it. They looked and found out that they had not just “nicked” it but I guess really cut it pretty bad and damaged it and it wasn’t something that would ever get better she was in a wheel chair because of the problems it caused with the blood clots and then the problems having so many blood clots all the time causes.

It was never something I had to worry about because when me and Father of The Year were together he agreed to have a vasectomy one we decided we were done having kids. Then when me and RC got together he had already plan to have one by the falling year. He was at the point I am now he already had 4 and was in the spot he was in with them all he wasn’t going to have anymore. Then we got together and talked about maybe trying for one more. But waiting until we had been together a year and all our court stuff was over. Then him getting one after I had the baby. He wanted to wait until after I had it in case something happened and I lost it. His ex lost two after they had their boys. If we did then he wanted us to have the option of trying again. So I never thought about having my tubes tied and was set against it. The way I looked at it was if they didn’t want to use condoms all the time they could have it done. I did the hard part carrying the kids for ten months, going through labor and delivery. The least they could do was that. But it wasn’t even a problem they both were going to.

But now being a single mom of 4 and thinking about a relationship again, dating and things I want to have the option of having kids off the table. I don’t want there to be any chance of it happening or being open for discussion. I do not want to have to worry about having condoms all the time, or something else to use. I don’t want to take or trust birth control, I got pregnant with my first on it taking it every single day like clock work at the same time everything they tell you. Even at that time Father of The Year was on top of it and making sure because he didn’t want a baby yet. I could never trust just that, and I have tried pills and the patch and they both made me very moody, sick and have no sex drive. I didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant because I did’t want anyone touching me or near me.

We were talking about getting pregnant and being pregnant, I said that I didn’t even know and was as shocked as everyone else when I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd. She was like what do you mean you were married having sex you had to know that it might happen nothing is fool proof. I said yeah but things were getting pretty bad with ex and sex wasn’t happening a lot around that time. If it did I was extremely careful. We always used condoms and I used a sponge, he didn’t even know I had them and was using them. I wasn’t going to use them by their self and he would have pushed to. At that point we were kind of at a stand still no one was saying anything about anything that was wrong or anything. We were just kind of living together and sharing a bed. We hadn’t told anyone really that we were having problems or anything. I was going back and forth on what to do and if he was going to change or not. So sex wasn’t as often as it had been in the past but it was still happening. If I thought it would or it started going there I would just say I had to go to the bathroom or go before I went to bed and use one. I never told him and would tell him to get a condom.

My friend said you really know your body and I can’t believe that you wouldn’t know you were pregnant or have an idea of when it happen. She said you know when you got pregnant with any of your others or have an idea of close to when. I do know with all of them. My first was night before mothers day early mothers day morning. My second was January 13 and my 4th was July 5. I wasn’t trying for any of them but just know because of things that stood out around that time and knowing when we had been together around those times. The night I got pregnant with my 2nd I told him if he did not get something I would get pregnant. It wasn’t a matter we may or it was close to time it could happen. Really it happen on a day that it is probably least likely to happen the day after my monthly friend stopped. Any other time we never used anything that day. But something just said you better use something and if you don’t it will happen. I felt it all through me. We did’t and we weren’t together again after that for a little while because of work and other things going on and sure enough I tested Valentines day and I was pregnant.

She said if you have no clue how or when it happen what was it a drunken night out or did he drug you and rape you? I said no, nothing like that but I really have no clue what we done the night it happen I have no idea what night it happen and I can not even think of one time that we were together at the time we would have had to of been to get pregnant. She said you never questioned it or him when you found out and couldn’t figure out when it happen? I said no wasn’t really any point to it was done nothing that could do about it now I just figure it must have been one of the nights that I had blocked out from back then. She was talking about something then stopped and said wait you blocked out times you all were with him I said sure did. She was like that don’t sound pleasant I said it wasn’t but it was what it was. She didn’t really say anything and we went on talking. Then in just a few minutes or less she said I got to go I will talk to you later. It was just odd after that short part of our conversation she was like gone had to go.

I thought it was odd and it took me back to when I said something to RC and he found out. RC was always very shy and embarrassed when it came to sex. I would say something, make a joke or try to talk to him about something to do with sex and he would turn bright red and have nothing to say. It was funny really. He was always different when it came to sex all together and careful. Like if we had been out and I had been drinking we would not have sex. If I didn’t feel good or wasn’t having a good day for some reason or I was on medications we didn’t have sex. It would piss me off sometimes. Because even if I don’t feel good there is still a good chance I am in the mood. A lot of times I am more in the mood when I don’t feel good than if I do. I think it’s because when I don’t feel good I want something that will make me feel better and I want to be close but I am not big into cuddling or what when I am sick. So sex lets me feel that closeness I need when I am sick. I know I am weird. But he wouldn’t he would cuddle or lay there and talk until I fell a sleep or go take a shower or something so that I would be a sleep by the time he got back and wasn’t bothering him or just tell me not tonight he was tired or something. I think one night he seen it really got to me.

