{February 26, 2021}   652, 623, 618 Still Not Good Enough

Last year around November you may remember I checked on buying a house. They said I needed a 620 or better credit score. Well about a month ago I was going by the place where they sell new trailers and decided to stop in look around and ask all the questions.

I was surprised she said I should have no problem getting a place with my income and credit. They had some nice place. All they had on the lot were 3 bedrooms. I asked about bigger places she said 4 was about as big as you wanted to go. Because the rooms start to get small.

I came home and started looking them up and seen them with 5 bedroom 3 bathrooms living room and family room. The rooms were really good size still. I picked out 2 floor plans I liked. She told me that I should take my down payment pay cash for the land and use it as the down payment for the trailer. So I started looking at land. Then I had some questions so I went back the next weekend. This time I talked to a guy. Boy was I glad I stopped in before I bought property.

He answered my questions and showed me the plans I was looking at on the computer told me what 3 bedroom model they were on the lot. Then he said I needed to get everything done right then or very soon so they could get my order in. Because they are on back order until December!!

The women told me I could move in June if I got everything rolling in February. I can’t wait til December. He said if I Wanted to roll part or all the land into fencing I would need a 640. Needless to say I left feeling defeated.

So since my scores were over 620 I decided to call the mortgage guy. Who in November said get it over 620 you can get a house. He basically acts as if I am bothering him and says no I need a 640. I told him I just wanted to buy not build. He said I still needed 640. I didn’t have enough down. I have like $10k down. I hung up and decided I wasn’t going to deal with him. A few days later the guy at work gave me a number to someone who can get me the money and find the house. Do it all like my boss did when I bought my first house.

I called him he said since fucking covid they went up on what they want and I need a 640 for my middle score. I knew it was middle. Mine weren’t close to there. They updated and one shot to 652 the others went up but still 17 points from 640. Then something hit my credit and knocked my other score back to 580 something. Now I am waiting until Sunday when they update again to see if my 623 goes to 640 and my 652 stays. I was even looking for someone to add me as a user on their credit card. If they have had it for a while with no late payments and at around 10% usage it will bust my credit. I wouldn’t need access to the card, nothing would happen to their credit nothing. Once I close they can take me off. If my dad was here I would of had my new house for Christmas.

But with every thing happening around here and what happen Monday. I think I am going to call him I need him to just find me a house to rent. I am going to find out what happens if I get a rental then buy. If my score don’t go up then i can work on it a bit.

Rents are just so high and still going up. Why a trailer seemed good. I would have a bedroom for everyone. Girls would have a bathroom boys would and I would. We would have a family room that could be used for all kinds of things and even a 6th bedroom if we needed. Plus it would be brand new never lived in warranty on everything. I have land. I would have around $140,000 into it. I cant even get a 3 bedroom for that. It would be mine. I could have and do whatever I wanted.

I just don’t know what to do at this point. I had found about 5 or 6 house’s I wanted to look at. The one I really liked was in a really nice area. They were all 4 bedroom 2 or more bath. I made my mind up if I buy it is going to be at least a 4\2. I can’t touch a 5\2. It surprised me what a jump in price for an extra bedroom. I found a 3 bed with a finished garage. It was a two car i could put a few walls and couple doors to make 2 more bedrooms. I liked it but liked the others better. But in the last 2 days all but two of them are gone. I am thinking maybe waiting to see what comes up the next few months too and if prices drop. I don’t know what to do at this point.

{October 14, 2019}   Picking up My Truck

I guess I have to bite the bullet and go pick up my truck in the morning. I haven’t heard from the guy in almost a month. I have been trying to get someone to go with me but of course no one can or will. I have avoided it for far to long. One of the owners is going to be in at my day job doing some work I told him today I am going to be late that I had to go pick it up and see what to do from there. I am in one of those weird moods where I don’t not care but that I just don’t want to deal with it and I’m okay with not dealing with it and it just hanging out there. Even though I know it is most likely just getting worse. I care but not enough to do anything about it. Even though I told them I am going to be late tomorrow I am going to have to force myself to go over there.

You know some things you can do without or pay to get done. But there are somethings you can’t just pay someone to do. I know that I know you can’t but I don’t know I thought I could figure out some way to take care of this but I can’t.

