{August 9, 2019}   What Are You Binge Watching

So I have watched all of the following shows and looking for something new to watch

Grace and Frankie—–funny enjoyed

Good Girls—–loved it

Workin’ Moms—Was alright lot hit close to home but not great.

I am on the first episode of Girlfriends Guide to Divorce. I can’t get into it. I don’t know what it is. I can’t put my figure it out. Maybe if I finish the first one and watch a few more I can but I don’t know if I can make it through the first to watch others. I don’t know if it is the show or the mood I am in. But think it is mostly the show.

What shows do you feel are binge worthy that I should checkout? I only watch things at work so you all have all weekend to give me a list.

{November 5, 2017}   Two Nights At The Fair

Thursday night me and the kids met up with friends and went to the fair. I had talked to her about going a while back when I heard it was coming. I told her we should go during the week because there is almost no one there at all. We don’t wait in lines to go on the rides or anything. She called me last weekend and said it was here when did we want to go. We decided to go Thursday because of kids activities and ticker treating that week. We had 4 adults and 12 kids go that night. The teens all gathered up and went off on their own and me my friend and her husband all took the little ones and rode rides with them. My Little Guy the dare devil went on just about everything there. He rode the fire Ball and decided that wasn’t a good idea he didn’t want to do that again for a while.

They have the mechanical bull there as well and it is something that my oldest daughter has to do at any fair we go to that has it. R.C. started her on that when she was younger and she has every since. I tried to talk my friend into doing it but she would’t I decided to do it. I don’t know why but I did, it was fun but my oldest beat me by two seconds. The little boys done it as well, my little guy won over his friend.

The adults were talking about going back Saturday night to watch the real bull riding but then we never decided to. Then last night my friend calls me while I am in the middle of the store and says she is on her way to meet another friend of ours at the fair to see the show and walk around. I wasn’t going to go I was trying to get dinner for the kids and needed to do school work. I thought it was going to start soon. My oldest wanted to go she had been wanting to go and she heard us talking about it and got all mad. But I couldn’t take her because the other kids wanted to go and I didn’t have anyone to watch little bitty if I went. I finally told my friend I wasn’t going I wouldn’t have time to go home feed the kids and get ready and that I had one having a fit because she couldn’t go after all that we had done with them the last few weeks and things. I didn’t have $100 to walk in there for every one to just watch a show. I ended up spending over that the first night we went and I took everyone. I told her I was mad because if I ever want to walk out of the house a night this is what I get from everyone and everyone acts like I am so horrible for leaving them home or not staying home with them. I told her I am here doing it every day 24/7. I am working two jobs, going to school, trying to work in this internship, doing everything that has to be done for them as far as school, school meetings, doctors, home if they are sick and everything else. I take them places when I have the money and can or figure out how to do things with them and take them places this is how they act. I said but the other one is out running every day doing whatever they want spending their money that they should be getting for the things they need or to do the things they want if there is extra, has nothing to do with them and probably don’t ever think twice if they have what they need if they are okay or anything else. It isn’t like I go out every night, every weekend, or dragging new people home all the time and parting. But once in a while it is nice to get out and get a break from it all and to just have time to myself. Then I get attitude from everyone about it. She had to go and I was on my way to check out and go home so we hung up.

After I got off the phone and we were going to check out my oldest got back from getting her stuff and she said mom it’s okay I will watch Little Bitty for you if you want to go tonight. She said it’s alright I know we went the other day. We got home and looked up what time the show started it was later than I thought so I got them dinner took a shower and went and meet up with them. We watched the show and then walked around with their kids why they went on the rides. They didn’t get to do very much at all because the lines were so long we spend most the time in line waiting for them to get on. Then We get up there and they would split our group up, half would go this round the other half the next. I am so glad we went during the week with the kids and just showed me that going the weekend was still a bad idea. Even my friend was like this is crazy this is so different than the other night. I said I know why I said I will go with the kids during the week no way I am going fight this mad house on the weekend with 4 kids. The lines would be back up past three other rides people waiting to ride one ride.

They had midget wrestling, my and my friends older daughter were talking about it and decided to walk over and try to see it but there was so many people around you couldn’t get close and see anything. We walked up I said I will tell you how to get up closer, just start grabbing random guys butts and when they turn around say oh excuse me and walk by. I said just make sure they don’t have some women with them or we may walk out with a black eye. We started laughing we got back over by my friend, she was like what is so funny. Her daughter said oh nothing. I said I just was telling her how to get through the crowd and upfront faster. Her daughter said yes she said you say excuse me sir could I please go through and…. her mom cut her off and said yeah I know better there is more to it than that. We were busting up laughing even more. I told her what I told her she was like oh boy I knew you were up to something. I said we didn’t really do it but.


{February 4, 2014}   My Disappointed Rock

The older two kids have been in the Stars program at our local playhouse since November. They learned about the program the be gaining of last year couldn’t try out until the end of October. My second oldest my son with Autism is the one who really wanted to try out because they told him they were doing Jungle Book this summer. He told the lady right a way he wanted to be a monkey. When he tried out and got in all he has talked about is wanting to be a monkey. The last 4 weeks they have been waiting and waiting to get their part. Tonight was the big night they finally got them. He came out pretty upset and unhappy along with my friends daughter and they both said they got the part of a rock. My oldest she got the part of a  Vulture. He wanted to go back in and talk to them he wanted to trade parts and everything else. The girls said he had a melt down as soon as they told him and they sent him out to talk to someone. That didn’t matter he just don’t care. I know he can’t just get the part he wants and I understand that they give them to the kids that deserve to have that part and that is all fair. I just wish there was a way to make him understand that it isn’t they don’t like him or they want to be mean or they don’t think he can do it so they gave it to someone else. I want him to understand that this is just how it is and that maybe next time and that if he has these melt downs it is going to make it harder to get parts because they are going to think he can’t handle them. He just don’t get that. He really can do a lot and handle a lot it’s just that he don’t understand that you aren’t just doing stuff to be mean or just because you don’t want to give it to him. Sad to say I am afraid this is something he is going to deal with all his life. I think that even if he wants to or dose understand he can’t help but feel that way. I know he knows he is different and his sister and dad and other family haven’t helped to make him not feel that way the way they do treat him. Leaving him out picking on him calling him names and controlling him don’t help when it comes to dealing with things like this. He thinks it is just them treating him like he gets treated everywhere else and he just wants to be treated like everyone else.

I do think that a rock wasn’t a good pick for him. He has a hard time sitting/standing still for even short amounts of time much less to have to stay on stage for all of the play. I am afraid he is going to be moving and wiggling around in the background why they are doing the play. I just hope that if there is any problem they see it and change things around before the show. Even if they give him some other part or something. Its cute because they are going to do a special showing for kids with disabilities when they start their shows over the summer. So if he moves around to much then the kids will just feel he fits in with them 🙂

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