{August 5, 2020}   Falling Apart Around Us

I am so over my house it is falling apart all around us. It seems like everyday is something new I go home to broken. It isn’t things we are doing anything to. The a/c messed up again had to call about that yesterday.

Get home last night to one of the boys windows hanging half out of the frame. The rod it slides on is stuck in the up position didn’t go down with the window. So now it is jammed and won’t open or close all the way. I messed with it can’t get it to close. I folded a blanket up stuffed in the open part try to keep the a\c in and closed the blind. The windows have never open and closed right from the time I moved in. I told them that. They never did anything. I never pushed it because we hardly ever open them.  I could open them but the kids didn’t realise what was happening and that one couldn’t be open at all. Not their fault.

The light in my bathroom goes off sometimes and comes on sometimes if you get it off. You have to stand there flip the switch on and off a million times until it comes on or goes off. The kids were using it so i got it on and now it just stays on.

Just to fix those 3 things is going to cost me $300. They charge $100 for everything they have to come out there for. These things are not my fault. We didn’t tell the a/c go stop working or flood my house. And they have it rigged it does not drain outside of my house. There some box catching water. So i should not be paying for this at all that is not my fault it is that way.

The light is probably a lose wire. That is wear and tear and part of being an old house. We didn’t take it off and unhook a wire. How is it right I have to pay that.

The window’s I told them did not work. They did not fix them. They look like they came from a scratch and dent sale. Most have a crack in them in the corner. I know they did not break every window putting them in so they had to of bought them that way from somewhere. But they will charge me. It was $100 when they came for the air it will be $100 for that when they come.

I just want out. It serves its purpose it isn’t a bad house over all. Most people are surprised how big and “nice” it is when they walk in. But it’s all the little things you don’t notice until you start living in it or something happens and they don’t want to fix it.

I know what he paid for the house and I have paid it off and paid for the new roof and a/c that they have done since I lived there. I am sure the taxes are more than covered. They are not paying for anything it is all profit other than maybe insurance for the house if something happens and i am sure that what I pay in a year covers that as well. So everything else profit. You would think they could fix something. Oh and the pluming that has been messed up I have paid a bunch for plumbers they wont fix. I have lived in other houses and owned my own and never had so many problems it sucks.

{December 11, 2014}   One Thing After Another

Our house isn’t anything spectacular but it’s a decent place and works for us. So I thought when we looked at it. But since we have been there we have had not one but three roof leaks  Not Going to Rain On my Blessings,  A month later and there are more because it took forever to get the roof fixed. 

I have had to have them out here about my air twice the other day the roof on the back room started leaking again. The air started leaking and not working for a third time the other day and father of the year had to take it apart and fix it. He had to take the drain pipe out and clean it all out. What the a/c company got paid to do when they came. The roofer came back and did something yet again and supposedly they have it fixed again. We shall see.

A few days ago we were sitting here and all of a sudden the power went off. At first we thought it was something that happen in the area. Then we found the main breaker had thrown. We thought it was odd but turned it back on and just figured there was some kind of power serge or something. Tonight we are sitting here and the kids are in bed and I heard busying a pop and the power went out. The main breaker flipped again and the power wouldn’t come back on. The breaker box was burning up and it was still busying. The breaker was between off and on I guess is why it was busying. I called and left a message but there is no after hours emergency number so we have to wait until they open in the morning. Father of the year took the cover off to make sure nothing was on fire or trying to catch fire because it didn’t seem to cool down and kept busying. We finally got it to come back on so I am sitting here in case something happens. We turned everything we could off and left some of the breakers off. But I really need to have it on it’s cold out it’s getting colder inside my baby boy is already sick and my little bitty is getting over being sick. Me and the older kids haven’t felt great the last few days. I can’t have the house getting freezing and them getting sicker. I am not waiting days, weeks or months for them to send someone out here to take care of this. This is a fire hazard and my kids are in here. I am not taking chances with it. Father of the year did electrical for 5 years when we got together and he said it needs a new main breaker and they have to get a electrical company out here to do it because they are going to have the power turned off until they are done. Its good because I don’t want them to send dumb and dumber out here to do it. I have a question about a breaker we found in the box behind the panel when he took it off the wall. We can’t figure out what it goes to. It shouldn’t be behind the panel where we didn’t even know it was there.

I know I don’t have a ton to spend on rent and a place. But I also think that when I am paying $750 a month I shouldn’t be having all these problems or waiting forever to get them fixed or fighting to have them done by people who know what they are doing. Because they were to cheap to fix things right when they got the place. And to cheap to fix them right now.

If I don’t get to move a way I am going to have to try and find a new place for me and the kids. I really don’t know where or how I am going to do that. Things are so expensive and I can’t afford to pay more. I guess we shall see.

{June 24, 2014}   Patch It Of Course

The guy came back Sunday when we were not here and “patched” the roof. Yesterday I called to talk to the lady I have been dealing with and she wasn’t there and isn’t going to be back in the office until later this week. So I talk to the lady that answered. Told her who I was and what was going on and that they sent twee tel Dee and Twee tel Dumb out here and how they say they can patch the roof and get 2 more years out of it. That I don’t want to be going through this again in a few weeks or moths. She says she is going to have him call or email me because he is busy as well. The guy who is over making sure everything is taken care of. Last night it starts raining and like I figured it came pouring in the wall again. I was so mad I got the email from the guy last night.