Sitting here writing this and thinking about it I don’t know if it is the situation that I am in that bothers me more or the fact that here I sit again alone to handle it all on top of everything else I already take care of alone.

{February 7, 2019}   Giving My Truck Away

I am thinking about giving my truck away, not right now but once I replace it and have something I know that is going to be a good one. It just needs so much work and has been in so many accidents. I know a few people who could use it and who could put the work into it with little cost to them other than parts. I just have to decide who to give it to. I am just going to wait until I am able to do it then see who needs it more or still needs it. Right now I would like to offer it to one but know the other really needs it. But I also don’t want to offer it to the one because if they were to turn around and sell it or what instead of driving it like I know is likely to happen that would make me mad if the other needed it as well and I gave them first option of it. The other I think would fix it and drive it for a while or use it to help get something else. They have talked about buying it before when I was thinking about selling. But they didn’t have the money or close to what I needed to get out of it.

Or I may offer it to them cheaper and let them make me payments on it. I could do either one since my other or others will be paid off.

{January 10, 2019}   Well I Finally Done It

I sold my first car lastnight. Shortly after I got there and the others left, I was sitting there listening to my podcast and this kid walks in. I called him over to my desk and ask if I could help him. I figured he wanted to make a payment it was dark after 6. He said he needed to find a salesman he needed to buy a car. I said started asking him questions to find out what I could do for him.

I found out it was his first car, he had $600 down. He is 24 this is his first car. I told him to hold on let me see what I could find for him. I went over to talk to Mr. Auto he hadn’t left for the night. He told me of a few and told me where to find them. He told me about a nice one told me to get the key and pull it around for him.

I did that set it all up and let him take it for a test drive. He came back he said he would like a little truck if he could but we didn’t really have any with what he had down. He ask about another i walked inside to see where it was.

Mr. Auto went inside to talk to the owner and T jr. stop me ask what he had and things then tells me not to waste my time we can’t do anything for him because he only has $600 down and don’t have the $310 for a tag so he really only has $300 down.

My understanding was we were going to work with him get hi. In a car and let him pay the money in pick up payments. He like no there is nothing we can do and walks out with me and tells the kid and his mom nope we can’t put you in anything come back when you get more money. While I am trying to take them to see a car. They say okay and go to leave. I tell them I’m sorry that I thought we were going to do it different. They were nice said they understood he wanted something but knew he would probably need more down. They got in their car and I went to put the tag away and file his licence copy i made.

Mr. Auto was in the office with Mr. T. They ask what happen. I told them what T jr. Did ran them off. Mr. Auto said no no no we were doing this and that. I said that is what I thought too but he told them different. He went out and stopped them, told them what we talked to the owner about and we could get them in something. They didn’t seem like they were going to park and stay we left them alone to talk. After we walked back inside they parked and stayed. He came in and was asking to see the other cars we were talking about. I took him back and showed him some.

He decided on the first one I showed him. We went in to do paperwork. Mr. Auto came over help me and help explain how his payments were going to work and everything to him. Mr. T came over and started running him off and T jr came to help me. I wasn’t happy about that but I wasn’t going to say anything infront of my customer. Took a bit but we got it all done.

I wasn’t a big sell, I didn’t make much but the kid got a car and he was thrilled about it. Every little bit adds up, like I told Mr. Auto later.

After that we moved stuff in locked up and got out of there, it was about quarter til 9 dead.

On my way home I called Mr. Auto I said what the hell was that tonight? He said what? I said T jr. with my customer? Running them off? He said oh that and laughed. I said oh no I’m pissed and I am ready to say something. I don’t care who he is owner’s son or not. What are they going to do fire me? I stay he does that I’m not making money, they fire me I’m not making money so either way I’m not making money. He said I know I tell him do not even talk to my customers anymore. He said he will do it every time.

I said he made the comment he don’t like those with so little down you make no money on them. I said that was what $60 give or take. I don’t know maybee it is nothing to him but hell that’s money in my pocket half a bill paid. I said maybe he can be picky and choose but I need the money and besides that those little ones add up pretty fast $60 here $50 there a $100 over there. It is better than nothing. He said I know I know thats what I say. If we help them good to them they come back, they bring friends and family you are making more because that’s another new customer for you and they are doing a little better more to work with more profit. He said he don’t see it like that he don’t know what it’s like to be out here and struggle just try to get by and things.

