{February 8, 2019}   Supposed To Be Working

I am sitting here at work supposed to be working and really need to be but I’m not. Instead I am on here and finding anything and everything else that I can to do because I don’t want to be here or to do anything really. Well I do want to do a few things. I want to drink, I want to drink really bad. I just want to start and not stop until whatever happens just happens. I also want to curl up and go to sleep. I want to be held, I want someone to care, to care about me for a change. I want to feel like I matter and not just a convince for everyone.

I am a wreck today. I didn’t get hardly any sleep last night. I worked 13+ hours yesterday. I did my day job then my night job and when I finally got out of there almost a half hour later than we are supposed to I had a repo to do. Mr. Auto and the police department made that take longer and more hassle then it had to be. I called to let them know I picked it up and they couldn’t even find the address that we were at in their records. how is the police department not going to know or be able to pull up an address? What if I needed help or them to send someone and I wasn’t able to talk to them anymore than to give them the address?

The women on the phone had no idea what she was doing. She said I am going to put it in for an officer to come meet you if they need they can call you. They at this point 10 minutes or more into the phone call had no idea what I was even calling for. Someone could be bleeding to death, I could be trapped in a trunk or anything. She wasn’t even going to ask just send someone to where I was at put it in to and hang up.

I finally said look I do not need you to send anyone out or want you to. I am calling to tell you I am getting ready to take this car it is a repo. I am sitting here by it. She started saying something. I said look I am getting in it now I just need you to document it and make the report. I am driving it away right now so don’t send anyone you don’t have to they never do. I will not be here, I am about to hit 95 south. She said okay that is fine what do you need from me then. I said just document it so that if it gets called as stolen or I get pulled over. I need the report number your name and call time. She said okay. She never did get all the information that she needed from me. She ask for the tag and if these were the people that was it and gave me the numbers that I needed. She never took the vin or anything else like that. Not my problem I had all mine and did everything legal. I had all my paperwork if they had stopped me. I just wanted her to put it in because the tag was dead I didn’t want to get pulled over on the road out there. If they run the tag and see it was just repo they know your taking it back to the lot your not just out running around or the one responsible for that part of things and it is a repo so not a lot more needs said if the people were doing what they were supposed to we wouldn’t have it.

It should of never taken as long as it did to do. Between her and Mr. Auto telling me to do it all ass backwards It took about 30 to 45 minutes longer than it should have. So on top of working 13 plus hours it didn’t leave much time for sleep last night. I was crying before I could even fall a sleep. Today being the day my dad passed. I did really good all week. But after I was able to sit down and just try and relax and sleep it hit me like a brick.

I have worked but not like I should be. I found things to keep me busy but didn’t get things I really needed to done. I have to play catch up today to be on track for the guys next week and them to have work. I have kept my self detracted and just not done a lot. But over all I had felt pretty good not depressed or upset. But last night today has more than made up for it.

Pops came in a little bit ago and sat down he don’t want to be here either. He is still having a hard time with his wife passing. We just sitting here looking at the walls and each other talking about we need to get busy. Then we just talk about whatever to keep from doing anything. He is in there now working on a few things and trying to get into doing something and I am finishing this. I hope the day gets better some way. Bff was supposed to come have lunch with me but she cancelled I knew she was going to. She has no idea what today is. No one does I can’t even talk about it.

Guess I better get off here get this stuff done if they have no work next week I’m probably be in trouble for sure because I can’t even say I tried and couldn’t get it. I haven’t even tried. I maybe back later.

{January 11, 2019}   Waiting For Morning

Wednesday night Mr. Auto said he had some cars to be picked up. I told him I was going to find someone to help me I would do them. He said okay let him know the next day I thought and thought couldn’t think of anyone to go. Then I thought of “my friend” I messaged him ask if he wanted to go drive me and he said sure.

He met me after work and we parked my truck at the store and off we went. The first one he wanted me to go by the persons job and see if it was there and let him know. We went but it wasn’t there. The other wasn’t that far away we went to find it. There it sat right where the GPS said it would be. I wasn’t sure at first i was looking. My friend said right there paper tag and your lots sticker on it. We went around came back. I jumpped out got in it off we went. We stopped at the little store about a mile down from where we got it. Funny thing is I left the apartment and got 2 blocks up the road and was at the police department. I started to stop there but I didn’t.

We got to the little store I called Mr. Auto and told him I had it. He said no you don’t. I said yeah I do I am standing beside it. He said you were supposed to call me when you found it. I said oh well to late I have it. He said get it pull over at the store call me I tell you what info you need. Oh well whatever not a big deal. He wanted the car I got the car. I called the police department and let them know I had it and gave them all the info they needed then got the info I needed.

Now it is sitting in my front yard. I don’t like it. I just do not like being responsable for other peoples things like cars or money, things of value. I am just waiting for morning to get it to the lot. But it is okay. I am not sure how it is going to get back to the lot. I thought I was going to drive it there before work in the morning. But he called me as I was backing it into the yard and said not to let anyone know I have it or got it.

