{March 26, 2017}   Drug Houses

My sister told me that my mother said my house looks worse than the drug houses she use to clean out. I am not sure what houses she is talking about or when she done this but this is what she said. I am just done everyone is laughing at her because they know it isn’t true. It just really pisses me off, I don’t know why it gets to me so much but it does, I just want to go over there and lay into her and tell her that she will not be seeing me or my kids anymore and that if Father of the Year wants them to come over and stay and things he is going to need to find somewhere else to live because he isn’t going to be bringing them around her either.

I don’t know what to do she has called me two or three times this week and every time she starts about same old shit. I got to get this house cleaned up the kids are going to get tetanus I got to go get their shots. She went so far as to tell me the other day that what is wrong with my Big Boy is not my fault!! I said no it isn’t I never said it was. She said the shots don’t cause what is wrong with him and that it is in Father of the Years family. I told her I knew the shots didn’t cause it but that they could be a very big trigger in it. I told her no one is saying that they cause it but that they can trigger it. She then told me if I was SCARED to take them to give Father of The Year something and they would take them. I said why would I be scared to take them I have no problem taking them if I feel they need it? Well I don’t know you just won’t take them will you take them? I said I will have to look into it and see. She said that is what you have been saying for years. I said okay I have to go, the kids need dinner I was about to cook, because she just went on and on about it. Oh and she made sure to tell me that if I got them shots and something happen that wasn’t my fault either but if I didn’t and something happen then that would be my fault because I didn’t get them and I would have to live with that for the rest of my life. I said either way I would, but it will be a lot easier to live with knowing that I did what I felt was right for my children and didn’t blindly give them something just because the masses were giving it and telling me it was fine. I will know I researched for hours for over a year and made a well informed educated decision. Well it isn’t right and you need to go get them I worry about this all the time and stress about it if you just get them. No not happening, not getting my kids something to make her feel better and not stress. If she don’t want to worry and stress over something that is not her choice to make or to worry and stress about then why don’t she go get on medication to help her with that. Next time she says that to me that is what I am going to tell her too. It is not up to you it is not open for discussion anymore if you bring it up anymore I will just hang up and not answer. If you are so worried maybe you should go get some meds to help you not worry about everyone else business. I am that done hearing about it. When I do World war 3 will start but I don’t care and that is probably when she will decide she needs to call someone. I don’t care go for it. Then she changed the subject to something else. How I told Father of the Year he was enabling her. I said no I told him he needs to stop agreeing with everything you say because he knows it isn’t true or likely to happen either and thinks it is all crazy as well. No he don’t and that I needed to stop telling my sister things that I have her brainwashed into thinking that nothing bad can ever happen to any of the kids. I said no I don’t she said the same as me it is highly unlikely anything will ever happen or come of any of the stuff you worry about and anyone else would never even think of all the stuff that you think of. That’s not true and she has asked two or three people about all these different things she is worried about and they said the same thing. They would be cleaning like she is and getting rid of stuff and making excuses about why she got rid of the stuff she did and things. Again I don’t know who these people are that she is talking to because anyone you ask her about she tells you she hasn’t talk to them in months or more and all that is wrong with them and why she don’t talk to them when they were best friends of hers and she has known them for over 20 years. But everyone agrees with her. It is maddening it really is.

I know you can’t tell them anything because this is what they really think and how they really feel and your not going to change their minds. I know my step dad told my sister the other day he left because of how she was about cleaning and things having to be just this way or that and control everything. I guess I was a kid I didn’t notice it a lot or just thought nothing of it. I remember her telling me how my kids have so many chores and shouldn’t have to do this or that or have chores and how we never had chores when we were younger. I thought the other day we didn’t until we were older but that is probably just because she was to OCD and germafob then to let us do it because it wouldn’t be to her standards.

