{May 20, 2019}   Ford Ranger vs. Ford Taurus

I haven’t been around I have been busy and car shopping. I have looked a lot on line and there is nothing!!! Me and the girls went Saturday all over and there is nothing.

I stopped in to see my friend at the car lot next to where I did bail bonds. He didn’t have anything. We talked for awhile. He said all these states north of us that flooded lost use of a lot of cars and are coming down here to get them and take them up there. Mostly trucks and that is what I am looking for. A little Ranger.

A few others told me the same and that a lot are being snatched up and exported out of the country. They said the ones they can get they would pay more than what they could sell them for.

Mr. Auto finally met me today to show me the car he picked up. It is a Ford Taurus of all things. It is the ses I think it said. I know Ford cars are known to have nothing but issues. I test drove it with the kids. The little ones were not sure what to think. They never been in a car really. But they like it. Oldest said she liked it better than the Ranger we seen Saturday. It is nicer, its newer and of course has more room, it is just a base line truck vs. a newer loaded car. We know that all don’t always mean anything but kids just see “nice”.

Mr. 8 says well it is nice, it needs 2 tires, it has air, the windows work, the breaks work, it goes, it’s nice I guess. He didn’t see the Ranger he didn’t go with us. He said if it didn’t need tires we should probably get it if he is selling it cheap. I told him he was putting two tires on it before I bought it. He said okay I guess we should get it and get a truck later.

Oldest wants to get it and says it has more room than the truck it is nicer. But she don’t get we are not worried about room because it is not going to be the car/truck that they are all in most the time. We are going to have a family vehicle.

My friend J’s hubby said it seems the best of what I have seen and found so far if I have to pick out of something that I have seen and get it right now. He said get it keep it until school gets ready to start back and unload it because so many people are going to be looking for cars for their kids and thing to go back to school. Get it for $1500 sell it for double. But I talked to more people the last few days and they all say stay away from it far away from it don’t touch it. I feel the same way, from the time I seen it but was thinking hum maybe, but it just don’t sit right with me I think I am going to leave it alone.

Sunday when I stopped and talk to my grandpa, my aunt told me about an auction that two people she knew went to and both bought really nice cars for $400 and like $1500 I think. They were nice newer good shape lower mileage cars.

Of course this got me to thinking and I decided to look it up and see what this was all about. I found it. It is north of me up where my dad lived but it isn’t far from me. They have their list of everything they are going to be selling and the next one is this Saturday. They don’t really have anything that I am looking for as of yet. But two things caught my eye. Two police Crown Vic’s. One is a 2009 with like 128,800 miles while the other is a 2007 with 140,000 miles on it. The light bulb went on, these are cars that are popular in my area. If I could get them for $400 like she said her friend got hers for or even if I paid $1000 each for them, I could turn around and sell them for no less than $4000 each probably. Make a profit of $6000 to $7000 and have the money I started with back to go get my little truck and take the profit and get my family truck. Then take what I have of my tax money left after paying everyone back and go to the next one and try to find a few more to sell. They have travel trailers, lawn mowers, 0 turns, trucks, cars, property even. If I could get a few and flip them That would help me get on top and money in the bank quick. Right now I want the two police cars and hope that no one shows up and bids against me. I will tag one and drive it. I will just drive it until it sells. I am going to keep my truck so that I can go back to it until I get something to replace it or get my little truck I am looking for. This would work so well for me.

I am supposed to go look at a little Ranger tomorrow but I don’t think I am going to want it, it is older and has kind of high miles. I but I am going to go talk to the guy and look at it, see how good it has been taken care of and things. I don’t have my money yet so I will just tell him I don’t have my money I am looking and that I will let him know. I have to tell Mr. Auto to go ahead and list his and try to sell it I am going to have to pass because I just don’t think it is a good idea like they are saying.

{December 24, 2018}   Christmas Rollercoaster

Not working 2 jobs for almost 2 months really made things tighter than they already were this month. Trying to figureout gifts and jugle money to pay things too has been a bit stressfull.

I seen things I wanted for 2 or 3 of the older kids but it was sold out when I went back. Not that I had the money yet but was there and checked. But they had something else so I was okay with it because they would surely hove that when I came back they were nice too. So we went from drones to helicopters. Well when I made my way back they were sold out of them too.