I said he is about to findout because he has pissed me off that is the 2nd one he has done that way. I said I will tell him real fast and his dad because he is messing with my money now and I don’t play when it comes to my money. I need mine to bad. He said yeah don’t let him do you that way and stand up say something. I said oh I will. I said you know what he put his name on my paperwork as seller I forgot to fix it. He said what? I said he came over was looking over it said don’t forget to put your name as the seller, then I looked over he put his on there and then took over the paperwork. Then was rushed out the door to go home when they left. I forgot to change it and fix it. He said oh no girl you sold that car we will fix that when you get there tomorrow. I said my name is on it in the computer and I sighned was all of his copies of the paperwork. I forgot because I did not even get to look at the paperwork to see what was done or why he took it away and took care of all that or I would of remembered and changed it. He said well we will tomorrow.

I thanked him for the help he gave me and told him what happen Saturday how they just walk off and every few seconds I had to go find someone. Then he ran them off. I said I still need someone to walk me through from start to finish with someone just sit back silent unless I ask let me get the feel and see how it is done. Because I have never been given that chance. I walk out here looking like I know nothing fell from some other planet 2 minutes before they got there. I have to keep leaving them every few seconds find someone to answer their questions for me then go back to them tell them now they have a question about that its just a circle. What could be a 3 minute conversation turns into a 23 minute one because of me chasing someone down begging for help then next time its someone different they tell you do this not this or that. He said yeah thats not right. He would help if he was there.

Because this guy tonight didn’t ask a lot of the things about it other customers would. And the one I helped with before wasn’t like a lot of them are either. There was a problem they didn’t speak english well so there was a 3rd person it was a mess. I know if someone help me through one without walking away every few seconds and then let me do all the paperwork on my own just check when I was done i be okay on my own. Heck I had to fight with T jr. tonight he couldn’t put the right amount in for the guys payment in. He was going to be over charging him two car payments on his first 6 payments. I argued with him he tell me I was wrong. I finally just said okay and started putting the dates and amounts in but only put in what it was supposed to be and did not add his payment to it. In a bit he was like oh I see what your saying now when I am about done with it.

I don’t know what’s wrong with him other than power trip wanting to feel important.

{October 11, 2018}   To Sell or Not To Sell

I have been checking out trucks from one end of the state to the other, one side to the other and everything in between. I can not find anything under like $6000. If I do they are not in good shape.

I found one for $4280 what an odd price, but anyway it was a few miles from my house so I went to look at it. Me and oldest went, and checked it out. We pulled up there it sat we looked at it in it around it. It was nice for the price. No one ever came out to help us so we walked inside. There was an old guy and younger guy at a desk together. I ask him about it and the old guy started right away. Telling me it was his sons truck, how great it was, all the places he had been and how it wasn’t 4wd but it still hauled a boat like it was nothing. I heard boat and I almost left but I didn’t, but I should of. I had not gotten under to look for rust or anything like that yet but had decided I wanted to hear it run, so we went in then he said that. We took the key he said feel free to test drive it, so we did.

Thank god we were on back streets but they are still pretty busy and a lot of big trucks around. I went to stop and the break peddle sunk to the floor all the way and we were still going zoom down the street a few blocks. I stepped down it moved a tiny bit more but not much. By now i am standing on it and it feels like i am going to push it thorough the floorboard. But we stopped. But when we did there was a metal ripping away from metal sound. Not even a grinding like it needs breaks and the metal is grinding on the rotors. This was like metal ripping from metal. We easied it back to the old man’s lot and parked it. Oh and the check engine light was on and it had a miss like maybe a coil pak or something.

We walked back inside, I gave him his key back and ask him why the check engine light was on and what was the miss? He had no idea what I was talking about. Yeah right, wanted to know what I meant. Then I said and it has no breaks. What yes it does good ones I just checked it out a few days ago thats my sons truck or was I know its in top shape and breaks are good. I said look it has none, when I touch the peddle it slams to the floor in about half a second and I am still saling down the road. If I stand on it and almost push it through the truck it finally stops. But then it sounds like metal ripping away from metal not even like grinding like the rotors would sound. He got mad but was trying not to lose his cool you could tell. The younger guy sitting across the desk from him looked like he could not believe I just called him out on all this went into detail what it sounded like and didn’t sound like and that I knew what it all was. He look at the floor and me and look like he was trying not to laugh at the old guy getting called out by a women. Old guy said come back in a few days I am going to have it looked at there was nothing wrong with it a couple days ago. I laughed said bye.

