{July 7, 2016}   The Hunt Is On

To find a school or schools for the kids. We have about 55 days give or take until school starts back and I have not found anything that seems like it will work. I was waiting to get the test done and back but I have had those now for weeks and still haven’t found one. I have sat here for hours tonight looking some up. I have at least 3 kids that will be in school this year. Maybe 4 if my little one gets head start or childcare. A lot of the private schools take childcare so I would like to get as many of them into one school as I can. That is hard to do with my oldest since she is going into 7th this year. A lot of the schools only go to 5 some up to 8 and very few to 12.

The kinder I am not worried about getting in they will take him, the older two they want to see test results and my Big boy didn’t do so hot on his. I know he must have skipped a lot of it because I when I seen him he was looking off into space and not working on it. The guy told him to work so he started looking at it but I don’t think he really read it more than just marked stuff. My oldest said at one point he was drawing pictures of a dinosaur eating  a guy on his test. Lovely I know. He scored lower on it than he did when I took it a few years ago so I know he couldn’t have read it and really done it. I know he is not on the level it says he is even the therapist said that. You can talk to him and tell he is not years behind in school.

The few schools I found I thought I would really like to get them into after talking to others find out that they have a lot of problems or problem kids that have been kicked out of school. Or they take two of my kids scholarships but not the other ones because his is different. It sucks because his is like twice as much as the other twos and would pay for extra stuff and I could order him different supplies and things. And he has two year worth of money laying there he will lose if we get the other one and use it so I am trying to find one that will take his and that is good regardless if he is the only one that gets and I have to find the other three other places.

We have a school right around the corner that will take my oldest, my kinder and maybe my Little Bitty but not my one with the different funding. I talk to them they said they would check into it but never called me back. He really didn’t seem interested in trying to be able to take it. He said he felt it would be to much work to to try take it. But I looked and if they already take the others like they do its just a matter of filling out forms. I am not in anyway shape or form crazy about the school but it’s a ok school. My older sister went there all the way through. But I figured it’s only two years and we will be moving so then we can find something else. probably better than putting them in public school all the way around. It’s just not as good of an education I know the other schools offer. But I also have to be able to get them all to school all over the place if they are all in different schools and get there to pick them all up on time at all these different schools if they end up split up, and if I need someone to pick them up they are going to have to go all over towns to pick them up. I don’t want to be making a 50 mile round trip to take them to school every day like I did for so long before.

Tonight I was thinking about it and the school around the corner I don’t care for may be good for my oldest for a year or two. I know they will move the kids up if the work they are doing in their grade is to easy and they feel they can handle the next grade up. My oldest is testing out at half way through her second year of college for reading and high school for everything else but math. She gets so very board in school she use to tell me all the time we are going around the room reading and I have finished the book or chapter and the rest of the class is still on the first few pages or chapter. We have our work to do I get it done and then sit and wait for the rest of the kids to get done so we can move on to something else. She got my General Psychology book the other day and ask me if she could read it and answer the questions after each chapter. I told her yeah but not to mess it up I had to return it I rented it not bought it. She ask when it was due and I told her. It’s due the first week of next month. She said oh ok it’s only 15 chapters and about 20 questions after each chapter I should have it all done by then with no problem. I am waiting to see if she does it. I was surprised she wasn’t farther along the other night and commented. She said well I am trying to concentrate and really studying it I find it interesting so I take more time to read it. We weren’t home all day today so I don’t think she got to work in it today. But moving up might be good for her. In third grade she scored 130 points on her IQ test they gave her. They were testing her for gifted she got in that.

I found some more schools tonight I am going to try and go check out tomorrow when I drop my little guy off at school in the morning. One I think would be really good for the boys because they offer the different therapies and things they need as well. But then it looks like the take my older sons funding that the other schools don’t but not the funding my younger one has that the rest do. So I will have to see if I can switch my younger one over to the other since he does need therapy and things.

