1. I think my biggest pet peeve is someone asking me something over and over again. When they change how they ask and ask it again after you have answered them 50 times before. Father of the year does this all the time and then gets mad when I get pissed off and say something. It’s like if you are not getting the answer you want asking 20 more times is not going to get it either.

2. When people come from behind you and try to fly up past your when thy know that lane is about to end when they get in it. They think because their lane is ending you will let them over. I just keep going like I don’t see them there and make them get back behind me. It’s great when there are like 20 cars behind me and they can’t get back in until they all pass. So now they are even farther back than they would have been if they had just stayed behind me.

3. people who ride these little scooter moped things on roads that they really shouldn’t be on. If it can’t do the speed limit of the road you shouldn’t be out there. You are going to be like a bug on a win-shield one of these days. It really irritates me that the police see them go around them and say nothing. It’s a 70 mph zone they are lucky if they are doing 40.

4. When people are late, don’t show up or call you at the last minute and cancel. Like the other day a friend was supposed to go with me and the kids to the flea market. They asked if they could go with us when they heard us talking about it. No problem I didn’t mind at all. Then the day we are supposed to go we are all ready and getting ready to get in the truck I text to tell them we will be there in a minute. They live few houses down. They text back to say they aren’t going. They couldn’t let me know the night before or some time before I was walking out the door to go? I would have seen if someone else wanted to go. I was already going to buy they asked if they could so I didn’t. It didn’t matter to me who went. Just someone to go to talk to things. I have another friend who lives about 10 mile or more a way and more than once has she let me get up get everyone ready and get half way to her house before she tells me she isn’t going. I know she has been up for hours or more so she could have sent a message when she got up or about the time she thought I should be getting up so that I could get to her on time. That really pisses me off. A lot of times it would be to help her do something or we got up to go early because she couldn’t go later. Where as me and the kids could have slept in  later or done other things we wanted to do first. But didn’t so we could do something with them.

5. People who lie and think that you have no clue and your dumb enough to believe it. The ones who say oh just let it go don’t say anything for whatever reason. No I’m not stupid and your a horrible lire or the lie you are telling is just that bad or I already know. I am not going to sit there why they try to play me for a fool. I will call a lire on a lie so fast. Then they sit there look at you all dumb or get mad you called them out and now everyone knows. To bad shouldn’t have lied.

et cetera
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