{November 26, 2019}   The Really You Season 1—Game 4

Here you go Game 4 of The Really You 


Do you believe things happen for a reason?

Everything happens for a reason. Rather we know the reason or ever find out is a different story.

I feel that the reason a lot of things happen is because people don’t take care of things they are supposed to or need to in their lives. They ignore them and then act surprised when something happens or they end up with the outcome of not taking care of the things they were supposed to.

There are some things that we may never know why they happened or happened the way they did. But I think most things we can pin point where along the line something didn’t go as it should of and caused whatever it is that happen.


Have you ever been so hyper-focused on something that you have lost complete track of time?

Lots of times, mostly my school work when I was taking classes. I would sit down and write my papers or do weeks worth of work at one time. Before I knew it, it was dark out. I started in the morning or early after noon.

Now a lot of times at work I get off on one of my many “projects” I am trying to do when it is slow and no one is around and the next thing I know it is time to go home or past.

But those are the times I get the most done I am so focused I don’t notice anything going on around me and I just work.

What contributions can you make as an individual to help with being more environmental and or what have you made as contributions?

We reuse tons of things, empty jars, bags, containers just about anything you can think of. I will take old clothes that are stained or tore and cut them up and use them for rags or to clean up dirty stuff so they can just be thrown away instead of using papers towels. I like to use receiving blankets as rags to clean or shelf liners in closets or the pantry.

When I go through the house whatever it is if it is still in good shape and can be used I will give it away or donate it not just toss it in the trash.

{April 12, 2019}   Working Hard

I heard from Special K today he said he had been busy and had things going on. He said he was out of town yesterday for work and had fallen asleep last night when I was messaging him. I had gotten off early and messaged to see if he was still up. He said they were busy today and he been working.

I asked him if he had his daughter this weekend and he said no. I asked what he was doing tonight he said he still had no money so nothing. I told him he didn’t need money to just hangout. We have been talking off and on through the day. I might go over tonight when I get off. I am off early again tonight. I told him I just want to stay in and relax not really in the mood to go out or do anything. We haven’t seen each other in a while be nice to just catch up and maybe have a conversation about everything I have been thinking about and trying to decide or work out on my part.

I am not sure how or what to say if I bring it up. How do I explain why now and not before? Is he even going to ask or want to know? How do I bring it up?

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