It’s going to be a long day tomorrow, it’s five minutes to three and I haven’t been to sleep yet, I fell a sleep earlier for a little bit and not wide awake. I have to have my little one at school by 8, go check these schools out and pick him up by 1230 so we can go to the dentist at 130. We will be out most the day tomorrow too. If we are home by 4 I will be shocked. I just hope in all this checking out schools tomorrow I find one that works for them all and they get signed in and set up.

It really stinks that our public schools are so bad that they can’t just walk three houses down and go to school.


You know I don’t understand the state sometimes. They tell all these people they are going to give them this scholarship to send their kids to private school or homeschool them. If they have one of the special needs that’s on their list and your are one of the first 1800 to get approved. This isn’t why we started homeschooling, we started before I ever found out about it. We did apply when we found out and got approved and was awarded the money. But you also could not be enrolled in a public school. So some people had to pull their kids out of school who wanted to get it. Keep in mind these kids are special needs kids. They have different therapies and things they are getting through the school that is hard to get other places and some insurances won’t pay for. And they are waiting on this money to buy curriculum for the year to teach them or the money to put them in a school.

Here we are a month into the second semester of school for our area and the money is sitting there pretty much unable to be used. Others are still waiting to hear if they got it and have their accounts funded. We got our letter November/December and our founds were put into our account the end of December.

But the way they are doing it right now is that you have to buy the stuff upfront out of pocket and then turn your receipts into them and wait to be reimbursed. Wouldn’t be to big of a problem except for the fact that a lot of the curriculum is close to $100 or more. Then they don’t reimburse you in a few weeks or a month it’s whenever they get to it. They can’t tell you when that might be. Some people have waited months and months to get money back. Some are still waiting and have been waiting forever already. The math and spelling I want to use with the kids is around $400. But it is the books the extra stuff to go with it and all. I ordered the set of everything because I plan to use it with both kids and I plan to use it for more than just a year. It is set up to be used for years. The math on the other hand I figure we will finish in a year or less but not sure. I ordered the first 13 books and they have 20 lessons each. I figure the first couple they may finish faster than the others because it will be review probably for them. I also pan to ad some lessons and things to it. Them I plan to keep and put up for my little ones once they get ready to start schooling.

They are supposed to have a plan in place where you can send them a list of things that you want and what site you want them from they will order and send it to you. Well they took that a way before we ever got our funding and most people have yet to see the things they have asked for. Some just a few days ago said that they looked and it says their stuff was bought but is now being shipped to the scholarship place. How are they going to figure all that out and what goes to who once it gets there? It was supposed to be shipped straight to them. Who is going to now pay the shipping to get it from there to the people it was supposed to go to to start with. Is that going to come out of the scholarship now too? It shouldn’t because a lot of places have free shipping if it is over so much and when it don’t the shipping isn’t cheap because most stuff isn’t light. Why should we have to pay shipping when it was free or already paid for once?

We have done some school and the kids are learning everyday doing different things. We just don’t have a curriculum we are following right now or written work we are doing right now. They are more researching different things that they want to learn about or know about. My son was asking me today about the different presidents and why they did different things or who did what. I told him that would be great to look up and read about. It just so happens that not long after our talk we stopped at a little used store and found 8 nice books about 8 of the different ones. I got them all for us to use. They have a lot of information in them they are from one of the local jr high schools.

I wasn’t counting on the scholarship to buy stuff because, I decided and started schooling before I even knew about it and I really figured that when I applied it would be to late he wouldn’t get it. But then when they said he had it I figured I would use it to buy us some different things than what we been doing. What we had been doing really wasn’t working for us. I was going to find something else to use but then we got it so I figured instead of finding something else to use then changing again once we order our stuff and switching again this year I would just wait and we would have stuff by the end of the month. Well they haven’t even gotten the thing set up where we can really use it yet an we are almost to the end of the month. I already counted on using the summer to make up for time we took off but now it looks like we are going to run into next year’s school time before we get to finish. I am thinking about just schooling until November once we get our stuff then taking off November and December. Then start our new school year January. Then do the same and just start our new year the first of the year every year and take that break at the end for holidays and things. But I just thought I don’t know how that will work because we are thinking of starting a new program and I am not sure how they run their year. I guess I will figure that out once we look into it and decide.

