{November 25, 2014}   I Did It….

Not only found the child support office Friday, I went in and talk to them. I went some places with my friend J to get out of the house for a little while. We had to go down where it was supposed to be and she had been there before so I decided to look for it again. I had been down there 3 times before and always was sent to the wrong places. You can’t call the office itself you have to call a 800 number and talk to someone states a way who don’t know the area. Then you wait on hold for a hour or more to talk to someone. I would end up having to go home.

I knew going down there I wanted to at least try and find it but didn’t know if I would be able to stop since I had my friend with me. We went to the education store and ended up being in there way longer than we had planed. Then we stopped and had lunch. I knew there was something else I wanted to do but I just really couldn’t think of it. We stopped at another store instead of heading home. Something made me think of it in the store after we looked around for a while. I told her I wanted to try and find it not to let me forget. We left I figured as late as it was they wouldn’t be open. It took about 20 minutes to find it and they were open. I went in it was 15 to 5 they were getting ready to close. But they talk to me anyway.

I told the lady what I was there for and that I needed to open a case. But that I was also told I had complied with them so I had no idea what was going on since it has been a year and a half since I tried to get help from them. The lady looked it up and said she didn’t know what to do with my case or what needed to be done with it or why nothing had been done with it. She told me to fill out a form and get a number and talk to someone. When I got up there to talk to them the computer crashed. Go figure my luck the computer crashes. But the two ladies were really nice and told me what all I needed to bring in and told me to come back today.

They told me that because I was not divorced when I had her I have to go after father of the year for support. They will bring him in we will have to do a dna test to rule him out and then they will go after RC. Bring him in and do another dna test and then decide the support.

I am so mad about it I didn’t want father of the year to know that I went there or anything about it. I just wanted to go get it all set up get the order and let them start giving it to me. I was going to let it just sit until I can move so that I have other money to go on. Plus he is going to make things a living hell now that he knows I am trying to find him and go after him. He knows it will put me that much more closer to getting out and a way from him.

I came home and told him that I went there that they are going to go after him and that he is going to have to go do the test. I told him I am not going to wait forever why he takes his time to go down there and do the test. He says just forget it I’ll pay for her. I’ll take care of her just drop it don’t worry about going back. Of course because then that means I won’t have that money coming in if I let him do that. It’s just something else he can use in court to hold up the divorce when we go to court and keep them from granting it again. When we get in there and they start telling him to pay for her he can speak up and say she isn’t mine. I want a dna test. I’m not doing it. She is not his there is no way possible she can be his at all. I don’t want him to claim her as his. I didn’t let him sign it the birth certificate I didn’t put him on it. I could have just put him on it since we are married but we are not together and she is not his and we aren’t going to ever be back together.

I told him no he wouldn’t just pay for her. I told him he would go take the test and then stay out of it. He hasn’t said anything else about it he been a little potty, poor me so far but I know it is just the calm before the storm. I have heard him make a few comments here and there I ask what he said he won’t say anything. I am going down in a couple weeks to file the rest of the papers for the divorce and that is really going to shake the boat up and probably push it all over the edge. I am really don’t care at this point because I am done and at all cost I am getting out of here and a way from him once and for all. I can’t be no worse off than I have been the last few years here. I think if I play my cards right we can all be a lot better off.

They also told me to get as much information about RC as I can. All I have is a phone number that I am not sure is his any more and a address that I traced it back to. I am pretty sure it is not the right address because in October his girlfriend posted on her page saying her kids were a lot happier now that they have moved. It isn’t the last place he told a friend of ours he was a while back either. I think this maybe somewhere that he lived when he first got there. He been there just over a year and has lived with his girlfriends mother, this address i have, another address he told a friend of his and this new one she is talking about now. I did see a thing on line I am going to try to get the right address but I don’t know if it will work since this isn’t the last address but it is worth a try.

I didn’t make it back down there today. My baby boy was sick last week and seemed to be fine Friday and Saturday, he got up yesterday with a cough and went to bed with it and broke out in dots. My little bitty was up and down all night with him as well not feeling good. I had to take her to the doc and him back. They said that after the fever breaks the kids have been getting a rash and that from being so sick it let him get an ear infection and he has stuff in his lungs. He went to school one day last week and can’t go this week at all. We don’t even know if we are going to see family for Thanksgiving. They said that he is very contagious until 24 hours after the dots go a way. They can keep showing up or stay for a few days. They said my baby girl has a ear infection. The doctor could see how miserable she was. She said oh my goodness I have never seen her cry and act this way.

My friend J was going to come and watch them why I went back and took everything down there and turned in. But she is going a way Wednesday for the holiday and she can’t risk getting sick. I really can’t leave the two little ones as sick as they are and go all the way down there in case they get sicker or need something. It’s about 40 miles a way. I talk to her and she is going to come next week and watch them so that I can go down there. It will give me time to try my trick and see if I can find another address for him. Hopefully it will work.

I just wish I had the money to order a report or pay someone to find him. He was paying on other kids so hopefully they will be able to find him. I hope that sine they have left my case sit for a year and a half with out doing anything with it they don’t make me wait another 6 months to a year.

{August 28, 2014}   Too Sick

I finally have a few minutes to stop and post. I have been dealing with really sick kids for a week or so now. As it slowly went through all 4 kids they decided to share with me as well. I just in the last 24 hours have started to feel human again. At lest 3 of the kids seem to be feeling a lot better. My poor itty bitty seems like she is having a backlash I don’t understand why she isn’t done with the meds yet. Guess we will be going back to the doctor if things don’t seem to be turning around tomorrow.

Just as I started to get everything caught up with my 30 day challenge this hit. I’m not even going to try to catch up this time there is to many days gone. I am just going to pick up where I left off and go from there until I finish it. Better than quitting and giving it up. Right now I must go see what the thump was and why the baby is now crying.

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