She told me she is the way she is about being clean because of me almost dying when I was about 4 months old because of all things my first set of baby shots. They gave them to me with a dirty needle and I got bacteria in the blood and I almost died. They took my to one hospital and they told them they had to take me to the other one about 20 miles or more away and that they didn’t know if I was going to live until they got me there but maybe not. How they did all these test on me and spinal taps and I was quarantine because they didn’t know what I had. My fever was so high that they wasn’t sure how high it really was because the thermometer didn’t go any higher. They told her they were surprised I wasn’t having seizure and they did not know if I would have brain damage from it until I was older. I don’t know what made her this way and maybe that was it but guess what I lived that should say a lot to her. That yes people get things and die every day but people also get horrible things and live everyday too. I also feel that no matter your age, no matter your health, no matter your color, how well off you are or are not or what happens to you or how sick you get if it is not your time to go you are not going to go. If it is your time to go nothing you have, say or do will change that, you will go. Not flying because the plan might crash is stupid. Because if it is your time to go you could go in your sleep if you don’t get on that plan or have an accident on the way to work. God is not going to keep someone on this earth no loner than he has decided for them to be here. He also is not going to take someone no sooner than he is ready for them to go. Look at all the stores you hear this or that happen to someone they never should have lived but they walked away fine. Or this person done this simple thing that 1000’s of others do every day and some freak thing happen and they died. Maybe how they died wasn’t how they were supposed to die to start with but we all have free will and do things that we are not meant to do so then he has to take us some other way. He has a reason for people going when and how they do as well.



{March 19, 2017}   Stress on Top of Everything

We were sitting here about 230 and Father of The Year called and wanted to know what we were doing. Of course my mom was with him they were a few blocks away they wanted to come over. I been trying to get the house back together since all of us been sick and things. We cleaned up and did some stuff. They said they were going to go get subs and then come over. Of course they got here and it was this wrong that wrong, the floors and how dirty they are. I have dirt by my front door, two dogs, 4 kids and they run around barefoot all the time. I have tile all through my house. We mop at least once a week and most the time twice a week. My walls are a mess they need to be wiped down. I have lived in this house for three years my walls need painted. I can’t just wipe them down the paint will come off the walls. I said well I want to paint but I always have the kids because someone never takes them like they are supposed to. Nothing was said after that about the walls. Then it was how they don’t have shots and to take them and get their tetanus shots. My house is so dirty they are going to get it from my house or the chickens or the animals.

I told them when they called that we were getting ready to go to the thing in the village and that we were leaving between 4 and 5 to go. They ate and had ice cream they brought for them. By then it was a little after 4, I went to my room and got ready why they were finishing up. As the kids got done I washed them up and got them dressed and ready to go. Once everyone was ready I open the door and told them to go get in the truck and gave them the key. At that point my mom was standing here in the floor talking to me I told her I had to go and get outside with the kids. Once she was done we went out and I locked the door talked to them another minute or so and we all left. I wasn’t going to sit here for hours for them to “see” the kids when they have anytime to do that and don’t ever do it.

We got there before 5 I was surprised, we walked around to the different table and looked at what all they had then started doing the actives. The kids got balloon animals, the bounce houses and face painting. The older three tried the rock wall and they all tried the human version of hungry hip o. That was interesting and funny.

The music was good I wanted to see the guy do the chalk demo it was at the end but for some reason they didn’t do it. We left there and headed home and remembered we had to go to the chicken coop. We ran out there and still made it home before dark. I still need to get the light on the truck fixed. The kids had a great time and I didn’t even have to chase them around the park they had enough fun doing the other stuff.

It was nice to just get out and do something just the 5 of us.

{February 6, 2015}   Lets Talk Vaccines

This in itself is a very hot topic for both parents who do vaccines and the ones who don’t. With the resent cases of the measles it has become a very hot topic. Everyone debating what we should do with the parents who don’t vax their kids. I have seen everything from put them in jail, to fine them, refuse medical services and refuse to let the kids go to school, church, daycare or pretty much anywhere. They should be kept at home like an animal. To not put everyone else at risk. This coming from the ones who have shots. Then you have the group who for whatever reason can’t get the shots. Saying everyone who can should get them to protect them.

First lets talk about the group who give their kids every shot out there. I find it funny that the ones who are so worried and freaked out about this outbreak are the ones who are all for the shots and feel they work so well. If the shots work so well and they are so protected. What are they worried about? If you are up to date on your shots the 10 kids around that aren’t should be of no worry to you. So now we have established the fact that you and your family are protected and no one’s talking bad of you for giving your kids their shots, no one is telling you to keep your kid locked up at home and not to take them shopping, school, church or anyone where else. No one is saying put them in jail. They go about life as normal nothing wrong no worries. No one is refusing medical care to because they have shots.

