A 3rd Job Again

It looks like I am going to have to pick up some kind of 3rd job again for a while. Although I was getting on top of things and had everything but the lights paid up and was making payments on the repair fee’s I was pretty much on top of things. I feel I was as everything I owed was going to be paid up to $0 balance and only have the repair fee’s I would be making payments on and then monthly bills that would be paid on time.

But with this $400 going out unexpected then my car insurance renewing this month and still owing on repair fee’s and needing to do Christmas for the kids. I am starting to sink and fast all in the blink of an eye. Even thought I was caught up for the most part I had not been able to get that savings or cushion to fall back on in times like this built up yet. That was next on the list. To start saving to have a little put away. That is tricky as well seeing as my son gets Ssi. Because I am not supposed to have over $2000 in assists. That includes vehicles, cash on hand and savings. How are you supposed to get ahead or put away for a crisis or emergency, unexpected things in that case? They tell you to have 4 to 6 months of bill money in the bank in case something happens. Even one to two months of money would put me over the limit alone much less having the second vehicle. So then that is going to take money out of the pot each month so then I will have to use out of my savings to make up for it there for not really getting ahead again because I will have to take out every month to make up for what is taken away. I would love to be able to get by without having that money at all and would be happy to just have 2 months of savings in the bank and be able to put so much away to make up if some had to be taken out. But right now that just isn’t the case and to start taking away right away I don’t see how to go about it all.

I am thinking of posting an add on craigslist again looking for a few offices to clean in the evening on Saturday or Sunday. This way I can clean them after the kids go to bed at night on the weekend and gives me leeway between doing them Saturday or Sunday. Whatever night I can get to them. If they are mid size office’s I can get around $75 to $100 and if I could do even one that would help a good deal right now. I don’t want to over load myself and try to do to many. I haven’t crunched numbers but I think if I pick one up at $100 a weekend I would be okay or close enough or get me by. Let me feel some relief and not feel so strapped.

I have thought about doing pizza’s again on Saturday night if she needs me. But that is a lot of wear and tear on my car that I don’t know I want to start putting on this one. I have put a bunch of miles on it already, I don’t need to put more than I have to on it because it is going to start breaking like my truck once I start doing them. The start and go, start and go a 100 miles or more a night is a lot of stress on a car.

If I did an office or two on the weekend I can hopefully find one or two close to home and I just drive there park and drive home. Not running it for hours all night like I would doing pizza’s. Even if I had to go a little further than I would like I hope to go less than 10 miles one way and 20 miles round trip is still better than miles on in all night.

I thought about doing coupons and making holiday baskets and selling them. But I don’t have the money to put out to make them and sell them. I don’t have the $15 or more to put out on newspapers and then buy product to do them and sit on them until they sell. I would need to be buying things now and making them to be able to have a bunch made for the holiday shopping rush right after Thanksgiving up until Christmas. I could put baskets, bags, stockings and things like that together for men, women, and kids. I use to make them for the teachers for the holidays. I would put body spray, lotion, body-wash and things like that in them. Toss in some kind of gloves, socks, towel, washcloth or towel for your hair or other little things for guys. You have a nice gift for a friend, co worker or someone you want to grab something nice for on a budget. Kids you can put one together with coloring books, puzzles, something to read a comic book, markers, crayons all kinds of things just dependent on the age. You can have orders where you put baskets together depending on theme or age.

I seen some nice drawstring bags on line for sale someone had made they were trying to sell that would be perfect that I would love to get but just don’t have the money to put into them. They have a couple 1000 or so and want to sell the lot. I would buy them because I know I would use them and sell them with no problem probably to make things like this. It stinks because there are so many things like this I could make money at but it cost so money to get started. I wish I had not dropped my credit score because I would go to the bank and try to get a lone. For a few grand. Pay the rest of the repair money off and the lights. Then I would buy a bunch of things and make a bunch of baskets and bags up and have them ready and start selling them. I would go ahead and buy Christmas for the kids so that it would be take care of and not have to worry about it.

I could take two grand pay things up spend less than $500 make a bunch of baskets and make back at least a grand or more probably depending on how many I make how big and nice they are and things. I thought about doing pizza’s for a few weeks and no mater what take it and buy supplies and do it. But I know I can’t do it that way I need to be able to get a bunch at one time and it would cost me money in gas and I’m not able to know I am going to make a good enough chunk to make it.

Getting On A Budget

I really want to get on a budget I said that in a post the other day when I was talking about starting this job.

I have been looking for an app I could set up a budget in, that tracks everything that I want in a way that I want. But I haven’t found that. I want one that tracks planed expenses and planned pay but doesn’t add your pay into the figures until you approve it the day it comes.

