{September 11, 2020}   Covid Encounters Pt.9…..Not Happy

If you have been following my Covid Encounters you know we have had over half the office staff test positive for Covid. We have had the office shut down for the last few weeks.

Then I went in Tuesday and the new girl was back and the new book keeping lady. Both tested positive. I’m not thrilled it wasn’t what we were told but I guess if she got a negative okay.

I didn’t go yesterday Wednesday because I was up all night sick and went some places to try and get help with my gallbladder. Today I go in they are there. About 10 or 11 she says she is calling about her test results. I’m thinking what results? She comes in and say’s they told her it could take 6 weeks. Then she says something about being surprised the owner let her come back without a negative. I was pissed. I started to say something and I didn’t. I didn’t want to start shit.

After they all left the HR lady and me were the only ones there. I went in and ask her. She said yeah she had no say and questioned it to. She said but they had her look up the CDC and what they said about when people could come back. That is what they are going by. It says after 10 days if not sick.

{September 9, 2020}   Covid Encounters Pt.8

I don’t know how to feel or what to think. I pull up to work yesterday and there are a lot of cars in the lot. I was thinking driver’s parking in our lot since it isn’t being used. I pulled up to park and notice that one is the new girl’s van. Then I see the new accounting ladies car. I go in and they of course are both there. Then I notice another person there. The office floater I call him. He is the go between for the office and drivers and helps here and there. They later said the guy I worked with on the night shift was going to be coming back in.

All 4 of them are ones who tested positive in the first round of test. Just over two weeks ago. They say they all have been tested and have negative test now. But I still kind of feel they should be home in case seeing as the test contradict each other so much. Two test in one day same person one says yes one says no. If this is going to put people out of work for weeks at a time then they should not be bringing people back who we know have had it right away. They are working from home. They have already said the 2 of us who have been there are most important in being in the office. That they were not going to put us at risk. My old boss from dispatch has said he don’t want his guys all back in there. He said like 3 one day 3 another rotating so they are spaced out and everyone isn’t exposed to everyone. That way if someone came up positive only those 3 would have to test and stay home. They have to stay in their area and use the back door so they are not in contact with us. We can email or call back and forth if we need to.

Further more the one’s who were negative all along were going to be the first to come back a few a week. Then the rest a few a week. Some who wanted to strictly work from home could. There are a few and that would cut down on things too.

So pulling in seeing all that I wasn’t real happy. I don’t know maybe I am wrong for thinking they should be last to come back. But no one knows no real way to handle this or even to know if they had it at all. Who’s to say the one’s of us who tested negative test was wrong. But I feel if they were we wouldn’t have 2 or more that say no and none that said yes. Some who’s test showed they had it never felt sick. Other’s had colds and that was it. So in that case why do we need to wait 14 day’s from a positive test before we can test again? Why can’t we go whenever and get tested and be allowed to come back as long as it is negative?

I just don’t know I am just over all this. I want them to go back to life as normal and move on with life.

{August 22, 2020}   Covid Encounters Pt. 3

Today I went in to make up hours since I missed all of Thursday. The new girl was there, two dispatch and one HR. Me and the new girl talked for a bit as I worked then she went out to smoke. She came in and said that one of her covid test came back positive. She was one of the one’s that went to the school Wednesday Morning when we first found out. Then went to the med clinic when they thought they would get results back faster. Then she went and took the rapid one yesterday. Rapid said no yesterday but the clinic one said positive. So now she has 3 test two negative and one positive. Work told her she has to get another negative now before she comes back and sent her home.

I hear the guys in the other room talking the owner has it, the dispatcher who started this, we have a guy who just floats around does a little bit of everything. He has it my “boss”. I said K that works with my boss and P who just got sent home. So like we were up to 6 people. The guy that I worked with who’s place I was supposed to take messaged me a little bit ago and said he is positive. He only had the one test that takes days to get back. So we are up to 7 out of 17 who have a positive test and 2 I haven’t heard anything about. One is on vacation so won’t be back for a week and hasn’t been back since we left Wednesday. The other comes a few hours a week here and there.

