{January 6, 2019}   How Do You Like Your Other Job

I had to work at the lot today 9-7 like always. Everyone was there today other than Mr.Auto, it is his day off. Mr. T and T jr. were back from vacation as well. Oh an Sim wasn’t there. He took the day off since they were back I guess.

It was a simi busy day, a lot of payments and some looking to buy for a change. I helped a few. One couple decided to come in a few weeks when she can get something she wants not just because she needs it. I think they will come see me again the liked what we had they just needed a little more down than they had.

The owner was pretty busy running around taking care of things so I didn’t see him much. He came over we went out to talk to another couple about a truck and give them some information. Then when he was asking what I wanted he was going to get everyone lunch. All they do over here is eat. It is a good thing I am only there all day the one day.

But anyway me and T jr closed tonight and Mr.T ended up staying waiting for Mr. Auto to come in. I guess he was out working picking up cars today even though he was off. They were there too.

About 6:30 Mr. T came and sat at my desk ask how I was doing, then ask how long I had been at the knife place and how I liked it?

I told him since October that they were good to me I liked it. He asked how the pay was? I said not enough that is why I’m here. He said how much do they pay you? He said I’m sorry I’m not trying to be nosie. If you don’t mind me asking. I said $10. He was shocked and dumbfounded you could tell. He said I want to simi retire and not be here as much. He said I don’t know if that is something you would be interested in or not, it be a lot better or much better than $10. I said I like my job but I am always open to talking and always keep my options open. He said okay once I decide what I am doing or if I am going to I will talk to you first. He said I talked to Sim and he really likes you and says you know what your doing and smart. He said I think I like to bring you on but I didn’t know if it was something you would be interested in. But you are so I will let you know. I said okay thank you.

I am not sure what he is thinking because everyone is sales but the one lady that works with me. She is collection’s and things like that. If he brings me in and gives me some kind of job over her I don’t think that is going to go over well. She has a degree in buisness and has been there a long time. I think anything he give me would be something she could do so she going to be mad she didn’t get a shot at it.

I thought too maybe he is going to give me her job and move her up. But I don’t know because I know some are not to happy with her and Sim and her butt heads. She was telling me last night he got onto her for a bunch of stuff just the last two days. How he was mad she had me to some of her work the first few Saturdays I was there. It was so I could learn how to put payments in. But I knew and it is only one kind so once you do a few you know it. I felt lately like somethings she was just giving me so she didn’t have to. But I do and don’t care. It gives me something to do but at the sametime it seems it is just expected I am or should do it. I don’t like to feel that way.

Other than that I don’t think anyone else would have anything to say or care. Just leaves the 3 guys. T jr already has more say and control he the owner’s son so. Mr. Auto I don’t think is really interested in anything like that he is sales and repo’s he does good. The other guy I don’t think could or would want to do something like collections or handle the office end of things. He is just more of a do as told he don’t question or worry about why.

Other than those 3 the others all work in the service area and have their boss and things. We don’t intertwine in that area so it wouldn’t really affect them.

I need to talk to him about some things that went on today, when I go in Wednesday. While I’m in talking to him I am going to ask him about it. Mostly just what I would be doing or job title.

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