When we left off I told you all the Bitch had called the police so many times about someone being “after” her that they came in the night with dcf. Well I haven’t heard from them since even when I messaged her the next day saying I had questions. I do not think they have an open case the way she said do what I needed to do when she left. And that it was a civil matter I think is the words she said. But I still look for her to show back up unexpected. I figure in March to see if I am moving or have her out of there. I would have thought they would of sent me a letter saying I had an open case or I didn’t have a case but nope nothing. But we don’t really have the most professional staff when it comes to these places.

Don’t get me wrong there are a handful scattered throughout these places and the one’s who work with them most are nice. But at the end of the day they all come from right here with in the county and that says a lot considering the shape of our county. They have “requirements” but mostly end up settling for what they can get.

As if the truck breaking down and finding out Father of the Year had a stroke wasn’t enough excitement it gets better. I think I told you all right before Thanksgiving about the bitch calling the police and freaking out telling them someone is after her. They have hacked her computer’s, our phones and messing around the house. She was so bad they were ready to baker act her but she didn’t say enough.

Will since then she has called them I don’t know how many times she has called them since. I am being told 21 but I do not think it has been that many unless they are calling when I am at work.

If someone walks by and looks at the house she is calling they are watching her trying to see her. If they pull up sit in the street or park on the side for something she is calling them. If they go flying by or around the house she is calling.

You have to know I sit on a corner lot with a stop on the side of my house and in front. I also live on one of the 3 ways to get in and out. It is off a busy street so a lot of people come and go.

Since I have moved in they will stop at the stop or just before it and text or make a phone call or check their gps or whatever. At least they are not driving and doing it they are stopping and waiting. They will fly down through here and around corners at 50 or 60 you think they are going to flip or roll. But this has all went on since I moved in, in 2014. She says it just started and it don’t matter when it started. The fact is there is nothing going on to call the police over. No one would call but her.

So I get home late Tuesday after they finally get the truck fixed eat and go to bed. About 11\1130 P.M. the dog starts freaking out some one is at my door. I figure she has called them again over something. Then they are calling me out there. A few weeks ago they woke me up called me out there and the cop insisted on me coming out and talking to him. I was already aggravated and tired and I did not want to go outside to talk to him. He kept on he needed to talk to me outside. I went out he was asking me what was going on that night or what. I said I didn’t know I was a sleep. He was asking about other stuff. I was just like I don’t know. You have to ask her. I was short and very annoyed he could tell. He ask me why I was mad or what. I said because I had to get up come out side in the cold and deal with him. That this has nothing to do with me. I don’t want in the middle of it. He said it did have to do with me it’s my house. I said she stays here too she called you not me. I don’t know what is going on I go to work come home eat go about my business, I don’t get into what she is doing. I just say yeah ok or whatever I don’t pay attention really. I don’t care i don’t want to be out here talking to you if I didn’t call you. She did take it up with her. No need to talk to me I have nothing to say. If I feel you need to come out here I will call myself and talk to you when you get here. I am not coming out here anymore if she calls. He said go ahead go in side.

So Tuesday night they are saying the police are here I need to come out there. Before I could say anything they say DCF is with them. Because I was about to tell them I wasn’t coming out. Until they said they were there too.

I go out there there is a social worker there wanting to talk to me. We go outside and she is telling they want to check on the safety of the kids the cops have been called x amount of times and all this. The cops said she seemed extremely upset and things when they first came out. They needed to make sure they were safe not scared there and all this. Ask all their noise questions. Ask where their dad was and all that.

I told her he the older 3 lived about 5 miles away was out of the picture. Had been for almost 4 years. He don’t call see them or pay child support. That little one’s dad seen here one time when she was 3 weeks old and he is in Tennessee somewhere. I told her I had just heard Earlier that morning Father of the year had a stroke and wasn’t in good health.

Then she asked if I had a boyfriend. I thought I just said no. She asked a bunch of other questions, if kids had any medical things, names ages birthdays. What their medical condition was. Had me sign papers to get their medical records and others for them. Then she wanted to talk to my oldest. I called her out there and went inside. They talked to her a bit and then sent her in. I went out she said she needed to talk to my oldest son.

I told her I needed to talk to her a minute about something she asked. She said okay what was wrong. I said you asked if I had a boyfriend. I said I do, but no one here knows at all about him we have been together for about a year. But that I was waiting to tell the kids. Then this covid crap started we just hadn’t told them. I said I didn’t date forever then did for a while. But that I tell the kids I am going with Bff. I said I do not bring men to my house or around my kids bring someone new home all the time. I told her I have known this one most our lives but I still wanted to see how things were going to go. I said I just didn’t want her to ask the kids about him or anything. Because they would be confused or what. She said no that was fine she completely understood.