Then you have the group who for an array of different reasons. Some are to young, some have hiv, some have other immune disorders. Then they say the elderly and that one I don’t understand because shouldn’t they have already had these shots? If they are healthy why can’t they get them if they need them. I would be willing to say a lot of them have probably been exposed to a lot of this stuff and have a immunity built up. But that is a whole other topic that really isn’t relevant at this point.

I understand and feel for this group of people because they are already dealing with a sickness that they are going to have the rest of their life. Rather they were born with it or something happen later in life. But we will come back and visit them in a minute.

For now lets move on. The the group that chooses not to vax their children. They all have their believes, thoughts, and views for why they do not vax their kids. Just as the ones who do vax have their believes, thoughts and views for why they do.

But if the non vax parents say they don’t they are attacked how they are putting everyone at risk. It is their fault we have the outbreaks we have, they are stupid, uneducated and go why they hear on tv look up on line and aren’t reading the right things or they would see they should be giving their kids all these shots. My question is where did the parents that vax get their information from? Tv? inter net? Do they really have more education than the none vax parents? Really do you need to have all that much education to make this decision when it comes down to it? But just because they do not make the same chose you make they are wrong for doing what they feel is best for their child or children?

Most parents reasons for not vaxing their kids is because they feel it causes Autism. There is nothing wrong with that because they can’t give you any truly unbiased information. I am by far no expert on any of this but I have done my fair share of research on the subject for a while when I was looking for answers. I will say it has been a while since I have researched it but still read up on it here and there.

I know that maybe 4 or 5 years ago they had all these reports that were written on how safe shots were and there was no tie between them and autism. That everyone should feel safe giving them to their kids. Then they had to come out and say well the reports were fake the research was never all done like everyone was told. The man who was supposed to do the research just wrote up reports to say basically what was wanted to be heard by the mejarity got paid took the money he was supposed to have used to do the research and split. He was no where to be found to find out how much if any of the research was really done how much of the papers were true if any. But they still want everyone to believe that they are safe don’t worry they are looking into it and keep getting your kids their shots.

I have also read that all thought the shots their self do not cause autism they can trigger it in some children who already have other health things going on that may be underlying that parents don’t even know they have. If kids have a gut problem it could trigger something. If a child has an immune disorder that hasn’t been diagnosed yet it could cause problems, there are others. These are just two that I remember and stood out for different reasons.

What happens is that the body’s immune system is already fighting something we don’t realise. There for it is already weak or compromise and not in full working order. Then we give them not one but sometimes 9 or more shots at one time. Now not only is the body trying to fight what was going on already it is now trying to fight all these other invaders as well. Sometimes it don’t just attack all the stuff we put in from the shots but turns on itself as well and starts attacking its self. This is when we start seeing problems such as autism, learning delays, reactions or whatever.

When I was reading there was also a report that talked about how the vax company knew there was a chance some kids could reactions to the shots or have problems and there was a test they could do that would tell them if there was a chance or how likely of a chance the risk was said to said child before shots were ever given. But they didn’t feel there was enough kids effected to warrant doing the test to all kids before they get their shots. The test isn’t even there for parents to decide if they want to do it before they decide if to vax or not.

Now lets talk about that select group that can not get the shots again for a minute. Why can’t they get them? Because we already know they have something going on that will may cause them to have a reaction or some kind of adverse effect. We don’t want to cause them any harm. That is great no one wants to see anyone hurt intentionally by something if we can prevent it.

But now what about all the kids who have things going on that we may not be aware of yet because they are so young? I mean we start giving kids shots just minutes out of the womb. We give them vitamin K shot and then give them their first hepatitis shot before they leave the hospital at a day or two old. No one thinks twice about what could be going on inside this little helpless babies body. No one thinks twice about pumping full of stuff for its poor little immune system to fight. This poor little thing just came in to this big world full of all kinds of germs it is being exposed to from the time it’s tiny little head emerges into this world. How do we know it hasn’t picked something up it needs to fight off.

