{October 8, 2018}   Lazy Sunday

I worked about 2.5 hours so I was home by 2 or before. I came home sat on the bed with little bitty and played D.C. Super Hero with her for awhile. Took a short nap while she watched video’s on my phone.

Then little bit I read to little guy. By then it was time to go to the store and get dinner. I just grabbed a couple of pizza’s from the little store. They have whole pizza’s they cook when you order so they are hot and ready. Surprisingly they are pretty good. I like them better than the local pizza places cheap pizza’s that are the same price.

Then we just had a lazy night, me and the little ones finally came to bed and watched 20/20 and went to sleep. I was tired even with my nap. I slept good and over slept this morning. Now I need to get up make phone calls, message this guy about my truck and maybe a job and take care of some stuff around here. I just want to sleep still.

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