She talk to the next two and I went out to talk to her see what was going on from there. She said she had to go back talk to her boss and figure out what needed to be done or what. I just looked at her the cops were standing there I said are you going to come back and take my kids or a chance of that? She said why would you say that? I said because you say you have to go talk to her figure out what to do. I said I told you this is what I was going to school for. I know you could walk away from here with them right now if you wanted to. I know you can come and do it tomorrow if she says to. If you can’t decide yourself tonight you must think there is a possibility that you are going to. I said my kids have been through a lot I already told you without their dads here and things. I said we are very close and they are never away from me. If you do that it is going to be detrimental to their mental health. If you walk in out of the blue and take them. I said if you do at all it is not going to be good on them but them not knowing ahead of time is going to be much worse. We talked a little more she went in talked to her.

She said she had to go out call her boss. It was after 2 am then. She was out there for a bit came back in. She said the boss said right now it was a civil matter she would be in touch not a lot they could do but the case is open case she would be back and she was going to talk to the people around me.

So now I am waiting to hear from her. I tried to get a hold of her the next day she has never called me back. I will try again Monday.

{May 4, 2015}   college Bound

Today I made myself go to the college and check into getting signed up and taking classes. I was going to go but since I didn’t have the application fee I figured it was a waste of time and what little gas money I had. But something said go anyway. I went and talked to a adviser and she said I have to get a general AA then go from there. She said it take about 6 years I think. I am not sure about that because what I seen said something about 3 to get a masters and 7 to get a phd. I have to search and find the information and take it back with me.

But she did look up and say that I had not only applied and paid my application fee but had brought in my transcript as well. I didn’t have to reapply I just have to submit a readmit application. I did that a little bit ago. I should hear back on it by Thursday. She also told me that since I had all that in, had already applied for my financial aid for this term and just need to take the perk test I could start classes as soon as the 18 of this month. I had been told aid wouldn’t pay for summer classes but she says it will. I think there are 3 mini summer terms I think I will take 2 classes each term and have 6 classes taken care of by the time school starts in the fall. Then I may take 3 or 4 classes and go from there.

I talked to the aid department and they said they are still showing student loans in default so I have to take them the letter showing that they took my tax money last year to pay it off. I hope everything lines up for me to be able to take classes starting the 18. Why I am ready to get started. Seems to be what happens most the time I want to go and check into it then end up having to wait or put it off for some reason and then not going back.

I am kind of worried jumping in and starting with summer classes because they are mini semesters and they are only about 8 weeks long. But I think if I pick my classes carefully I will be ok. I am thinking about taking my speech class over the summer so I can get it done and over with. I hate the idea of speech class. But if I can take it over summer it will probably be a small class so not a ton of people to get up in front of. I am trying to take everything that I can on line. She said I could do my speech class on line but then I have to get 7 people together record it and down load it and send it to the teacher. I don’t have the means to record it and download it or 7 people to get together to do it. Its easier to just suck it up and take the class. I will have to get a sitter for the kids once or twice a week. But most the other classes I can do on line.

I am going tomorrow to take them the letter about my aid and to see how soon I can sign up for the perk test. I know I should have no problem with the reading and writing but the math, the math is going to kill me.

{January 19, 2015}   An Ah Ha Moment


Maybe this weekend was just what I needed after the last 15 days or so before it. I was able to just be and not think to much about all that has been going on for a day or two. When we went to the Space Center I just rode the bus around and helped the kids and talked to them. Enjoyed being with them. When we got to the last place they dropped us I did all of a sudden have a feeling I should call my dad. I walked outside why they watched the couple movies and called he said he was laying down and not feeling to good. He was having a ruff day. But he sounded pretty good even though. I talked to him a little bit and let him go rest. Then he called me Sunday before we left and I talked to him a while and he was feeling better. So I was ok with everything.

But sitting there at the party I heard father of the years brother and some others talking about school and things. They are always talking about school or work it seems. Most of them have went to school have good jobs or they are in school. I don’t know what made me think about it when I did because they had been talking about school the night before two at his uncles house. But all of a sudden it was like someone just twisted the light bulb and I looked at father of the year and said I need to see about getting into classes since I can’t move like I was planing on trying to do. ahha1Yes laugh I probably looked just like that because I felt like that is how I looked when the thought hit me. It was like why hadn’t I thought to go ahead and check into classes before now since I found all this out about my dad. What am I waiting on since moving is what I was waiting to do before I started. I didn’t want to start one semester here or a semester and a half and then move and have to change everything out of state.

But honestly with the news, Daddy’s Bad Day right after finding out and then my little guy breaking his arm (What The Weekend Held) Most people probably wouldn’t be thinking hey classes are starting in a few days I better try to sign up. Still didn’t keep me from feeling a little stupid for not thinking of it and a little excited to know I am finally going to do it. Still feel a little slow but probably from being so sleep deprived most the time.



So there is my ah ha moment for the day.


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