Who is to say that this group of people who can’t get shots because we already know that they have something going on is more important than these little babies who are just born and we have no way to tell if they have problems yet or not? And everyone is ok with this. Why is it ok to risk a baby but not the group who we know about? I mean it is a risk not a guarantee that something might happen, right? If the shots are to keep the population as a whole safe and according to most the only way to do that is if everyone gets their shots.

Basically it is saying that one group is more important than the other. As far as I’m concerned no one group is more important than the other to risk giving them something without knowing before hand if they may have a reaction to it. This group is going to refuse them because they don’t want to take a chance and everyone is ok with that. But if someone don’t want to risk giving their child something because they don’t know if there is something going on that could cause problems and they have no way of finding out if there is they are bad parents who need to be locked up and their kids need to be keep home like animals. Just because they don’t want to take a chance on causing their child to have problems suck as immune disorders, learning delays, autism or any number of other things that may be caused by shots such as death. Why are they such horrible parents for not wanting to risk their kids but the group who’s kids can’t get them because of the risk aren’t horrible parents. Isn’t that a double standard?

Now lets talk about the ingredients in shots or what the shots are made up of. The main thing most people talk about if they talk about what’s in shots is mercury. They tell you now that they don’t have it in them so if that is why you don’t vax you now can. Not true now they just put less in them and since it isn’t X amount they can say it isn’t in there. But aside from mercury they use animal cells and tissue and stuff from aborted fetus.

A quick search came up with African Green Monkey (Vero) cells, aluminum, cow products, Cocker Spaniel cells, formaldehyde, human fetal lung tissue cells, insect products, and mouse brains. to just name a few. From the site

I often wonder how many people who do give shots look at what is really in them? Again we will come back to this in a few minutes.

I am going to take this time to tell you that I do not vax any more. If I had done my research before I probably would have never given any of my kids any shots. But I never heard of no one questioning shots and them harming their kids. I had no clue that you could opt out of them if you didn’t want to have them. You got your kids shots or they didn’t go to school, play sports, daycare and other things. Your kids have to go to school there for you have to get them their shots. We all got them growing up and we were all fine. So I got my daughter hers when I had her and we kept up with them. Then I had my son and we got his. He was a sick baby after I first had him. He stayed full of congestion and had a hard time breathing a lot. He had problems with his stomach as well. I know he got his first set of shots maybe his second but not sure if it was his second or third set we were so far behind on because he was so sick with the congestion. I want to say it was the second and when we went they gave him both sets at the same time. I really don’t remember because it has been so long a go. I remember he wasn’t 100% over the congestion but the doctor saying they were going to go ahead and give the shots. I remember asking if it was ok and that I thought they shouldn’t have them if they were sick or what and about how many they were giving him at one time. He assured me it was fine and that he was over being sick it was just because he was teething. Shortly after he went from being a happy baby who liked everyone and smiled all the time to being scared of everyone and not wanting to go to anyone but me or his dad. He got to where he would have meltdowns in public. He couldn’t sit in church any more a place he use to snug up to me and sleep for the hour or two we were there or sit and clap to the music if he was awake. He would lay down in the middle of the aisle and cry kick and scream until you took him out. I said something to the doctor about it he said I didn’t discipline him enough. I also had talked to the doctor about things I was already worried about before the shots were given as well. Because he had a 6 month delay or more already. I would say why don’t he roll over why don’t he this or that and they told me he can do it he is just lazy.

I ran into a friend I used to work with and she started telling me about her little grandson. She was telling me how he would sing and dance talk your ear off and was doing so well learning all the things he should be learning for school. She said now he isn’t verbal, he don’t smile any more, he is scared of people and he spends a lot of his time just flapping and spinning. She said he was fine until they got him a set of his shots that he needed and all of a sudden it was like night and day or flipping a switch. He went from one kid to a different kid. I told her what happen with my son she said I should check into it and to research the shots, what’s in them and the controversy around them all. I went home and started researching and I researched for days and nights for probably two years about it and about autism. Because now when I pull up list about autism my son has over half of what’s on each list and most the list have all different stuff on it.

