{March 1, 2019}   I Messaged Him

Edited to fix what I said to him. Because for some reason it posted the wrong thing.

When I got off work I decided to go ahead and message him. I didn’t want to while I was at work because I wanted to be able to respond if he did. I didn’t yesterday because I was pulling in work it was swamped and it was all I could do to function much less think and respond to him.

I pretty much just said what I wrote in my other post………You know what why you want to pop off about 20?s i was just asking because I care not trying to start shit. You know what I had been doing the last few days since we got together? Trying to figure out how to get me new vehicles so that I could give you mine and trying to figure out a way for you to start saving money to get your license back. Figure out if i could help you find a different job how I could help you get to it and somewhere you could move to closer so that you weren’t so far away. So I want to thank you and tell you how glad I am you decided you just want to be friends before I spent time making it all happen. Maybe sometimes you should ask questions instead of being so with drawn and popping off about someone wanting to talk or ask questions. I wanted you to ride with me because i wanted to talk to you about all.

I just worded it a little different. I don’t know where he is staying the last few nights or what he is doing. I know if he is home he may not get it until who knows when because of service. If he is staying anywhere else he should of gotten it right away. He said he was going to be staying over here next to me this weekend working for a guy we know. Fixing the house he is moving out of. I don’t know if he still is or if he is there tonight. But he would of gotten it there too.

I don’t really think he will respond to it because there isn’t a lot he can say. Other than not to message him leave him alone or whatever. But it will be something he will think about that will stick with him. Maybe make him think about what he is doing what he is missing out on or what.

Like Bff said what was that comment about his kids? I said yeah I know. I said because he wants it but he is letting everyone get in his ear and in his head and he is self medicating.

I hope this don’t end badly with him what he is doing. I don’t want to see anything happen to him over all this. But if he keeps on I am scared what may happen.

{November 9, 2018}   Fun With Friends

Tuesday night I took the kids to the fair like me and Sleeping Beauty were supposed to do. We ended up meeting Bff there with her kids and my old boss from the shop. The older kids all took off on their own and went on rides. Her younger three and 3 of mine stayed with us. My oldest Big Boy don’t like to ride most the the rides so he just walks around and watches some of the shows.

My younger son the dare devil wants to go on all  the rides no matter what they do or how fast they go or how high. Then there is my Little Bitty she wants to go on a lot of them but a lot she wont go on and some they wouldn’t let her go on. Lucky for Dare Devil one of Bff’s kids who stayed with us likes to go on all those same rides he likes.

We first go there I took my three and one of hers on the horses and we rode those. They went in a few of the fun houses and things like that. Then we made out way over to the rock n roller the three boys were going to go on together and my and the two girls were going to ride together. Well they stopped the boys and wouldn’t let BFF’s son go on with my two boys. They told him he was to short. I was right behind them and told the guy I would take him on with my and Little Bitty and he said that was fine. So her daughter rode by herself because she was big enough so that everyone could ride.

Then we were by the Zipper and her daughter wanted to go on but they wouldn’t let her because she was by herself. So Dare Devil said he would go on with her. I figured they were going to say no because he wasn’t an adult and younger than her but they let him on. I guess they have some rule that they have to have two people in the car so she was alone everyone else was with someone they didn’t have anyone to put her with so they told her she couldn’t go. But let him go on with her since he was big enough and wanted to go. From there they got off and went on the boat thing that swings back and forth then right over to the Ring of Fire.

Dare Devil got off the ring of fire and the look on his face said it all. All of a sudden he dropped to his knees and it was over from there he puked everywhere. I reach down and snatched him up. I was trying to keep him from puking in the middle of where everyone walks and all over himself. I got him over out of the way a little more but not much and he puked again. After that he didn’t go on anymore rides for a while. He went with Big Boy and watched some shows then he went on a few of the kidder rides.

On the way home he said little kids go on these rides thinking they are going to be so much fun and then they get on them and they are terrifying. I said but then you go get on the next one and the next one after that it don’t stop you from getting on. He said yeah I know but I don’t think I am ever riding the Ring of Fire again in my life. I don’t want to puke no more. Little

Bitty had a blast even though they wouldn’t let her get on some of the rides she wanted to go on. Some she probably could of went on but I wasn’t willing to get on them with her.

I did take them on the ferris wheel I wasn’t feeling that at all. Sometimes I am okay with them sometimes I am not. They didn’t have the one I like. I don’t like any but I can go on it better than the other.