He wanted to inform me that they came Sunday to put a temp patch on it and would be back to do a permanent patch later in the week. I probably didn’t know because I wasn’t here when they were. Then says if there is any damage done inside to please let him know so he can have it taken care of as well. I was so mad because he knows good and well there is damage inside and we have already talked about it and I sent him pictures of some of it.

I got up and went to the office today to talk to him face to face because by now I am so past mad and over my house being a mess like this and not being able to do stuff. He wasn’t there they didn’t know if or when he would be back today. She called him told him I was there and not happy and it was still leaking in everywhere.

He called me and I told him I was not happy that I had waited and been more than patient with this and them getting it fixed and that it wasn’t done in a timely manner. He was telling me it was and they were going to patch it and they had to wait for it to not rain and be dry. I let him know I knew that they hadn’t even bothered to call the roofer until a week after the first guy came out and told them it needed a new roof and that then I had to call and ask for 3 days why they hadn’t done anything. He said I couldn’t possibly know that because I didn’t know the company that was coming out. I told him oh but I did because his people told me. I had called them to get a time because I had doctors appointments and didn’t want to bother them anymore. They told me they knew nothing about the leak who I was or my house. He just kept telling me that stuff was in the past and all this. He was trying to get it taken care of now but it was rainy season and there was rain yesterday and supposed to be rain today. I said so what you are telling me is that you don’t know when they are going to fix it because if they think it might rain they won’t do it. I see people getting new roofs and patches all around me so I am sure they could patch mine too. Before it was over with I just told him that I expected it to be fixed right a way and properly not patched and leaking again in a few days and not going to blow off in tropical storm or hurricane that could come up anytime. He said well yours wouldn’t be the only one. I said nope and mine probably wouldn’t at all if you had it fixed right. I shouldn’t have to sit here and hope it don’t and wait to see. I told him I was tired of cleaning up the mess from it and that i had my stuff out and that I wasn’t cleaning no more mess up it could lay back there and whatever damage it caused they would just have to tell the owner they needed to pay to have it taken care of too. I should be compensated for my time cleaning and enconvince off dealing with all this why they have done nothing and that if they were going to patch it and needed to do it when it wasn’t raining why didn’t they come all that first week and do it when it thank god hadn’t rained. He just kept saying that’s in the past and what they want to do now.

Then he was telling me I could not use that room for a bedroom and it was a porch. It is not a porch at all it is a block room with windows doors closet and air. He keep insisting it wasn’t a room I couldn’t use it for that. I finally said ok fine I will just get off here and call code enforcement and have them come out and talk to them about it and see what they say. I wouldn’t want to break any code enforcement rules while living in the home. Oh no no now you don’t have to do that I’m not going to tell you how you can use the room or what you have back there. He knows they come see that leak they are going to get on to them and they are going to say something everyone else is roof isn’t right it has to be a new roof and it can’t sit there like that leaking with people living in it. I told him I know code says to be a bedroom it has to be so such square space have a closet have air and windows that it was more than the square footage and had everything else. I said I do know the law and regulations I have family that was a agent and who leased property for years and I have family who is a state licensed contractor.

I said something I probably shouldn’t have and if it comes down to it I don’t know what I will do but they could come back with the same reply if I hadn’t said it. I finally got mad and told him to give me my money back I would go find something else and let the next person they find to rent it to have the headache of the leak or it blowing off. He said we could end the lease but you wouldn’t get any money back you have had use of the property. I said oh but yes I am intitled to my money back for the time this has taken to get fixed and still isn’t and I am intitled to all the money I had to pay to get in here and all my deposites back. I am also owed moving fees at this point if they don’t want to fix it properly. I didn’t say that I didn’t think about it at the time. When I said that though his whole town changed and it was well I am going to call the owner back and nudge him to go ahead and fix the roof would that be ok with you. I said send someone else to patch it or what. He said put a new roof on thats what your wanting isn’t it. I said I want use of my house like I am supposed to have I want to know that I am not going to be sitting here in a week or two or month or when we have a bad storm and my roof is going to start gushing again and I am going to have my house tore apart like this again for who knows how long. they have temp patched it twice now and either time did it work it is worse now than when he did what ever he did Sunday. I also at one point told him I should just call my lawyer and see what he advised and what he felt we were owed for all of this. He said you don’t have to do that I can tell you that you can send a Certified letter to fix with in 7 days and if it isn’t done you can pay your money to the court. I said yes just what I am talking about I know this but I would rather talk to him let him handle it and make sure nothing is filled out wrong or missed. When I started talking about the lawyer and/or wanting my money back he said yeah because we do have to have it done with in so long and it hasn’t been taken care of. So right there he admitted they were in the wrong they dropped the ball and it should have been done before now. He told me to please wait and give him a chance to talk to the owner and advise him what he really needed to get done and see if he could get him to do it and he would get back with me tonight or in the morning by phone call or email. I can bet you $100 he won’t call me back after today because I wasn’t taking his excuse and bullshit and I know the law and that they are in the wrong. He seen I wasn’t a push over like he thought who didn’t know my rights. I still haven’t heard from him but he better hope I do before lunch or I will be getting the ball rolling with the courts. I told him I love the house it works great for us and we are very happy here and really don’t want to move but I am not going to be done this way. So we shall see as the waiting game continues.

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