I also like she said looked at all the stuff that is in them. Again she was talking about the mercury, aluminium, and formaldehyde. But then I seen the list of animal cells, fetus cells and things like that and thought how could you just over look these? This is gross and unethical if you ask me. That and all the other research pretty much made my mind up that my kids would not be getting any more shots than what they had and that if I had any other kids they would not be getting any at all. 2 more kids later and that is where we still stand. One that had almost all her shots but the ones you get right before you go to school. One who only got the first two to three sets and two who have had none. If I had found nothing wrong with the shots and felt the kids should have them I still wouldn’t have given them for the simple fact of what is in them.

How can I sit here and say I am a Christian and I believe that abortion is wrong. But then turn around and say but it is ok to inject my child with something that is made with cells and tissue from aborted fetus? Am I the only one that see’s something wrong with that and how the two shouldn’t go together as far as believing it is wrong but it is ok to use stuff from them once it is done? How do you rationalize that and make it ok? Because I can’t no matter how I look at it wrong is wrong and two wrongs don’t make a right. It was wrong to kill that baby and now it is wrong to take it and use it for research or whatever.

Then you have the animal cell and tissue. Again god gave us the animals to eat, use for work, transportation, pets. He did not give us the animals so that we could take their cells and tissue and mix them with our own. Beast are beast and to stick with their kind humans are humans and are supposed to stick with their kind. Just like the two are not supposed to mate. Along the same lines if you did then you are mixing cells and things that should not be mixed. Maybe way off base but the way I look at it. Again no way in my mine can I make this ok? Again everyone wants to boycott this company and bash that one over there because they test on animals, or they keep animals in captive and it isn’t right to keep wild animals in captive. Don’t go to the circus because they abuse the animals so terribly. But oh do what you want to them and take what ever you want from them and use. Because it is ok if you are doing it to make something to inject into my child. It’s now just an animal not something to be treated with compassion or be cared about. Because now it is going to benefit me. Just like it don’t matter that your child could have problems from the shots or die from them, get them anyway to protect my child. Because you might get something and give it to my kid.

Then couldn’t we do the same thing with vitamins that we are doing with shots? Tomorrow I think we should make it a law that everyone has to take vitamins because they are supposed to help keep you from getting sick. If you don’t take them you are at more of a risk of getting sick. So since I take mine I feel you should have to take them as well wanting to or not because if you don’t and you catch something then you are putting others at risk of catching it from you. Now if we tried this everyone would look at you and go your insane I’m not taking them if I don’t want to. The law isn’t ethical it isn’t right we better sue as fast as we can to get that law done a way with. And guess what the vitamens really aren’t going to do any harm if taken. The worse that might happen if you take them and do have a reaction is probably a rash or something simple that you are not going to have to deal with for the rest of your life. There are hundreds of brands out there that you can pick from so if one don’t work for you try another it don’t matter as long as you take them. Or if you don’t like what you have heard about one or what’s in them. But people still wouldn’t want to take them and would fight to do a way with the law.

All the while over here still trying to force parents into giving their kids shots that have all kinds of stuff in them that shouldn’t even be in them. They are a one size fits all no different ones if you don’t like one or what’s in it. The damage it can cause is ever lasting life long complications that child is going to have to live with. To protect everyone from something that most people are never going to get in their life. Take this shot that may mess you up for life to keep you from getting a disease that you will probably never be exposed to that could as well mess you up for life if you get it. But again you will probably never be exposed to it and the medical advancements over history are so much that we can treat a lot of things a lot different than we could when we first started giving shots to prevent them. That is a hard decision to make isn’t it. I can give my kid this shot one quick stick in the arm two seconds to do and it is done and change his or her life forever or I could skip it and know that they will be ok. But risk they might get something. I would rather wait and risk. Really it is like anything else if you know it is going around it is close to where you are or what then you take steps to keep from catching it.

It all comes down to the parents who don’t vax are not pushing the ones who do to stop. They are making everyone aware of a problem they feel is there and letting them go back and do research and decide for their self what is best for their child. The group that can not vax shouldn’t be mad about either sides decision to do what they do. They have made their decision and was free to do it just as either of the other two sides. They should not be mad a parent dose not want to risk their child’s life or well being just as they don’t want to risk theirs. So the parents that do vax should not be making such a big stink over parents who don’t vax. There should be no debate, argument, fight or discussion about it. They are as free as you are to make the best choose for their child again just as you have. If they are bad parents for that then I guess we all are. The ones who do vax for having their child injected with all that, the ones who can’t because really they could but pick not to because they know their risk already and don’t want to take it. The ones who don’t because of risk or what’s in them or both because we are putting them poor kids who are vaxed at risk. No one has yet to explain if they have all their vax and they are up to date how that is. But so they say it is.