Then next day I was doing something he came and said he wanted to talk to me. We started talking he said he was sorry if he made me feel bad the night before, he wasn’t trying to. He said he just didn’t want use to do anything when we had been drinking or more if I had been than him. Or if I didn’t feel good, wan’t having a good day or whatever. He said he never wanted me to be upset about something that we did the night before because I was drinking and that the other times he didn’t want me to feel obligated or like I had to do it. He said he didn’t want something that happen one night because of something like that and change things or like he said it end up being something that I wish I hadn’t done or later felt I was pushed or made to do. I told him he didn’t have to worry about that I had never had so much to drink that I didn’t know very well what I was doing or what was going on. He told me he was embarrassed about sex and talking about it because he didn’t really know a lot and hadn’t really done a lot. He said the girls he been with just laid there didn’t really do anything he didn’t know anything about trying different things. That they sure didn’t talk about sex very open or freely. It was I can take it or leave it, if you want it you got to d this or that or your not getting it kind of thing.

After a while he got better about it and we would joke around back and forth and talk about different things. He didn’t turn ten shades red. One day he was joking around while I was cleaning the house or something I was doing. He said boy I could just take you to the other room and take advantage of you right now. I made an off hand comment back about it wouldn’t be the first time I just block it out you get use to it or something like that. He said something else and I said besides you can’t take advantage of the willing. As I finished saying it he finished what he was saying he looked at me and got this look like I don’t know what, he said wait what did you say. I just said you can’t take advantage of the willing. He said not that before that. I just looked at him because I could tell he was not happy. He said your not joking are you? What happen, who was it when? He was pissed. I just looked at him he said me? I said no never you. He then wanted to know why I didn’t tell him when it happened and who it was. I told him because it didn’t happen when we were together. He asked who or something and what happen I think then he said no I’m pretty sure I know but it probably isn’t a good idea for me to know for sure. He said I’m sorry I shouldn’t have ever said that to you and I would have never said that to you if I had known. I am so sorry I am sorry it happen and things. I told him he had nothing to be sorry about he didn’t do anything wrong, that he didn’t say anything wrong, if I had been bothered by it or had a problem with it I would have told him the first time it ever came up or told him before if but it just wasn’t something I talked about or thought about and that it wasn’t something I let get to me to the point that our joking back and forth would ever bother me. That us joking around with each other is way different because I know how he was and that I didn’t have to worry about anything like that with him. I was comfortable enough to joke around with him. In just a little few minutes he got up and went in the other room he was just different after that he didn’t joke around and things as much or was very careful about what he said.

I just find both of their reactions odd I guess because it isn’t like I was upset, angry, mad or emotional about it, I wan’t looking for them to really say anything about it. I was just having a conversation. I was just mater of fact about it to the point and move on. They the ones that asked questions and things. That didn’t even bother me. I don’t mind talking about it but when I do its just to the point matter of fact it’s done over with now move on. If I shared it with you then that says a lot because I think they are the only two people I have ever told.

They don’t understand Father of the Year was of the mind set that your my wife you are supposed to meet my “needs” we are married I can’t go to anyone else to do it for me and I don’t want to go to anyone else. He told me he did not believe in divorce and that he married me because he wanted to be with me and that he was not giving me a divorce. It didn’t matter basically how I felt or what I wanted or didn’t want at night as long as “his needs” were being met. It got to were I would just lay there and try to think about anything but what was going on. I can say I remember it happening many times but I can’t tell you much more than yes it was unpleasant, yes I said no, I wasn’t in the mood I didn’t want to, I didn’t feel good and all that. He still be all over me and telling me about “his needs” and “my obligations” I feel so sick I just say fine or whatever so he would just go away and leave me alone. I know I guess technically I gave him permission but if I didn’t he wouldn’t get off of me, keep his hands off of me or stop pestering me. And yes I blocked them out I didn’t want to remember it, it wasn’t enjoyable far from it, I remember crying a lot of times while trying to think of other things or just not think about anything at all and just act as if nothing was or did happen. I don’t know why I let it happen, I don’t know why I didn’t do more to stop it or keep it from happening. I guess because I figured I was stuck there from now on I wasn’t going to be able to avoid giving him sex may as well just do it and get it over with and get him to leave me alone for a little bit. I had been places, talked to people and everything else then to get help. But I wasn’t being abused, there was no help, we were married and he was living with me so I couldn’t get any help. I tried to explain that I was trying to get out and get a divorce no one cared. I felt trapped. No one cared, no one knew what was going on. Why bother to tell them not like they are going to believe me or care. Your husband can’t rape you or take advantage of you I figured they would say. I didn’t want to deal with all that telling could mean I would have had to deal with. I didn’t not want to I couldn’t have and I didn’t want my kids involved in something like that. I figured everyone say I just said it because I was mad and leaving it was just an excuse to blame it on him or whatever. Everyone thought he was Mr. Wonderful no one would believe he would do such a thing, and I was his wife so he was right, right.