But what about all these kids who need the founds to get thereapy for their kids and to buy stuff to teach them who are waiting because they said that you couldn’t have your child enrolled in public school and still get it. What are they going to say when they don’t have a portfolio together at the end of the year or don’t do good on the test if they decide to go that route since they didn’t have the stuff they needed to do school.

I understand that this is the first year they have done this. But why didn’t they figure all this stuff out before they put it out there for everyone to apply for it? At least let people leave their kids in school until they got it approved. Then give them so many days to take them out or something. It isn’t a huge big deal for us because with all that is going on with my dad we are taking a little extra time off. But I would like to get the stuff ordered why we are taking a break so that we can get started on it when we are ready to start back.

{December 27, 2014}   Re:Scholarship News

We had Christmas at my moms and had dinner there Christmas night. There was a bunch left over so she said for me and the kids to come back last night and we would have dinner again. No one felt like splitting everything up and us bringing some home as late as it had gotten. We had to get something for her and take back down there anyway.

When we got home from there my little guy wanted to check the mail, he brought me it. There was a letter from step up in there (Scholarship News). I was kind of afraid to open it. We were waiting for his funding to come in and would be getting a letter when it did. But it was such a blah day and the kids were in such moods I figured it would be more bad news. That they had found something wrong or something. I have been worried that the school may still be getting money for him from the other scholarship and I not know it.

I almost just laid it up until another day to open, but the wanting to know what was in it got the best of me. I opened it and it was the letter we had been waiting on. It said his account has been funded and that the money is there now for us to start using and gave the amount he was awarded. I was blown a way by the amount he was awarded. He got the full amount of the scholarship. It had said that how much you got was biased on grade, disability and things like that. I know he isn’t near as bad as a lot of kids out there and he is in 3 rd grade. I figured to get about half or less of what he really got. I am so happy this will help get the things we need for school now and we should have a great second half of the year.

I am going to order him a laptop and math curriculum to start with. Then decide what other curriculum we are going to use. Now I have to figure out and get my oldest a laptop. Her birthday is at the end of next month. I think I will tell family that I want to get her a laptop for school and that if everyone would like to pitch in it would be great. She is getting older and not into toys as much and with just having Christmas she really don’t need more stuff. She got a lot of craft stuff and most everything that she had asked for.

{December 12, 2014}   Scholarship News

As you all know my oldest son is autistic. This year because of a lot of things that have went on we decided to homeschool. I found out that there is a scholarship I could get to help buy things for school for him. We signed up at the end of September and have been waiting for them to go through all their steps and get the founding. We got our award letter pretty quickly but hadn’t heard anything else from them in a while. We are half way through the school year here. I wrote to them the other month and asked about it and they said founds would go out end of November or beginning of December. They didn’t say if that would be for everyone or just some and if some who it would be for.

I log in a few times a week to check to see if there is any changes but there haven’t been. I decided to email them tonight and ask them about it and if we could find out where we are on the list and when they think the funding would be granted for him.

I guess I should have checked my email first because when I got done I logged in and found one from a few days ago they sent. It said that they finished approving everything and that his money should be granted with in the next month. It said that they are waiting on their founding to come in so they can grant it.

Now I have to decide what curriculum to use for him for the next year and what I am going to finish our year out with this year.

It made me realise that I haven’t even thought about his scholarship and what would happen if or when we move. It is a state scholarship so I don’t know if once it is granted and we move if we can still use it or not. I guess it is something I am going to have to find out. Figure out what to do once we find out. If I we can’t still use it I guess I will order his curriculum for the next few years and other things that we want to use and put it up until we are ready. I’m just happy we got it because right now it is a huge help in getting the things he needs.

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