The one above is the ones I like to ride if I am going to.

These are what they had. Something about everyone being spread out around it and the way your down in it bothers me. Sends my anxiety through the roof. But my babies wanted to ride so I took them. Suck it up and adult.

{October 31, 2018}   No Trick or Treating

We are not going this year. I am not into it and do not want to spend almost $150 on costumes. They are only going to be used a few hours to collect candy that is going to lay in the pantry until Christmas or New Years before it gets tossed out. The costumes will just be tossed around never seen or used again.

I am going to get paid from both jobs on Friday I think I should have enough left to take them to the fair Monday or Tuesday. I can’t afford to do both and the fair they will have way more fun at. We spend hours 3 or 4 there sometimes. Kids can run from one ride to the next with no lines. If they don’t want to get off they can stay and go again.

I was talking to Sleeping Beauty yesterday and he said something about trick or treating. I said we weren’t going. He said what no you got to take them come on now. I told him about taking them to the fair. He said oh and that was a good idea. He said he wanted to go but no one wanted to. I told him come go with us he said he was. We will see.

I hope I can swing it. I probably will not be playing games or buying a ton of food but they have fun just riding. It is nice because everyone pays to get in then ride all the rides you want and watch the shows for free.

We went the last two years, last year we went with BFF and her family. I did the bullriding lol. Lord I forgot about that, I will have to make sure to have enough for the kids to do that too. RC started it with oldest and now the other kids want to now they are older. She does it every fair we go to now. I will have to challenge Sleeping Beauty lol. This might get interesting ha ha.

{November 5, 2017}   Two Nights At The Fair

Thursday night me and the kids met up with friends and went to the fair. I had talked to her about going a while back when I heard it was coming. I told her we should go during the week because there is almost no one there at all. We don’t wait in lines to go on the rides or anything. She called me last weekend and said it was here when did we want to go. We decided to go Thursday because of kids activities and ticker treating that week. We had 4 adults and 12 kids go that night. The teens all gathered up and went off on their own and me my friend and her husband all took the little ones and rode rides with them. My Little Guy the dare devil went on just about everything there. He rode the fire Ball and decided that wasn’t a good idea he didn’t want to do that again for a while.

They have the mechanical bull there as well and it is something that my oldest daughter has to do at any fair we go to that has it. R.C. started her on that when she was younger and she has every since. I tried to talk my friend into doing it but she would’t I decided to do it. I don’t know why but I did, it was fun but my oldest beat me by two seconds. The little boys done it as well, my little guy won over his friend.

The adults were talking about going back Saturday night to watch the real bull riding but then we never decided to. Then last night my friend calls me while I am in the middle of the store and says she is on her way to meet another friend of ours at the fair to see the show and walk around. I wasn’t going to go I was trying to get dinner for the kids and needed to do school work. I thought it was going to start soon. My oldest wanted to go she had been wanting to go and she heard us talking about it and got all mad. But I couldn’t take her because the other kids wanted to go and I didn’t have anyone to watch little bitty if I went. I finally told my friend I wasn’t going I wouldn’t have time to go home feed the kids and get ready and that I had one having a fit because she couldn’t go after all that we had done with them the last few weeks and things. I didn’t have $100 to walk in there for every one to just watch a show. I ended up spending over that the first night we went and I took everyone. I told her I was mad because if I ever want to walk out of the house a night this is what I get from everyone and everyone acts like I am so horrible for leaving them home or not staying home with them. I told her I am here doing it every day 24/7. I am working two jobs, going to school, trying to work in this internship, doing everything that has to be done for them as far as school, school meetings, doctors, home if they are sick and everything else. I take them places when I have the money and can or figure out how to do things with them and take them places this is how they act. I said but the other one is out running every day doing whatever they want spending their money that they should be getting for the things they need or to do the things they want if there is extra, has nothing to do with them and probably don’t ever think twice if they have what they need if they are okay or anything else. It isn’t like I go out every night, every weekend, or dragging new people home all the time and parting. But once in a while it is nice to get out and get a break from it all and to just have time to myself. Then I get attitude from everyone about it. She had to go and I was on my way to check out and go home so we hung up.

