{May 8, 2017}   Impatiently Waiting

So far 3 out of 4 teachers have turned final grades in and I am very impatiently awaiting the 4th one to get his in. Have 2 B’s and 1 A so far.

I thought I had a C in one of those classes but she went back and regraded the final and graded it on a curve, that brought my grade to a B. The test was two parts multiple choice and essay questions. She had already told me the other day I got all the essay questions right but missed some of the others. I received an email today she sent to everyone saying she changed the way she graded them. She said she didn’t really like the multiple choice questions and that she felt they were not clear on what some were asking and that the things they were asking for were to close and easily confused basically. She said everyone did really well on the essay part so she knows we know what we are doing and that is why she went in and regraded them. She said she felt it was a better representation of what kind of students we were. It was nice she did’t let one test mess our grades up when we had really good grades through out the hole class. The way finals are tied in it can bring your grade down a letter grade or more. For her to see that it was everyone that was having problems in the same area but knew the ones we had to answer our self and fix it is great.

I had one other teacher that will do the same kind of things. She will look at how many people missed the same question if it is close to half the class or more then she says that either we did not cover it enough or she did not make it clear enough for us to understand. If we had covered it enough or she had made it clear enough then half the class or more should not have gotten it wrong and will give credit for it or grade to make up for it.

I keep going back and checking my grades to see if this last teacher turned in the grades or not. I checked with him the other day to make sure he had all my work and everything was okay. We email or work to him so sometimes things get lost between us emailing him, his office and everyone else. He said he had it all everything looked good. I am a little worried about the project I had to turn in and the final paper that needed to be turned in. The project was a video that Wanda was supposed to help me with and then left that weekend. I had to use my oldest and because of my mom we ended up being up supper late working on it. I don’t think it came out all that good but with what I had to work with her not wanting to do it but doing it to keep me from failing. Then my research paper I used the same paper that I did for one of my other classes and turned in. We had to do a paper on working with a group and what practice or theory we would use and why, they wanted to know what we felt would be rewarding and difficult to work with them. I did mine on single parents, well single mothers for the most part because like I put in my paper there wasn’t really information on single fathers. In the other class we had to pick a group and write about what we needed to be aware of and things like that when working with them. Pretty much the same stuff when it came down to it. I had already picked the topic of single parents for that class then seen it was also a group we could pick for the other class so I ended up picking it there too. The other class I had picked a different topic to start with but got half way through it and just wasn’t feeling it so then went back and did the single parent topic and wrote the paper in an hour or two. I got five or ten points off for little things like formatting the paper and missing a word or something but that was it nothing wrong with the paper its self.

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