That is when I went into panick mode and was trying to get stuff before it sold out too. I went to another store and bought other helicopters. They weren’t as nice but still nice and about the same money. Then I was looking at what I got Little Bitty and felt I needed a nicer “big” gift. I decided I would get the hatamalle. They were in the price range I spent on the other kids big gift. I was looking online the only ones were north of me. Between me and Sleeping Baeuty. They only had 5 and I just got to work, it was like 10. I would not be off until 7. I called bff she wasn’t out and about was busy. I said let me try someone else. I messaged Sleeping Baeuty ask if he was out or close to the store going there. Thinking he might be shopping with his mom they could pick it up I could get it after work. He wasn’t able to at the moment. I called my sister ask her to buy it for store pick up and I would bring her the money. So she did.

Later I talk to Bff she said they got a ps4 for $325 at the rental place. It was just me and Mr. Auto working so I ask him if I could run up there a second. He said that was fine. It was still day light and people coming here and there so I felt it was safe to run there for a minute and leave him. We are supposed to have 2 or more there at all times. He told me if I needed to run home or something it was alright. He knows I have the kids and home isn’t that far either.

I got them a PS4. They said pick it up Monday it would be reset and wrapped. I went and bought 3 of the kids games and an extra control. By that point I was already $200 into it and still had $250 to pay on it and another game to buy.

Sunday me Little Guy and Oldest went shopping. I needed to take back the stuff I had gotten and get the last game. Little Guy had to do his shopping for the other kids too.

We ended up at the mall so I could pick up their ornaments and I was going to look for a game. Well we walked in the one store to see if they had something and there sat what I wanted to get to start with. I took the kids home picked up Big boy to do his shopping and raced back to the game store in the mall and then over and bought them. Not even knowing if I was going to get the money back from the other today or not. But knew I had to make it work some how and hope they gave me my money back.

I went there a little bit ago and thank god they understand and they gave me my money back. I had not signed taking the stuff so I figured I could still get it back but wasn’t sure.

{October 10, 2018}   Truck For Sale

He finally showed up to the diner right at 9 like he had said. I did not know it was him at first a big gold pick-up pulled up next to me facing the other way. He got out and walked around I got out and walked around to the other side of the truck. I was going to open doors and things for him to check it out. Then he ask what I was doing today if I was in a hurry to get to work? I toldnhim no I didn’t have to work until 2 I was free until then. He ask if I had someone with me. I told him no. The he ask if I would join him for breakfast. I said sure, I wanted to talk to him about work and things anyway.

We walked inside boy if looks could kill. There was an elderly couple sitting out front they had been watching me since I parked and then didn’t get out. Then he pulled up got out we talked and then went inside together. Felt like I had daggers sticking through me. Made me kind of mad but I didn’t say anything he goes there they know him and I would like to use this to make a little extra money here and there.

We sat down and they brought us drinks and we ordered. Wasn’t but a few minutes he was on the subject of Starfish and what was up with him and what was between us and what had or had anything been. I said nope we are just friends I tried to help him let him rent that room and things told him what happen. I said I never told him he had to leave even then I just said I can’t have this at my house you said x,y,z you can’t be doing this we need to sit down and talk. I said he disappear for days came back and left.

He said I don’t know about Starfish he just Starfish. I said yep what I say. I said he left I didn’t hear from him for month or two then out of the blue middle of the night I get message he needs to talk and we will for days week or more then I don’t hear from him again for weeks a month then I get a message again. I said Bff said she thinks I’m the only one who hasn’t turned my back on him even with what happen that I am that one consistent person he can turn to. He said again there is nothing between yall haven’t been? I said no I scare him and laughed. He said what, why, how? I said because I have my stuff together, I have a place a car and things like that. He knows I won’t and don’t put up with crap. He said I keep telling him he needs to at least have his own place and car and things. I said don’t get me wrong if I didn’t have kids and I was single I would live with someone be a roommate. I said I struggle and its all I can do to keep rent paid and toss a little money at bills here and there when I can. So I can see staying with someone or being roommates if your single. For him I think being at his moms is good because there really aren’t that many decent people around. I didn’t say that part to him but I do.