After I got off the phone and we were going to check out my oldest got back from getting her stuff and she said mom it’s okay I will watch Little Bitty for you if you want to go tonight. She said it’s alright I know we went the other day. We got home and looked up what time the show started it was later than I thought so I got them dinner took a shower and went and meet up with them. We watched the show and then walked around with their kids why they went on the rides. They didn’t get to do very much at all because the lines were so long we spend most the time in line waiting for them to get on. Then We get up there and they would split our group up, half would go this round the other half the next. I am so glad we went during the week with the kids and just showed me that going the weekend was still a bad idea. Even my friend was like this is crazy this is so different than the other night. I said I know why I said I will go with the kids during the week no way I am going fight this mad house on the weekend with 4 kids. The lines would be back up past three other rides people waiting to ride one ride.

They had midget wrestling, my and my friends older daughter were talking about it and decided to walk over and try to see it but there was so many people around you couldn’t get close and see anything. We walked up I said I will tell you how to get up closer, just start grabbing random guys butts and when they turn around say oh excuse me and walk by. I said just make sure they don’t have some women with them or we may walk out with a black eye. We started laughing we got back over by my friend, she was like what is so funny. Her daughter said oh nothing. I said I just was telling her how to get through the crowd and upfront faster. Her daughter said yes she said you say excuse me sir could I please go through and…. her mom cut her off and said yeah I know better there is more to it than that. We were busting up laughing even more. I told her what I told her she was like oh boy I knew you were up to something. I said we didn’t really do it but.


{June 20, 2016}   Dinosaur Day

As some of you may remember back in September I told the boys I would take them to a place called Dinosaur World that is a couple hours away from us. It was supposed to be a birthday trip for them since their birthday are only 14 days apart. The day I got my money and was to plan the trip is when I totaled my truck, not only did we not have a way to go but money either. I had to use it and then some to put my truck back together. I had planed to take them sometime this summer once I got money. Well last weekend I seen a thing on line for a big dinosaur exbit that was going to be only about an hour away from home and it was supposed to have rides and other things besides just the dinosaurs. I talked to the kids and they said yes they would like to go to it instead of the other since the other didn’t have rides and other things.

All week I debated buying tickets online or waiting and buying them at the door. If you bought online you would get in for sure, if you waited they could sell out and you not get it in. I don’t know why but I just didn’t feel like I should buy them online, then I forgot about it Friday night before I went to bed. When we got there I was glad we hadn’t gotten them online, the line for the people who had was backed way up. The at the door ticket line we walked right up and bought tickets to get in.

The first room you walk into was a huge room and they had all these different areas sectioned off and huge dinosaurs in them with trees and things all around. They were huge towering over everyone. All the kids thought they were really neat. After that we went out to another building and they just had a bunch of craft stations, a place to buy candy and a store area nothing to see or do really. The rest was outside in an open porch area. They had a few little one set up you could sit on and take pictures that were like statues and a few bigger ones in the field to look at on the way. Once we got out there we seen the “rides” They had 5 different dinosaurs set up they were just on these little stands the kids sat in a seat on their back and their head and arms moved around. No ride at all just sit there why this thing moves it’s head and arms around. Of course you had to stand in a different line for each one forever before they could sit on it. We stood in three of those lines. Then they had and area with about large dinosaurs set up in it and the kids sat on them and they walked at about a mill a miter a second from one side to the other. They had handles the kids pushed a button on either side to make it go left or right to keep from running into each other. The parents stood next to them as it went along. This line was backed out from where the ride was across the place and out the door just about when we left. It was pretty long when we first got in it. I had the other kids go stand in line for it why I stood in line for the little two at the other rides. Because no one told me when I was buying my older two tickets that cost more so they could ride the rides too that they were way to big for them. My oldest was so bored and hot, my big boy enjoyed seeing the big dinosaurs and taking pictures. My Little Guy loved it and the “rides” Little Bitty was wanting no part of it. She refused to get on  first one my Little Guy went on, then fell a sleep why we were waiting in line for the other three. She woke up why we were waiting for the one that walked across the thing and decided she wanted to try it and liked it but even she thought it went to slow. She told me a few times make it faster and was pushing the buttons trying to get it to go faster.