The one app I like I can put planed expenses in and it will take them out the day I set. But when I put planned pay in it adds it right away. I like it shows how much going out is coming up takes it away from your available money but tells you over all with it how much you have. If it did the same with pay that would work too but it don’t. But it is good to track daily expenses like those stops at the store, gas or just that few dollars you spend here or there. I like that.

The new one I found last night does what I want and a little more. But it is more for monthly expenses than daily and monthly. But it really help me set things up way better than the other. It is laid out as a calendar you see every day and it has a red dot for expenses and green for money expected in that day. Then at the bottom of the box it shows you how much money you will have on that day after either or both have been added in and taken off. If you go in and put in all your pay days and all your bills it really puts into perspective how much you should have at any given point and makes you think about how much you really spend.

It help me to put my bills in order too. It helps I get paid in Friday and Wednesday. I set my bills up so I pay one every Thursday. They will be on time and get caught up.

I really like it shows your pay and bills like that just wish it was easier to track everyday stuff. Like the money I spent at the store this morning or on the way to work.

By the middle of next month I should have about $1500 to put on a truck. I should have it paid off in no time a few weeks or month. By mid June with tax money I should have enough to buy a really nice truck like the one I have. It will be paid in full when I get it. Seeing all my household everything laid out and seeing what I can have motivates me. Seeing it is possible that I can do it is nice that we aren’t just going to be getting by.

If anyone is interested the apps are called Vault and income vs. Expenses.  Vault is the one that will really put things into perspective and show you what you can have on any given day.


Thinking About Goals

I have been thinking about what new goals I want to set or need to set. What I need to figure out and get done in life. And I am coming up blank. I feel like I need to just live and see where things go in a way. But at the same time I feel that I need to be working toward something. A reason to be doing what I am doing I guess.

I have to know why how and have a reason for what I am doing or it seems pointless or not worth doing. Right now all I am doing is working. I know I am to pay bills but I know that I am going to be making more and that I can do so much more because I am. I need to figure it out and make a plan so that I am not just wasting money week after week. I know I need to and should save and I will to a point but I will spend more than I should because it is like oh well I have it and making more, I’m not saving or working toward anything so it’st just there may as well do this or that with it.

Even though I know I want to get a small truck and save to get another bigger truck for all of us I still just feel like, it’s weeks away it will be alright. I don’t want to feel that way. I need to get back in the mind set of saving and improving. But I can’t get there. Even though I want to and know what I want to do and that I need to save I am in one of those weird moods with money right now. It is like I haven’t had any to spend in so long I am going to just spend for now and when I need to I will start saving. But really I needed to start saving now. But I know I can hold off and wait on getting something small another week or two if I have to and that don’t help either. Tonight I have to make some kind of set of goals if nothing else but what trucks or how much I want to have to put toward a truck and how much I want to save to buy the 2nd one. I would like to spend as little of my tax money as I can. I would rather use my money from working and put my tax money up for savings in case something happens or we meed something.

I think I will work on that tonight when I am not busy at my other job. This day is dragging on here but I am down to the last 55 minutes or so. I hope tonight goes faster than today. It should I am only working 3.5 hours tonight. I won’t get to work my full hours until later when the other guy is gone and I am on my own probably. That sets things back a little bit too so I am just like oh well save later but I need to kick myself in the ass and get started now.

Money Spent

I have spent so much money the last few weeks, it is unreal. I spent a bunch on gas and things running Sleeping Beauty the other week and since just here and there at the store with the kids. I spent about $85 two different times in a few days at the store with the kids. The first time was on things we needed soaps and things for the house. The second time I don’t know I bought a plant that was on sale for $1.88 and ended up spending over $13 on a hanging pot for it. I bought outdoor candles for me and Bff but they were only $3 I think. I think I let the kids get a few things I don’t even remember. I also had to get Big Boy get stuff for a class project.

then I spent a bunch in food out between me taking Bff to breakfast, then going out on Wednesday and milkshakes and things. Money out last night even though last night was only about $8.

I just been in a I don’t care mood I will make more. I have to stop because I have to pay bills and things. I had saved some money but now I am getting low again. Then having to take the dog to the vet and now needing a new phone.

I have to get a new truck in a few weeks I have to be able to save that money and find something. I just need to save over all again and start caring because I am going to be making a decent amount of money and can do what I need to do I don’t want to just keep blowing it and not get things done that need done. I still have to file and get my tax money back as well. If I play my cards right I should be able to get all my bills paid up and buy the little truck I want and the 7.3 Excursion I want. I have been seeing the Excursions cheaper and cheaper lately.