We got outside oldest said he seem like he got mad. I said yeah because he seen women easy target money maker. When a women came back told him all the problems he did not like it. His easy target wasn’t so easy now she knows her stuff. I said you notice he said come back in a few days he have it looked at? I said he don’t want me to come back and he isn’t going to have it looked at. If he did and was and there were truely no problems and it ran so good he been all over about how sorry he was we were out there with no breaks and things and saying he was going to get it looked at right away. He would of wanted to take my number and let me know as soon as they figured out the problem and fixed it in hopes I would come back and buy it.

I knew something was up it says in his add it is worth over $6000 but selling for $4280 what a great deal just don’t need it anymore. If you know it is worth that much more and your a lot then why would you not try to get at least that for it then have room to haggle when people come but still make some money. Needles to say we won’t be going back. Other than that they are all a lot.

I am going to turn my application in then message the guy who wants mine tell him after looking I can’t find privet owner under $6000 and dealer most are more. See what he says.

If I could find a decent one for around $3000 to $3500 and I could get the ranger for $500 to $900, I would say give me $5000 call it even. The guy has had the ranger for about 2 weeks. If he still has it I bet he would take $500 for it. I have a feeling it must have something wrong with it or someone would jump on it for that price. But maybe because we are going into holidays people just aren’t buying. And right now things are up there in price. Most the time this time of the year things are cheap because people aren’t buying because of holidays. But at $900 I would think someone would jump on it that is looking and need something. I don’t know.

I am going to also ask him if he has anything for me to do for work tomorrow so I can make some money to pay my phone bill and car insurance.


{October 9, 2018}   This Might Be It

Everyone cross your fingers and hope this works out and in my favore. I am sitting up the street from my house at the diner waiting for the guy who wants my truck to meet me and tell me something.

I am not going to take no low ball offer he told me $7000 a year ago and I have a lot of new parts and tires on it since then. He should up it but I would still take the $7000.

I just hope he can give it to me in the next day or so and I can figure out where to go from there. I can pay the lights and water and get me another truck.

He should be lulling in any minute. Hope he has some kind of decent work for me as well. Better get off here wait for him.


{July 17, 2018}   Was Able To See My Bff

My bff picked me up and I rode to the store with her. We talked and she shopped. We were talking about my truck and I told her what boss said about trading for the blazer. She said yeah he told her she never said anything because it wasn’t right and to small. She knew I wouldn’t go for it. I told her no I knew he make a lot more it was taking advantage of the situation. That I would drive it until it blew up before i did that just because of the fact of the matter. She said yeah she knew I was right.

{July 13, 2018}   2005 Chevy Trailblazer

Last night I posted about not having a ride and needing to do things. A friend commented and then boss from the shop did. He said he told bff to tell me he would traid an 05 Trailblazer with 3rd row seat for my truck.

That from what I can remember is about the size of a Ford Explorer. Hardly any room with 2 seats and now they added a 3rd. It’s 2 steps down than what I have now and a Chevy. I had an explorer when my older two were little it was ok but cramped then. I can not see putting 4 kids in one. Plus dogs and things. I know it is worth about half of what my truck is right now as it sits and a quarter of what its worth or less if it was fixed.

Now I see why he hasn’t offered to help fix it. Any other time he tell me bring it in he get the parts help me fix it. Pay him when I could and things. But now he wants it and figures I am in a jam I will trade him. He has been buying a bunch of suv’s the last few months to fix and sell. Thinking about opening a lot instead of the shop. He figures he get my truck for nothing fix it for next to nothing because it don’t need that much in parts and he don’t pay the guys labor pay he pays them next to nothing and the same if they are working or not so he losing nothing that way. He only paid a few $100 for the one he is trying to give me. So he would walk away with all most all profit.

Thats pretty sorry but not surprising where it is coming from. When he knows I’m working my ass off and need a ride. Explains why he got mad at bff for giving me rides too. He never before and we are together all the time go everywhere. Since my truck broke down he been giving her shit for being with me giving me rides. And i been giving her gas money if we go anywhere unplanned like taking me to from work, the bank or something. That explains it right there. If I am stuck and desperate I am more likely to jump on the trade.