He ask me if I was still working for Bff’s husband and how close I was to him. I said I’m not. He said you worked there a while didn’t you? I said yes but I haven’t for a while. I said me and his wife are best friends but I don’t see him much. He wanted to know about their truck it is up to go on the repo list and things. I said I am not surprised. We talked a little. He said just don’t say anything I am trying to figure out how to handle it. I was told it was in the shop. I said I know it was too but she had to go out of town last night so he thinks it is out of town for now.

When we were talking about the truck and things, I said I wouldn’t think twice about getting in it going anywhere with my kids. He said that was going to be next question. He said would you go to GA in it? I said I was going to like last week. I said I was going to go to NC no problem. He said to visite or move? I said move he ask why I didn’t. I told him I was about to be homeless if I had to start over I may as well do it somewhere else cheaper with family. He said where is your husband or what? Where you ever married? I said yes he is about 5 miles away but don’t see his kids or pay a dime for them. I said if it gets paid or bought I do it all. I said my little ones dad seen her one time. He said thats not right. I said nope but its life.

Something was said about where I lived. He said so you must live close to here. I said you know where you stopped me the other day? He said yeah. I said I live right at the end of that street. He said where what house? I said go to the end the two across on the corner I live in the one here across from the spanish guy who has the trailer of yard stuff. He said oh I know where that is. How did I not know that was your truck all this time. I go by there all the time I have friends that live right on this street my son knows people. They are on the street that goes down the side of my house.

He paid for breakfasts and we walked outside he was taking pictures of the truck and things. i open it up showed him inside and things. He walked around the back was taking pictures of the side. He said I can not believe you deliver pizza’s in this big thing. I was kind of behind and beside him. I said I do what I have to do to make the money and get the bills paid. He cocked his head toward me and said no no don’t say that. I said its true or something at same time he said something as he was walking away. I laughed, I said not like that! Legally I do whatever I have to that is legal to make sire the bills are paid. He laughed. He said I know but you got be careful what you say or how you say things to people. I said yeah I guess.

I open the hood and things showed him we talked about the motor and things. He said something about jobs. He said his friend was quiting his job at the little store the other guy he thought was leaving. I said really. He said I will talk to him you go see him. I said okay. Then he said what are you doing now? I said nothing, he said why don’t you follow me up there I am headed there now we can talk to them. So I followed him to the store we went in and I talk to the guy he said he give my name and number to the boss. He said he worked 6am to 2pm. 6 days a week. I told him I could do that it would work out great for me. He said he would let his boss know. It is on the books and everything so I will get paid at least $8.25 hope more and over time. Oldest would have to get kids to school but I would be here to pick them up, here all after noon for homework and things, here for dinner and bed time. Even if I work Saturday if I am off by 2pm we have the rest of the day. A lot of times we don’t go out before lunch.

We left there he was asking again about bff’s truck if I was going by the shop. If I could stop in there without it seeming funny. I told him not it would seem odd and how they had taken it from there she had to go out of town. He said oh thats right. He said I think I am going to call her chat see if she can help us. I said she will. She dont want to be caught out in it and them take it and she is stuck. He said no and i don’t want to do that. I have to talk to her now get her in the loop and what to expect. She knows how her husband is and that it is what it is.

He said he was going to pick up the car he been telling me about he would get a hold of me in about 30 minutes. I figured it be longer. It was around an ho u r he wanted to know if I had a number for him. We talked he said he have to research it some. I told him that was fine let me know.

When we were eating he said he had a ranger at the lot. I remember back when Starfish saying he had one. Maybe a different one but don’t know. But I thought about it text him ask him if he still had it or had? He didn’t answer for a while then called me said he had but it sold. He said it was still there but being ship overseas it should of already been gone. I said oh well okay. Told him I was going to come look at it and crunch numbers. He said you can come look at if you want. I said now what good would that do me if I can’t buy it? I am looking for something to buy not just look at. He said well true but if you want to come by see it you can. I said okay. He said you have to go to work soon don’t you? I said I just pulled in figured I would get an extra hour or so if I can. He said oh okay i be in touch soon and we can talk about some work too.

