{November 5, 2018}   Missing Everyone

I have missed reading all of y’alls post and what is going on with everyone. It will probably be another few days before I will get to start catching up. But I promise I will and thank you for sticking around. Getting a new routine down, learning my new job and now changing my just set up routine all around has kept me busy.

Day 5 at my new job and I am still loving it. Last week right away I worked up a system for mapping my routes and keeping track of everywhere I called per an area. But it ended up with me printing 5 to 10 pages an area so 20 to 40 pages a day give or take. I do this everyday.

By Friday I was booked through Wednesday of this week and seeing it was such a waste of paper and ink. Even if I flipped it over printed on the back. It still a lot of paper and ink. I decided to go on office and try to make it so I have to write very little if anything and so I do not have to print. And make my system a little easier to use. I had names and numbers on three sheets and addresses on two listed by letter. I have to cross them to make sure I had the right address.

I found the one thet printed me to use but it was in excel. I have a hard time using it with all the extra grid around you don’t use and the one they made looked very choppy on it. There really wasn’t room for me to add what I needed or how I wanted it.

I went over to word and found a template right away I could add and chang to make just what I wanted. I played with it a while got it just how I wanted. Then played forever with it trying to get it to copy and paste without messing formatting up in the table. I tried everything could not do it.

The guys came in I asked them the one that handles the computer part said he wasn’t sure he tried a few things. He told me the other was there but I showed him I made what I needed just needed a blank copy so I can start new ones each time. He said he would mess with it see if he could get it or make me a new one in excel was telling me how it worked. I told him I knew I just liked this one better it worked better for me.

I asked and founout how to copy the one I made. I knew how I knew it was simple. I just could not remember for the life of me. When I figured it out I was so aggervated.

I got to work this morning and the guys were out. I tried to do stuff with my table it had been locked. I finally got a copy I could edit and things and went to work. The guys called later the one who was going to try and fix it told me he figured away for me to fill if in then delete everything and start over. Not what I was looking for but it would work if it was all we could work out. But the way I figured out to copy the file lets me save each route and list for each area and then open a clean list and start over. This way I can go back call the ones who didn’t need us last time and see if they are ready or the ones I had no answer at or didn’t get to. I think this will be much better and best part nothing printed or hand written.

I got one list made and my ones for the rest of the week started with my first apointments from returning calls from the weekend.

They still seem pleased with me even though i messed up a few calls and appointments by confusing days. This should cut down that issues as well. They didn’t seem mad even though it was over 50 miles from home. But I was tossed in with nothing and told to put all this together. Plus book out Wednesday last week on. I didn’t think I messed up that big but i guess i did. I feel bad but it happens when your learning. They aren’t worried I’m not stressing over it just lnow to watch better now.

I am working Sunday–Friday 10 to 5 and Saturday 9 to 5, plus 6 to close Thursday and Friday nights. I need to see what days we are closed here and see what days I can pick up extra hours at my beach job. I had another job offer today at a bail bonds place. But I had to say no it is day hours when I am at my other job. I don’t want to get burnt out. I like my days and hours set up.

{August 14, 2016}   Cleaning Day

I haven’t felt good most the day, I woke up sick to my stomach with pain in my right side but at the same time really hungry and craving different odd foods. I ate a little off and on and had dinner it is still hurting and it is almost midnight. I am thinking it is my gallbladder but who knows really. I am going to get on making doctors appointments and things this week.

Despite not feeling good and hurting I have been in cleaning mode since I got up until I hour or two ago. I made everyone one at a time empty their dresser and closet of all their clothes and bring them to the couch. I then went through and took out anything way to big, to small or that was a rag and gave them what was left back. I made them count their dresser draws and told them how to divide them all up and put them away. While I was doing all that I had the two older ones running the washer, drier and the dishwasher. I am down to having my room and the clothes from the washer to go through. I then have to go around and gather anything they missed washing and get it started so that they can wash dog blankets tomorrow and I can get any other blankets out there washed.

Tomorrow I am going through both bedrooms and getting rid of everything they don’t play with, have outgrown, that’s broken, or just needs to go because they have to much. While I do that they are going to vacuum and mop. I have asked long enough for them to do their stuff and get it all out of the way and from all over my house so that I could clean the rest of my house. They haven’t and now they can clean while I clean out and I now have the say in what stays or goes. Thinking about that reminds me I need to get the bins to my daughters cube thing in the living room and clean them since the new ones i bought don’t fit in it. I am going to put a few things in them she can keep in the living room to play with and the rest has to be kept in the bedroom.

I start 4 of my 5 classes Monday the other one next month. They were all supposed to start Monday and some how I got put in the wrong class. I tried to change it and the one I want is full. I want everything gone through and put in it’s place so that we can keep up with it better now that we are all back in school.

With everyone gone most the day it shouldn’t get messed up as bad or as fast. I have a chore chart I made awhile back I am going to revise and we are going to start following it. In stead of making everyone in charge of washing their own clothes and having them mound up I am going to start having everyone put their clothes in one basket after they shower and the next day when we get home then someone will be responsible making sure that load gets done for the day. Everyone will still be responsible for their own bed stuff. I will wash mine and the little kids bed stuff, towels and things like that during the day when I am here and they are at school. I think I have it all figured out to make things run as simple and as smooth as possible for us all.

{June 30, 2016}   To Long to Get into a Routine

I have noticed that as soon as I feel that I have a routine figured out and starting to get classes under control it’s the end of the term or just about the end of the term and time to start new ones. Then the whirlwind of trying to get a routine down again starts. I can’t really keep the same one and just change what classes I’m working on because I don’t always take the same number of classes, they are due different days, some have two days stuff is due and some are due on days that I have other things and can’t work on them. So I have to see what days each one is due then if it interferes with something else set it up due early so that I can get both things done.

At least the next two terms the classes will be longer. This term they started mid May and will be done the first week of August. The next ones will start August and end the first week of December. Then January til May. Then I will hopefully only have one more of these short terms and I will be done. Unless I take the rest of the aging classes and have problems with my math class. Then I will have to do one more fall term. Right now I am not liking the aging part and thinking about not doing the other two classes for it and just get my degree in domestic violence. If I do the aging I will have a certificate in Aging matters. I keep telling myself that it is only two more classes but I still just don’t know if I want to do it. The one class I am taking now is part of the problems I am having keeping up with the rest of my classes. I think the same teacher has all three classes. I guess we will see.

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