{August 12, 2019}   Schitt’s Creek

I found this show on Netflix and started watching it Friday. I am 7 shows in and still not sure what I think about it. It is like driving by a train wreck and not slowing down to look, you just can’t do it. I find it kind of funny they are freaked out about living there and I am thinking if only I could just pack my shit and move there. I would willingly move there. If only I had their “problems”.

It’s about this rich family who have all their assets froze all but this crappy town they had bought and forgot about. They move there and are staying in a motel until they figure things out.


I say that but really I wouldn’t consider a population of 568,088 people to be that small. But when you have lived her almost 38 years and your family before you for over 50 it can sure seem that way.

A kid that went to the church me and peter pan went to over 8 years ago got in touch with me a while back. He is all grown up now and out in Lausanne. The other day we were talking I said my truck was broke down. So tonight he messaged and ask how things were with it. I said still broke no money to fix it I needed to buy another. He ask if I knew this guy? I said no. He said look him up on my page and go see him. He is family sells cars he can help you maybe. I said I had no money but maybe if I got some I would go talk to him. I looked him up to see if he was someone I maybe knew of but wasn’t placing the name.

I found him it showed pictures of his lot. I looked and was like oh I know where that is I think. I messaged back and said is this on the corner of y and z? He said yes. This is the guy Starfish works for who offered me $1500 for my truck the other night. But wanted to sell me a step down from my truck for $4500. So you know he is going to get over $4500 for mine when he fixes it.

I told my friend my other friend worked there what he offered for my truck and things. Then I told Starfish your working for my other friends family. Its funny because this family is tied to a pretty well known family who was good friends with my grandpa and my mom back in the day.

We finish talking I go to craigslist and instead of putting in Excursion, Expedtion, or Ranger I just put in Ford and searched. It pulled up everything listed as a Ford of course. For me that is uncommon because I will be the first to tell you only thing good Ford makes are Trucks and the SUV’s I listed above. Cars I say not to buy. Well a Crown Vic came up. They are good cars probably the only decent one they make really. I like the Crown Vics. It was listed for $1600 said got to get rid of. Me thinking to myself I can probably get this for $1000 or close to it. Drive it until I find an Excursion and sell it. Then take that money and get a Ranger. I can get $2000 probably easy if it runs good and looks good. They are pretty wanted cars around here. It was almost 930 but I text the guy and ask for pictures. He sends them. I ask if there is anything mechanically wrong with it he says no. I see from the pictures he sent it is on a lot. I was busy at work did not say anythinng back. Later as I am leaving work he ask if I want to see it? I ask where it is? He gives a address that I know is a business address. I do a quick google search and find it is at a car lot. I look and it is the car lot i am supposed to go for the interview at on the 11th. I just told him I would try to stop by tomorrow and look at it. No idea who i was talking to so did not say anything. The guy i am supposed to talk to is supposed to be out of town from yesterday the 4th until the 11th.

I told my bff who told me about the job what happen. I said what are the odds of his family owning the one Starfish works at and then me finding a car of all things at of all places the lot i am supposed to interview at in a few days. When I don’t really want a car.

I don’t know if I will make it there or not tomorrow. I turned my vin over to Starfish this evening he was talking to the guy he wanted it. I am waiting to hear back and praying he says come tomorrow and pick up a check or cash in the range of $3500 to $5000. If he does then I will probably go look at it. Everyone cross your fingers pray send good vibes or what that once and for all i am done with this truck tomorrow and have money in my hand.

{February 10, 2016}   Re:Speechless

Few months ago I wrote Speechless about my big boys therapy appointment.

Last week at therapy with my big boy the therapist said oh she knows now. I said who knows what? At the time I think we were talking about something to do with my little bitty. She said the boys their mom knows that you all see me too. I said what how?

She said that the other last time they were in they were talking about RC and said the boys mom said yeah and he is supposed to have this other kid out there or has this other kid out there and how she hopes he wasn’t bothering me and trying to cause me problems or get the baby and things like that. Said she said it a couple times and was talking about how he was and things.

The therapist said she just said he’t not and let her keep talking.

In a minute said she stopped and looked at her funny and said what? She said she looked at her and said he isn’t bothering her at all. She said then she looked at her and said wait you know? How do you know? Are you sure it’s her and his? Your sure he isn’t bothering her?

She said she told her she was 100% sure they were talking about the same child and that he was not bothering me. That Tville is very small that is how she knew and that she didn’t think she had anything to worry about because as far as she knew he wasn’t even in the state. Said she just looked really relieved then. She said that’s all I can tell you they are fine and he isn’t around.

I said I don’t think she has a clue what my name even is because I have never spoke two words to her. That I kind of thought she might try to look me up about the baby or something but that I figured she couldn’t because she probably had no clue what it was to even try.

She said she don’t she could tell by the way she was talking and things that she didn’t.

I thought about it later if she asked the boys what was daddy’s girlfriends name that had the kids and lived with you all at the apartment they would say Mrs. X and she would tell them no that was the lady who lived next door that went to their churches name, because me and her had the same name. She probably think they were confused.

It also told me that she must not be talking to my friend that I hung out with me and RC all the time and who was there when I had the baby. Because if she was I am sure it would have come up and she would have known he wasn’t bothering me and what happen there. She was with me when I seen him that night and things. I know she would have told her who I was all kinds of things true or not about me.

I am surprised she didn’t know he was out of state or still out of the state. They are like me they know a lot of people around. Well I guess they know a lot of people in town there but not really around the county like I do. If he came back he probably wouldn’t be back but a day or two before I would know because everyone would be telling me.



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