He keeps calling me if I just text ask a question he won’t just answer he calls me. Then just hangs there. It’s akward to get off the phone. It isn’t like he is my bff or even someone I know well to chit chat with. Just like when I ask about him having a truck. He could of just said no sold it. In a text. Instead he calls then goes into all the details and says I can still stop and look at it. Then just nothing like he trying think of something to say. Then starts asking me shouldn’t I be going to work soon and things. It was like pulling teeth trying to get off the phone. 2 second text would of taken care of it.

I haven’t come up with a number yet they are hard to find a decent one at a good price. The ones I am finding are up there in price right now. So I do not know if this is going to work. But that just means mine is worth more if those are going for more. My head still feels like it is going to explode, I have had horrible headache since yesterday.  I am going to try and rest an hour or two before I start running for the day.

{October 9, 2018}   Your’re Starfish’s Friend

Saturday I was coming in from the store and I passed this trailer down the road and three guys had just come out. They started waving like crazy at me and motioning me to turn around and come back. I had to drop something at the house so I did that and went back out to go to the store. By this point I am figuring they have the car stuck and want pulled out. They were down behind the cars on the back of the lot when I went by and nothing was stuck and they didn’t try to stop me. I ran to the little store around the corner and headed back home. I got close again this guy come running to the road and out in it just about to get me to stop. I did and pulled over there. The guy said your, your um Starfish’s friend you wanted to sell your truck, what happen? See you got it going again. As he said this I reliased who he was. He was the guy from the car lot. I said I did but he said you didn’t get a hold of him. He said i ask him when and he said you was always working.

We talked a little and he gave me his card and said he may have some work for me as well. He said give him a call this week. He had to go finish looking at those properties.

I am going to message him this morning try to go talk to him before work. I found a little Ranger I would like to have if he really wants it. I found another truck like mine that seems to be in decent shape. Not one with all I want but decent priice still a nice truck. I am interested in what work he may have as well. Its not a lot I know but if I get in there maybe I can pick up something more or maybe some of the repos he needs done.

Here it is 4am and I am awake when I should be sleeping. Was woken up by something can’t sleep now. Least I got some decent sleep tonight.

{July 11, 2018}   Finally Slept, But…..

I finally went to sleep at a decent hour, soon as I posted that last post I was a sleep. But then I had crazy dreams all night from being so stressed. I slept about 7 hours straight and another 3 or so waking up off and on. I feel like I could sleep another 12 straight if I didn’t have to go to work. When I dream like that I feel as if I hadn’t slept at all. It really sucks.

I messaged Sleeping Beauty he hasn’t said anything back. I been thinking about what he said.. You will findout. Almost seems like something is up he don’t want me to know about or something. I don’t know what. Maybe he is trying to get the truck he has there as part of the deal on my truck plus a decent amount for mine. I don’t know i had forgot he said they had a little Ranger at this lot too. I don’t know just seem odd the way he said you will find out. Find out what? I could be listing it trying to find someone else to buy it. Or calling the guy at the other lot who wanted it.

But he offered to get a hold of this guy and take care of it all. Honestly I did not want to mess with it or deal with anything to do with the truck, fixing it, selling it or anything else. So he offered to take it and handle it I let him. But I thought he handle it a little faster knowing the jam I am in. It probably wouldn’t be any faster had I done it because of all our odd work hours. I really not mad at either of them just myself and impatient. I am not use to someone else handling things and trusting they will get done properly. So that stresses me out that I am not the one doing it even though I am glad I don’t have to and he is. I know I am crazy. Its just being the one to always handle things and getting them done its hard to turn it over to someone else. Especially just a friendnor what. But I do trust him or I wouldn’t of done it.

I dreamed all night about helping someone buy a car and trying to sell mine. There was all kinds of other crazy things happening in it too. I know it is all from stress.

{June 20, 2016}   Furniture Store

My house looks like a furniture store right now. My Little Bitty told me a while back she needed a bigger bed. She has been sleeping between my bed and hers until I was able to figure out and get her one. I was going to sell my oldest bedroom set and get them a new one but it wasn’t selling. I know because I wasn’t able to set it up and really get good pictures of it all and things. Because it is a nice set and I see other sets going for a lot when I looking. I also figured out I would have to order their beds and wait for them to come leaving them with none until they came. I decided just to wait until I got my money get them and then sell the set.

