Well the lady finally showed up to look at the house. She was pretty nice. She asked about a few things if there been repaired I told her no that it was that way when I moved in. I showed her where they did fix the roof and where the paint was coming off the wall in my bathroom. It looks like a few different kinds of paint were used and some were not wall paint. So now it is peeling. I told her I have told them before as with everything they do nothing.

I think it went well I guess I will know this week.

{September 1, 2018}   Re:My Sisters Message

So the other day after the rental place called my sister looking for deadbeat my friend from there stopped by my house. He came by to tell me about a sell they were having and everything. We talked awhile about the kids changes to the store and just everything.

I said so I hear you been looking for someone. He said what? I said I hear someone has been hiding or avoiding you. He said oh no I talked to him. I said oh good because my sister got a call earlier. We started talking about it. He said he was a few weeks month behind and he talk to him said he be in never showed. Then finally paid a little and back at being weeks behind. Said he told them he had buy her meds and didn’t have it. I said yeah they say she sick i dont see it she only given few years live she supposed been dead a year ago hear her tell it.

I said so he been late all along then, i figured it was just this month. He said well no he was doing pretty good at first. He said you know when he started being late? He said that day he came in to pay he was walking out as you pulled up. You to had words as you crossed in the parking lot. He said every since that day he has been late. He said I don’t know if he is scared he is going to run into you or what. I said well if he had already been having problems you will probably be getting it all back soon. He said why? I said if he was already having trouble paying it he sure will now because his boss in snatching a big chunk that is going to me now. He said oh really. I said sure is he has no say he pays me or loses his job, house, and truck. He said well good he should of been paying.

I need some stuff but he just told me that their store bought one of the other companies in the area everything will be done this month. Well they have a free standing building in the parking lot of the plaza. In the plaza is the store they bought. I figure they will be doing a big sell and closing that store. I am going to wait and see what I can get deals on there. I like some of the stuff there better than there at times. So maybe I can get stuff between the two. I have to wait until I start a job too.

{August 30, 2018}   My Sisters Message

Today I woke up to a text message, it was from my sister. She said she got a message from Buddy’s, the local furniture rental place. She said they were looking for father of the year.

I told her to tell them she didn’t know why he would use her as a reference that she had not seen or talked to him in over a year and a half when he disappeared. I said tell them he don’t even pay child support for his kids good luck getting their money.

Guess money has been a little tight this month it seems. Isn’t that a petty? NOT! I don’t feel the least bit sorry for him. I hope they have their whole house from beds to couches through them and they come snatch it all. Let them struggle and do without try to figure out how to get something. I know them they will keep it as long as they can without paying on it before they give it back and still will not have replaced it at that point.

They are weeks behind and not talking to them or they would not have called her looking for him.

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