I am not sure why. Only thing I can think of is he don’t want Sleeping Beauty’s friend who works there to know. The two of them do them together a lot of times. Plus the guy that closed with me wanted them. Mr. Auto slipped me the keys and papperwork when he wasn’t aroud. Later he took trash out I stuck them down in my purse. He may not want the boss to know I am the one who picked it up. Figures they won’t like it or what.

Ah something I just thought of, maybe he don’t want them to know because then I will know what he is getting paid for doing them. He handles them they pay him so much each one. Well then he pays someone to go pick it up for him. He figures if they find out I picked it up they will say they should just pay me instead of him. I didn’t think about that. I think that and the fact of me being a women going is the problem they will say something about. Mr. T is funny about what us women do. T jr ask me to bring the golf carts put them up. Mr. T said no, no she don’t need to do it I will he said come guide me in so I don’t hit the wall.

He is the owner this is something everyone else there handles. It was way past his time to go home it was late. You would think he would say you all take care of that im going home. Nope he done it. He had a guy come in with a car he wanted to take it back but he didn’t, he just let him go because he didn’t have anyone here buy me and the other lady that works here.

I hope he has some tonight I can go get.

{October 11, 2018}   Bff’s Truck

I talk to Bff tonight about what the guy from the lot told me about hers and that it was up for repo. She said the guy stop by the shop and talk to old boss today and they worked a deal and it is coming off the list. She said she is supposed to get it back tomorrow. I had told her not to be driving it around and leaving it going in places and things. That the guys that have the job are not people we know like Starfish who wouldn’t do it or who would just go to the house tell her and pick it up. They will just snatch it why she is in the store, school or where ever. The fact old boss has been hiding it you can’t blame them there. But when it was going up before me and him were doing them old boss didn’t know it was up for repo. He thought they wouldn’t do that to them. But you just can’t not pay on things. We told her what was about to happen to her truck and her daughters car. He told her we were not taking the job so they would have to find someone to do it. She said please just take it so we made the money and so that we could just come to the house not get it why she was out or leave her daughter stuck somewhere. We wouldn’t of done that anyway. Even if we had to of taken it why she was out we would of made sure they got home. I would of taken them in my truck after we dropped the other at the lot. But we would of only taken it when they were out had he tried to hide it like now. Still they would of gotten home. We always tried to go at night after work when people are normally home. One it is easier to just pull up to the address and get it than try to race to this place or that in hope’s of getting there before they leave. And it don’t leave them stuck somewhere. Sucks when they get up to go to work or school and it is gone but better to be stuck at home. We only went to get one or two from places other than home that was because we could never catch them home or they moved did not tell them. So then we went to their jobs and the store where the gps said the car was. But they had left by the time we got there and gps only picks up at set times or something. So it takes awhile to get a hit or the gps place only scans for hits every so often or something so using the gps made it hard.

But I told her so she knows. Hope boss really talk to the guy and fixed things but you never know. Like everything else he says whatever will keep him out of trouble with whoever is infront of him at the time. Not my problem anymore. I told her so she can be on the lookout not get stuck. I know she will not say anything. She has figured out things are going on she don’t know about and that people are trying to watch out for her and the kids and that she can’t say anything or all hell is going to break lose all over. That she will be in the dark again no one will help or give her a heads up about anything and that it could cause problems for us.

{April 19, 2018}   A Decent Job

I have to call a guy about a job tomorrow. My bestfriend, the bosses wife told me about it yesterday. It is for a company that does repo’ s. My boss just got his license and is working with the guy at night. They asked my bff if she wanted to do it but of course she didn’t. Her husband told the guy her or me would be good for the job. He told him I did bailbonds and things before so I knew how to do paperwork and that he could trust me and all. That wasn’t an issue.

He wants an office manager, tag car driver and someone to do repos as well. My bff said they were talking about putting her in the tag car but she didn’t think she was going to do it. I told her I do it at night sometimes if they needed someone to make extra money. I am going to talk to him about that too. I am just going to tell him look I am very interested in doing whatever you have open and am willing to train in. I want to work and am very interested in doing this. I was going to go get my repo license when I lost my job at the bail bonds place then never did. I liked doing it when Starfish was here and we were doing it.

I think he will work with me around dropping off and picking up the kids. It’s close to my house and they are a family place. They don’t like to hire outside people like the bail bonds place. He likes it because my boss knows me so well and we are like family. And when you get on somewhere like that they like you they want to keep you and they treat you good most the time.

I have a doctors appointment then I am going to go by the shop get my resume and talk to my boss about it. Then go see the guy. If this works out I can get rid of the job at the escape room and the pizza’s. I will still do the shop if I can work it in. If not i will probably let my daughter take it over. But think i still do it even if its just one day a week. Its extra money a month. Heck that would pay my car insurance a month just going once a week. If i still go twice it pay my lights and water too. Can’t give it up.

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