{August 9, 2014}   Lesson # 1

The kids are so thrilled, they got to sit down and do their first lesson yesterday. My big boy has asked me every day for weeks when we are going to start homeschooling and why we can’t start today, how many more days over and over all day. They are going to each be making a blog of their own to post about what they are learning and the things they are doing. I figure this will get them use to using the computer and help them start typing. It will hopefully let them interact with other kids who are homeschooling as well. They can give it to friends and family and let them see what they are learning and doing in “school”.

I wasn’t going to start school yet and we really haven’t per say. I just keep hearing from my son all day every day when we are going to start how many days is it why we can’t start today. Once we decided to get the computer and I got it home and set it up I decided to go ahead and give them their first lesson. I figure this way they will have the bog up and running by the time we start school. It will give them time to play with it and learn how to do things.

I gave them 10 vocabulary words to look up and told them I wanted them each to add 5 words of their own to it as they worked. I also gave them 30 questions to answer, some were simple one or two word answers others had two or three parts or two or three different answers. I then gave them 5 one page reports to write. I gave them two weeks to finish it in. They sat down and worked on it for hours Thursday night together. Then my daughter worked on it for a while after her brother decided he was ready to do something else. I was very impressed with him for sure because he sat and worked on the same things helping her and her helping him for hours. I know he has a hard time just sitting still for a hour or so most the time much less as long as they did then.

The first report I told them to write was on what site they wanted to use for their blog and why. The second was to write about their self. I asked them to write one about why they liked the idea of homeschooling this year and what they were conserved about homeschooling this year if they had any. I also told them to write one about the kind of things you would find on their blog what it would be about.

By tonight my oldest had it all done. My boy on the other hand didn’t work on his but he was not feeling good today and had gotten sick. He did want to work on it at one time today before he got sick but we had some other things to do and I asked him to wait. He only did the vocabulary words I gave him he hasn’t added his 5 and he has only answered about half the questions and not done any of the 5 reports. I am not to worried I was hoping they would take their time to do it so they wouldn’t keep asking me when we are going to start and give me time to get ready. I am not sure he will be able to finish it alone it as it maybe a little advanced for him.

Father of the year thinks it is really advanced for both of them. But out of all the questions my oldest only got a couple wrong and couldn’t find the answer to one or two. There was others she got other answers on than what I was looking for but they were technically still right.

I want them to know what kinds of blogs there are, I want them to know about safety when posting and corresponding with people, I also want them to know that you can be help responsible for what you post. Be it putting other peoples stuff up and calling it yours or not noting where you got it or talking about people or putting their personal stuff on there with out them knowing. I asked them things like who the first bloggers were and about the code of conduct and who came up with it and why he did. Just a lot of different things like that. I think my oldest enjoyed it and she is ready to make her blog. She keeps asking me when she can type her reports up and I didn’t even tell her she had to. I didn’t ask them to type them to turn them in because they are going to transfer them all over to their blogs one they are up. No need to type them twice.

We also talked about pin names instead of using their real names and they were trying to come up with names for themselves. My son thinks it is so cool he gets to have a pin name. They learned about them in school last year I guess. He wanted to be Peter Pan last night. We shall see if it sticks. My oldest wants hers to be Ann I Mal. They learned about anonymous bloggers as well.

I am so glad they are liking it. I am going to have to sit down and help my big boy on the rest of his and try to help him understand it. But it will wait until Monday it’s the weekend I have hardly slept in days. It is now 4:25 am and I am supposed to be leaving at 12 pm to take the kids and a friend to the flea market. I want to go too but I want to sleep again too. I just can’t get out of this funk.


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