{January 7, 2015}   Grounded For The Day

I got up today and was going to go see my dad, get the shopping done and tags for the truck since they are dead. Father of the year took the puppies out since my daughter is with grandma. My big boy cant control our momma dog she gets a way from him. He came in and said that there were two nasty looking puddles under my truck and that they weren’t there before.

We go out to look and in the water tank for the radiator there is a ton of brown nasty. It has sucked all the oil into the water. It has over filled it and it is pushing it out through the cap of the tank and around the oil filter. I figured it was blown up but couldn’t understand because it seem to run fine the night before and wasn’t over heating or anything. I called my dad and was telling him he said to take the van and use it. He said he could bring it down tomorrow to me. I told him I was probably going to just call and have them pick this one up for junk but I had to get some tires for it first. The tires that are on it are only a few months old all I will get out of it for junk is a few $100 and they will sell the tires alone for a couple hundred, plus all the seats, doors, finders and things they can sell and get money for. I know when I bought my seat it was $100 for it alone. I am not giving them my new tires when they are going to give me next to nothing and whatever I buy next will probably need tires. I told him I will leave it sit in the yard until i get something and swap them if I have too. He said take them off and put them on the van. But they are too big and it has decent tires on it. He told me when something happens to him I get the van so I would still have them.

My brother ask what we were talking about he told him he told us it sounded like the oil cooler and that it needed new o rings in the lines. So father of the year was looking for all that. My dad in the mean time said I could borrow the van but tomorrow. Father of the year looked all over couldn’t decide where the rings were we weren’t even sure if it was the right cooler there are two it could have. I called my other friend and ask him he said he thought it was a gasket and that it was in a different spot. So father of the year got under it and said yeah he thought that was the case and where it had to go. He said we have to drop the one motor mount jack the motor up put it in and then put it back together. Not a fun job.

My friend J’s husband stop by after work and he said yeah it is how he said and we had to do all that. He said he would help him do it but he couldn’t do it tonight. He wants to do it Saturday after work. He gets off early on Saturday we won’t be doing it in the dark. I guess I will have to help him because father of the year has to work Saturday won’t be off until the following Saturday. Then he has plans. He is supposed to be off Thursday and Friday this week but had to take Monday and today off so he don’t know if he will be off and the other don’t get off till after dark. Just easier to do it Saturday.

I called my dad told him I really needed the truck tonight my kids are stuck at my moms I need to go to the store had to cancel on thing today already and needed to do stuff tomorrow. I asked him if he cared since J’s hubby would be coming right by his house on the way home if Father of the year picked the van up tonight. He said ok. Plus it keeps my dad from getting in it and trying to drive it down here to me like he wanted to do. I don’t care if he comes here and like him to but he shouldn’t be driving here by himself.

At least it isn’t blown up hopefully. It isn’t as big of a problem as they thought it was going to be. They told me they thought the head-gasket was going and I have just been trying to baby it until we get tax money in a month or less.

But like I told father of the year I am not moving since I found all this out about my dad and my truck still needs other work I am not willing to put the money into it to fix it. Just seems like I am now putting more into it than it is worth. So since I can not move until everything is done with my dad then I am going to get a new to me truck get it broke in and running good. This way when the time comes I know it is ready able and safe to make the trip to where ever I decide I want to go. My friend J wants to take off and drive up to SC in the next few months when she has some time off from school I may tell her to chip in on gas me her and the kids will take a ride up there and I can check things out.

I also think I want to try to find another place to move besides staying in the house I am in for another year. With what we found out about the guy across the street (Peeping Tom) just over all I am not thrilled about the house. I would also like to move closer to my dad. I know he is only about 15/20 miles a way but I would like to be closer so I can go over daily and check on him spend time with him have him over if he feels like it and things. Like I told father of the year it puts me that much farther north. May not be a lot but it is closer to getting out of here. I may even go a little bit farther north than my dad but still probably be closer than I am here. If not about the same distance I still think I would see him more if I was up that way than where I am. With homeschooling I don’t have to worry about the schools we are just going to keep on doing our thing and forget the schools.