I have tried really hard to keep to myself about this and really didn’t want to address the issue because I could really careless what anyone dose with their child. As long as the child is being taken care of and not abused of course. I feel that everyone else should look at it the same. The biggest reason I didn’t want to is because I am just so wore out and tired it just seemed like such a donating task to undertake. It really was because here I sit hours later just now finishing. I have to much other stuff to think and worry about to try and write this and keep it all straight but I think I did it and it is the only thing that has really taken my mind of things for a while in a long time.

Feel free to leave any feedback you would like. But do it with respect for everyone. We can all agree or disagree without being rude, nasty, name calling or making jabs at others.

#Ammonium Sulfate (salt)

Suspevted gastrointestinal, liver, nerve and respiratory system POISON.


Known to cause CANCER. Suspected  liver respiratory skin and sense organ POISON.

# Genetically modified yeast, animal, bacterial and viral DNA

Can be incorporated into the recipien’s DNA and cause unknown GENETIC MUTATIONS.

# Latex rubber

Can cause life- theartening allergic reactions *

# Monosodium glutamate

(MSG)/ glutamate/glutamic acid

Being studied for mutagenic, teratogenic (developmental malformation and monstrosities) and reproductive effects. A NEUROTOXION. Allergic reactions can range from mild to severe. *

# aluminum

Implicted as a cause of brain damage: suspected factor in ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE. dementia sezures and comas. Allergic reactions can occur on skin. *

# Gelatin

Produced from selected pieces of calf and cattle skins, de-mineralized cattle bones and pork

skin. ALLERGIC reactions have been reported. †

# Gentamicin sulfate 

and polymyxin B  

[ antibiotics ]

ALLERGIC REACTIONS can range from mild to

life threatening.†

# Glutaraldehyde

Poisonous if ingested.  Causes BIRTH DEFECTS

in experimental animals.

# formaldehyde [ formalin ]

Major constituent of embalming fluid: poisonous if ingested.  Probable carcinogen; suspected gastrointestinal, liver, respiratory, immune, nerve and reproductive system POISON.

# human and Animal cells

Human cells from aborted FETAL TISSUE and

human albumin.  Pig blood, horse blood, rabbit

brain, guinea pig, dog kidney, cow heart, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck

egg, calf serum, sheep blood and others.

# mercury [ thimerosal ]

One of the most poisonous substances

known.  Has an affinity for the brain, gut,

liver, bone marrow and kidneys.  Minute

amounts can cause nerve damage.  Symptoms of mercury toxicity are similar to

those of AUTISM.

# micro-organisms

Dead and alive VIRI AND BACTERIA or

their toxins,  The polio vaccine was contaminated with a monkey virus, now turning up in human bone, lung-lining (mesothelioma), brain tumors and lymphomas.

# neomycin sulfate [ antibiotic ]

Interferes with vitamin B6 absorption.  An

error in the uptake of B6 can cause a rare

form of epilepsy and mental retardation.


mild to life threatening. †

# phenol | phenoxyethanol[ 2-PE ]

Used as anti-freeze. TOXIC to all cells and

capable of disabling the immune system’s

primary response mechanism

# polysorbate 80

Know to cause CANCER in animals

# tri (n) Butylphosphate

Suspected kidney and nerve POISON.

† When babies are hours or days old it is 

impossible to know if they have an allergy

A major cause of the Roman Empire’s decline, after six centuries of world dominance was its replacement of stone aqueducts by lead pipes for the transport and supply of drinking water: Roman engineers, the best in the world, turned their fellow citizens into neurological cripples. Today our own “best and brightest,” with the best intentions, achieve the same end through childhood vaccinations programs yielding the modern scourges of hyperactivity, learning disabilities, autism appetite disorders and impulsive violence.   

et cetera
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