That was finally the last of the last the no going back we are getting a divorce no matter what time came. One night he started and it happen the next day I was so pissed off at myself. Why was I letting him do this, why hadn’t I said something, why hadn’t I put a stop to it before it started? Why was I so worried about pissing him off or what he was going to do? What more could he do? what could be worse than what he was already doing? What he might hit me if I said anything? Wouldn’t have been as bad as what he had already been doing. I was mad at my self why was I letting him teat me like this, why was I letting him disresepct me in such a way, what happen to me, where was the me that was there when we got together because she would have never let this happen and not more than once if it did. That’s when I called him in there and told him we would not be having sex anymore at all for any reason, not to ask or even try and that he would be moving to the couch. He started about why and everything. I told him what he did was not right, that I was not going to ever be done that way again. I told him that it was something that he wouldn’t ever dream of doing to a stander but would turn around and do it to his wife and justify it because I was his wife and he had needs. He knew what I was talking about he said you act like I did this horrible thing or something so wrong. I said you did it is basically rape he had a fit screaming and yelling that I was blowing it out of pa-portion and that he would never do that. It was nothing like that I was just trying to make it into something it wasn’t. Back to I was his wife and what was he supposed to do go without all the time how was that right that I could just cut him off and not ever give it to him again and all this. I told him I didn’t care how or if he got his needs met that he was free to find someone else as far as I was concerned we were no longer married the divorce was just a technicality at that point.

I really thought it was going to get worse, I figured he would refuse to sleep on the couch and it was going to be a fight and that he was going to keep trying. But I think he was to afraid too. I think he thought if I told someone he would or could be in a lot of trouble for a long time so he just did it.

It just gets me the way the three of them reacted when it came up. RC all pissed off and things then takes off. My friend clams up and hangs up. Father of the year still trying to prove why or how he didn’t do anything wrong. It isn’t like it involved the first two but I do understand RC for getting so mad. You find out something has happen to someone you are close to and care about it pisses you off and you want to go after whoever did it.


{July 11, 2016}   Jimmy Ryce Act

First for those who do not know what this this, it was signed into law in 1998 and went into effect in 1999. This says that all violent sex offenders must be held after their sentinced has been served and evaluated to see what the odds are they will become repeat offenders. If they feel that they are at high risk of being a repeat offender then they can involuntary commit them to a “treatment” center to be rehabilitated. They go once a year in front of the judge to try to get out he can decide if they have been rehabilitated then they can be released.

But I am not sure how good the law is working when a person already has charges against them, did time got out got more charges and time and just a circle like this racking up more charges. They have been found incompetent to stand trial at one point and committed somewhere, then was competent enough to later, did more time and got out. Then was finally held on the Jimmy Ryce Act only for the judge to dismiss it. He we are almost ten years later more victims and charges later and they think hum maybe we should try to keep him under the Jimmy Ryce Act again. In the mean time every time there are new charges or they want to try and keep him under this act they call back all the victims to come to court again. Every time they think it is finally behind them it’s knocking on their front door again. We are talking some are now adults with almost grown kids of their own down to kids who maybe teens some probably not even, who have to relive this over and over again.

The sad part is for all the charges that stuck and time was served he has just as many that got dismissed for whatever reasons. Most of the charges where before they tried to hold him the first time on the Jimmy Act. So at what point did anyone doing this evaluation or even the judge for that matter feel that he wasn’t at high risk of being a repeat offender? If he is not at risk of being a repeat offender then who the Hell is? Why have these treatment centers if they are going to sit empty?