I will be able not only have time to do things with my kids but money to do things when I have the time. I should be able to have money saved as well to fix things and take care of things.

I just have to get over this last little hurdle or whatever it is and pick things up and get a plan in place and put it in action.


The insurance money that was left after we did everything for my dad came in this week. My brother did give me half of it. I have already went through over a grand in 24 hours. I bought the boys a new bed that they really need. My oldest got a bedroom set when we moved in our last place. The boys got loft bed where the twin pulls from under it. It has the stair steps on the side and it takes up a ton of room. They are using two older chest for their clothes. My oldest got a a twin bed, chest and desk with hutch for her room. My oldest son needs a bigger bed than a twin, he is over 100 pounds and tall. I got a nice wood bunk bed with twin on top and full on bottom.  boysbedI have a tall chest that I think they can share to put their clothes in. That will give them more room in their room and hopefully help keep it picked up looking nicer. I think I am going to sell their chest as well because I don’t think they are going to need them with the one big one I don’t want to re due them.

I really wanted to get me a bedroom set. I have a mattress and box spring that was my dads and just the old metal rails it sits on. I have been looking on line at some and I went yesterday to some stores to look at some. I found a set that I love but they want almost $2200 for it. I was not in the market to spend near that much. I figured I spent around $700 or so. But every where I look it is about the same price. I don’t think it is anything that great. It is nice ibut to me it is simple for the price. I could see $1000 but not the $2200. The bed is pretty big it has storage under it. mybed

I just don’t know I feel that I shouldn’t spend that much on a bedroom set for myself. I feel I should use the money to get something for the living room I hate my couch I plan to sell it and use that to help get something if I did change it. Or I should just forget it and pay rent or something with it. Then yesterday after I got done shopping and dropped my friend off around 7/8 last night I headed home. I got about 5 miles or less from her house and heard this horrible noise from the truck. I looked up seen something flying to the side of the road from my truck. I got off in the turning lane and shut it off right a way. I thought my back passenger side tire blew but when I got around there it hadn’t. I could see the front tire it wasn’t flat. I started to freak I thought that it must be coming from the motor. I walked back down the street to see what it was that flew off. I found rubber and metal I knew it was from my truck because it was hot. I thought it was a belt at first. I went back to the truck and got down under it to see what I could see and that is was when I seen the tire on the front passenger side. It wasn’t flat but it was coming a part. It ripped the plastic from the fender up it was stuck up on it it ripped the plastic from under the bumper.

I called me friend her husband answered the phone. I told him something happen my tire was coming apart and messed the truck all up. They came down to where I was at he got everything all unwrapped. He tried to put it back but it also messed up the running board bent part of the metal in toward the bottom of the truck and ripped the other part out away from the truck. The plastic wouldn’t even line up right to bolt it up out of the way. He had to push it around and get at least a bolt in to hold it. He got the tire changed. Now I have to take it somewhere and see if I can get everything bent out where it should be. I am going to take it to my grandpa and see if he can do it for me. So today I went and got all new tires. I knew it needed tires but looking at them I figured I could get about a year out of them. The tread seemed good. But I guess they had sat so they were dry rotted worse than I thought. Between that and getting it aliened was almost $700. Then I took and got the boys me and the baby some clothes. We all need clothes really bad. Its been a little while since I bought new ones. I still need to get one some shorts the other a few more shorts and my baby girl some other stuff. She got a outfit and a dress. I haven’t gotten my big girl anything yet. I had sat $200 a side for other stuff I need for the house.

I just wish I didn’t feel so guilty about spending money even when it is on things we need. I really wish I didn’t feel guilty about spending it on something for myself for once. I never buy myself anything. I did get the truck with my tax money. Then I say well I got that I shouldn’t spend this on. But that is for the kids too so they have room so they aren’t riding with everything piled on them when we go food shopping or have to take things with us when we go somewhere.

I really like to skip the bed and everything else and put the money into starting a business. But it isn’t that much I have no idea where to start trying to open a business with so little.

I’m just still feeling over whelmed too. Father of the year is supposed to be leaving and he hasn’t yet he has put money out to move and still here. He hasn’t done what he is supposed to here. I am still not doing to great since all this has happen with my dad. I feel odd spending the money even. But I want it to go toward stuff that we need not to just get wasted here and there on whatever. I feel so far that I have wasted it on tires and the bed. I feel I shouldn’t need that money to buy them I should be able to just go buy them or that I shouldn’t have bought the truck I should have used that money for the bed and other things the kids needed.

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