It sucks if I could turn the tag in and drop the insurence for a month and get to and from work for that month I could buy the parts. I could use the $200 I pay on it every month to buy the parts. My “friend” could put them in for me. Then I could use next months payment and start it again. But i can’t park it with no tag at my house. If I drop insurance don’t turn tag in they can take my license. Its due any day so I have to do it fast.

I haven’t said anything to boss. If he says anything I am just going to tell him I need something bigger than that. I’m going tell him also that I would be giving my truck away and it make more since for me to fix it than do that. I know he bought a bunch that are a step down from mine i may have considered one of them. But I don’t know that I trust him to of fixed it not just rigged whatever was wrong with them. Be stuck walking again.

Never heard from Sleeping Beauty today. I sent him a message at 12 something. I told him I had to go to work but that the truck was unlocked and where the keys were. I told him if he wanted to test drive it that was fine just to check the water. That I told kids stay in not to come out and things. I told him thank you for helping me. That it meant a lot to me.

Tonight about 9:30 I hadn’t heard from him so I just message ask what he was doing. He said just got home. He said they didn’t get to go by he got busy and worked late.

I asked if the guy would be in at the lot in the morning I would just fill it with water and take it up there. I just have to keep a close eye on it.

He said I would find out. That is the last thing he said. I figured he probably taking shower eating going to bed and things. As late as it was getting.

I told him they weren’t happy at work, i was having trouble getting there when they need me or getting there on time. I got on the bus at 1130 to be at work by 2 and clocked in late because i got there after 2. That I am just stressed.

I felt bad, I felt like I was bitching and complaining and that isn’t what I was doing at all. I am just tired, stresses and worrying outloud. I messaged again told him….

Im sorry im really not complaining or bitching im just aggravated with myself. Being in this situation, and no matter how hard i work i can’t make it. I know you got to work too and taking time to help me. And again thank you.

Because I really wasn’t mad at him. He like everyone else can’t just tell his boss he can’t work or what.

I don’t understand the you will find out message. Why not just say we are coming tomorrow or this night that night. At first i thought he was saying find out but then when i re-read it i took it to mean they will let me know something just wait. Really not sure. Really honestly i am to tired to care. It is 1245 and i am about to pass out. For me that is great seeing as it is after 4 lately. I am just going to go with it tonight. Hope it last.

{July 9, 2018}   Made an Appointment

Sleeping Beauty just called me and said the guy wants to come look at my truck tomorrow. He said we needed to set up a time when he got off work to come look at it. I told him I had to work. He said leave the keys here and they would come look at it. I told him okay. I wish we could do it today so I could be here but the guy is off today. I told Sleeping Beauty I was off Wednesday morning if he wanted it and wanted to do something. He said okay. I told him I had one I wanted to go look at too I thought I may get if it was decent. Hoping maybe he tells the guy he gets on the ball.

I have to get it cleaned out today. The kids have tons of stuff in it. Make it look decent. I swear I get something else they are not putting nothing in it ever, toys, drinks, food, nothing at all. They trash it then I have to nag them to clean it or drive it looking a mess. Not happening this time. If they bring something and leave it trash it will go.

Just pray he offers a fair amount. I don’t think he would bring him if he wasn’t or he didn’t think he would. He seem to think he would when he said he would talk to him he knows I won’t take no low ball amount. I have not said what the lowest I would go either.

If I am selling something unless I know it is in top notch running good shape I won’t put a price on it. I tell the person interests in it to make me an offer. If its lower than I want I say I can’t let it go for that. Let the? Make another offer. Or tell them the high end of what I want and meet in the middle or at the least i will take.

If I am buying something I tell them I am looking for this in this price range out the door. If its a private seller I know the price I have an idea of how close to that price I am willing to pay before I get there. Then once I test drive and check it out that price may go down. I just tell them this is what I have they can take it or leave it.

Everything is pretty much riding on this truck selling in order for me to beable to have something to drive again. I am pretty sure he will buy it. If there is any problem it will be price. I think that is the only problem we will run into. But I am sure we can work that out unless he just tries to be an ass and rip me off like the other guy. But he didn’t before so I don’t think he will.

et cetera
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