It has been a very stressful new years and has put a lot of things all out of sorts. But I am just going to do what I can do here and now and worry about the rest as it comes. Right now my gaol is to get a truck that isn’t going to break down all the time or have so many problems to worry about and spending as much time as I can with my dad before something happens. For my kids to spend as much time as they can with him. Nothing else is important right now. Only reason a truck is improtant and on the list is because I have to have it to get to my dad get him things he needs or wants and to the hospital or his house if need be if something happens. It gets the kids where they need to go and the things they need too. If the one I had was in better shape I wouldn’t even worry about trying to find a new truck right now.

I have been debating on still doing school work and things through all this. Everyone keeps saying just take time off spend with him and to get through everything. I really think I am going too. We haven’t started back I haven’t ordered stuff yet. Because I hadn’t decided if I wanted to just finish piecing things together this year with all that is going on or really just take time off. My kids are always learning even if I am not teaching them so I am not to worried about them. They other night they sat here and watched a Magic School bus marathon on netflix my big boy was coming in telling me all the stuff he learned after each show and asking me if I knew this or that and telling me all about it. They still love to read and read anything they can get their hands on. I think I am going to still order some stuff and do lite school work. But I am not going to push it and if we really don’t feel like doing it or have something happen I am not going to stress about it. I am going to stick with basics math, reading, spelling, magic school bus for science they love it and are learning. I figure I might get the kits that go with it and let them do that each month and I can print some worksheets off for them to do. History I haven’t decided what we are going to do yet. I may just get them some books to read about history and not really do “work” with it or just do a few Q&A with it.

{July 22, 2014}   Less Than 30 Days

I have less than 30 days to have some kind of schooling arrangements for my kids all their supplies bought and everything else they need. No big deal most would say but I have no clue where they will be going to school and I have no clue what they are going to need. I have no clue what schools to even check into. I have one in gifted and one on the spectrum. Finding a school that will take them both and provide what they each need is next to impossible that is any good. I am really trying to avoid driving 50 miles a day to take them to and from school again. I really can’t afford $100 a week in gas I don’t have the time with two other kids and the soon to be 3 therapy appointment’s that I have to make each week for my son. I did it for a year and a half almost two years and it is just to much to keep up with and a ton in gas.

Ad in the fact that I am supposed to be starting back to school when they do and going back to work. I won’t find a sitter to go 50 miles a day to take them back and forth. I won’t be able to take them to and from and it is hard to find a daycare that will pick up at both schools. So then I will have 4 kids scattered between 2 to 3 different daycare. It just don’t work that was a big problem I had before when trying to go back to work. I am not happy with the public schools around us any more. They just all seem to be dropping the ball. The private school’s my son would need are not really doing what they say they will for the kids like him. I have been researching and checking into them. But talking with other parents and the therapist they are advising against most of them. They even say the schools around here are really falling short of what they need to be and should be offering and doing.

The more I look into schools and the more I see and hear talking to others the more I am dreading putting my kids back in school this year. I hate it that they may not be going back I really feel that going to school is important for kids in so many other ways than just the basic books and learning. But I also feel that if they are not being taught or helped in the area’s they need help and they are going to be picked on and bullied that it isn’t good for them. We have already dealt with the being picked on and bullied to an extram with my daughter I can’t go back to that. It is not worth her life to have her in school.

I know it is a lot to take on but I think it is doable if we get the right set up and get all the info and every thing we are going to need. So the search has begun to get any and all info on homeschooling and I still need to go and research some schools just in case. I am mostly worried about cruculume and getting every thing we need set up and getting started. Once we know what we are doing and have everything set up right I think we will do fine. It’s just the stress of not having everything not knowing and being in a time crunch on top of everything that is already going on here right now.

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