I don’t understand at this point why he is even getting to leave prison and have the chance to become passably a repeat offender again to start with. If you have that many charges for messing with a child, hurting a child or doing anything to a child, you should get a fast pass straight to the front of the line for injection, electrocution, or a room with the parents of the children you hurt while everyone goes to lunch or takes care of other business. I don’t mean the kind of fast pass where you sit in prison for 30 or more years before they finally decide to do it, fast pass means you leave court and go to the facility where it is to be done and it is done in a timely matter not to be more than 7 days weekends and holidays count. If they must turn you lose and let you breath the air and walk the streets with the rest of the world they should be allowed to have pedophile, predator, rapist or something like that tattooed across your forehead so that you have to live with looking at it every day just as the victims live with what was done to them every day. And so that everyone who comes into contact with you knows what you are and what your all about. If we done even one of these two things I bet you we would see a huge decline in these kinds of crimes. It would probably just about do away with these kinds of crimes.

Yes there would still be the ones who done it here and there and who would hide it or try to hide it. But I think just as many people or more would speak out. Some may say this is to harsh and what if they didn’t do it or they can change, I am sorry but I don’t think it is to harsh, I do not feel they can be rehabilitated and trusted not to do it again. If the therapist feel that strongly about it then are they willing to leave their children alone with them? They “fixed” them made them “better” are they willing to hire them to work around their house with their families, heck they aren’t likely to do it again why not hire them to watch your kids? If you think I am being to harsh would you be willing to do these with your kids or family?

I am not talking about these kids or guys that get in trouble for being 18 or 19 dating a 16 or 17 year old. I am talking about these guys and girls because there are just as many women they are finding doing these things to kids as men, who are adults well into their 20 or more or 18/19 messing with kids. Or teens that there is no boyfriend girlfriend relationship or even if there was if they say no it’s not. But you get what I mean.

{October 25, 2012}   24 Years Then Treatment Really

Why put a man in prison for 24 years and not give him treatment why he is in there and we are already paying for him to be there. Instead he sits in there for 24 years and does nothing. Now we are going to send him to a long term treatment center instead of letting him out. Not that I think he should be let out after only serving 24 years of a 100 year sentence. But if he was going to be able to get out after only serving 24 years why not give him treatment why he was there. That way maybe he could come out and lead a normal life. Really I think that after raping all these women he should never get out or be castrated if he gets out. Why should we pay to send him to treatment when he don’t want it and thinks he don’t have a problem. Treatment rehab or whatever you want to call it only helps the ones who want to be helped. The rest most of the time go in go threw the steps to say they did it completed it so that they can get out.

What kind of women decides to become pen pals with a man convicted or all these rapes and decides to marry him why he is in prison looking at being there for 100 years? Then to testify that she thinks he is such a great man and all this and he should be let out. She don’t really know him. Sure he can seem like Mr. wonderful right now because he isn’t out and free to do what he wants. He has no remorse or anything else for what he has done to these other women but you think he is just great and want him free so that he can come and live with you. What is she going to say when he does these things to her? Is she going to think he is just wonderful and should be free then? No she is going to be begging them to put him back in there where he should have stayed to start with.

Don’t get me wrong I know some people do things and get in trouble. Some serve time some don’t. Some change why they are doing time or after they have done whatever it is they did. I know people can change or that people make mistakes. But the ones who change and who truly just made a mistake feel some kind of remorse for what they done. They feel bad they want to say they are sorry and they live with what they done from now on and think about it. I’m not saying that because you did something wrong or made a mistake you are a horrible person and don’t deserve a 2nd chance if you are truly trying to turn your life around and change.

I know people who got into all kinds of trouble as a kid and growing up in their teens who have done wonderful now that they are adults. Never been in trouble. I know people who have done stuff and got into all kinds of trouble as adults. Been in and out of jail and everything. Who something happened and they decided that what they were doing just wasn’t for them anymore or what have you and now work and have a family and living normal lives. I know two who got in trouble one time got in with the wrong crowd and did one stupid thing almost 15 years ago and it still comes back to haunt them today when they apply for jobs and places to live. They are two that looking at them and talking to them you would never know and never ever guess they had been in trouble and would never think they would do it or anything else again.

I just think it is crazy the way people do and the way the system works when it comes to things like this. What is worse is the way people look at people and judge them. The man who just served 24 years would stand a better chance at getting a job than one of the two I was just talking about because they get tax breaks and all kinds of things for hiring them. I heard a lady on a Christian radio show one day they were talking about places hiring these people and giving them a chance and things. She said she would rather hire a murder who just got out of prison than anyone else. Because most the time the murder was a split second thing that happen and it was between two people who knew each other and things. Where as if it was a person who raped someone or robed a place it was planed out and thought about and they made a more conscious chose to do what they did and were more likely to do it again. I really don’t think that is true at all. I think it all comes down to if they want to change if they even care at all about what they did or if they just did it did there time to get out and really don’t care what they did. But who knows this is all just my opinion

Here is the story about the man they are sending to treatment.

{July 20, 2012}  

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