{December 4, 2014}   Short Changing Special Needs Kids

As you all know my son is autistic, he is considered aspergers or high functioning. I decided to homeschool him this year after having problems with his school last year and the school we are zoned for not really being that good. We have had problems at it before and pulled both kids out in the past. They have been in two different schools towns apart for the last 4 years. Between the lies at my sons school. My daughter having trouble with the new common core at her school and bring lice home once a month. I decided that it was no longer to our advantage to make a 50 mile or more round trip to take them to and from schools that were not meeting their needs. I talk to the therapist and things about other schools and what ones seem to really work with kids with special needs. And heard the same as what I had found when researching them and checking into them myself and having a friend who’s son has been going to them. Not many really offer services. They say they do to get the money and the scholarships, grants and things like that but when it comes down to them really being able to handle the kids they take on they can’t. They are getting a way with not trying to so they just push them through because of the no child left behind and all that. It don’t matter if they learn the stuff or not they just pass them on. What are they really getting out of that? If they aren’t learning it they finish not much better off than when they started.

We went in September to see what services they offer for my son since we started homeschooling and were no longer in private school. Because here it is hard to get services outside of the school board. I went to the meeting they told me his IEP was up for review. They said that they couldn’t offer any services under the iep because he was not enrolled in school. They said they couldn’t offer services under the service plan because he was no longer in private school. They went on to explain in great detail this other way we could go about getting services. But they told me over and over that he may test out of services because he didn’t have a “real teacher” to do his evaluations. Well I am his teacher and who knows their child better than their parent? I told them fine do all the reviews and things they wanted because I had no doubt that he would still show needing services on their test they done even if they didn’t think so from mine.

They went into all this detail about the program and services they were testing to see if he could get. They told me that he would more than likely come in 3 to 4 days a week for a hour to two hours a day. That would cover his ot, speech, language math and other academic tutoring he may need. Their words not mine they didn’t want to do it all in one day they didn’t want to over whelm him or put a strain on him. But they think he is fine to sit in school all day for 7 hours a day get all these services and do his school work. I said that was no problem if that was what he needed then he would be there. Then they told me that it would probably be at different times each day depending what service and teacher or what he would need that day. That we couldn’t say we want him to come every morning at x time or we only wanted to come x days. I said that is fine we are pretty much home during school hours any way we live 3 houses a way so he could walk over and walk home. They talked about they didn’t know if he got services this way if he would have to take the state test they give or if we could still just do our own test or eval and send it once a year like we have to. But they were supposed to find out and let me know at this meeting. We spent days since going back and forth and him doing all their test and me filling out their forms and doing the evals they wanted me to do.

At this time it was made very clear that we would not be enrolling back in school we just wanted to know what services we could get as homeschooling family.

Today we get to the meeting and they start off with the one lady going over the iq test and explaining his score and telling me what it all means and what she was worried about. All stuff we been looking at for years so not surprised. Then the others start telling me stuff. This first lady has to leave for something she got called a way to. She stops the meeting ask me what I plan to do with my son and all this. I told her to keep him home and school him see what services he can get here and see where we are next year and what we are going to do. Another lady stops and says well if you take the iep then we will offer all the services we are going to go over here today. But if you are not putting him back in school then we will not offer any other services. I said they told me they were testing under a different program since we are home-schooling told me all this was here for us. She said no if you want to sign the iep and put him in school it will start tomorrow but if not then we will just file it and if you decide to bring him back we will offer them. I was so mad. We went on went through all the services and what he needed in each and that was it. They typed up notes saying that we refused to put him back in school and their for they are not going to offer services. Then acted like they couldn’t wait for us to get out of there. Other people were coming in for other meetings and things.

All I could think was did I miss understand something in the last meeting. I was just so thrown off gaurde and confused when they said all this that I couldn’t think of everything. I got home and started thinking about it and what was said. If they hadn’t went into such detail about how the program worked, that it would be a few hours a day that it would be at the times they had they could get him and even tell me about what time some services would be I would say maybe I miss understood something. But I didn’t they out and out lied to me about all of it. There was no reason to go through this all again. There was no agreement to do another iep and put him back in school. We agreed to test him see what services he needed and work it out so that he could drive in and get them.

I’m so mad now I guess I have to spend tomorrow on the phone trying to figure out what happen and why they out and out lied. They get about $3000 a year between my two kids and they do nothing for them they never step a foot in the door of the school. But then they want to fight me on offering him services as simple as speech, ot and things.


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