I ordered the bed and new mattresses and it all came last Thursday. We had decided to keep the dresser, desk and hutch and just sell the bed out of the oldest’s set so we didn’t have to find dressers. I wasn’t crazy about the idea but figured it would work. So we ordered a bed in the color that would match it the best. Well Wednesday evening I found a dresser, chest, night stand, and headboard someone had for sale that was nice and all matched. They only wanted $200 for it all. I messaged them and they said come that night to see it and get it. I didn’t think they would because it was almost 8 then. I dropped the two older kids off with my sister so I could take the back seat out. Then I got father of the year to go with me and to get it. We got there it was up stairs and had to be brought down and through this ladies house to get it. The way the stairs were made it a pain to get it out. Then she told me it was the mattress, box spring, frame, and all the blankets sheets for the bed as well. well. I was able to get everything but the the mattress and box spring. I hated to and never haul stuff like that but I ended up tying it to the top of the truck to get it home. It was way to late and to far to go home and come back. I sold father of the year the headboard and he maybe getting the nightstand as well if it don’t end up fitting in the room once we get everything and can set it up. I made $20 of my money back there on the headboard. Yes I made him buy it from me, he still isn’t paying anything to help with the kids or spent a penny on anything they need as far as clothes or the beds for their rooms or anything else.

The bed came and it was to dark to go with the dressers, I called the store said they had one in the color I needed so we took it back. I get there and they don’t they never did, after calling all over the county to find one I was told they don’t sell that color in the store. I went other places and tried other ideas and could not find what I needed. I ordered a new one thinking it would be here by today or tomorrow. The other took 4/5 days. This one will not be here until this Friday. It’s taking over a week to get here.

I have a large sold wood chest of drew that was my Little Guys when he was a baby that has been passed around since. I was going to put it in the boys room because theirs have been needing replaced for a while. But they got a new bed instead because they needed it more. I wanted another chest to go with it and put in there, that is what they have now instead of a chest and dresser and it works better for them. I have been looking for something I could paint and put in there so I could paint them the colors they like and things but hadn’t found anything. Then we decided to use the one we have already and get another. I have been looking and I can not believe the price of used dressers and chest. Nothing I have found is under $150 most are over that. Then they need refinished, hardware and they are really small or really ugly or old. It is not like oh this is not that old and in really good shape so I want this much for it. Or this is in really good shape and sold so I want more for it. Last night I found another taller sold wood chest the the same color as the one I have just about for $50 it was missing two little knobs off of it. Easy and cheap to fix. I couldn’t believe they only wanted $50 for it, I figured it would be gone or it would be a mess when we went to get it. I sent a message and they had it and said I could come tonight to pick it up. I send father of the year to get it since I didn’t have anyone to watch the kids and couldn’t pick it up. He brought it to us and it is really nice. So we moved the dressers out of their room and put these in. They are happy with them.

Now in my back room I have a desk I am storing for a friend, three chest of draws, a desk with hutch, mattress set, and another mattress out there. I had Little Bitty’s bed because it had to come down to put the dressers in her room but we had to put it back up in the boys rooms until hers comes and we can put it up. She got very upset because she didn’t have her own bed like everyone else even though she sleeps in my bed most the time. By the weekend it will be back out there along with the other bed from their room. I hope to have a yard sale in a couple weeks and sell it all. I want to get it on the carport take good pictures of it all and list it online as well. If it works out like it should when it is all here and everything else is sold I should make back most my money that I spent to get it. I will make over what I spent on the boys chest when I sell their old two. I just can’t wait to get all the new/new to them stuff here and set up so I can get the rest of my house in order because it is a mess right now with moving everything around.

I wish right now I had money to open a store because I have a good amount of stuff to put in it and stock it that is worth something so it would sell quick too. I am thinking about taking the money I make and buying other stuff I find cheap and resale it just do it out of my house for a little bit until I save enough money to rent a place or going and renting a small storage unit to keep stuff in and sell from there.

et cetera
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