Over all I would rate it a 1 out of 5. Most the other parents didn’t look real happy about what the rest past the first building turned out to be either. But you spend so much money to get in and the kids think its cool so you stay and stand in lines in the heat with sweat pouring off of you so they can sit on a dinosaur while it moves it’s head around. Out of the 4 hours we were there I would say that all but 45 minutes was spent standing in the heat in a line and walking a mile to get to and from where the “rides” were. For the price they could have had a lot more stuff and real rides not what they had. Then all they had outside you could buy to drink was $4 cup of lemon aid they didn’t have water or anything else to drink you could buy without going all the way back to the front where you came in, to force you into buying it and paying more. The only good thing at all was the people working it really really nice, friendly and helpful.

I think they should drop the rides and charge about $8 a person and that is stitching it even then. But I bet they would see an increase in how many people came. It would make it affordable for people who have more than one or two kids, plus if or when it comes back to town more people would bring their kids back to see it again just to have something to do or because their kids liked it. At the price it is now I don’t think a lot of people would go back if it came back to town. I wouldn’t, I would take that money and do something else with it. My oldest said even going to the zoo would have been better than going there.  I was disappointed because as good as they made it sound I had plan to spend the day there and was ready to go with in half hour to forty five minutes.

{April 12, 2015}   Family Fun Day

It has been such a nice few days with father of the year gone. Me and the kids have been getting out and doing things, we been doing things together more at home. I have been wanting to be out of my room and to sit in the living room with them play their game on the computer they like to play.

Yesterday we went shopping for a while. We got them all new swim suits and towels. The older kids needed new suits for camp. I got to try on clothes and get a outfit. The two little ones sat in the cart and where so good. My little guy slept a lot of the time we were there. My little bitty laid down with him and played.

After we left the store we had to go to my sisters for a birthday party. It was my nieces birthday. I really didn’t want to go but I did because it was for her and no one else was going but a friend of ours and her kids. I didn’t want her to feel bad that no one showed up. Most the time my sister and other niece comes. Not sure why they didn’t.

Once we finally got done with the party me and the kids went to the fair just the 5 of us. Father of the year kept calling and saying he wanted to come over there but he had calls and things. Then he called and said he finished his call. Then they called and gave him a call out of town. It was going about hour and half two hours away.

We walked around checked things out decided what rides they wanted to do and how many tickets we needed. We were trying to decide if it was better to buy wrist bands or tickets. I got enough tickets to be able to take little bitty on one of the rides the kids wanted to go on. I figured she would have fun but she had to have a adult to go on with her she was to small to go with them by herself. Then she went on a few with just my little guy. She seem to have fun but not understand what was going on really of course.

I let the kids play a few games the church itself had set up. Then I let them do the game to try and win a goldfish. They didn’t have as many games and things set up as they normally have I was rather surprised really. It was kind of odd how little games they did have. After they were done with rides and games I decided to go over and try the plant wheel just for kicks. I let the kids pick a few numbers and my oldest had her own change she started playing with she let them pick a few. She won a plant, my little guy was upset and the lady running the game gave him a quarter to play with he still didn’t win. I had some left I told all the kids to pick a number and gave them a quarter none of us won. We were the only ones playing at this point. The lady said let them ride again and spoon again. My little guys number came up. He was so happy and excited.

He went around behind the booth and picked his plant. My little bitty was running around there in the open area around us I turned to get her so I didn’t see what he picked or anything. I turned around he came walking back up with his plant so proud. I said oh you won me plant. He looked at me said no I won me a plant its mine. The people at the plant wheel laughed and laughed. I was just playing with him and normally he will share and say ok here you go or it can be both of ours or yes and give it to me. He waited to long for that wheel to hit is number and he didn’t win his fish he tried so hard with them 10 balls to get he wasn’t giving that plant to no one or sharing it either.

we ended up going back into the rides why standing at the plant wheel someone walked by and gave my oldest son 4 tickets as they were leaving. He hadn’t won a plant he wasn’t really upset about it but I told the other kids since he didn’t and my little bitty had her tickets left we may as well go back let him ride one more ride and her to ride one more. He rode his I ended up giving her 3 tickets a way. It started to rain a little and she wasn’t interested on riding anything she just wanted to be done run and was getting crabby it was past her bedtime.

We got in the truck and home just in time. We didn’t even get to take the dogs out before it started to pour really hard out. We washed some loads of clothes and went to bed. Now we are up getting ready for church. I’m tired I just want to go back to bed but they are excited and ready to go. Maybe after going to bed so late getting up early they will come home and take a nap. Yeah right who am I kidding. As long as my little bitty dose I can and she always down for a nap.

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