{February 5, 2017}   Science Fair Projects or Are They

I took the kids to get what they needed for their science fair projects today. We found everything but amino. I swear I am not that my oldest isn’t making meth for her project. She had me get drain-o, bleach, coke and we still have to get amino. I ask her if she was sure she was sure she was doing a science project and not something else. She laughed and said yes. I am just teasing I know she is really doing a science project but glad we had to buy food and other things or we may have gotten some odd looks. I forget what all goes into meth but I know it is a lot of toxic stuff. Something we I was studying somewhere or something me and someone were talking about led me to look it up and just see what all really went into it. I couldn’t believe it and that people use it.

She is doing her project on what will clean dirty pennies better? She is going to put some in an empty jar then the others are going to have water, drain-o, coke, amino and something else in them.

My Big Boy is doing his one what kinds of crystals grow better, salt, borax or sugar.

et cetera
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