Not one person has any symptoms, fever or anything like that. No one feels sick or would of ever had any reason to think they were or needed to be tested.

As I type that I can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t covid we all had the end of last year. It seems funny to me that most of the one’s who were sick and so sick last year are the one’s who are testing negative. The one’s testing positive were not sick like the others of us were. I still have to question how good the test are as well. Are these positive test really positive? How do we know? Now we have like with P three test two in one day one two days later. One of the same day test says yes one no and then rapid 2 days later says yes. The positive was the one taken later in the day.

On top of that now they count test not people for their numbers. So now they have one positive and one negative for same person but it is just going to be counted as 2 different people. How can they not see this is not correct ways to report. How can people know this and blindly be scared into believing all the doom and gloom? It isn’t just her but everyone there that got 2 or 3 test with 2 different results. I could even see if they had a positive and inconclusive. Or negative and an inconclusive. But not straight one and one out of so many test and so few people. Or like her 3 test 2 results.

The test seems no more reliable than playing pin the tail on the donkey. Close your eyes spin the paper mark a result. Open eyes that is what you are. No test needed, no time wasted waiting for results and just as accurate.

{August 8, 2015}   Can’t Find A Doctor

I called around today to find the doctors they told me I should follow up with when I was in the hospital Monday. None take my insurance, I called to go to my family doctor but it has been forever since I went to her. Mainly because it takes forever to get in to see her even if you get there before your time. I don’t have 3 or 4 hours to sit and wait to see a doctor with 3 kids in tow. I called the office closes to me and they just gave me a run around. They said I had to come in sign a release for them to get my medical records from the doctor I seen over 2 years ago when I was pregnant. That is the only thing I went there for and she treated me for nothing else. I never even went back for follow up after I had the baby. But they wouldn’t see me until then.

I hung up and called their other office they said I was not in the computer as being seen there but their records do not go back more than two years. It has been at least 4 or 5 since I went last time. I hadn’t needed to go really. She said I would be considered  new since I hadn’t been there but they would take me. But then she told me that she couldn’t get me in until like the middle of next month. I told her what was going on that I was worried and ask if maybe her husband had a opening. She told me they had a group of new doctors in with them and there were about three other ladies there now not just the two of them. I ask her if she could get me in with one of the ladies. I don’t care of her husband but figured he could at least order the test.

She couldn’t get me in before the 27, but I am going to call next week see if they had anyone cancelle and if I can get moved up. But if not then I will go when they gave me. She said that I can have them write the orders for the test and then get the test done the first of the next month to get things straight with my insurance for the month then go back to see what they say about them and see if or what we need to do from there. I just hope this is a good doctor and will order the test and things for me. I wanted to see my doctor because she use to practice ob/gyn, deliver babies and everything. I figured she would at least know what to do about the uterus and the right test and if it was something to worry about or not. I figure at this point I will see this doctor get her to order test and if she isn’t sure I am sure she will probably check with her or ask her to check with her. Then when I have to go back ask to see her then.

I also ask her if they would help me find a doctor to go to for the other or at least get the test ordered and done for me and then help me find someone if need be. She said to talk to them they would take care of it make sure I got what was needed. I hope so. I have been seeing her off and on since I was little and she is really busy but she knows her stuff. I just feel better having someone that works with that kind of thing all the time and knows a little more about it as it is what they do all the time. Than her who studied it some probably but not her main thing. I guess we shall see what happens. I just hope it is all nothing to worry about but worried it is with family history.

I’ve been trying to take it easy not lifting or bending a lot as it really hurts if I pick to much up or bend over and mash things in there. My little one keeps wanting to climb on me and lay on me. I have to keep telling her she has to be careful and can’t lay on my belly it hurts. She don’t understand she just wants to be close to mommy.

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